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No Longer Baby Boy (covenant fanfic) [MakaBean]
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A few years ago, there was a film called The Covenant, where 4 young men are connected with a bond of magic and friendship going back to the days of Salem Witch Trials. The 4 best friends include Caleb, Pogue, Reid, and Tyler. There's no real story here, beside what if Reid had a younger sister and she and Tyler fell in love? I'd see drama with a friend dating another friend's little sibling, but perhaps other things we can discuss.


TYLER : ibNIC89 | MINA : MakaBean
Tyler Nathaniel Simms: 18, high school senior. Straight. Magical-witch.An only-child. One of the Sons of Ipswich. Close/best friend to Reid Garwin, Caleb Danvers, and Pogue Parry.
Mina Jennifer Garwin: 17, high school junior. Straight. Human-witch. Sister to Reid Garwin. Is close to her brother and his friends; spends more time with them then anyone else; in a way they became her best friends and protectors, like her brother. When she came into her magic they helped her figure it out.


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Will u do the 1st post

Mina Garwin: 17, HS junior. Straight. Human-witch. Sister to Reid Garwin.

Mina is close toi her brother and his friends she soends more timevwith them then anyone else l. In a way they became her best friends and protectors , just like her hrother. When she came injnto her magic they heloed her figure it out.
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(Im not sure how to reply to this is she g0ing to Tyler's birthday )
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{ It's after his birthday.. That was just a simple start post.. Could be just another day. Perhaps after Winter vacation and they meet up. Or there's a gala of sort; it being a fancy area and school }
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The rest of the Sons Of Ipswich had graduated. Caleb survived his 18th birthday, as well as the others had. He and Sarah went to California, Kate and Pogue stayed in Massachusetts for schooling, and Reid even graduated and thenwent and moved to New York. They all stayed in contact, but of course they had their own lives to live and would trust each other to keep their own magic in check. They all came back for Tyler's birthday. But all that came and gone, now it was just 'Baby Boy', school friends who knew nothing of his family's deep truth, and Reid's younger sister; the only person who knew the real him. They, and their families knew each other for just about ever, and with Mina being a sibling to one of the 'Sons', it was easy for the other boys to befriend her and even look out for her as if she was their sister as well. Well, she's not their sister, and Tyler and Mina may have the chance to actually become friends. Being the few ones who know all of the truth that still live in town, it made it that much easier to know they had each other to talk about things.

It had been a few weeks after his 18th birthday, and not using his magic had kind of been easier without thinking he needed to show off for his slightly older friends. The Christmas and New Year season had gone before, and he of course used a little magic while it was safe for him to use slightly carelessly for gifts. And now, it was nearing time for the Winter Ball for school. His last one; as a senior, and he wasn't quite sure how to go about it. Especially without the other three; the four 'Sons Of Ipswich' had done everything together, so even if one or two hadn't had a date, they weren't alone.
It wasn't as if Tyler hadn't had options for dates for the gala, but he didn't have someone he was super excited about. He walked into the local coffee shop as he went through FaceBook profiles of the few girls he kind of liked enough to ask. His brown eyes on his phone instead of the door as he walked into the building. What a modern, 21st century boy.
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Mina was sitting on the coffee shop on her labtop she was working on a project for school and sipping on her coffee. Hearing the bell above the door chime she looked up curiously to see who had come in. Seeing Tyler she smiled brightly with her brother gone she thought she might have a chamce to really get to know "her brothers cute friend" she thought a moment on if she should speak to him before deciding to "Tyler , hey what's up" she said smiling up at him from the booth she was sitting in.
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"Oh, hi, Mina." the young man looked to the young blonde sitting down. He blinked at her, knowing who she was right away by the voice that called his name... But what threw him a little, is that he didn't expect this beautiful young woman. Mina had always been that cute younger sister to Reid; that little blonde shadow that his friend would rush her off away from the four when they were together. He stood close by before sitting down beside her. To be frank, he wasn't sure how to act around her; he had been so use to hanging with the other 3 for the most part, and seeing her briefly. But now, it was him free to be as social as he wished or a loner. "How are you? I feel like I haven't seen you in forever." But, with Mina, his awkwardness was not whether he was able to be social with her, but how to be around her... Especially with how gorgeous she was.
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Mina smiled at the young man “What are you up to today’ she said closing her lab top deciding she could work on her project after he left. She knew a lot of what she was feeling was probably pointless she felt so Cliché she had a crush on her older brothers friend. If that wasn’t pulled right from a teen drama she didn’t know what was. She smiled “I’ve been good, just trying to balance school and having a life.” She said giggling a bit “oh and stressing over this dumb winter dance thing” she added with a slight roll of the eyes. Ever since she was young like 5 years old her parents always had a ‘date’ for her to take to the dance but know that she was older she really didn’t want to leave it up to them nor did she want to take just anyone. It was something that matter more to her now that she interested in guys. “How about you, how have you been lately, and your right you haven’t seen me in forever, maybe we should hang out more” she said that last part kind of teasingly. She didn’t want him to feel like he had to, or like it was big deal to her, even though deep down it really kind of was. She knew it would be weird at first since she never did really get more then 5 or 10 minutes with the boys when her brother was around, since they were always busy and she was too little. However now things have changed and she wanted to explore it even if it scared her.
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"Well, a bunch of senior things to deal with, you know," the young man shrugged a nod, laughing a little, "Nothing but fun." He looked to her things, hoping he wasn't over stepping his stay, but he kind of wanted to stay a talk a little with the young blonde.
Tyler then looked to her when she expressed some irritation with the upcoming dance. He could understand the irritation; in this school and town, every chance to dress up was kind of a big deal for their generation. It was a way for them to act like adults, without the responsibilities and what not. "I know what you mean... This'll be the first year the rest of the guys won't be there." he looked at Mina, with a thought, but neverminded it.
He stood up to his feet, giving her a smile, "But I hope you enjoy yourself at the dance. Maybe save me a dance, huh?" His smile stayed upon his face, glancing down at the lovely young lady she had become. "I'll let you get back to your studying. And I'll see you around."
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Mina smiled listening to him talk about his senior year, next year she wouldn’t have anyone at school with her, her few friends but it was different. When he brother graduated her felt kind of safe knowing that Tyler would still be there with her, when he was gone it was going to be weird like something was missing in her life. Mina sighed when he reminded her, that her brother wasn’t going to be at the ball this year “yeah I’m used to having him to lean on when my parents get pycho around this time” she said and chewed her lip she looked up at him both upset and kind of shy “you know my parents still plan on picking my date….” She let her sentence trail off. They wanted her go with Jobi Hastings, because his family was close to the top of the food chain, however the guy was a selfish jerk, known for the ‘special’ way he treated women.
Mina couldn’t help the fact her cheeks turned red just slightly when he asked her to save him a dance “umm, yeah sure if I can pry Jobi off my arm” she said glancing down at the table. “Honestly I’m not focused right now, you’re a welcome distraction if you have time …maybe, and you would like to stay” she said. She wasn’t sure why she felt so shy around him it wasn’t like her but she did and it was weird but at the same time there was this underlying warm feeling.
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"Hastings?" the brunette young man looked to Mina. He shook his head with this. Jobi Hastings wasn't a completely terrible in any way really; he was just like any other 'high class' teenage boy. He acted as if he deserved everything just for having the name Hastings, including any girl he wanted to stare at that week. It was as if once the school got rid of Aaron Abbott with the graduation, the school got a new head jerk. "Please don't tell me you're thinking going out with that kid?" He asked, shaking his head with a scoff. Any girl deserved to be treated better than Jobi had shown in the past, but Tyler had thought Mina diffidently deserved better than... well, she deserved better than most of the guys that attended this school and lived in this area.
Tyler looked at the young blonde near him, then looked around with a shrug. "Well, I was thinking of getting some coffee or something," he gave her a smile while looking back down at the pretty young lady, "Would you like to join me?" he invited her, liking to talk to her and maybe get an idea of what kind of person she was, without her brother there to make Tyler sweat a little for noticing how pretty and cute she was. Not that he'd try to jump on the chance; she was Reid's sister after all... It would be weird, right?
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Mina sighed and looked at him “Well, if you can remember my parents have always picked my date, I’ve gone with Jobi five times when we were kids” she said rolling her eyes a bit. She knew he wasn’t all bad they actually got along before he became a sex and girl obsessed ass hole. Sure there were still times they got along when he wasn’t trying to stick his hand up her skirt or down her shirt. However that didn’t mean she liked spending time with him. “ Well they did say if I could find a date they approved of on my own then they wouldn’t make me go with him, but finding someone they approve of is harder than a I thought , plus there are guys that like me but I would like to go with someone I actually like this year.” she said.
Hearing him ask to spend more time with her again caused her face to turn red, she hated the fact she was blushing but she has had a crush on Tyler since she was about 14 years old, she just knew better than to say anything. Partly because her brother was crazy over protective and partly because she was shy when it came to things like that. “Sure let me pack up my things “she said as she put her laptop in her backpack getting up and slinging it over her shoulder. She walked with him up to the counter and smiled “they’re going to think I’m nuts I’ve had three coffee’s already because I couldn’t sleep last night” she said laughing a bit.
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He smiled to the young blonde beside him. "Well, there are worse things to be addicted to." Tyler laughed a little in the slight joke. Of course there were drugs and alcohol or even shopping, but they knew for the men who held the magical bloodline that too could be addictive. He shook that away as they walked to a close by coffee shop.

Once at the shop, he held open the door for her to walk into and he following inside after. They stood in line, at first in silence for a short moment before he decided to break it with his voice. "It's kind of funny how we're so used to certain things our whole lives, then one day you wake up and don't know if we want those things, or even know what we want." he began, thinking of her with how her parents kind of had the say of everything for her. He pegged it on that the Garwins couldn't really control Reid to be a good boy, so she got the worst of it a bit. "I'm kind of just realizing I don't know who I am," But then, as he spoke, he recognized the feeling he spoke of. "If I'm not one of Ipswich Sons anymore really; if I'm not 'Baby Boy' anymore, who am I?"

He looked to Mina, then laughed at himself for how serious he was being. "But I bet you're a little happy your brother's not here, huh?"
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Mina smiled listening to him she knew he was right and couldn’t help the slightly giggle at his comment as she nodded her head slightly. “Yeah I guess you’re right, if he would learn that no meant no, not try again in ten minutes I might still be able to get along with him” she said shrugging her shoulders a bit. She walked into the shop throw the open door and couldn’t help but think of what a gentlemen he could be, most guys their age just didn’t do things like hold open door anymore, she liked it.
Hearing him talk about how you just wake up and things hit you she nodded her head. However she could tell he was talking more about himself then her situation. However it still hit home for her, it was like her realizing it was time to be her own person outside of her parent’s control, she knew it was going to be hard and stressful but she wanted to do it. Hearing him say he didn’t know who he was she looked up and smiled at him” that’s always going to be part of who you are you will always be ‘baby boy’ “she said chewing her lip. “ You just have to figure out who you are without them to lean on consistently , I know the feeling I’m starting to question who I am I always let my parents take charge of my life I don’t actually know how I want to live it” she said sighing a bit. She come to hate the fact she let this happen just like her brother said she would.
Mina shrugged at his comment ‘ I’m glad he’s not here scaring away every boy who comes near me , I’ll never forget the first time he overheard me say there was cute boy in my class , or when I told him I guess I’d just have to date on if his friends “ she said laughing a bit as he thought of her brother. “ to be honest I miss him every day over baring and all , he was always there for me , you all were , it’s really weird and sometimes really hard for everyone to be gone “she said looking down a moment. Before realizing she was being little gloomy she looked back up with a bright smile “ at least I still have you” she said blushing as she made the comment.
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He shook his gead with a laugh, "Will i never be able to let that go?" The name was suiting when they were kids; he was the youngest out of the four. But now they weren't kids, and Tyler was no longer the baby... Or would he always be the damn baby boy of the Ipswich Sons? Though it wasn't too terrible hearing it from her lips, he hoped Mina saw him more of a man than a baby. "Yeah, Reid was always the ball-buster," the blonde haired boy was the handful of the group for sure, but he clearly opened his heart to his 3 best friends and his sister. The brunette young man looked to Mina with warm eyes and a kind smile at her comment, "You better believe the Sons of Ipswich got you, especially me."

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(tis okay I use a phone from time to time)

Mina smiled when he shook his head “not around me, I like it, it suits you, sweet and innocent, fun and loving” she said and smiled a bit. Of course she knew he was far from a baby now , hell she defiantly noticed the difference a few years and puberty did to the boy , how could she not , how could anyone not. Hearing him mention her brother name she realized she been completely and totally lost in her thoughts basically drooling over the kid , it was kind of embarrassing making her glad he had no idea what she was thinking. When he said he was gonna be there for her she smiled , somehow it meant more than hearing everyone else was , she could think of ten reason off the top of her head why this was true but wasn’t letting her and go their right now. She leaned her head against his shoulder and smiled “good….. then I guess your MY baby boy” now she said in a slightly teasing tone as she emphasized the word my in her statement. After a few moments and when the line started to move she lifted her head for the warmth of his shoulder even thought she was content never moving from that spot.
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He smiled with the feel of the young lady's head resting upon his shoulder. It was a nice feeling to have her there; like it was suiting and almost perfect for Mina to be there. They had known each other for since technically her entire life. Of course they weren't close close as children; being a couple years apart and different genders, but still had a clear connection with each other. To be honest it was a little awkward to come across her the more he saw her since the year before; when he began to notice her in more than the way he had years before. She was smart and nice, her own person, and growing into a cute young woman. How could anyone not notice her? It be different if it was anyone else... But this was Reid's; a close friend's little sister.

He was screwed... She was a fellow student at the same high school, and friend of his too, so he could ditch out on her. Yet he couldn't help how he felt when he looked at her or talked to her. The young man was utterly screwed. Fact was fact.

He was a little disappointed when the line began to move and Mina's head lifted from it's spot on his shoulder. "Well, maybe I can have you for the upcoming event?" Tyler shrugged with a thought as if it was completely nonchalant of a thought. "I mean, your parents know me... Pretty sure they trust me more than they do with Reid." he laughed.

They could still talk in a flow, yet he was still awkward asking her out. He shook his head -- perhaps he was still a baby boy after all...
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Leaving the warmth and comfrt she found cuddled against him was admittly hard. But as they walked she never thought she would hear the next quesrion and with his words her heart started to race making her feel a little dizzy as her face blushes a vibratant red. " it's not so much about trust with them as it is image but they do know you" she said shrugging a bit before thinking about it the boy she really liked just asked her out . she was not about to pass this up. " you know what I would much rather be with you then Jobi , like I said I really want to go with someone I actually like " she said accepting his offer in spite of what her family may want. This time it was going to be like She wanted even if She had to act a little like Reid to get it She was going to the dance with the person She had feelings for one way or another. She very shyly truned her head from his gaze trying to regain her composure and wondering how he would take her saying she liked him. Would he assume she meant as friends and someone she could get along with or would he assume it was more then that. When they got to front of the line she looked back up to him before ordering a carmal latte with 3 shots of espresso and a peanut butter filled doughnut. She got in her wallet and paid for her stuff waiting on him to order
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(Just moved, not really unpacked. And dealing with things at work. Feel bad for leaving you hanging for a while :/ I'll make a post tomorrow.. Unsure if it'll be good or great, but least it'll be a post. Thanks for the patience!)
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