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Character Creation [3rd Post]
Willowbrook_Prison Welcome to Prison
You may create any species and please read the rules before creating a god. You can make humans for the city or make a CO (Correctional Officer) for the prison. This is where you make a fictional character. Please use human pictures or a realistic picture. No pictures of yourself. You can make many things, however we don't allow spirit like creatures, poszessed creatures, the humans can't be gods themselves. Thanks

Likes: (at least3)
Dislikes: (at least3)
History: (optional)
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Name: Reed
Age: 26
Gender: male
Sexuality: bisexual
Species: werewolf/vampire
Appearance: Reed stands at six foot and weighs about one hundred seventy pounds. He has his ears gaged and a bull ring with many tattoos. When he shifts he’s not quite werewolf or man he’s something strange in between. Because he is embarrassed by this, he doesn’t shift.
Personality: Reed is bashful unless he needs to fight. His body temperature changes from cold, hot or normal depending on how he feels. He’s not the outspoken type and occasionally feels ashamed of what he is. Reed tries to ignore his vampire side and claims himself as a werewolf, but remember, won’t shift. He has a thirst for blood he tries to ignore with normal food. He has to drink blood at least once a month or he will feel drained and sick. Reed feels more comfortable around men, yet wants a girlfriend. It seems his entire existence is contradicting.

Coffee addiction yet calm
Tarantulas but hates spiders
Has a secret crush
Church but it hurts him

Touchy women (scares him)
Dec 25, 2017, 05:08am

Name: Aiko Blithe
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Sexuality: mostly straight
Species: shifter/Maltese tiger
Appearance: 5’7 130lbs curvy tattoos and piercings silver eyes
Personality: has been accused of having resting bitch face, she is quiet and reserved and artsy alternative girl that tends to live in her own head
Likes: tattoos, piercings, fashion, art, black, white, and grey
Dislikes: color, fake people, anything with The consistency of oatmeal
History: Aiko was a tattoo artist before she was taken. She minded her own business and kept to herself she stuck to her pride when it came to shifter stuff but lived life as a human for the majority of her existence. Aiko was responsible about her monthly change she made sure she was contained so she couldn’t hurt anyone and did her best to support new shifters in the group when needed.
Dec 25, 2017, 05:56am

Name: Yui Rautio
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Curious
Species: shifter/ golden tiger
Appearance: 5’4 115lbs slender build
Personality: curious and playful naive and innocent. Sheltered
Likes: family, home, the forest, being in her animal form
Dislikes: strange places, liars, pushy people
History: Yui came from a very loving home she was shelters and a little spoiled she has an innocence about her but don’t be fooled she is quite manipulative if given the chance. She has been separated from her parents since they came into her school and took her and several othe supernaturals she is scared and alone
Dec 25, 2017, 08:23pm

Face Claim: Nicki Minaj
Name: Catrina or Cat
Nickname: Kitty Mama
Age: 27
Gender: female
Sexuality: pansexual
Species: werepanther (Kitty Klub Alpha)
Appearance: She always has her tail because it’s one of her favorite things about being a panther. She stands at five foot six and weighs about one hundred sixty pounds more or less. Her blonde hair is down to her knees and if you cut it off she’ll grow it back.
Personality: Catrina likes to spend time to herself. The pack knows to stop what they’re doing or come to her when she snaps. They are well organized and love each other even if Catrina is easily annoyed. They know when to take her seriously and when not to. She usually let’s hype act like the leader, but he knows his place. She doesn’t like dealing with bullshit so any drama started by her pack needs to be ended by her pack. If she has to deal with shit then she won’t be pleased, but will do anything to protect the pack.
“Better not be bullshit”
“Paws off mother fucker”

Making clothes
Pampering herself
Ooo shrimp!
Creative things
High heels

Touchy feely people
Getting dirty unless fighting
Dec 25, 2017, 09:39pm

Face Claim: Quest Guilliford
Name: Lucia Leif Aristotle
Age: 28 but really Ancient
Gender: male
Sexuality: Straight
Species: laat dovahkiin which means last dragon born so I want him to be the last lol
Appearance: Over time he got many tattoos. He stands at six foot three and weighs about two hundred eighty pounds. Unlike extinct dragons, Lucia has the ability to control all elements and heal. He is truly one of a kind and can shift into a full dragon, but refuses to. He is not affected by magic and cannot die from old age. There is only one way to kill a dragon if you can get close.
Personality: Lucia used to be king of dragons and occasionally wants to be treated as such. He can create gold and likes to give gifts to women to work for him or to please them. He can be cruel at times, but is truly kind. He loves to be around a lot of women especially if they serve him. He wants to take on many wives and spoil them. He feels like there isn’t much to do anymore, so he likes to spend his time creating gold treasures.

Women that dance
Silly girls

Being caged
Shifting in front of others
Fake gold
Small beds
Woman stealers
+ (1)
Dec 30, 2017, 01:13am

Name: Poppy Katt
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: pansexual
Species: fox
Appearance: 4’6 85lbs slim build white hair grey eyes very pale skin
Personality: playful and curious loving loyal and faithful
Likes: snow, playing, sleeping, eating treats, nice people
Dislikes: mean people, bitter tastes, hunters and their traps.
History: poppy was raised wild and spent most of her time in her fox form she is still most comfortable in this form she met her best friend when she was a small child he has cared for her like a pet ever since she had always been loyal to him. She has never strayed far from him since she found him.
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Dec 30, 2017, 05:10pm

Name:Blade Amanda Dancer
Age:around 7,000
Species: half elf( human/moon elf)
Appearance:blade stands 9,8 and 204 lns he has sacrs on his back and chest arms and legs from his years of war he is missing his left arm for arm to his elbow is replaced with a dull and rusty broken sword he keeps hidden with a arm pice of armor
Personality: blade radeates power and experance he will face any problem head on and with no mercy
Likes: (at least3)
Dislikes: (at least3)
harm to ones famly
those who will harm his family
any threat to his family
Blade is the second born but was name hair to the mighty dancer clan proving his power by being unbeatable in combat and war after his first thousand years of war with his father and the generals of his island. blade grew sick of them and with aid of his men and brothers he piloted to kill them while his brothers and men took to kill the generals he faced off with his own father who was blessed by the god krom with never ending life during the battle blade worked the darkes magic he knew and when he cut his fater down he riped the skin from his body and scatters his soul to thee river of time and his flesh to a be made into a magical artifact his blood and bones wear given to the earth to rot.
after that he took control of the island and ruled with his brothers and sisters wear they adopted those who wear worthy to be saved blade then took them to the world of humans to sell their swords to provide for his family and build a new life he had watched humans rise and fall in power and other races as well he had no interest in the life of power and nobility but still played the game to build his family reputation grew to one of respect and fear and one day his elder brother sam turned to god and grew to devoted to his god and blade had to once more use his black magic and ended his elder brothers life in the sam way he did to his father but this time he did it in the house of god and he leaned to hate the gods and those who worship them and took his family from the world of men and left them till modern times now with his hair chosen and now taken the lead of the dancer he returns to the world of men to do one last judgement his brother alexander has been wild from the day he was born and now that he will not grow he must see if his brother can be tamed and if he can not his sword will one last time teast the blood of his family
Jan 01, 2018, 06:58pm

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Posting for PsychoticxReaction
Name: Shae
Nickname: Patches
Age: 18
Gender: male
Sexuality: bisexual
Species: werepanther
Appearance: Shae stands at five foot six and weighs about one hundred ten pounds or so. He likes to be in neko mode, but just his ears.
Personality: Shae is outspoken and fun like Raja. Unlike Hype, he doesn’t want to meet a werewolf because he’s afraid. Patches is a nerd at heart and likes to make comic books and share them. He is very curious, but not very brave. He likes to hang out with Hype and make new friends. He is usually calm, but gets into hyper moods. It’s hard to tell how he’s really feeling, he might be bipolar.
“Deep” as in cool

Rap and rock music
Older guys/girls
WWE wrestling

Karaoke because other people can’t sing
Haunted places because that’s beggin for trouble
Anything old fashioned to him is lame
Jan 07, 2018, 03:23pm

Accepted go ahead and post in the cell block request thread
Jan 07, 2018, 05:05pm

Name: Rush Lazarus
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Species: Lion
Appearance: 6'3, 150lbs, slim build piercings and tattoos. dark hair and eyes
Personality: Runs hot and cold very up and down his moods depend on his surrounding and the people who are with him. Normally he is upbeat and the life of the party to start with.
Likes: loud active places, lots of people, high energy, music
Dislikes: being alone with his thoughts, quiet, books
History: Has a twin brother who is his opposite they are close in some ways and very distant in others. not much is known about their past but they are very guarded about it. They run their pride together and have a very strong relationship with most of the feline community because of this.
Jan 07, 2018, 05:14pm

Name: Rowan Lazarus
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi leans more to men
Species: Lion
Appearance: 6ft, 150lbs, slim build, white hair and dark eyes very pale skin he has no tattoos and only has his ears pierced.
Personality: He is very soft spoken and a bit withdrawn. He would rather be in a quiet library with books learning then out in the world with people. He is a bit of a snob and tends to find most people beneath him he feels that most of his kind are uneducated and not worth the time it takes to interact with them.
Likes: Books, learning, Rush, leadership
Dislikes: his own kind, ignorance/stupidity, loud crowded places
History: Rowan is the mature grounded brother he takes on most of the responsibilities of actually running that pack and playing diplomat with the more intellectual types while his brother plays the party animal and interacts with the others. Rowen knows and realizes the balance of power between them is uneven but he doesn't care he and his brother have always been together and he feels that they always will. Rush is the only person that Rowan tolerates that is "unintelligent" he is also one of the few of his kind that he doesn't look down on.
Jan 07, 2018, 05:23pm

Name: Bowie Sage
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Lion
Appearance: 5'10, 160lbs, medium to muscular build. no piercings or tattoos long golden hair and hazel eyes
Personality: Bowie is a very serious person when you first meet him he is all about what needs to be done. Once business is out of the way he has a wild side. He is secretly a very dominant person and struggles with authority.
Likes: everything neat and orderly, structure, control, women, alcohol, the hunt
Dislikes: chaos, losing, authority figures, being caged, not being allowed to shift at will.
History: Bowie was raised in a home where he had no control over anything including his lion, he was made to stay in his lion form or his human form for long periods of time against his will he was used in ways that people shouldn't be for most of his young life. When he was liberated from his captors he swore he would never be put in that type of situation again. He has been given much more freedom within his pride because of his past and due to this he is very loyal to his people.
Jan 07, 2018, 05:33pm

Name: Grey Quinn
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: White Tiger
Appearance: 6'1, 180lbs, slim build black hair and eyes tattoos and piercings
Personality: Grey like his name comes off as very neutral. This couldn't be further from the truth. He is very smart he watches and observes everyone. He uses things he learns to his advantage when it best suits him. He has something about his that is a bit off no one can quite put their finger on it but he comes from a powerful family so no one questions it. He has an obsession with eyes.
Likes: art, neutral colors, eyes, watching people
Dislikes: being watched, humans, spicy food
History: The oldest son of the most powerful family in the Tiger community Grey is expected to take over leadership of them when his father steps down. When he was taken they were in negotiations with several families for a wife for Grey this was not something Grey wanted and he knew none of the girls wanted this either. Grey has always been odd and he scared the girls he interacted with. Grey also has a dark side to him. He enjoys watching others hurt. He doesn't like to be the one hurting people but he likes to watch them in pain.
Jan 07, 2018, 05:40pm

Name: Nixon Orion
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: heteroflexible
Species: orange tiger
Appearance: 5'11, 160lbs slim build tattoos no piercings.
Personality: Flirtatious playful and a bit naughty. total lack or respect for authority and for the rules of his people. He refuses to date within his race and purposely flaunts it. never grew out of his rebellious teen years
Likes: anything that isn't tiger, tattoos, sex, drugs, alcohol, parties, women , men if the mood strikes him, anything that will anger his family.
Dislikes: Rules, traditions, his family, being made to conform
History: Nixon is a spoiled rich kid that thinks he had a hard life because he has to follow the rules set out for him, he purposely does everything he can to embarrass he his family and his people when ever he can. He is trying to get himself kicked out of his pard but it hasn't worked so far because he is one of the few that can teach others to hold their shift. He has been in a great deal of trouble as of late because he taught the lion leaders how.
Jan 07, 2018, 06:03pm

Name: Genesis Ryker
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Lion
Appearance: 5'6 110lbs some piercings no tattoos. white blonde hair dark eyes
Personality: playful and demanding things she knows everything
Likes: being right, having fun, being around lots of people
Dislikes: being treated like a kid, the word no, being bored
History: came from a privileged home she was very spoiled and given everything she wanted. She was treated like a princess because she was the only child. she feels like she is entitled to this same treatment from everyone she comes into contact with.
Jan 07, 2018, 06:10pm

Name: Amira Lee
Age: 22
Gender: female
Sexuality: bi
Species: Lion
Appearance: 5ft, 110lbs, dark hair and eyes but has it dyed most of the time she has tattoos and piercings several scars coverin her back and one that goes over her eye
Personality: she is shy at first but has a bubbly personality once she gets to know you. She is a movie enthusiast and loves photography.
Likes: good movies, her camera, a good cuddle buddy, chill relaxing environments
Dislikes: vegetables, wolves, large groups
History: was going to school for photography when she was taking. has a relatively normal life mainstreams very well with humans was traumatized as a child by a wolf pack and nearly killed she has scars running up and down her back from the attack as well as one that goes over her eye which is why she wears her hair over it. She is terrified of wolves now.
Jan 07, 2018, 06:17pm

Name: Aya Kane
Age: 18
Gender: female
Sexuality: Demisexual
Species: Lion
Appearance: 4'8 100lbs petite build
Personality: feisty outgoing blunt friendly
Likes: making new friends, meeting different kinds of people, parties, pot, games, dancing, pretty things
Dislikes: mean people, liars, unneeded violence,
History: Aya is still very young and it shows she came from a loving home and was always allowed to explore and experience new things as she wanted too her family was very open and laid back with her. she is a bit immature at times but has a good head on her shoulders. She has never had anything really traumatic happen to her and she always tries to see the bright side of things.
Jan 07, 2018, 06:25pm

Name: Jude Alan
Age: 18
Gender: female
Sexuality: Bi
Species: Lion
Appearance: 5'5 120lbs curvy build dark hair usually dyed brown eyes. Septum pierced no tattoos
Personality: Jude is a down to earth girl she finished high school early and was studying to be a doctor. she was very focused on her goals and very driven. Aside from that the pride meant everything to her.
Likes: school, the pride, learning
Dislikes: idle time, failing, seeming stupid to others.
History: Jude has always been an over achiever she has felt the need to prove her self since she was young and wants to show that she deserves the chance she was given to be part of the pride and to give back to it. She was abandoned as a cub and taken in and raised by the twins family and ultimately by the twins she seeks Rowans approval and strives to be like him while pushing Rush away because he is too carefree and undisciplined.
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