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Destiny unwanted ( Mature/ Fantasy/ Male needed)
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How are you supposed to feel when all your life you have been told that you have an important destiny ahead of you, only to find out once reaching womanhood that you are to be given or sold to your enemy?

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Name: Lady Aine
Age: 18
Species: Celestial Faerie( technical term for their race)/Star( as humans call them)/Chalice (As known by her people)
Status: single
Sexuality: straight
Personality: Soft spoken and shy. Protective, loves deeply and falls in love easily. She hates confrontation. She has never been touched by a man
Eyes: crystalline blue green
Weight: 120lbs
Height: 5'6
History of Species: The Celestial Faeries are one of the first of the Fae Species to have been created from the gods. They were created to keep the balance. They are deeply connected to most living beings. Magic is an integral part of them as a people, there is no Fae more powerful than them, except The other Base Fae. For example Shadow Walkers, the base Fae for the dark solitary Fae, or the Aylieds, the base Fae for all the Elves both light and dark. The Celestials watched over and protected all of those of the Fair Folk but stayed out of their business. They didn't fight wars for them as they were against killing unless they had absolutely no choice. The Celestial Fae could heal just about every wound, except they could not bring back the dead. One every few Millennias though a special Celestial fae would be born. She or he is called the Chalice. Unlike all the other Celestails, the chalice has powers that far surpass them. They can absorb the living essence out of all things and store it within themselves. They can house a spirit that yet has a purpose and return it to their bodies. They also have the power to go supernova. They shine so brightly that they burn anything in their path that isn't protected. These Celestials are so rare that they have faded into myth and only those devoted to the history of the Fae know of their existence.

History of character: Aine is a celestial fae and was found as an infant by the Seelie Queen Mauve. Being a lover of the history of her people, Mauve knew that Aine was the chalice when she had first laid eyes on her as Aine had shone like a star and things grew all around her where war had made the soil barren. Mauve loved and raised Aine as her own child and constantly told her growing up that her destiny was a great and perilous one but that she would prevail." I have faith in you my little chalice" she'd always say to her. War was a constant in Aine's world. mauve often brought Aine with her to battle because being a Celestial fae, even as a small child, Aine was the best healer. The Seelie court was in conflict with the Elves, the dark Fae, the Vampires, Demons and even some of the Shifter clans. The only one's who didn't seem to have a problem with the Seelie court were the witches and warlocks. Mauve had been looking for a way to stop all the fighting between the Seelie court and all of their enemies. When Aine turned 18, Mauve approached her in the garden and informed her that in order to stop the fighting on one side that Aine would be marrying their enemy.

Plot: YC is the member of the opposing side that Aine is supposed to marry. All the species that are enemies of the Seelie court are listed above, you can be any of those. Please don't use any anime pictures. I have some pictures that you can use if you so choose but it isn't mandatory.

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"why would that upset me? Everyone is equal here. And you may go to whom you want. Josephine, you are looking very Radiant tonight. Motherhood looks lovely on you" he said. Josephine smiled and bowed her head. "thank you my lord. I appreciate everything you and Lady Aine has done. Especially helping my sister avoid her fate for just awhile longer." she said. She began to eat till she felt a horrible pain. She doubled over grabbing her belly. Zephyr looked at her just as he heard something dripping in the ground. It was clear fluid. "The baby is coming." she said. Zephyr remained calm and git up and called over for Jacobson. "get Allison and have her prepare the Infirmary. Josephine is going into labor" he said. He felt his mother's presence immediately by her side. Zephyr looked up as he heard Aine mention going for Charlotte. He reached out to her. He realized she didn't understand Charlotte had left to complete the fate that should have happened days ago. "Siha, why don't you go with my mother and Josephine. I'll take care of things here." he said as he motioned for guards to assist them to the infirmary.
Nov 22, 2017, 05:17pm

Aine frowned but nodded and followed close beside Josephine constantly touching her to help ease her new friends pain. She whispered comforting assurances to Josephine. " Don't worry my friend I will be here with you every step of the way and I will make sure both you and the baby are okay" she said smiling at the scared woman. All in all it only took a few hours for Josephine little girl to be born, Aine shouldering a lot of her pain and healing any tearing she got during delivery. Aine smiled down at mother and daughter when everything had settled down. " How do you feel? Have you picked a name for the little beauty yet?" she asked ruffling the baby's hair.
Nov 22, 2017, 07:11pm

"Ainsley" Josephine said as she stared down at her beautiful daughter. When the baby opened her eyes the shined a bright crystalline blueish green. And she began to glow. Josephine's eyes widened. "what's happening." Josephine said in alarm. Eris put her hand on her shoulder in reassurance. "well that's a first in dark fae history" she said. She could feel the power within the baby. "your great grandmother was born with the ability to drain and absorb power correct?" Eris asked more as a statement than a question. Josephine nodded. "yes" she said. "it seems that she inherited that gift. when Aine used her healing in you she absorbed a little of her power." she said amazed. "I don't know what this baby will be capable of, but she will do amazing things." she said. "we would like to invite you to move into the castle. Don't make any decisions now. I want you to rest and think on it." Eris said. She was truly amazed. She squeezed her shoulder and left the room. "she's so warm." she said as she kissed her forehead. Ainsley closed her eyes and the glow faded in and out like a pulse as she slept.
Nov 23, 2017, 08:40am

Aine smiled down at the Ainsley. She had connected with the girl on a spiritual level when she'd healed her and she wasn't upset in the least that Ainsley had absorbed some of her power. At least the girl would be able to protect herself if she needed to. " She should be trained to control her power. I could do it Josephine when she is old enough, or I could call upon one of the other celestial Fae?" she suggested. She kissed the girl on the forehead and then left mother with her child. Aine sought out Zephyr and hugged him as soon as she found him. She didn't care where he was or who he was with, she just needed to feel his arms around her. Delivering Josephine's daughter had made Aine wonder what hers and Zephyr's children would look like.
Nov 23, 2017, 03:42pm

Zephyr was in the middle of a heated conversation when he felt someone wrap their arms around him. He still wasn't used to the warmth that washed over his body. He look down at her and a small smile spread across his lips. " I'm assuming things went well?" he asked as he placed his arm around her resting it at her lower back. The ballroom and thinned out quite a bit. Most of everyone going home just leaving the ones who live in the castle.
Nov 23, 2017, 03:56pm

Aine nodded against his back. " she gave birth to a happy healthy baby girl. Her name is Ainsley" she said with a sigh. It was then that Aine realized the tension in the air. "I'm sorry for interrupting, your conversation" she said when the guy he was talking to gave a her a dirty look. She squeezed Zephyr one more time and then let him go, ready to let them get back to her discussion.
Nov 23, 2017, 10:17pm

Zephyr reached out and took her hand in his. "don't be foolish. We weren't talking about anything important" he said as he turned his head to look at the man. He bowed in respect to only Zephyr and left them. "There's something I need to explain to you anyway" he said as he started to walk pulling her with him. "The other day, when you said what you did. I just want you to know that it's not what you actually think. Everyone that lives or serves in this castle is special. They all have abilities. Amazing abilities. We don't make them stay here of course if they don't want to, but we highly encourage it because this castle masks magical energy. Including yours." he said as they were walking around the castle. "as far as anyone on the outside knows, we dark fae have no magical power or abilities of any kind. Which we didn't until about a decade ago. The celestial fae were the only fae with abilities. "we didn't want any of the others to find out fearing they would take us to war like they did you." he said. There were many different reasons the celestials were targeted for war, but the abilities they possess was one of the reasons.
Nov 23, 2017, 11:14pm

Aine nodded she understood. She had come to love the few people she'd met since she'd been here and she wanted nothing more than to protect them. " The celestial knew that they would be attacked, that is why for the most part the left the rest of the Fae species alone. I am the first to have been seen since, since my mother. Our mothers were friends you know" she said with a smile.
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