Mar 03, 2018, 09:46am
Setting spray? Setting powder?
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I'm one of these people that hops on the bandwagon of new trends or products loooooooooooong after the bandwagon has actually gone by. Not to be different but I just find new things weird and confusing - takes me a while to adapt.

So, my question is: can I use setting spray instead of setting powder? I have very oily skin and powdering my face every hour makes even the best of makeup look like a cakey zombie mask before too long.

Or should I use powder and then spray? And can I use a mattifying spray to re-matte myself throughout the day?

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Mar 03, 2018, 10:50am

You can use the setting spray before your foundation too. Like you I often have to top up my powder, I've tried a spray and a setting powder and at the moment I prefer the latter. The spray works to a degree but then creates a strange mottled effect as the day goes on so my complexion doesn't look at smooth. That may just be down to the brand and my skin though.

The biggest change lately has been switching my primer, I bought one specifically for more oily skin that also claims to blur pores/imperfections and coupled with a setting powder I haven't had to top up nearly as much and it's such a smooth, velvety base. As for the mattifying spray I'm not too sure whether it'd also create a cakey effect after multiple applications hmm
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Mar 14, 2018, 05:59am

I much prefer setting spray, I've found that the one from revlon is amazing (Like $15 at target), I've gone to concerts and drag shows and accidently slept in my make up and still had a decent face in the morning thanks to it.
Mar 17, 2018, 09:01am

I use a beauty blender to set my face. The water trapped in the blender helps decrease cakeyness. It's similar to the Korean beauty hack where they dump their face in water. It's called jamsu.

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Mar 18, 2018, 04:14am

Long before there was such a thing as setting spray we used hair spray to keep our makeup in place and I still do. It's cheap and works a treat and I wear a ton of makeup when I go out. I dance most of the night and often my makeup is still perfect when I get home.
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Mar 19, 2018, 04:49pm

i would use powder if you skin is oily- what brands have you tried? i love laura mercier setting powder and i like glamglow setting spray, but i'm impartial to the setting powder

also like said above i use a beautyblender to apply my setting powder! do not let anyone talk you into the laura mercier pom to apply it!
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