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Charmed Attraction (Charmed fanfic) [MakaBean]
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Magic School has been reopened once again for over 20 years now, Leo Wyatt the Headmaster and others from the Halliwell clan help run it and teach classes. The school welcomes witches, whitelighters, fae, on with a few of other magical beings; yes, there are some back and forths and struggles of certain mixtures, but all in all, this place is a safe haven for all who wish to learn and get help in control. Now, in this school there is a new teacher, Luke, who came to help with human studies, but who may need help in understanding his own magic. Will the friendship between himself and Melinda; the daughter of the Headmaster, and student-teacher reveal his demons and in the evident of the Halliwell attraction to the dark? What will come of the two? Will his dark side show true over all one day? Will her family pull her away?


Melinda Prudence Halliwell = MakaBean
21 years old. Witch. Straight. Portrayed by Lucy Hale. Child to Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt, and sister to Wyatt and Chris. Has 2 aunts who have husbands and children that she grew up with. Melinda is a student teacher she helps her brother Chris teach potions and wants to begin teaching fight magic on her own. Even though she doesn't really like to fight, she has always been intrigued with battle magic, and believes every magical creature should be able to defend themselves. Melinda is actually the more wild of the siblings; constantly into something whether it be magical underground or just peaking around where she has no business she is diffidently more like her free-spirited Aunt Phoebe then her own parents.
Lucas Ethan Hyde = ibNIC89
27 years old. Half (dark) witch. Portrayed by Ian Harding. Son to a human man, and a witch mother who sided with demons. He was raised by his mother until she was killed when he was 7, when he met his father. He remembers his mother briefly, but not too heavily. He knows that he's a witch, but grew up knowing good and human. And so he had a love for both his magic and human blood, and studied both magic and education. With this new potion, will he discover curtain things of his mother, and with that will he discover something about him as well?
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Melinda Prudence Halliwell = MakaBean
21 years old. Witch. Straight. Child to Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt, and sister to Wyatt and Chris. Has 2 aunts who have husbands and children that she grew up with. Portrayed by Lucy Hale.

Melinda is a student teacher she helps her brother chirs teach potions and wants to began teaching fight magic on het own. Eventhough she dosent really like to fight she has always heen intrgued with battle magic, and belives every magical creature should be able to defend themsleves. Melinda is actully the more wild of the siblings consistnaly into something rather it be magical underground or just piking around where she had no businness she is defenilty more lije her free sprited aunt phoebee then her own parents.
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The day had begun with the rise of the sun, and the tall dark haired man stepped out of the shower, drying off her hair with the towel not covering the bottom half of his body. He got dressed, finishing up with tying his tie, he grabbed his backpack and left his apartment. The man drove his car into a parking garage, following it upward to the roof where no other cars located. He got out of his Honda Civic, locking it before walking up to a storage door. He opens it, to reveal another door; this one a classic wooden door that he opens into Magic School. The place was designed beautifully with seemingly endless hallways. There were a few people about, but not too many with the early hour. He walked down the hallway, passing other professors and early students with a hello. He was still fairly new here, so friendly and a little shy in a way. Shy, not in a youthful way, but nervous to discover he doesn't belong here after all. Though, with him being of magic blood, Lucas had belonged here as a teacher of human and magic, and as a student of his own magic.
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Melindia woke early as she always did she showered quickly and walked out to her room with no clothes on so sit on her bed and put on lotion. The girl then dired her long brown hair and got dressed. She wore a black dress that stopped just above ger the knees with a glod chain belt and black heels. Melinda glanced in the mirror and smiled before blinking to the magic school. Her parents hated when she did this Melinda was the type to use magic for just about everything and when she was younger , and even now tends to get in trouble to misusing her magic. Melinda looked around she ended up in the libary she wasnt sure why this is where the school sent her most the time when she blinked in. Melinda was walking to the class she co toyght while she waited on her class to be set up and stydents to register for it when she saw the new teacger she smiled and waved at him "Good morning. Mr....." she wasnt good with names and couldnt remeber his with him being so new . "Im sorry im no good with names" she added her face flushing slightly. The man was cute she uad to admit as much and with Melinda being a little outgoing it could he fun to have a hot male co woker
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"Lucas Hyde. You can call me Luke," The man heard someone enter and begin to greet him. The dark haired man turned from where his eyes were on the papers flowing into a pile, he looked p to the the young lady standing before him. "Or it might be better for a student to call me Mr. Hyde." With one look at her, he thought she was a student; but then realized she was his student-teacher. "Or... Luke's just fine, Ms. Halliwell." He offered a smile to her. She was very pretty, and almost dangerously young... and dangerously related to the headmaster of the school. He could only imagine that she may have been sent to help him with the class to keep an eye on the new teacher, who had a couple years of experience in a human high school. He fixed his tie a little, clearing his throat a bit as he looked back to the papers in hand. He didn't know her, but of her family; the Halliwell's were quite the big word in the school, and in the magic world in general. They were this infamous family of good and balance. It was a little frightening to be working under them, but Lucas tried to keep as if he was nervous knowing Melinda's family history, and that her father-- though human now, had ran the school.
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Melinda smiled a not as the attractive young man spoke she couldnt help but giggle when he mistook her for a student , granted she was young compared to the other teachers in the building. "Like" she repeatedly the name sweetly. "oh my don't call me that My name is Melinda but Mel is fine" she said not recognizeing the flirty undertone to her voice. Takeing a little closer loook she noticed he was nervous seeing her and smroked it was a little cute to see the nerves. "Thier is nothing to worry about , i know my family has a huge reputation but were really not that scary" she said offering a sweet smile. "Plus you may run into a few thing here you didn't at your other school dealing with teenagers with magic is a little different at times " she said spinning in his chair
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"Yeah," the young man scoffed at her comment, "I have noticed a... few different things I hadn't even thought of at my last job." he nodded with a friendly laugh to the young lady. He looked at her, looking to her chestnut hair and her sweet face. It was funny that she thought his nervousness was focusing upon who her family was -- and yes, that was a big deal. It was also kind of big deal getting this job in general as well. But at this moment, the late twenty-something year old was a little nervous because there stood a pretty young witch of high stature... And there he stood, a simple teacher who was learning some of his magical gifts along-side his students who were 10 years younger than he. He shook his thoughts, and looked to her, "What can I do for you, this morning, Ms... Melinda?"
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Melinda smiled at the attractive male, she almost couldn’t help but flirt a little, and it was in her eyes, her tone of voice, and according to her Aunt Phoebe in her very being. She chewed her lip noticing how the other looked her over slightly. She thought it was kind of sweet that he was only looking at her face, at least from what she could tell anyway, and not her body. She found herself gazing at the other male a moment, his dark hair and piercing eyes were truly captivating. He seemed like he was good guy who didn’t break too many rules, shh was interested I seeing how he was if he just let loose a little. Granted she knew very little about this man so she wasn’t sure if she was correct about the whole good guy thing. When he spoke again she was brought back to reality and pulled form her own thoughts. “ Oh my dad seen me to kind of sit in and help you out until you get used to the routine and the school here, teens are assholes and your new your probably going to get tested. “ she said . What she didn’t mention was if he couldn’t really sue his magic then the kids would also try to use it against him which was another reason she was sent here. “Oh Ms. Halliwell in front of the kids, Mel in private” she said with a slightly pouty smirk.
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"Well, I hope I don't need too much assistance," The man shrugged a little, a little smile as he looked to the girl, "But, it's nice to have someone covering me; someone who's known pretty much everything about magic before you could probably taught." Her family was notorious in the Magic world. Even someone who hardly learned his basic magic growing up knew of the Charmed ones. He could only imagine what the Sisters' children were raised to know and do. It was all impressive, and made Luke a little envious. But he was honored to have their trust in teaching their students; even if it was a basic human course. And perhaps they could honor him in figuring out what he got from his mother's side.
The raven-haired man nodded to her request, "Of course." the students needed to see that they were their teachers and should respect them both. "Thank you, Ms. Halliwell." he gave her a smile. His deep brown eyes traced her face before looking down at his lesson plan. He looked back up, "So... Where to start, any thoughts?" he laughed at himself a little. He had his thoughts and the lesson book, and he wasn't a rookie at teaching either, but this was a whole new territory.
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Melinda chewed her lip “I don’t think you will have too many problems’ she said. However she really wasn’t sure. She laughed a little at his comment about her knowledge of magic ‘ something like that “ she said , she loved that he was easy to talk to but he seemed a little up tight she really wanted to see him having fun. She smiled he agreed calling her Ms. Haillwell she couldn’t help what she said next “ I don’t see any student I think this is pretty private” she said standing up from the chair and leaning against the others desk pulling all of her long brown hair to one side. Melinda smiled “just teach this class like you would any other classes, it’s not a practical magic course so you should be fine” she said. Glancing at the lesson plan her hair falling to hide her face form him partially however leaning forward to look over his lesson plan was making something else a little more viable as her breast pressed the rim of her lightly low cut top.
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She leaned over to look at the lesson plan book, viewing it to give him some pointers. His eyes couldn't help but to glance to the young lady's cleavage. He felt a little guilty for staring at her in such a way, but her youthful chest was right there in front of his eye line. There she was, helping him, and he was looking at her instead of really listening. He shook his head as he looked up to match his dark brown eyes with her own dark honey ones as she spoke. He just was thinking that she deserved respect, and there he was... Shameful.
Lucas stood to his feet; not in a complete rushed way, but a little awkward to be honest. "Well, thank you, Ms... Melinda." he gave the young lady a smile, "I'll be sure to not stress here, and not let our family down." He grabbed some papers and placed them on each desk before the students came in for the class. "Will you be joining this first class?" But he knew she was busy with plenty of things to do.
He diffidently needed a drink after work tonight... Finding himself a little lost in thought of Melinda. He knew it wasn't appropriate to look at a young lady like this; none-the-less someone who was essentially his boss.
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Melinda could feel him staring at her, she had to admit it was a feeling she enjoyed. She was used to having people stare she knew she was pretty young lady, however living so involved in the magic world she was grateful when anyone was staring for any reason other than who she was. She loved to take time and visit places her family normally wouldn’t, everyone knew of the charmed ones, however not everyone everywhere knew Melinda’s face to know she was the famed Piper Halliwell’s daughter. When he stood up she moved slightly from her revlaing position to look up at the other male as he spoke. “Oh please no Ms. If there aren’t any students around, it makes me feel old” she said giggling a bit as she brushed her hair behind her ear and titled her head a bit.

Melinda slightly rolled her eyes at the mention of not letting her family down, it really wasn’t as big of a deal to her as it was to some other members of her family. Plus if there were good intentions most all would be forgiven. “ don’t worry about my family and just treat this like any other class you thought just keep in mind their teens , with magic , so don’t be surprised if some wired things happen” she said. She chewed her lip “no I have to help my little brother and Aunt Paige with something” she said. Glancing around she spotted a piece of paper “if you need me or have any trouble, text me, don’t call if they know you need help it’ll only get worse, but I’ve read over your students most of them are really well behaved kids” she said writing her number down on a piece of paper with the Name Mel and a little heart beside it. “Even if it’s not during class, feel free to use this” she said slipping the number into his jacket pocket and smiled. Mel walked to the door stopping in the doorway she looked back at him ‘ See you later , Mr. Hyde” she said glancing over her shoulder at him before walking out and meeting up with her little brother Chris and her Aunt.

TO be honest she wanted to get to know him more and thought maybe they could do something outside of school , she knew she may have been alittle to flirtly considering they just met but it as just how she was. If she really thought about it he didn’t seem to mind plus , they way he was looking at her she was sure he would like alone time with her as well. She was lost in thought not really focusing n her task at hand at least it wasn’t something dangerous.
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The young Halliwell had left, and not too much long of a wait the classroom had filled up with students. There hadn't been anything out of the ordinary, really. Despite these teenagers having powers or magical bloodlines, they were all still teenagers. Lucas could have an advantage on this; he had already taught high school elsewhere (at a human school), plus it wasn't all too long ago that he was in their seats. Like any other group of young adults faced with a new teacher, they were all curious of his history and experiences. Once they got the knowledge that he was raised human for the most part, some questioned his presence here, at Magic School.

"You must give up the life you planned, in order to have the life that's waiting for you." He replied simply, as if this explained what a 'mostly' (half, really) human could teach a bunch of magical kids.

""What does plans have anything to do with a human being here telling us how to write proper English?" questioned a boy in a red t-shirt, circled around with clearly friends in the next couple seats.

"I never knew what I wanted to do. I just knew I liked to write and I like history, and be around young minds. I planned to live a normal human life; I never planned to excel in anything, or even see what could be inside of me." he confessed honestly. "But, there was always something missing. So, I reached out and found this place... A place that could help me; much like you guys, get the hang of my powers and discover what's inside." He had a simple smile to the group of teens sitting before him, "I learned from my dad, you can have an extraordinary plan or a simple one; doesn't matter, because life's going to take you down it's path. I'm here because I finally decided to enjoy the ride for all of it's excitement."

He thought of the young lady that he was talking to before, a smile different than the one he had before. A student commented, and he shook his head; returning his mind to the moment of now. "So, just because you hadn't planned on being taught English and History by a mere-mortal, doesn't mean there's nothing to learn. And that's why I'm here... Now, shall we begin our journey?" He was a bit of a dork in his rants and rambles, and he learned to expect it because that was apart of his teaching charm; his past students ended up adoring him, and he hoped this group would as well
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Melinda spent her time trying to focus she was working on helping her aunt but at the same time her mind wasn’t really their she just wanted to finish as soon as possible she wasn’t sure what she was going to do when she was done she just knew she didn’t want to do this. She found herself thinking of the young half human teacher and couldn’t help the sneaky smile on her face she knew she was going out tonight and was kind of hoping she would run into him. However at the same time she figured he really wouldn’t know about the places she went to he was raised human how would he find underground magic clubs.
Sure P3 was there and it was still fun , however it was also a family hang out so when she wanted to really let go she avoided P3 and usually went to Omgea it was run by another local witch family, it was known for a little trouble but she was Hallowell of course she could handle herself. She sighed and leaned against the wall just wanting her day at the school to be over already.
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The students in the class listened to Lucas as time continued on. He hoped it was because he was interesting and peaked their minds. But it could have been to try and figure what he and these simple subjects give them. Either way, the young man in fact had grabbed the teens in some way or another. "Now that we've got that covered, shall I continue and impress you with actually teaching?" he smirked a smile to himself. As if he wasn't worried at all, Lucas began to speak of future works and how the class would go. "Before time's up and you all leave for you next classes," his smooth brown eyes looked up to the clock then to his students, "Maybe I should give out the homework..." All eyes upon him, some disappointed and others no response. "How about you take the time to see life's magical moments, that aren't actually magic." with that the bell rang.

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Melinda sighed when she was done with helping everyone out she decide to find her way back to the teacher and see how his first class was going and see if he had any more for the day. Here what you worked changed day by day their wasn’t a set seclude. She was walking back up to his class when she heard the homework assignment and smiled leaning against the door way while all the students walked out of class. “Well Mr. Hyde the students might not like that so much , something they have to avoid magic on” she said before walking into the class. “So how did your class go” she asked a little curious.

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"Well, I never claim to be a favored teacher, he smirked when he saw the young brunette had returned inside his classroom. "There's a master plan to this theory, though. It may not be now, but they'll appreciate it... both their magic and just life." He explained with a nod. He went through the same thing at his last job... Maybe not exactly the same thing; but he gave his students assignments that seemed a little odd and sometimes not even school related. There had been complaints in the beginning, but sooner or later the kids came to understand that their teacher was actually cool, and gave them assignments that weren't just for some tests, but rather would help them in life after school. He wasn't everyone's favorite teacher, but he had a reputation on being good with the teens and helping them not take advantage of things.

"I think it went well," He nodded with a smile. "They seem like good kids. Iffy on the new guy who seemed he doesn't know their culture really. Pretty normal kids." He smiled. He may be raised human since he was 7, but he had magic in his blood, and he was curious of it more than ever. He figured he could find everything he wanted here at Magic School. He looked to Melinda as she stood in front of him, he smiled looking at her.

He knew what he was thinking, and he told himself that it wasn't a good idea... But looking at her, he couldn't promise himself not to get attracted to her. She was pretty, sweet, and seemed to be a perfect mix of kind and smart. He would try to not find himself liking the school's owning family's daughter, but there was no harm in befriending her and see if she or someone in her family could help him discover his mother's magic and what she past to him.

"Everything alright on your end; your aunt and brother thing?" he asked, just making conversation.
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Melindia watched the young man thier was something captivating about his smirk. Like thier may be a little bit of a band boy hiding in thier somewhere.Melinida really wanted to be able go pull that out and have a lottle fun one day.she snapped back from her thoughts and looked up at him "im sure they will figure it out one day ,having magic ia great but it dosent fix everything" she said pushing her hair behind her ear and walking into the room. "Im glad everything went smoothly no pranks and smart mouths" she added . when asked About uer family she shurgged "as easy as possible but not something im supposed to be talking about " she said smrikinga little as she looked up at him. "What are dping tonight if you want to see some cool magic I have a place we could check out.... I mean if your not scared" she teased leaning against his desk once more. Her family was right she decently got her Aunt Phoebes flirtious/sexual charm even more their Phoebes own children did. She also has uer aunts knack for finding trouble. She wamst sure if she was asling if he was scared to gp to the club or scared of her father and brothers more then likely a little of both she been friend down before out of fear of her brothers mostly since her father wasn't a whitelighter anymore. She was hopeimg he would be a little more fun , or just a little more cerious she knew this wasnt a relationship her brothers would be to keen on but hey she didnt know where it was all gonna go but she wanted to have fun on the ride.
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"Normal humans or magical, they're still kids," he laughed a little, knowing the facts; not being a stranger to teaching young minds. "They may still pull a prank or two." The young man knew how teens were... Hell, he was one once, of course. He knew that even the good kids had moments where they needed to express themselves or to be heard in creative ways for one reason or the next.

Luke looked to her with the question. It was obviously tempting to do anything with the young lady in front of him. But was it smart to go off with a Halliwell daughter? He quickly and quietly debated in own head for a short moment. "What could I be scared of, with a Halliwell Witch with me?" With this the man decided to take the night under her lead.

It was his first night after his first day at this new job, and here he was befriending a pretty girl who just so happened to be apart of a legendary family. Usually Luke too the smart road and would stay home setting up his new apartment. But there was something that pulled at him while looking into her eyes that insisted on him to not being a dud this evening.
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Melinda was thrilled when he said that he would come with her she tried not to let that show but the blush that hit her cheeks was a small give away. She smirked at his comment though "sometiems that in itself is a rwason to be scared after all we are a trageted breed" she said slipping her hair behind her neck. It was true and anyone who knew anything about Magic knew the Halliewells and how every villain or dark wizard and deamon wanted them dead. "Thier is a club called Omega i can take you to under a few condtions one ,you dont freak out,two, you tell no one in my family i was thier " she stopped and slid up so she was actually sitting on his desk and with a flick of her fingers the door was closed as she crossed her legs. "Thrt think its to dangerous for a little girl like me" she said pouting playfully. Before glancing up at him "so what exactly do you have planned for the rest of the evening" she asked curiously content on keeping him locked in the room with her as long as he would allow

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