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The Shy girl{Male Mature}
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Character Name: Alyxandria Anne Marie Emery
Nicknames / Alias: Mama Bear, Mango, Alyx, Makoons ,Kitten
Date of Birth: 12/29/1991
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Unsure
Occupation: Artist, Pet Caretaker
Education: General Education
Languages: English, Ojibwe
Coven Affiliation: Bellona

Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Weight: 136
Height: 5,7
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: She has one scar on her chest over her heart where she had attempted suicide due to her ex-lover. Two Regular Piercings in her ears.
Alternate Form [if your character changes]:
White Tiger

Personality: Alyx is a kind person who does not wish to harm others unless they harm her first.Her main thought process is kind to me and I shall be kind to you. She may look as if she is a girly girl but she is a very playful girl who will get as rough as the boys.When it comes to men she gets shy and does not really want to talk or fight but when its a man she likes she will get even worse she will flirt unconsciously and will be like a little kitten.She is very protective of those who she has claimed as part of the family or her blood-related family and will do everything in her power to keep them safe even if it meant she would be harmed in the end.
Species: Shape-Shifter
Supernatural Abilities: Shifting into a White tiger at will
Strengths | Weaknesses:
+Focusing on her inner beast
+Being Outside
+Having a Calm Collected mindset
-Touching Silver
-Being stabbed with Silver
-Not being able to focus on her inner beast
Likes | Dislikes:
-Being alone
-Hearing children Cry
History [Optional]:
Alyx was born in Wisconsin raised with only her mother who was a sweet woman treating her daughter with care teaching her to be respectful of her elders. Being Native American from the Ojibwe Tribe she learned the language of her people her Ojibwe name being Makoons. She was acting slightly strange during her whole childhood she was always slightly angrier when someone did something to her or said something about her mother. As she grew up she was told of her father who was a mixed white man of Irish, German and other origins which made her less than a eighth of an Indian but because of her grandmother and the strong bloodline from her grandmothers side of the family she was a second-generation direct descendant to her grandmother. She grew somewhat worse when she turned nine she was raped by an ex-family friend who had snuck into her room at night. She had told no one at the age of ten her baby brother was born she had grown ten times more protective than normal and when he was one her mother bore another a little girl and Alyx went into an over the protective border. She was in school when they finally thought to test her to see if she had some sort of disorder that was making her so irritable. They had Diagnosed her as Bi-Polar with a bit of manic depression along with pyromania and Sadomasochism as she grew older. She was twelve when she was first sent to a child's psychiatric ward to see what was truly wrong with her. She had trusted a teacher with information that she was able to see spirits and that the meds that she was forced into using were making her feel that she was not normal. After that time she was in there she had broken a few walls but was sent back to her family a somewhat new person. After so many years she had returned home dating one man who had treated her wrongfully by cheating on her with six other women.But finally, when she turned 18 she told her mother and grandmother about her rape but that ended her trust with others she had started to distrust everyone.During her time she had a pen pall from Panoni Hellena Mcnamara they talked for a few years about her moving to the same area and going to school together learning about her culture the Ojibwe Tribe. After Hellena moved near her they both applied to the same school and were accepted and they promised to work together and make sure that they both graduate. After the few years of them working together, they kept there promise and graduated together and were proud of each other and wanted to stay friends until the very end. In the end at the age of twenty-one, she had started to write stories and paint pictures for those who would pay her.She had not seen her friend Hellena in a long time and she believed that her friend had forgotten her.During her time painting and writing, she learned more about the world and all around her.During her time some time ago she had fallen in love with another who had sworn he had loved her and wanted her to stay with him they wrote every day for two years he had left her without a letter fears spreading through her mind that he was dead or worse with another woman behind her back.On her twenty-second birthday, she had gotten a letter saying he was alive but he was with another woman but he still loved her.She swore off any man who would come close to her.
Blood Quantum
Great Grandmother Full
Great Grandfather Full
Grandmother Full
Grandfather White
Mother eighth
Father White
Baby Bearded Dragon

Mama Bearded Dragon


Image :


Main House pointup

Living Roompointup

Kitchen/Dining Roompointup

Art Roompointup


Alyx,s Bedroompointup

Spare Roompointup

Herb Gardenpointup

What I'm Looking For: I'm looking for someone strong and somewhat dominating to come into the store and take a liking to Alyx. This will hopefully go on for a bit until neither of the RPers want to do so anymore.
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The Shy girl{Male Mature}  
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