Dec 01, 2017, 10:52pm
Ex Boyfriend
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So, I just got out of a relationship that was fairly terrible, to say the least.
He and I used to live here at my grandparents house and then moved out about two weeks before we broke up.
Today, I was going to move my dressers and filing cabinet around in my room....well, when I started moving them, I found paper towels that literally had actual poop on, I threw them away, but am absolutely furious about the findings of them. I'm literally sickened by this. Like, how sick does one person have to be???
I've never experienced something so freaking disgusting. I was never even aware of that going on and can't even figure out when he would have done it other than while I was asleep or at work. I can't even figure out why.
Like, when we lived here, he always felt that my grandparents didn't like him, so he would try to avoid going near them. Which, he wasn't wrong. At the end, they really didn't like him and only tolerated him for me. They knew he was putting his hands on me abusively and knew how he was with me, so he really was right for that. And to avoid dealing with them, he would pee in old juice containers or water bottles...and at one point, just right out the window....but to find paper towels like that just sickens me. I never expected that!
Should I retaliate, though? I'm really having trouble deciding what the right thing would be to do here..
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Mar 05, 2018, 08:50pm

I had an ex from a three month long relationship stalk me for nearly five years
We fucked under a bridge as friends and he guilt tripped me into a relationship, at the time I thought he was nice
Left me after I cut myself during a manic episode
Then wanted to get back together as I fucked someone else to cope, I was honest
He got mad, he was like 28 and I was 19 but he got me into bars and his skinhead friends would bring us drinks so I was gung ho
Until he tried tricking me into snorting meth by saying it was something else, started showing outside my work yelling
17 year old lil girls told me to leave him and had to tell me the way he was treating me was fkd up

Later on, he had me banned from multiple venues, cause he knew promoters,
Banned me from two punk houses, threatened me not to go to shows
I still went, I had grown men thrown at me, drinks poured on me, had a pack of men attempt to intimidate me,
and he's gotten girls to jump me
I once woke up on the restroom floor of a whataburger after going to pee after one of his cronies was bullying me, I remember peeing, washing my hands, then being shaken away by a strange girl who told me it was 4 in the had been midnight!

I had the chance to let him die twice, choke in his own vomit, but I took care of him with my other ex before he got super crazy with the threats

He slandered my name after begging me to hang out with him, using the suicide anniversary of his friend to guilt trip me

People were dogging me at shows, calling me a piece of shit, etc

However, everyones nature comes to light, last year one of the main punk houses asked me to play at a memorial show for two dead punx

and this year I got asked to play at the other one.

Plus the dude is totally a narc
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Mar 06, 2018, 03:04am

Oh heck, these true stories of life..........bloody hell wish life could , like yonks ago.............'could more fun, less heavy in life themes. We are all really , only on life for a certain.............lets try and enjoy every second of it.
Mar 20, 2018, 06:38am

In ten years, you are gonna forget about poop boy.....or at least have a funny story to tell.
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Mar 26, 2018, 08:08am

HippieFreak I'll just add that I know where this goes if you retaliate. You are already dealing with somebody who is willing to physically assault you. IF you retaliate you will start having your stuff damaged at night. Constantly worrying that tonight might be the night that more stuff gets damaged is no fun at all. Maybe tonight, or tomorrow night, or the one after that. But your stuff will get ruined anyway, and probably that of anybody you rely on. Engines ruined with sugar in the gas tank, tires slashed, mailboxes smashed. And you will have to constantly worry about your own safety if you leave your house.
It all sucks. Be glad you are done with him. You've gotten off easy. And stop getting into relationships with pieces of shit. You should learn from this one.
Be well.
Mar 30, 2018, 05:33am

I was in a toxic- psycho relationship, they are heartless, so if you try to get revenge by personal actions , you are gonna get eaten, they don't give a damn..your success and despise , your victory
Mar 30, 2018, 05:34am

Disdain* not despide, sorry
Apr 05, 2018, 06:17pm

Thank you all so much for your comments.
Sorry that I haven't responded in a while.

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