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Time Passes On{Mature Male Requested}
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Character Name: Zephyr Grace Daskolas
Nicknames / Alias: Zeph Phyr Grace Z
Age: 500
Date of Birth: 4/7/1517
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Book Store Owner
Education: Self Educated
Languages: English
Coven Affiliation: ADRASTEIA

Physical Characteristics
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: 165
Height: 5,9
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Regular Ear Peircings, Scar over her belly where her baby was cut out of her.
Alternate Form [if your character changes]:

Supernatural Characteristics
Personality:Zephyr is a sweet woman who tends to go out of her way to protect those who are weaker then herself. She will be dangerous when it comes to men who are proving to be a pest. But she can flirt when she wants to with her fast knowledge she has been known to get the schollars to flirt with her more then regular men. While she is standoffish when it comes to very persistant men, She has a soft side for the children who have no home or family to call there own. She will do everything in her power to make any child or lone woman to feel better about themselves. She would be willing to be harmed if it mean’t some one she loved was in danger would be saved from harm.
Species: Half Rage Demon and Memory Demon
Supernatural Abilities: She gains power with the rage of men she feeds off of. She can subtly send thoughts to change the minds of men or women but it does not always work. She can manipulate fire as long as she has some sort of source on her person.
Strengths | Weaknesses:
-Being around Water
-Being around Holy Relics
-Having no controll of her anger
+Having fire around her.
+Having full controll of her anger
+Being away from water

Likes | Dislikes:
-Men who are over confident
-men who are to controlling
-Children being hurt
-touching holy relics
History [Optional]
Zephoria was born and raised in Greece during the hot autumn months only knowing hard work and love.As she got older she was trained in the art of pottery and made bowls and other art pieces for those who would come calling on her family. Over the years humans had learned of her family and what they truly were during her teens, her family was found and attacked by the humans they had protected with their very lives. She was the only one who had escaped the tiny village she had grown up in, unable to bury her family she ran. She had loved only one person in her life and they had a wonderful relationship he loved her and she loved him. As they grew closer they decided to have a child and as the child grew inside her and slowly they grew apart. When there the beautiful baby girl was born her love turned on her. He had stabbed and knocked her out and stole her child from her.When she came to she had gone on a rampage killing men and women from villages close to her own. They had rumors about her saying that there was an enraged mother was in search of her baby who was taken from her. She had not cared for anyone other than herself and her child and where she was. Since that day she has not found another to claim as her own. She had lived on the Island Chio,s and lived in the village Olympi where she was born and raised where she hoped to raise her own child there but that did not happen.Over the years she had taken care of children who were lost and unwanted and slowly raised over a thousand children each one leaving her home with a loving mother.

Each son was raised to respect there elders and wives when they got them.Zephyr slowly let her lost child sit in the back of her mind as she raised the many children wanting to give her kindness to the world.Over time many men had come to her wanting her for there own but she would not give them that satisfaction she did not trust men yet.As time went on days went on and the nights went past as she stared out the window crying for her lost child only to be comforted by the sounds of crying children who were scared of the dark.After the last child left her home she withdrew taking up her home where she would leave the lives of her children as the times went by. As the new world came and went she grew tired of being alone and would wander out being seen in the world made her feel young again since she did not age from her youth she flirted but understood she could not trust anyone. She waits now in her home for someone to prove her wrong that not all men were the same.

What I'm looking for: I'm looking for some one to take interest in Zephyr and will not stop persuing her. THis is a fantasy type rp set in our time.

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Hi, may I?

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The Shy girl{Male Mature}  
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Time Passes On{Mature Male Requested}  
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