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I'm just a dance student (male/straight/human/mature) 18+
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Name: Emma Martin
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Human

Personality: Emma likes to focus on her work, mostly on her dancing. She tries to make her parents happy, but at the same time she feels like her parents is disappointed in her a lot due to the fact that her parents wanted her to achieve in a business degree rather than a dancing degree and she became a rebellion by not talking to her parents after she turned eighteen.

When Emma was younger she used to be insecure about herself a lot until she got a bit older and she became friends with people who aren’t snobby. She is a sweet, nice, and a caring person except she is not sweet around her parents. She hasn’t spoken to her parents since she graduated high school and telling them that she wanted to become a dancer rather than get a business degree.

She has a close relationship to her older brother than her parents, which she doesn’t like to talk about her parents too much when it comes to people asking her if she ever spoken to her parents, but she always keeps in contact with her older brother.

Physical Description
Hair Color: Long Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’3
Weight: 117

+Her dancing teacher
+Working hard
+Listening To Music

-Her parents telling her what to do with her life
-Afraid of messing up her dance moves

Brief History: Emma was born in the state of New York to her parents Daphne and Richard Martin. Emma’s mother is a designer while her father runs a business. Emma has only one older brother name Gabriel, who’s only two years older than her. When Emma was younger she used to be insecure about herself all the time until she grew out of her insecurities and she ended up being friends with people who aren’t a snobby rich kid, even though she was a rich girl she didn’t get her ways most of the time.

Emma wanted to be a dancer when she was growing up instead of taking over her father’s business and her older brother didn’t want to take over the business either. Emma’s parents were disappointed that her and her older brother wanted to do something else in their life rather than take over their father’s business when they got older. Emma became a rebel after her parents refused her to take dancing classes in school, which her friends thought she was a great dancer, and her older brother thought she was a good dancer as well.

Emma watched her older brother graduated high school and he ended up moving away from home even though they both kept in touch. Emma has been focusing on her dancing for the last two years in high school and she ended up graduating high school at the age of eighteen.

Emma moved away from home after she graduated high school and she got into a very good dancing school despite the fact that her parents aren’t going to help her pay for her classes. Emma’s older brother ended up helping her out on the first year of college, but after that Emma ended up getting a job while working at the same time, which never gives up on her dancing either.

Emma is happy to enjoy going to college she made a few new friends and she met her new dancing teacher, which she thought he was a really nice guy. All of the girls in her dancing class has a crush on him except her which she rather focus on dancing than have a silly crush on her college teacher and she promised herself to not get into any relationship until she graduates college.

Character Requirement: Your Character is a dancing professor that teaches modern dancing. I want him to be at least 32-34 years old and he’s the youngest professor in the college. Everything else is up to you.

Plot: Your character is a young dancing professor. Despite all the girls in the class is in love with him or has a crush on him the only one he really likes is my character. He would do anything to get with my character even though she doesn’t want to date anybody, but she ended up dating him anyways despite the fact that she wants to focus on her classes and graduate college without having a relationship.

I’m not sure what else to put down on the plot at this moment, but we can think of something later.

Warning: I am going to be a bit rusty due to not rping in a while so I apologize for my mistakes and I will try my best to make this RP interesting. People over 18+ claim this RP.

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May I? :-D
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Of course! :-D
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Gimmie a few and I'll have him up nod
Any personality preferences?
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Alright :-D and it doesn't matter to me :-D
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Face claim:
Nick Bateman

Nicholas Christian Wolfe

Nick, Wolfe


May 15th


Sexual Orientation:

Romantic Status:



Dance Instructor at Boston University


Nicholas Is a true Taurus. He can be patient and has proven to be reliable. He tends to be warmhearted with people he considers close friends and especially his family. He’s very persistent and determined and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Sometimes to the point of possessiveness and control. He can be a very jealous person, and has been known to be resentful when he doesn’t get his way. He’s self-indulgent, knowing he is good at what he does and has the ego to go with it. His stare can be intense and has been known to disarm even the most confident of people.

“A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”

+ Rakes hand through hair when nervous
+ Health nut
+ Crosses arms when upset or irritated
+ Takes control/ can be possessive

Mental Disorders:
None-that he is aware of

+ English
+ Romanian
+ Some French

+ Classical Music
+ Italian food
+ Dancing
+ Being outdoors
+ playing the piano
+His German Shepard, Caine

- Anything unhealthy
- His direct boss
- Being lazy
- Being told no


Nicholas is tall, toned, and lean. He stays in shape by spending time in the gym, doing outdoor activities, and of course dance. His skin is mostly flawless with a perpetual tan. He keeps his dark brown hair short to tame the natural wave. When he’s not in the studio, Nicholas has a taste for fine clothing and prefers a nice suit, to a pair of jeans or sweat pants. In the studio he prefers his clothing to be loose fitting and comfortable. On his left shoulder he has a tribal tattoo, that wraps around his bicep, he received when he was younger and rebellious.



Physical Disorders:


Hair Color:

Eye Color:
Dark Brown with light highlights in the iris

Tribal band around left bicep



Nicholas started out life in a rough place. His mother was a seamstress and his father a mechanic. They struggled financially for most of his life, but his parents were always hard workers and instilled that belief into their children. Along with his three siblings-- one brother, two sisters—Nicholas grew up in a bad neighborhood of Boston. At a young age he fell into some bad crowds and found himself in trouble on more than a few occasions. He spent some of his youth in a detention hall. It was after he discovered his love for dance that things began to change for him. He art of motion helped him curb his temper and focus on life. His parents noticed this interest, and in an attempt to better his life, did what they could to get him into dance classes. The very idea that his parents went without, just so he would succeed, was the building block to his future. He worked hard and focused in school. He stopped the fighting and before he knew it he was graduating with honors and going off to college for the very thing he loved. He spent the next several years learning everything he could about dance and it’s many technics and styles. He didn’t have much a romantic life as he focused most of his energy on his dance. From time to time he would date, but it usually ended badly, when his controlling nature would come to light. As a result, he would focus that controlling energy on dance and try to avoid the dating scene.
He excelled at classical dancing and wanted to instruct others on the subject. However, when the opportunity presented its self to instruct at Boston University, He was forced to teach modern dance instead. He didn’t mind it, but still itched to share his love for the classics. He had tried a few times to sneak in the style, but his direct supervisor, Dean Jackson, was adamant he stick with the curriculum. As a result, their personalities clash and the two do not get along. Currently, Nicholas lives his life as a routine. He teaches, he goes home, he sleeps, he starts over. It’s a dull circle that is starting to drain on his mental state and emotions. A drain, that he is starting to take out on his students… Life was starting to look gray and dull.

Boston, MA

Current Home:
Boston, MA

Criminal Record:
Several minor battery charges from his younger days

+ Degrees in Dance history, Dance technics, Motion Arts, and Fine Arts
+Classically trained in several forms of Dance; Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Waltz, Quickstep, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Swing, and Latin forms

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Emma woke up early this morning in her dorm knowing that today is the day she would be dancing in her favorite class and of course she will be hearing all the girls giggling about their dance instructor. Emma got up to start dressing in her regular clothes for today and she put in her dancing clothes along with her dancing shoes inside her duffle bag. Emma grabbed her bag and she started walking out the dorm room towards her dancing class. She maybe a bit stress, but she rather focus on this dance that they have been learning here lately with her dance partner.

Emma stopped in a bathroom to change her clothes before heading towards the classroom. She took about ten minutes to change then she left the bathroom heading towards the classroom. Once she arrived in the classroom a few people has shown up and she saw her dance partner stretching. She walked towards her dance partner as she watched him look up and smile. “Hey Seth, what’s up?” She asked, looking at her partner as she started putting her bags down on the floor. “Nothing too much just stretching and hopefully we can get this dance right.” Seth told her as she decided to stretch with him.

As Emma was stretching she noticed everybody else showed up to start stretching and warming up until their dance professor showed up the classroom. Everybody stopped their warm up and she heard the music begin as everybody in one group was working on the song. A few minutes later it was her and Seth’s turn to start dancing to a song. She thought her and Seth were really good with the dance she noticed in the corner of her eyes she saw something was not right with their dance professor she didn’t know if he was glaring at her or her dance partner. Once the song ended the next group started to dance as her and Seth sat down next to each other to watch the dance she continued seeing her professor giving them not a good look.
Oct 28, 2017, 04:59pm

Nick was running late, as usual. Once again, his damned alarm didn’t’ go off. It was a quick shower kind of a morning. He quickly slipped on a pair of loose cotton pants—black, a dark grey t-shirt, a pair converse and a jacket. He had a dance class today, so no need for the suit and tie. It was a continuous argument with Dean Jackson. School policy says teachers wear ties and suits. But it was impossible to dance properly in a suit and tie, and he wasn’t going to change clothes every time he had a class. He filled his to-go cup with the strongest coffee he could muster, grabbed his keys and wallet, and was out the door. The warmth of his car was soothing in the cooler northeast weather. What wasn’t soothing was the normal Boston traffic he had to fight to get to the University. A few curse words escaped his lips before he finally pulled into the parking lot. He climbed from the car in a hurry hoping he would avoid the Dean, but failed when he heard his name being called. “Mr. Wolfe.” Nick stopped and reluctantly turned.

“Mrs. Jackson. Good morning.” He said with a fake smile.
“Don’t good morning me. OD you know what time it is?”
Nick sighed. “Yes ma’am and as you can see I’m late so—”
“What on earth are you wearing?” Here we go.
“I have class today. These are my dance clothes. I’ve explained this before.” He said through a clenched jaw.
“Dress code, Mr. Wolfe. We want to present ourselves accordingly.”
“Yeah yeah, I gotta go.” He turned and hurried off leaving Mrs. Jackson babbling on behind him. He was sure she was still scolding him but he didn’t care. He had a class to run.

Several young eyes lifted and landed on him when he entered his class room. It looked as if everyone was there, and had beat him to class. “Sorry I’m late.” He went straight to his desk and sat all of his things down before turning to face the many faces. “Okay, so today I want to make sure everyone is working with their partners on their routines. So let’s do this one group at a time, shall we” He picked up a piece of paper he kept the names of his students and their partners on. “Karen and Jason, you’re first.” Karen, a young blonde who clearly developed at a young age giggle when he spoke to her and bounced, yes bounced, over to the spot in front of him. Jason joined her and when the music started they moved. At the end of their routine, he explained some mistakes they had made and instructed them to practice more. “Seth, Emma. You’re next. Here.” He pointed the floor and the two came over.

Emma was probably the only girl in his class that didn’t undress him with her eyes, or giggle when he spoke to her. As irritating as it was to be fawned all over, he did wonder what it was about him that she didn’t find attractive. The music started and Seth took Emma into his arms. So why Seth? What was it about the boy that made her comfortable? He watched as the two moved together in perfect unison. Clearly they had been practicing. Outside of class. What else had they done? He frowned at the sudden thought. Why did he care? When the music ended the two stopped and Emma was smiling. For some unfathomable reason it really bugged Nick that Seth made her smile like that. “Very good.” He said just a little too sharply. “There’s only a few things you need to work on.” The next couple came up and started to dance, but Nick’s attention was no longer on them. He was focused on Emma. The music stopped and he had to regain himself. “Um, yeah. That was okay. However, there is a move all of you missed. I need a partner.” He turned his gaze on Emma. “Emma, come here. Stand here.” He gestured to a spot just in front of him.
Oct 28, 2017, 05:23pm

Emma and Seth continued watching the couple until they ended their dance. She listens to him talking about the miss part of the dance she heard her name being called. Emma got up walking towards her teacher and she stood where she looked up at him. Emma felt a bit nervous; normally she could handle this type of attention with other professors. She could feel all the girls glaring behind her back as she was looking at her teacher and ignoring the girl classmates giving her dirty looks she doesn’t know why Mr. Wolfe picked her out of the other girls that worshiped the guy like crazy.

“I’m ready whenever you are, Mr. Wolfe.” She replied nicely.

She stood in front of him and she started dancing with him as she tried not to shoe her blushing face due to being this close with her teacher. She was used to dancing with Seth after learning not to blush in front of him, though she knew Seth had feelings for her, but she wanted to focus on school to become a professional dancer she always wanted growing up. Emma tried to look professional in front of her teacher dancing really great and she could feel Seth staring at them as she continued dancing with Mr. Wolfe.
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Nick gazed at Emma as she stood and crossed the floor with such grace. She was a good dancer, and beautiful girl. In that moment none else in the room existed and he felt his breath catch in his throat. She’d been a student of his for months now, but something about today, something different, made him see her in a different light. Not a good idea Clearing his throat he gathered himself. He smiled at her when she took her place in front of him. Gently he took her hand in his and pulled he close. He was suddenly surrounded by her scent and the warmth of her body. Jesus “Now,” he said just a little strained. “Follow me.” They began to move together. His hands slid along her body as they danced. She easily executed every step perfectly and this pleased Nick. When the dance ended, Emma was wrapped in his arms facing away from him. He resisted the urge to bury his face in her hair and inhale. He swallowed hard and released her. “Very good.” He said backing away a little too quickly. His heart was pounding and he felt a slight tremble in his hands. What had caused that?

“Um, now. Everyone else practice that.” He turned away and walked to his desk. He needed to regain control of himself before he faced the class again. It had been a year since Nick had dated anyone, and almost as long since he’d been intimate. He wasn’t exactly the dating type. It would start out okay. He’d take them to dinner, or dancing. They fall for his charm and grace. But then they’d get a peak of his controlling nature. He’d become obsessed with where they were, who they were talking to. It always ended badly. The last thing he needed was to even consider a relationship with one of his students. He took a few breaths and a drink of his now cold coffee before turning back to the class. He stood watching as everyone practiced what he had shown them. His eyes scanning each couple until he stopped on Emma and Seth. Again, he felt that twinge of jealousy as he watched Seth’s hands move to the same spots his had earlier. Why was he feeling this way? He ran his hand through his hair and tried to shake it off.

His thoughts were interrupted by a blushing blonde girl name Sara. “M-Mr. Wolfe.” He turned his gaze on her and the color in her cheeks darkened. “Um, Levi can’t seem to get the move right.” She was fidgeting with her hands. “Could you show me?” She asked. He gave her a slight frown. He didn’t want to touch Sara. He wanted to touch Emma. But, he had to remind himself he was the teacher. It was his job to show them. He sighed forcing his attention away from Emma and Seth.

“Fine, of course.” Reluctantly, he took Sara’s hand and showed her the move. He tried to ignore her obvious attempts to touch him when it wasn’t necessary. He avoided her eyes, knowing what he would see there. But, when the dance ended and his arms were wrapped around Sara, he couldn’t ignore her deliberate grind against his groin. He quickly released her and took a step back. She turned and smiled at him licking her lips. “That’s all Sara.” He snapped at her. She blinked at him but took the hint and walked back over to her partner. Jesus, what was it with these girls?
Oct 29, 2017, 05:47pm

After Emma finished dancing with Mr. Wolfe, she let go of him as she walked back over towards her partner to practice that dance move. She and Seth were kept in rhythm of the dance. She could feel Mr. Wolfe looking at them and she was too focusing on dancing with Seth that she nearly loses her balance, but luckily Seth caught her foot.

“Easy there, Emma, you don’t want to fall down and hurt yourself.” Seth chuckled.

“Thank you for catching me.” She chuckled back.

Emma continued dancing with Seth as she watched Sara dance with Mr. Wolfe, as she kind of rolled her eyes a bit knowing that girl has the biggest crush on him and she would do anything to get his attention. Emma continued focusing on her dancing with Seth and she could tell Seth is getting a bit distracted while staring at her until she watched him miss a move and fell down.

“Are you okay, Seth?” She asked.

“I’m good just got a bit distracted here lately.” He replied.

“Alright, let’s take a five minute break and hopefully we can try this part again.” Emma replied back.

Emma grabbed his hand pulling him up and walking over towards the bench where a few people were resting as well. Emma and Seth sat down together as she went to grab two bottles of water out of her bag. She handed one to Seth while she kept the other for herself and she could feel a bit of angry vibe coming from their teacher.
Oct 31, 2017, 03:44pm

Nicholas tried to keep his mind off of Emma. It was ridiculous. She was a student. He was a teacher. He was at least a good ten years older than she was. He had to keep his mind off of her. Maybe he should consider having her transferred to a different class? If he didn’t have to look at her he could focus on what was important. His class. But who was he kidding. Emma was one of the best in his class and he was the best to teach her. He just had to get past this silly infatuation he was suddenly having for her. He checked the clock to see the class was almost over. Thank god He needed a moment to breath and think. He rubbed his face and took a deep breath. He was ready to finish up the class, but then he saw her holding Seth’s hand. Again that jealousy rose in him and he was finding himself angered by it. He shook his head turning away.

The last part of the class went by fairly quickly. He sat at his desk watching everyone gather their things to leave. His eyes were fixed on Emma. She had been getting really close to Seth. He could change her partner but then she’d probably get close to him to. Finally, he had an idea. “Emma.” He called to her. “Can you stick around for a moment. I’d like to talk to you.” He had a much smaller advanced class. He could get her into that class which would separate her and Seth. He could offer to teach her privately. He liked the idea of spending time alone with her. It was probably a really bad idea, but he couldn’t seem to stop himself. He was drawn to her. And he needed to figure out what exactly he was feeling for her.
Oct 31, 2017, 04:21pm

Emma and Seth were drinking water knowing that class was almost over she had another class in three hours, which it was English and she had to work on her essay that would be due next week. Emma heard Mr. Wolfe talking to her as she nodded her head knowing she would stay to talk she was getting a bit nervous and she noticed all the girls were giving her dirty looks once again. Emma started gathering her stuff a bit until she watched everybody leave the dance room even Seth did left her despite she has to meet him later on to practice their dance moves, which she enjoys hanging out with her only friend here.

Emma stood up from her bench as she was alone with Mr. Wolfe. “Mr. Wolfe, what do you want to talk about? If it’s about my dancing I’m sorry that I haven’t been doing that great lately like normal and I hope you aren’t mad that I could get that move down right. Seth and I tried to work really hard on this dance moves every day this week.” She replied nervously knowing that she was probably in trouble. She could feel herself fidget a little she never been alone with a professor before and she usually never gets this nervous about anything.
Oct 31, 2017, 04:37pm

Nicholas waited for the remaining students to leave his class room before he looked up at Emma. He raised a brow when she started to apologize for her dancing. He shook his head and smiled. “No, no Emma you misunderstand.” He stood and walked around his desk to lean on it. “On the contrary, you are the best in the class. I think Seth could use some help though.” His features went dark at the mention of his name. “The thing is, Emma, I think you have outgrown this class. I feel like partners like Seth are holding you back. I want you in my advanced class.” He said tilting his head slightly. “I think you would excel in it. It’s a much smaller class, and offers private lessons.” He gripped the edge of his desk with both hands in an attempt to keep himself calm and focused. He hadn’t realized how difficult it would be standing here alone with her. His heart had sped up and his lips were dry. He dropped his eyes to her hands watching her fidgeted. She was nervous. Why was she nervous? He’d never given her a reason to be. Until now. He wondered if she felt the same way he did. But, chose to keep it to himself—for now.

He pushed form his desk and took a step closer to her. “You are a very graceful dancer Emma. I only want you to succeed.” He met her eyes and his heart stopped. The few moments he had her in his arms earlier flashed as a memory in his mind. The warmth of her body against him, Her scent. She was stunning. And he found himself wanting her. And wanting her bad. If he didn’t think she would run away screaming, he tell her how he felt. But thought better of it. He would see if she excepted his offer for the class and private lessons. He could make a move then. When they were alone. He could sneak a few touches pawning them off as dance moves. Perfectly innocent dance moves. “So what do you say?”
Oct 31, 2017, 05:16pm

Emma sighed in relief knowing that she wasn’t in trouble though she doesn’t really want to leave Seth behind, but at the same time she wanted to dance professionally. Emma had to think about this offer was she ready to take it and leave her only friend Seth behind or continue helping Seth, which she would help him in many ways. “Alright, I will accept the offer.” She couldn’t believe she accepted this offer she would have to call her older brother later about this and hopefully he will continue helping her out after all he was the only person in her family that supports her dreams.

“When we will start with the advance class?” She asked, politely. She couldn’t wait to tell Seth some good news though she doesn’t want to leave him behind, but this would help her out more she was hoping to be ready. Emma walked back over to get her stuff and she put her water bottle back in her bag then she put her duffel bag strap on one shoulder she has to wait for next class in a few hours which she needed to go to the library soon before that class starts.

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I'm just a dance student (male/straight/human/mature) 18+  
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