Dec 19, 2017, 03:12pm
How to save the human race...
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The answer to questions nobody asked
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Collected info from the most logic scientifically and religious sources at large as follows:
Humans in general while on earth are gay in comparison to the awakening in the far-side of life till they get there and get used to the reawakening.
What is there from ET's between the lines??? Humph, you take your time and be still and not judge so quick!
Why does Christianity attempt to save humans as it's been - relatively at face value through rituals of various sorts?
You'll know - it's due to the haunting lusts buried within which cannot be removed too suddenly - this is why the advertised Christ is in biz, except for numerous word usage that are lies according the the actuality of the spirit side of life, if all taken literally. So now you see how it was mentioned early that Jesus revolution was mainly concerned with sinners. Now, how about otherwise??? Now you see a new lead!...

It is my belief that the real first son of Mary could never save the world with his ethical 'great simplicity in basic human values solidly, it's the advertised one but remodeled with more clear applications concerning the truth about the far-side of life about actual structures, and why beings go astray within their persona realization from the very top to ordinary places every second of the day in the far-side of life; And when one goes astray too far, only others may be able to give a lift to hel to recover reasonably onto one's own feet for a start but never as equal to how one was early in high places in consciousness due to the new finding facet in consciousness, yes, the actors guild discovered. So now you see the doers world in the face more clearly.
What I am referring to here is actuality within and beyond face-value, not really religious, no, it's true character awareness, and structures then after dead.

How could things change drastically? Science and ET's but much turmoil will result temporarily. Because the average human is too stupid, while in eastern societies, they will be better equipped to accept and renew in comparison to western civilization.
I could say further, Western civilization in its real ways never was Christian and may never will be in its true light, it has something to do with never published privatized wisdom which no other part of the world has, though things will change for the better in good time in the western world with the help of ET's, or else The Western regions on earth will become nothing more than rubble.

If the world keeps blaming Lucifer, the idol character, for all the world's troubles, someday a big lesson will be learned the hard way.
The world has to learn a big lesson concerning the nature of the individual in all respects onto oneself in both sides of life aside from imaging of any kind.
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The answer to questions nobody asked
Dec 20, 2017, 04:50pm

Sciences have a very powerful thing, it depends! Say a new way or idea gets on the way - it may become so familiar as the car you have to get in to go to work, you just don't toss it.

So, are the cops on top?
Are the psychiatrists out dancing?
Are the cooks making plans for the usage of the big old cast-iron pot to take to the fields for the ancient cooking ways?
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Dec 29, 2017, 10:09am

IUCN lists homo sapiens as a species of least concern. Globally the birth rate outpaces the death rate by over 2:1.
Doesn't need saving.
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Dec 29, 2017, 06:52pm

Have we first determined if it is worth saving? And saving from what?
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Dec 29, 2017, 09:34pm

^Great question.
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The answer to questions nobody asked
Dec 31, 2017, 12:45am

Universal this 'universal that - consciousness, it all boils down to how one stands within in the first place = 100% fact except for cast system places.
How do I know what I know? Long time search and inquiry from various sources, including my intuition beyond biochemistry.
What you really need to know is the fact you are already self-sustained with the real Heaven and Hell from within firstly, then time and place, and it's not a theory but an actual; reality of how you stand after dead on your very own way. If there be a cast oriented place that wants to classify you and shove you to a place all due to your earth reputation, let me break-in and let you know that your own ass may be more clean than the face of the one who may have a cast place setting. I know about your repute and other factors involved but it's very different compared to the earth's reput. It may be best to let these matters alone, but it may be a lot safer that you abide by good earth community agendas.

Just a note, what kind of ashole would send you to Hell with a clean butt after dead?
What I am exemplifying here is that what you do for sex on earth is really the most it can influence your actuality in your very own way's general well-being beyond the veil is not really by repute but how your inner nature got conditioned technically.
See where the screw is? it's how Mohammeth has a nature in some ways above the advertised Christ, yes, the human body's unseen double realistically and how one's own naturalism in matters of passion gets programmed deeply within, and on escape nor wishy-wash escapes on earth or beyond - it really takes time to unscrew on earth and maybe sometimes more difficult beyond. Now you know!

If the average human took the time to know what I know, many would commit suicide, but it's not my advice because how you really stand beyond the veil has much to do with how you stood before quitting, technically that is, and by repute, uhmm, it can very very much.

Now you can detect more stuff, how many in the old world people were thought to become possible vampires, suicides, drunks, etc, yes, undivided sex and how mostly due to one's own inner good nature nature was lost in time.
Europe then was not like today and in the USA, men and women with no good repute had little change to awake their true subnormal nature of sexual love in spirit, all material alone mostly was more common, not in a deeper more fulfilling way awakening. Now you know!
Dec 31, 2017, 08:42pm

As I see it, I am composed of two realms. One is physical realm, which is about 100 years give or take. The other is the non-physical realm. How long is that? Well, if I am standing at the first millimeter on a long tape measure (1 mm is about the thickness of a credit card), then the tape measure for my non-physical realm stretches about a trillion trillion km, which is my way of representing forever. I don't know if the physical realm is worth saving, but since I believe that the non-physical realm will last forever, it's not so much of IF it will be saved, but WHERE it will be saved.

Every time I get a big ego and think that I'm hot stuff, and that the universe revolves around me, I go outside and look up at some of the galaxies that are billions of light years away, and that makes me feel pretty small on that scale. Thanks, I needed that! All of this is my own belief, which of course cannot be proven. But we all have to believe in something, that is the nature of being human. It's like the weather. It may be cold, or hot, but there will never be no weather on this rock in our lifetime at least.
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The answer to questions nobody asked
Jan 01, 2018, 01:35am

Big egos are really spiritual but not recognized as such. Egos are power, and power has a lot to do with how you use 'bear with sex. The big and final lesson learned the hard way more often is to know the technicalities about it, unfortunately the Big Father of the West is too much of a fat headed pig to tolerate real technical self-ED in humans while on earth - Or, does the real Top Father of the West tolerates such persona Ed while on earth, and it's the so called Academic supremes that do not tolerate such Ed for common people?

...sorry but I have such supreme ideal in diction though I also have similar problems with those who are above my head in quality diction. What I tend to do is overlook when I see the real valuable catch in words or slang and am not readily able to accept. I get along with big stuff, and may easily get burned due to abiding by a simplicity which makes people want to use me.
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Arthopod loving tattooed serotonergic psychedelic imbibing anti-social socialist ecologist motorcyclist dual-PhD'd scientist metalhead hermit extraordinaire
Jan 01, 2018, 08:45pm

He isn't referring to a physical salvation. It is our collective consciousness, soul if you will, that he is concerned with and our efforts to transcend the earthly realm and become one with a universal truth. Call it G_d, Allah, Christ or whatever, it is an escape from the eternal void of nothingness.

I know. The meaningless, made-up bullshit he usually waffles on about.
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Jan 02, 2018, 10:29am

We were never taught about heaven or hell at home. I only learned about Lucifer, satan, jesus and the concept of heaven and hell at school. We were only taught to respect nature and all things with life. Life was simple. If something went wrong we know who’s responsible and who’s to be blamed. I was confused the first time I read the bible.
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The answer to questions nobody asked
Jan 02, 2018, 12:32pm

Western civilization in both sides of life is confusing and poor to the average human unless you get trained by more advanced people intuitively to understand things more objectively about the Bible.

The void situation in beings when arriving in the far-side of life never really existed and never will. that's just a test usually in eastern cultures to make you understand things more clearly through logic in time and place, in the long run, that is.
Fact; The more you get caught with image of ALLAH, the less in touch with your real treu peace you get, this is fact applicable to both sides of life with the help of physics and atmospheric conditions of time and place diversely. Ok humans need something or some nature to cling to better than human, this is normal but it's the lack of internal matters of self-ED concerning both sides of life that becomes the big problem especially among common humans.
So you see how ET's will get away with classifying humans as inferior in matters such as I defined here??

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