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[Rules/Questions/Suggestions/GFX] Box Office
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Box Office

Just a friendly reminder, your first ever cult post is to be in the [Introduction] thread. "Movies" would like to offer a safe haven, for its movie goers. If there's any questions or suggestions to improve our amenities, please let us know, and a member of staff will try to accommodate your needs. You can also let us know if you're going to be inactive or leaving us. Everything you need to know about the "Movies" cult, all the information you need to know is right here.

We, also, store our graphics here. Keep in mind, you are to NOT submit your graphics here. You are to submit your graphics in our [Earn Tickets] thread. The staff will vote on your graphics, if your graphics are passed, they are edited in, by staff. Again, do NOT submit your graphics here, submit them in the "Earn Tickets" thread.


001. [Adhere] VF's ToS.

002. All first cult posts are to be in the [Introduction] thread. You have a month (or three warnings), upon joining, to do so before you're removed from the cult.

003. A) Remember, we do not seek to be the most active. We're here to discuss Movies and TV Shows, and that's that. We offer a lot of freedom to our members to post what they want to discuss, as long as it fits with our theme. If you want something posted then post it!

B) Just be sure to create your threads in our subforum [General Discussion] subforum . Unless you're posting a review, then it goes in our [Reviews] subforum. Only Staff can post threads in the other subforums.

004. All opinions are to be expressed in a polite manner. Anyone caught bullying or causing drama will receive a warning and/or possibly suspended/banned from the cult.

005. Avoid double posting. Edit your posts, if you need to add more to your thoughts, and no one has posted behind you.

006. Follow all thread rules.

007. We run a warning system (W;1). Reach three, and you'll be removed from the cult. Warnings can dwindle down/get removed. It's up to the Owner and/or Co-Owners' discretion, though.

008. The Owner and Co-Owners are the only staff members allowed to adjust the rules, as they see fit.

009. The Ticket system is optional.

010. If you have any further questions or concerns, inbox a staff member.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why was I not accepted into the cult?
To ensure we create a safe haven, we want to only accept members that will respect our code of conduct. To do this, we've hidden a secret action in the rules. The rules must be read fully, to find the secret action. Once the secret action is performed, you'll be accepted into the cult.

I performed the secret action, why am I not able to earn Tickets or participate in cult activities?
Just because you're in the cult, doesn't mean you get to stay in the cult. With almost every cult, there's an [Introduction] thread. It's always a must. We give one month for this to occur before giving the boot. It's not hard to fill out the form. Just do it, and we'll have no problems.

Why do I have to post in the Introduction Thread, when I was already accepted into the cult?
It's a common courtesy to simply introduce yourself. Plus, it's the only way our recruiters are able to gain credit for their recruitment. Last but not least, you will not be able to receive any points to spend on rewards, if you don't. Keep it simple and just introduce yourself.

I've posted in the Introduction Thread, but I'm still not receiving Tickets, help?
We're a small cult with a small administration team. Please allow up to 24 hours (or longer, during Holidays) for someone on Staff to update your Status.

How do I get my warnings removed?
It's up to the Owner/Co-Owner's discretion. There really is no set time nor limit. Best way to avoid receiving warnings is to not break the rules, but it does take three strikes, before you're removed, from the cult. If you follow our cult rules, warnings are avoidable.

Somebody is being mean, to me, why haven't they been removed?
Everybody has an opinion and just because they disagree doesn't mean they're being "mean". Learn to pick and choose your battles. It's always a safer bet to simply ignore the individual. Real bans are reserved for those who constantly go out of their way to break the rules. Just because you don't like it, when somebody opposes your views doesn't mean they should be banned nor removed. Talk it out via Inbox or ignore them and conserve your energy for those that make you happier. Keep the drama to a minimum.

Why aren't there threads I'm interested in?
Not everyone is going to like the same things. We give freedom to our members in allowing them to post threads of their interests. As long as it fits our genre, we can't hold a candle to it. You want something posted then post it! The [General Discussion] subforum is open for everyone to make threads. Just keep in mind, if it's been inactive for a month, it gets locked and stored away. You'll need the Owner or Co-Owners to bring it back, after that.

Why don't we have Featured Member?
It's not that we don't, but we like to reserve this for Members that actually contribute to Movies instead of having it rely on being a popularity contest. This will not be often but when it arises, note the Featured Member is highly valued.

Why don't we hold contests?
For starters, we're not looking to be extremely active. We're just a place to strictly talk about Movies and TV Shows. In order to hold contests, we'd need to be on our toes in activity. With that said, contests will most likely not become a thing here at Movies. Most cult contests revolve around popularity, and that's not what our cult is about. You're welcome to join those kinds of cults, if you so desire.

Why don't you offer Graphics nor hire Designers?
First of all, that's not what our cult is about. Secondly, hardly any of us are Designers. Plenty of designing cults out there, if you're more interested in that kind of thing. You're more than welcome to offer graphics to us, but we will not focus on Graphics nor designing.

Why are there no Game Threads?
We had a subforum dedicated to Game Threads, but no one was posting in them, plus by popular demand, they were removed. Not to mention, we're not here to be extremely active. If the popular demand requests it back, we'll bring it back. Until then, we're not hosting Game Threads.

How do I become Featured Member?
Note, we don't often feature a member, so it's suggested to remain loyal and as nerdy as you can about Movies/TV Shows. Not that we're heavily into the ticket system, but it wouldn't hurt to be active in gaining tickets, either which includes helping in promoting Movies.

How do I become a VIP member?
For starters, you need to be verified ([V]), secondly, it requires a cult post count of at least 10,000 posts. Along with spending 100,000 points in the [Rewards] thread. Then you can become a VIP member.

How do I become Staff?
To be a part of Movies Staff, one has to be more active than normal (100+ Posts). It requires a lot of inviting, staying current with the times and encouraging cult activity. You must be a loyal member of at least one month with the cult, in order to apply. If you think you have what it takes, fill out the Staff Application form in the [Staff App] thread. It's strictly for a cult Admin position. Work hard and maybe you'll get promoted.


Do NOT submit your Graphics here! Submit them in the [Earn Tickets] thread, please and thank you! heart
(Ask here, for codes)


Made by Unknown

Made by StungByFate


Made by Unknown

Made by StungByFate

Made by Phantasmagoria from Blueprint

Made by Dormines from Blueprint

Made by silklungs from Blueprint

Mini Banner/Stamp

Made by Unknown

Made by StungByFate

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I'm going on Vacation for an entire Week. I won't be as active, but I will most definitely check-in.
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I wish they made a part 2 of Breakfast Club! !!
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Sep 21, 2018, 07:13pm

Please reserve all open chat in our [Chat Thread]. Please and thank you heart

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