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Character Creation [3rd Post]
Willowbrook_Prison Welcome to Prison
You may create any species and please read the rules before creating a god. You can make humans for the city or make a CO (Correctional Officer) for the prison. This is where you make a fictional character. Please use human pictures or a realistic picture. No pictures of yourself. You can make many things, however we don't allow spirit like creatures, poszessed creatures, the humans can't be gods themselves. Thanks

Likes: (at least3)
Dislikes: (at least3)
History: (optional)
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Name: Asmodeus (As-Mo-Day-Us) Weis
Nickname: Deus (Day-Us)
Age: 25
Gender: female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Human, Dark Witch
Occupation: Scientist Assistant
Appearance: Snake bites, ears pierced, bullring, dimples pierced, feels naked at work. She has green eyes and tattoos, but always covered at work. She stands at five foot five and weighs about one hundred and ten pounds or so.
Personality: Deus is a pest in many ways. She enjoys little dark tricks when she can get away with it. wanted to help in the science lab, mainly because she is good with potions and helping Tess get results. She loves to wonder off into places she’s not permitted which is pretty much everywhere she wants to go. She wants to meet the dark witches and Necromancers that are in a prison. Really, she wants to meet and talk to like minded people. She wants to create her own dark coven, if she is even strong enough. She is very cocky, vindictive and sarcastic and set in her dark ways. If she finds a man beautiful enough, she wants to sacrifice him to a demon for more power, but of course, he must be a virgin. She keeps her darkness from others and her sisters which is easy since they lead different lives.

Blood baths
Dark things and books
Killing trees and plants
Creating potions and poisons
Sex and death
Finding special things people lost for personal gain
Her sacrificial blade
Getting away with murder

Gaining weight
Getting tan
Outdoors unless it’s a forest
Flowers and living trees
Seeing happy couples
Being around officers
Mar 05, 2018, 09:19pm

Name: Agatha Weis
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Human, Light Witch
Occupation: Nurse/Stripper/Guitarists
Appearance: Agatha weighs about one hundred and fifteen pounds and stands at five foot five. Her ears and bellybutton are pierced and she has a ankle tattoo.
Personality: Everyone thinks she’s a slut, but truth is she’s never had sex and neither has Tess. She strips and plays guitar for money, Nursing school is expensive you know? She wants to help anyone the best she can with her healing abilities. She was recently hired at the prison to work in the infirmary with Orin and help wounded supernaturals. She has always kept her gift a secret, but everything will be reviewed when she heals someone. She hopes to remain hidden in plain sight, buy isn’t sure if she can pull it off or not. If she is found out, all her hard work would have been for nothing.

Healing people
Using Band-Aids even though she can heal
Cute stuffed animals
Playing guitar
Trusting others to keep her secret
Meeting new people
Pretending to be Tess
Metal music

People assuming she’s slutty
Dark and confused people
Drunks feeling her up
Drug users
Getting puked on
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Name: Mr.C
Age: 22
Gender: male
Sexuality:is forbidden to have sex
Species: warlock
Appearance: Mr .C has white hair and eyes and has runes on his arms and legs and some on his chest
Personality: is a kind but effective man who loves to help others in their grieving by calling forth the souls of the dead so that they might say good bye to their loved ones
Likes: (at least3)
helping souls pass on
helping the living
his lord
Dislikes: (at least3)
people who throw party's in grave yards
people who speak ill of the dead
his master the demon child's view of people
History: (optional)
chad was once a human while at a party with some of his friends they made a joke a bought trying to summon a demon and with all the whisky in them they tried it ofcorce nothing happen till victor said that they had to spill the blood of a vergen to do it we all laughed but rick pulled a knife and stabbed the woman next to him and as she laid their dieing in a pool of her own blood something strange happens the room went dark and a small child apperd in the room with miss matched eyes he looked us over then smiled and i was freeking out and trying to help the young girl but rich was on it he went to make a deal with the demon for power and offers him the rest of the people in the room as payment the child then marked rich myself and victor with runs and all the other wear killed with out mercy by that child
and forced to learn magic under him
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That’s one of Psychotic’s face claims
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ok delet it then
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Name: Ayala Fern
Age: 296
Gender: Female
Sexuality: fluid
Species: Fae (Dark Sidhe)
Appearance: 5’1 and 100Lbs. She is petite build but has a curvy figure. No piercings or tattoos she has Snow White skin and Ruby’s red lips her hair is black like coal. She has black antlers that come out of her head they aren’t very big.
Personality: confident, seductive, alluring, enjoys enticing a creative mind to her bed. She feeds off of creativity.
Likes: art
Anything that is a product of the creative mind

Dislikes: being alone
Being hungry
Ugly things and people
Disposing if empty hosts once she has used them up.
Keeping her host happy while he is hers
History: Ayala is a Sidhe or Deer Maiden. A beguiling creature of Irish origin this Fae is often the muse of a human artist musician writer or even an actor. She feeds off of artistic creativity and will do so until she drains her human host dry and he is left an empty hallow shell of a person. She has been the dark seductress of many a famous artists in history some she has driven mad others she has simply used until there was nothing left.
Mar 06, 2018, 12:22am

Name: Laume
Age: ancient
Gender: Female
Sexuality: demisexual
Species: Fea (frog queen)
Appearance: has the ability to look human but her true form is half woman half frog
Personality: Laume is a peaceful Fae that keeps to her self enjoying the solitude of her wishing well. Is shy but playful loves animals and other Fae cautious around humans
Likes: her wishing well
The forest
Dislikes: interrupting

History: the frog queen is shy but playful she lives inside a wishing well and she will grant a wish to anyone who finds one of her pebbles. She hides them all over.
Mar 06, 2018, 12:34am

Name: Boon
Age: 237
Gender: Male
Sexuality: unsure
Species: Fae
Appearance: 6’2 210lbs dark hair and eyes pale skin no tattoos or piercings
Personality: he is soft spoken and kind loves children and animals struggles to relate to adults he doesn’t often speak to people
Likes: naps
Anything soft
Night time
Moon and stars
Dislikes: caffeine
Being in loud places
Talking to new people

History: boon takes nightmares generally his kind are meant to watch after children and protect them from bad dreams he has the ability to become a large black bird to travel from place to place
Mar 08, 2018, 06:00am

Name: Floid Lackemberg
Age: 30 years old
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Mystical Werewolf
Appearance: 6.0 ft. 202 lb.
Personality: He is kind until someone annoys him. He is polite and respectful of his species.
-Fight with someone stronger.
- Howl.
-Work out.
-Annoying noises.
-Unfit people.
History: After being born under the influence of the full moon, her godmother, who is a völva, made a spell on his chest to transplant part of the soul of the great wolf Fenrir, because Floid is who will face the great evil that is coming, according to her beliefs. This is how Floid was trained in different fighting styles and increasing his powers in his lupine form.
Mar 08, 2018, 06:11am

Floid Lackemberg (Lupine form)
Appearance: 7.8 ft. 330 lb.
-Lot strength.
-Sharp claws like knives.
-Very fast.
-Hard as titanium.
-Powerful and sharp teeth.
Mar 08, 2018, 05:55pm

wehrwolf accepted
keishi I cannot accept your cat, but I will accept Mr. C if you please post a new picture
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i am looking for a new one just been buzzy
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Name: Rin Dragoon

Age: 20



Species:demon (Highlander)

Appearance: height 6,3 weight 200 lbs

Personality:A bit of a spoiled brat who often looks down on those that are not his class but uses that as a shield to keep his heart from being broken but his true self comes out when his people are in any danger as he is the first to ride to their aid

Likes: (at least3)
the sword
the highlands
Dislikes: (at least3)
All races that are not Scots
those who are not on his birth Rights

history Rin is the only son to king Karas of Scotland and his English queen Sara while his father was off trying to end the non stop feuding among the sottish clans mainly in the highlands.his father was not much liked and seen as week due to his tides with England ,so he was raised mainly by his mother who thought him that his blood was all that matters in life that others wear beneath him, case he was the son of a king that other should be happy that they even share the same air with one of his standing. and that was how he was raised till his father came home one day and saw the way he was acting and took the boy in hand. and tried to undo his mothers teaching's,training him in how to respect others and the discipline one would need to rule the land fair and with a even hand. In that time he became a kinder man to his to build a union of the clans karas had his son arranged to wed the daughter of a highlander lord who had no son to take over. On rin's sixteenth winter he wed the girl and he believed they had a good match this they did not share a bed for the two months they wear wed,till he fond her in bed with a lover he grew enraged and beat the man and after that day she became embolden and openly cheated on him taking lover after lover for the next two years of their life his heart became cold and resorted back to his mother's teachings tease people wear beneath him his wife a whore who he did not love and could not harm when she claimed she was with his child he laughed and said he had not touched her in years and publicly shamed her and told her she could take her basted child to it's true father if she could remember witch one of the men it was. rin then started to spend less and less time in his home and spent his time with the villagers leaving the nobles and the day they had a bad fight in front of all in the grate gall she was trying to convince him that the child was his but he still denied her and her child,so in fear she took a potion that would case her to have a miscarriage but she bleed to much and died.soon after her death the rumors spread far and wide that it was rin who poisoned his wife and killed her and his child, years latter karas seeing his son fall deeper into the sadness and darkness he found a slave girl and bought her to wed his son and sent word, rin knowing he could not openly say no to his father and kings command but he thought if he made the woman's life hell she would run away and he would be free of this new wife.
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Immortals/gods are not accepted. Please remember to follow the character format as well and include a human picture
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Pictures have to be realistic and characters have to be at least 18
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New mr.C pic if it is not all ready taken if it is plz delet
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Lucius malfoy! Love it! Kind of perfect!
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thank you
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Rin Dragoon If the pic is all ready taken plz delete (I ededed the main to fallow the format I thought i did)

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