Feb 06, 2006, 06:14pm
.:: The new dead nation ::.
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Welcome dear members,

You may be wondering, why this title?
Well, I like the song :-p
And because it has the word "new" in
it, exactly what the cult needs. New stuff,
But first:

Somethings have happend lately:

- I am the new owner as you may have seen
- We have some new members
- And 4 new posts (pathetic :-p)

Anywhay, I want to do something about that
last one. But I need your help. First of
all, some things are going to happen:

- A Brand new lay-out is coming
- More Deathstars info
- Old members will be alarmed by the changes
- New members will be invited
- New threads will be made
- Contest will be held
- Banners will be made
- And (hopefully) we get to see some more activity

Thx for all the help.

And feel free to introduce yourself here ^^

Well, I love it and I hate it and I take it and feed it
I slay it and I fuck it and I suck it and I leave it

Now drink the cyanide!

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.:: The new dead nation ::.  
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