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MORBID Important Cult Business
We as staff of MORBID review profiles! We do not accept applications from applicants if their profiles are set to private. We have to be able to determine if applicants share interests that suit this type of cult to prevent conflicting interests. Some people may not be comfortable with the content on our cult page, therefore we want to do what's best for not only our group but the applicants. They can't see the page to know what they are in for. If their page is private we won't know what we are in for. Everyone involved can not and shall not be unprepared for what we express in this cult. So, if you are a member who has a potential applicant as a friend, remind them to set their profile to a setting the owner and myself can review. Thank you for your time. We love you sick fucks. Enjoy yourselves!
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I enjoy Morbid everything.
Have issues with Morbid and demented humor in which no one around me really gets.
Hope to meet like minded individuals along with the Morbid elements within this cult.
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MORBID Important Cult Business

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