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Charmed Attraction (Charmed fanfic) [MakaBean]
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Magic School has been reopened once again for over 20 years now, Leo Wyatt the Headmaster and others from the Halliwell clan help run it and teach classes. The school welcomes witches, whitelighters, fae, on with a few of other magical beings; yes, there are some back and forths and struggles of certain mixtures, but all in all, this place is a safe haven for all who wish to learn and get help in control. Now, in this school there is a new teacher, Luke, who came to help with human studies, but who may need help in understanding his own magic. Will the friendship between himself and Melinda; the daughter of the Headmaster, and student-teacher reveal his demons and in the evident of the Halliwell attraction to the dark? What will come of the two? Will his dark side show true over all one day? Will her family pull her away?


Melinda Prudence Halliwell = MakaBean
21 years old. Witch. Straight. Portrayed by Lucy Hale. Child to Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt, and sister to Wyatt and Chris. Has 2 aunts who have husbands and children that she grew up with. Melinda is a student teacher she helps her brother Chris teach potions and wants to begin teaching fight magic on her own. Even though she doesn't really like to fight, she has always been intrigued with battle magic, and believes every magical creature should be able to defend themselves. Melinda is actually the more wild of the siblings; constantly into something whether it be magical underground or just peaking around where she has no business she is diffidently more like her free-spirited Aunt Phoebe then her own parents.
Lucas Ethan Hyde = ibNIC89
27 years old. Half (dark) witch. Portrayed by Ian Harding. Son to a human man, and a witch mother who sided with demons. He was raised by his mother until she was killed when he was 7, when he met his father. He remembers his mother briefly, but not too heavily. He knows that he's a witch, but grew up knowing good and human. And so he had a love for both his magic and human blood, and studied both magic and education. With this new potion, will he discover curtain things of his mother, and with that will he discover something about him as well?
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Melinda Prudence Halliwell = MakaBean
21 years old. Witch. Straight. Child to Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt, and sister to Wyatt and Chris. Has 2 aunts who have husbands and children that she grew up with. Portrayed by Lucy Hale.

Melinda is a student teacher she helps her brother chirs teach potions and wants to began teaching fight magic on het own. Eventhough she dosent really like to fight she has always heen intrgued with battle magic, and belives every magical creature should be able to defend themsleves. Melinda is actully the more wild of the siblings consistnaly into something rather it be magical underground or just piking around where she had no businness she is defenilty more lije her free sprited aunt phoebee then her own parents.
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The day had begun with the rise of the sun, and the tall dark haired man stepped out of the shower, drying off her hair with the towel not covering the bottom half of his body. He got dressed, finishing up with tying his tie, he grabbed his backpack and left his apartment. The man drove his car into a parking garage, following it upward to the roof where no other cars located. He got out of his Honda Civic, locking it before walking up to a storage door. He opens it, to reveal another door; this one a classic wooden door that he opens into Magic School. The place was designed beautifully with seemingly endless hallways. There were a few people about, but not too many with the early hour. He walked down the hallway, passing other professors and early students with a hello. He was still fairly new here, so friendly and a little shy in a way. Shy, not in a youthful way, but nervous to discover he doesn't belong here after all. Though, with him being of magic blood, Lucas had belonged here as a teacher of human and magic, and as a student of his own magic.
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Melindia woke early as she always did she showered quickly and walked out to her room with no clothes on so sit on her bed and put on lotion. The girl then dired her long brown hair and got dressed. She wore a black dress that stopped just above ger the knees with a glod chain belt and black heels. Melinda glanced in the mirror and smiled before blinking to the magic school. Her parents hated when she did this Melinda was the type to use magic for just about everything and when she was younger , and even now tends to get in trouble to misusing her magic. Melinda looked around she ended up in the libary she wasnt sure why this is where the school sent her most the time when she blinked in. Melinda was walking to the class she co toyght while she waited on her class to be set up and stydents to register for it when she saw the new teacger she smiled and waved at him "Good morning. Mr....." she wasnt good with names and couldnt remeber his with him being so new . "Im sorry im no good with names" she added her face flushing slightly. The man was cute she uad to admit as much and with Melinda being a little outgoing it could he fun to have a hot male co woker
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"Lucas Hyde. You can call me Luke," The man heard someone enter and begin to greet him. The dark haired man turned from where his eyes were on the papers flowing into a pile, he looked p to the the young lady standing before him. "Or it might be better for a student to call me Mr. Hyde." With one look at her, he thought she was a student; but then realized she was his student-teacher. "Or... Luke's just fine, Ms. Halliwell." He offered a smile to her. She was very pretty, and almost dangerously young... and dangerously related to the headmaster of the school. He could only imagine that she may have been sent to help him with the class to keep an eye on the new teacher, who had a couple years of experience in a human high school. He fixed his tie a little, clearing his throat a bit as he looked back to the papers in hand. He didn't know her, but of her family; the Halliwell's were quite the big word in the school, and in the magic world in general. They were this infamous family of good and balance. It was a little frightening to be working under them, but Lucas tried to keep as if he was nervous knowing Melinda's family history, and that her father-- though human now, had ran the school.

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