Dec 30, 2017, 05:20pm
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Over the past year I've dyed my hair almost all the colors of the rainbow, and recently I've dyed it back to a more natural color. I was wondering what hair care products could help my damaged hair, and make it grow longer?
I am also okay with hair care tips XD
Ty ty
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Dec 31, 2017, 06:11am

They have gummy hair vitamin bears. They are expensive as heck though o.o
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Jan 20, 2018, 01:01am

I've been getting my hair dyed for about three years, and I'm just now growing it out. This is something I've been maintaining/learning about the entire time I've had my hair dyed so I know a bit haha teehee

I do a hair mask once per week and a deep conditioning/color treatment once per week (I still want my hair vibrant as it grows out). I try not to shampoo as often as I did when my hair was natural. Make sure your shampoo is sulfate free as sulfates are harsh and strip more oils than necessary. Try not to heat treat your hair and if you do, use heat protectant sprays. I do take vitamins for my hair but they're not the gummy ones scribbles is talking about. Flax seeds apparently have omega-3s and other shit that's good for your hair, so sometimes I add them to smoothies. I also use silk pillowcases which help to keep hair from getting frizzy and damaged while you move around in your sleep. Not putting hair up in ponytails or braiding also helps to prevent damage. Finally, it might be worth it to go to a salon and have an olaplex treatment done!

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