Jan 03, 2018, 12:29am
2018 sex esolution....
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A vomit pot with sanitizer built in arrangements, and an instant mouth disinfector like phisohex with pleasant taste in the mouth. Purpose: When oral sex is practiced, a way to vomit if necessary, and make-feel better with the phisohex.

A sex masturbation electrical machine for both men and women. In this new age we have the means to invent such machine that'll make better than self-masturbation with this machine.

A New ritual for people who've been raped: By putting lots of flower bloom pieces on the bed with clean sheets, and pillowcases, a great practice for laying on the bed after being raped, and just contemplate simply natural - this is a way to make Angelic personas to come to the individual and straighten him or her out - this technique has a scientific basis according to quantum mechanics on the table toa degree. Sorry but if you're a skeptic, you cannot deny this like in old times. This is the 21st century, things have changed. Although real Angels may or may not be present in your self-healing meditative practice, there will likely be those unseen ones who will really give you a balance to some degree - This is fact according to many legit humans on earth today.

forum Intelligent Discussion

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