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No Longer Baby Boy (covenant fanfic) [MakaBean]
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A few years ago, there was a film called The Covenant, where 4 young men are connected with a bond of magic and friendship going back to the days of Salem Witch Trials. The 4 best friends include Caleb, Pogue, Reid, and Tyler. There's no real story here, beside what if Reid had a younger sister and she and Tyler fell in love? I'd see drama with a friend dating another friend's little sibling, but perhaps other things we can discuss.


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Tyler Nathaniel Simms: 18, high school senior. Straight. Magical-witch.An only-child. One of the Sons of Ipswich. Close/best friend to Reid Garwin, Caleb Danvers, and Pogue Parry.
Mina Jennifer Garwin: 17, high school junior. Straight. Human-witch. Sister to Reid Garwin. Is close to her brother and his friends; spends more time with them then anyone else; in a way they became her best friends and protectors, like her brother. When she came into her magic they helped her figure it out.


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Will u do the 1st post

Mina Garwin: 17, HS junior. Straight. Human-witch. Sister to Reid Garwin.

Mina is close toi her brother and his friends she soends more timevwith them then anyone else l. In a way they became her best friends and protectors , just like her hrother. When she came injnto her magic they heloed her figure it out.
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The rest of the 'Sons Of Ipswich' had graduated. Caleb survived his 18th, as the others had. He and Sarah went to California, Kate and Pogue stayed in Massachusetts for schooling, and Reid even graduated and then moved went to New York. They all stayed in contact, but of course they had their own lives to live and would trust each other to keep their own magic in check. They all came back for Tyler's birthday. But all that came and gone, now it was just 'Baby Boy', school friends who knew nothing of his family's deep truth, and Reid's younger sister; the only person who knew the real him. They, and their families knew each other for almost just ever, and with Mina being a sibling to one of the 'Sons', it was easy for the other boys to befriend her and even look out for her as if she was their sister as well. Well, she's not their sister, and may have the chance to before actual friends with Tyler and Mina being the few ones who know all of the truth that still live in town.
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