Mar 08, 2018, 02:03pm
"Nazi imagery/military"
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Hey, I've been really nurturing my love for electronic music and branching out - listening more to bands that I didn't explore enough back in the 90's... one thing I've been trying to figure out what's up with the Nazi imagery in many bands. I just want some open and frank discussion/explanation for it all, I guess? I feel like the info I've been running into beats around the bush too much. My questions are this: in the current goth/industrial scenes, is Nazi imagery permissible? As in, is it considered normal for people to show up wearing this stuff, or is that grounds to get kicked out of most venues? And what about the artists themselves? In other words, what is the culture around this imagery? I've heard that in fetish clubs you see people show up in nazi fetish uniforms and they mainly seem to encourage people to avoid those people if they have an issue with their fetish. So what is it like in rivet-head and goth culture? Is it treated similarly, or is it taboo? How does it relate to all the Nazi imagery I run into on covers and in lyrics? Disclaimer : I understand German, and realize that there is some nuance in the lyrics of many songs, and many bands are quite obviously leftist if you actually pay attention to what they're actually portraying. I'm just trying to understand what is up with the culture surrounding these things? I do not support the nazi ideology, but I'm okay with people using imagery, and whatever they are into personally. I just want some help understanding all this before I go to my first venue and want to feel safe there.
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Mar 08, 2018, 03:39pm

It's about as malicious as Sid Vicious running around in that swastika T-shirt.
It's all about the intimidating and taboo nature of the imagery, rather than the beliefs themselves.
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Mar 08, 2018, 03:40pm

Hell, when Joy Division were known as Warsaw and writing more politically oriented songs, they raised a lot of eyebrows over what people perceived to be them holding neo-Nazi beliefs.
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Mar 09, 2018, 06:19am

They think they look edgy.
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Mar 09, 2018, 06:04pm

Swastikas do not necessarily have to have anything to do with NAZISN, such sign being of ancient sort, it has all to do with just motions in both sides of life, but also it can be as an aid to any major movement anywhere including beyond the veil - This is where the big catch is, yes, it covers constant changes in structures and bureaucracies beyond the physical reality as well as physical.

I see how NAZISM can use my psycho-electromagnetism awareness in terms of mind and body powers that survive the physical also. OK, they can use any liberated science that supports changes, but I do not encourage any destruction unless it's for self-defence, because I know that who ever understands psycho-electromagnetism also understands how the brain gets altered through manners in thinking. See, I think I know the outcome of all souls who pass on... it's a waste of time unless they could have a way to exterminate all those that are not fit inners, but I warn major motions could occur contrary to their purpose beyond the veil.
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Mar 10, 2018, 08:39am

Nazism corrupted the imagery to the point that when most of the world's population sees a swastika they immediately think of war and holocaust.

It'll take a lot of time to rehabilitate it to the their original meanings.
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Mar 13, 2018, 02:41am

Swastikas as all bad or something contradictory by nothing but destruction! That's how inferior humans are even at this stage of time.
The weirdest yet for what the swastika means as a mirror is this, to discover your real self in the beyond the veil in a ort of palace like place as follows:
You find yourself in such beautiful place and get to mingle with another human character there who at some point asks you how do you really feel lately? You answer would be, 'sort of in a Heavenly sentiment', then the human character asks, 'step back to more quietude, ' you follow the suggestion, and suddenly you say, 'I now feel so lonely and crud as if in a lost shell, the human character then says, 'do you now see that that's the real you after all from earth, you then say, 'yes', then the human character says, 'find your new home in reality as a shit hole somewhere else!
So now you see what the real swastika means, the reality that gets often found in the beyond the veil sooner or later in both terms, the surface and then the real you.
Oh, the swastika also means when you're up with the more naturally enlightened society in general beyond the veil, nothing gay, no, reality of being just you in good or general standing. So you now can see what swastika means, the motions of reality ever changing in both sides of life, nothing necessarily to do with overthrowing a government although it can also tolerate this.
The realism of all motion indefinitely, it's the real meaning of the swastika.
Another observation, say you have a sort of passion problem in not having enough attention as you'd like, the white part of the swastika means the purity or the reality of your etherial level of consciousness of just being your soul all for yourself in an original standing as well as being attentive with knowledge that you know better than just being biochemical entirely, it means the one step ahead of materialism by knowing or aspiring an etherial spirit everlasting.
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