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Rules [2nd Post]
Willowbrook_Prison Welcome to Prison
Actual Rules!
1. All vf rules apply
2. Please post in the intro, rules, character and block assignment thread
3. Respect everyone. Obviously negative things will happen in prison so play along or participate. It will be more interesting. Negative things don't have to happen to your character just message the person.
4. Please read what the cult is about -_-
5. Please write all words out and make a paragraph of at least five sentences while roleplaying. Use quotation marks when people are talking and please use proper grammar.
6. We will now allow god creation, but there are rules! First you must be staff or have 500 post. Second! There must be a humanlike object in possession of the humans to be controlled. Yes the gods are like gods to the other supernaturals, but one human (an CO) can control them with this special object. Any human that works at the prison may own a god, but no supernaturals can leave the prison. This does not mean you get to play god. This goes for everyone.
7. Unlimited characters, but only if you actually role play. Please use the correct form to create a character.
8. No stealing characters!
9. About your cell! There may already be a roleplay in your cell and if you do not want to group roleplay that is fine. If you choose to group roleplay then please take turns and do not leave each other out aka continuing the roleplay without the third person. Thanks. If a roleplay is already current, please tell the users your character would like to rp with their cellmates.

Play Rules

Prison Rules
No contraband
No smoking
No fighting

Inmate Rules
No staring (might get you killed)
If you cannot defend yourself you may become owned as a slave/bitch/or someone’s girlfriend.
Do not collaborate with a guard against another inmate. (Might get you killed)
Do not become indebted to someone there are always consequences

Correctional Officer Weapons consist of:
Advanced Prods (like stunning a cow, but advanced for supernaturals) Not to be used on humans, could kill them.
Energy drawing hand cuffs
Leads (like you would use for animals)
Tranquilizer gun
Electrical wrist bands to stop certain inmates from shifting/using magic along with shift preventing wrist bands for the violent types
Armor of course
Advanced Riot Shields
May update later this is just a main understanding

Of course your characters should break these rules for conflict, but please post you read the actual rules
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Willowbrook_Prison Welcome to Prison

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