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When It Comes To You [Black_Rose_Shogun]
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sweet_dreams ibNIC89

He's a lycan/werewolf hired to protect a vampire princess (of sorts). They grow a friendship & bond with each other, knowing it's there, but also knowing it couldn't be with their species & statuses. But they continue to flirt & bud heads in a way often. But how long can they have an empty flirtation without their true feelings & desires pulling? And will they pretend it's not there, know it can't be so do nothing of it, or will they allow themselves that truth no matter?


KAIROLINE = ibNIC89 | ENZO = Black_Rose_Shogun
The video is in the view point of both, & I can play either. I'd like to play the girl, but if you really want to, please just ask.
Please make the character your own, I just ask to do so with the little details listed below...
Kairoline: Kairoline Sage, high-class princess of sort, natural vampire, 28 years old, slightly stubborn & prissy but deep down kind. Can come off as careless but does have a heart. She flirts and date some, but hasn't ever found someone she can actually trust fully.
Enzo : Enzo Etheridge, lycan (half human), hired guard, 31, Enzo is a very strong willed man with a sense of duty; he is also someone who will question a direct order if something about it doesn't make sense. He allows his heart to shine through his strong exterior, and will defend his friends, family, and those who are too weak to defend themselves.
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Dec 29, 2017, 10:34am

I wouldn't mind taking this rp.
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Dec 30, 2017, 12:14am

Kools, kool :-)

Please make him your own. Put down what you'd like to be known of him, and I shall edit into it. Then I shall post the first reply this weekend :-)
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Apr 22, 2018, 08:23pm

Still interested?
Apr 26, 2018, 07:45am

Yeah I am, sorry I have had a hetic move and such... but I will do my best on this character

Enzo Etheridge, lycan/hybred (half human), hired guard, 31, Enzo is a very strong willed man with a sense of duty; he is also someone who will question a direct order if something about it doesn't make sense. He allows his heart to shine through his strong exterior, and will defend his friends, family, and those who are too weak to defend themselves.

Now here is also my twist when it comes to this character, and i hope that you don't mind. Not only is he a guard for the princess, but he is something else. An experiment that is suppose to enhance a werewolf's abilities and traits, but keep them under control. More will be explained in the roleplay.
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Okays. Was curious.. :-) I've been in and out myself, and trying to get back into the mode..

Sounds good. Shall post a starter tomorrow. Just got home from a LONG day, and going right to sleep.
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Kairoline had just walked into her family home after yet another fun night out. The Sage Manor was both modern and yet also a Victorian beauty. The family had always been quite the elegant and meaning of high-class family for the community at first sight. At first sight and in general, this was mostly true.

They were vampires, and one of the first who were discovered to be able to pass the gene on and become the most powerful natural-born vampires. This infamous knowledge of the family Sage had made them pretty damn popular to say in laymen terms, and it also would possibly give them enemies. Everyone was aware of this, of course, yet hadn't shown too much of a concerned till their first born Jameson was attacked by a girl he was 'dating' and pissed off. The young man is of course perfectly well and alive, but this made some people nervous. Mr. and Mrs. Sage were more so concerned with their daughter's safety more so than anything! Of course both James and Kair are one in the same; both naturally born as vampires as their father, and a decent amount of vampires in their generation and their parents. However, Kairoline is the first female born as such. No one knows the meaning of this, and no one seemed to care; they all knew this made her special, but no clue as to how. And till the threat of hunters came popping up more than they had in the past, no one cared.

The young blonde still continued to live her life as she normally had with no fear of anything -- after all, there had been little a vampire; a born-vampire at that had to worry about. But her family and others of the clan continued to worry greatly of something to come. "What's this?" she entered into the main social room, her eyes looking to her parents, their advisers, her brother, and a couple others she didn't care to know. "I can stop anytime I want to... I just don't want to. It's just so fun. Who hasn't had the taste of ... sunlight, and enjoyed the fun of it; acting like I'm one of them." she joked of her sneaky off and having fun like she was a normal human and playing scary jokes on some. She poured herself a glass of blood-wine.

"Dear, it's fine if you go out there and want to go to a college or even socialize, and even find a boy you--" Her mother got cut off.

"If you find a human who you wish to turn, that may be alright... you know the rules." her father didn't seem amused by this, but knew of her age and the laws saying after a certain few tests turning a loved one was alright. He wasn't amused by his wife's distraction of finding their daughter married, nor was he entertained by her jokes. "But that is not why we're here. You know why, Kairoline. You know the dangers you put yourself; you put all of us in."

"Come one, Dad." the blonde scoffs. "How am I supposed to hide? We're thriving to live; that's the point in how we're alive."

James then stood from his seat and walked up, "That's what I told them." he knew how his sister felt, "That's why I suggested someone to help you keep safe."

"Like a babysitter?" she scoffed.
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Not trying to be a bother or anything... Just informing that I'm back and running on VF (Yays!)
And I did the first post. Thanks for the patience! Hoping you're still interested. If not, I understand.
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