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One horse kind of town (gay female needed)
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sweet_dreams axel503
Name: Jackie Griffen
Nickname: Jack
Age: 26
Physical Appearance:
Height: 5’6
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Tattoo of a cross on her back with five dates and a sparrow on her right arm
Slight limp on her right leg

Working on cars
Spending time in her favorite spot that no one knows about

Being alone
Judgmental people
Sexuality: Gay

Jackie was born in a somewhat poor family. Her father being a construction worker and, her mother a waitress. Being the youngest with two older brothers she was outgoing. Since her family didn’t have a lot of money she had to wear her brothers hand me downs. Her mother tried to get Jackie to dress more girly but that never happened. Her older brothers Jake being the oldest and Mike the middle child. She followed them around and played with them in the back yard and in the garage fixing things. She loved helping her brothers and dad fixing the car and different things with motors.

When she entered high school she hanged with a few guy friends finding a lot of the girls were to prissy and shallow to be with. During her junior year of school she found out that she saw girls more dateable then guys. Opening up to her family she feared that she would be disowned, but found that they loved her just the same.

During her senior year she started dating a girl from another school and like all first loves she fell head over heels in love with her. Not only that her oldest brother Jake joined the army and deployed overseas. For almost a year they were together and Jackie’s family loved her girlfriend.

One day she went to her girlfriends school she saw her kissing a guy that she found out was her boyfriend. Hurt and heartbroken she ran home crying. Arriving at her house she saw a car in the driveway and controlled herself before she opened the door. When she did she saw two men from the army and her family crying. That’s when she found out that Jake had died in a roadside bombing.

Not long after the funeral of her brother she graduated from school and applied for college. Not having enough money for school and grants weren’t an option she enlisted for the army despite her families protest. After completing boot camp she soon got orders to ship out.

Once overseas she helped fix up the trucks and even went out on patrol with the MP’s. It wasn’t long that her squad though of her as a lucky charm with every time a patrol going out they came back safe. After two years her luck soon ran out though. One afternoon she was in a truck on patrol and the truck beside hers hit an IED and blew up. The shock of the blast sent metal flying everywhere and some of the metal ended up hitting her truck and hitting her right leg since she was riding shoutgun.

With her wound being bad she was flown to an army base and when she was better she was discharged, given that her wound was too bad for her to continue serving. Upon returning back to the states she moved to a small town and opened up a garage. Even though she has been there for some time now she still keeps to herself.

(Ok my duckies should you chose this rp mc helps yc out when she sees them on the side of the rode. Yc is moving to the town for whatever reason. Yc gets close to mc and even though mc is kind of a loner yc gets mc to open up about her past)
( RULES! RULES! RULES! Do not claim and ditch. I’ve had that happen plenty of times and I hate it. I understand that we all have lives and jobs, I myself work forty hours a week and have three days off. Post will be more than five lines. I want a story out of this so please no one liners. ) for all other rules inbox me and inbox me if you have any other questions or ideas

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[ NAME ]
Annabelle Lynn Novak. Anna or Anne.

[ AGE ]
25 years old. Born on January 15th.

Single bicurious female.

She can be calm and exciting at times, friendly and kind, shy and quiet. Likes to swim, theatre, Spring, Autumn, white-zin wine, and writing a little. Dislikes cold weather, being lost, being crowded, and being alone.

Portrayed by Tina Majorino. Has mid yet bright blue eyes. Her hair is a brown shade with light waves that she sometimes straightens to reach an inch above her mid-back. Her body figure is average and normal; she isn't skinny nor is she bulky in anyway. She's cute. She's almost pale. Stands at nearly 5'5". No tattoos. One piercing on each ear lobe.

( soon.. sorry )

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Dec 06, 2017, 10:41am

She's good. You can post first of you want
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Dec 06, 2017, 12:41pm

Annabelle had her car pulled over as she looked over a printed out map and going over it with her electronic GPS. Sipping at her coffee she had bought during her last stop, she sighed. She was lost. And her stupid GPS wasn't connecting. The chestnut haired young girl sat on the hood of dark blue sedan that had a few boxes in the back seat; and a few more in the trunk that couldn't be seen at this time. She let out another great sigh, her blue eyes looking out from above her sunglasses.

"The hell am I?" she thought to herself out loud.

Of course, that could be answered, or pressed on with other questions in a few ways... In her life, the young girl jumped on a whole new journey than what she knew her entire life. Growing up, she was bored a little and plain. Sure there were dramas that some people may have thought was too much. But, she herself, Annabelle was boring and domestic a little out of fear. Knowing that, she now wondered why she thought it was such a good idea to jump now and try to explore what life could bring to her?...
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Dec 07, 2017, 03:12am

Jack had woken up some time in the A.M to not only a bad dream but to a throbbing right knee. Her whole body was shaking and she was covered in sweat. Sitting on the side of her bed she reached for her medicine and stood up. Limping to the bathroom she turned on the faucet and held a cup under the water. Popping the pill in her mouth she stripped and hopped in the shower. She knew she had a busy day today. She had three cars come into the shop in a matter of a few days, but hey it was good for business. Getting out of the shower she dried off and dressed in a pair of pants, her combat boots and a black tank top that showed off her body. Walking into the kitchen while checking her phone she saw that she had two text messages from her mom. Grabbing her keys she fixed herself a cup of coffee and headed out the door.

Starting her truck she put on one of her favorite ball cap. The cap used to belong to Jake and she had taken it when he had first left for the army. Pulling out of the garage she started to let her mind wonder as she drove.

She thought back to the nightmare she had. She was driving in the convoy with her friends and the next thing she knew she was on the ground bleeding with her ears ringing. She was so out of it she almost didn't see the blue sedan on the side of the road with someone sitting on the hood. Slamming to a stop she pulled in front of the car and lit a cigarette as she got out.

Walking to the car she saw it was a woman about her age. Giving a slight nood she walked over to her and said "car trouble or lost" judging from the map the woman had out jack figured she was lost. She took a drag of her cigarette and blew out the smoke waiting for an answer.
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Dec 11, 2017, 07:54pm

( sorry for the wait :/ and sorry for the length )

Anna sighed with a deep breath, "Gah!" letting out an exhale with frustration. This was when she saw a car pull up, and a girl come out. "Oh," she let out a nervous laugh, a usual action when she was nervous and didn't know what to do. "Yeah, I'm kinda lost... And the 21st century and me don't quite seem to mix." she laughed once again, holding up the GPS handheld item. The brunette then hopped off the hood of her car. "Sorry, I'm a little crazy right now. I'm Anna." she gave the short haired young woman a smile as she held out her hand. It might have looked a little crazy, if not unsafe to sit up on the vehicle like she had been; her legs folded up as she sat, trying to figure it out. But, the young girl had always done so while out with family or friends growing up. Thinking of it, she got lost for a moment thinking of her hometown filled with people she had known her whole life. That was over, with just one long drive all the way here... Where ever she was. "Great first impression in my new town, huh?" she laughed. As far as she understood, Anna was in the town her new home was, but now how to get to the resident was the question... Well, the one question for now.
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Dec 11, 2017, 09:28pm

Jack looked at the girl and nodded as she spoke. Seeing the GPS she said "Ah yeah some GPS systems don't work out there" she took another drag of her cigarette and looked at the girls hand. Hearing that the woman's name was Anne she nodded and shook her hand. " Jackie. But a lot of people call me jack. Actually I prefer it" talking one last drag she tossed the cigarette butt to the side and asked "where are you trying to go? Maybe I can help?"
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Dec 12, 2017, 10:29pm

Anna looked to the cigarette being tossed to the ground. It had been a little over a year since she had touched her last cigarette. Truth be told she didn't miss it at all. It had just been a way to release her anxiety... after years of dealing with it in other not-so great ways. But it took a while for her to learn to deal and handle herself; she was still learning, really. But the 25 year old was pretty proud of herself by taking life into her own lives... Well, she was pretty damn proud, until she got lost in the 21st century where there were always a way to find directions. She shook it out her head as she looked up to the short haired young lady standing in front of her.

She smiled as she shook the other young woman as she introduced herself, "Nice to meet you, Jack." Anna's mid-blue eyes went from the blonde's eyes to the paper with the address of where she would be living. "Yeah, it's a small, cute place -- from the pictures, at least." she laughed a little, "It's on a street called... Court Street. When I looked it up, it said it was next to a Dairy Queen... But unsure if that's current." she chuckled a little with nervous, unsure if she was sounding like an idiot or not.

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Dec 13, 2017, 04:21am

Jack took off her cap and ran her fingers through her hair. "It's nice to meet you too" she smiled a bit trying to seem friendly. Walking a few steps she looked at the picture on the paper and nodded. " Yeah I know the place. You are headed in the right direction but it's a little tricky on how to get there." She looked at the woman and took a step back. "the side roads are a pain in the ass if you don't know where to turn." She turned and looked down the road. "keep going straight for ten miles. At the dairy Queen take a left it will put you on Kings road. At the stop sign take a right, there will be a road to the left. Take it go for about five miles there will be four way take the right and it will take you to court street" she looked at the woman and said "if you need me to I can write it down"

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Dec 17, 2017, 06:49pm

"Oh, awesome." The brunette girl nodded as the looked down the direction of the road to where the other young woman pointed. "Thanks, Jackie... Jack." Anna gave her a smile. She was a little awkward in general, especially around strangers. She got nervous around new people and new environments, and laughed or smiled nervously. But, now was the time for a new jolt of courage and actually really getting to know people. Plus, this is her new home city, right? Minus well try to get to know someone... She folded up the map in her hand and opened up the driver's door, then turned around to the blonde, awkwardly laughing lightly for no real reason. "So... Maybe I can find a bar or something and thank you with a drink?" Anna offered. If the Jack girl rejected the thought there was no harm or foul, and at least she attempted, right.
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Dec 18, 2017, 03:01am

Jack smiled a bit and nodded. Putting on her hat she started walking to her truck. When Anne said something about a bar to repay her Jack turned around and said "Mick's bar. I usually go there to grab a bite after work. It's more of a bikers bar but the food is good" turning she started walking to her truck. Stopping she rubbed her right knee. It was starting to hurt again. She needed to go to the doctor for the pain. Looking at the brunette she said "I normally get off work around seven" straightening up she limped to her truck and got in. She sat there for a moment before cranking it. Taking a sip of coffee she looked to see if any cars were coming and pulled into the road. Once in town she pulled her truck into her parking space and got out. Limping towards the door she unlocked it and typed in the coffee for the alarm. Going into the back she pulled on her mechanics jumpsuit and started to work
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Jan 04, 2018, 03:41am

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After the other woman left in her truck, and Anna got situated with getting the directions down, the young new resident had drove off toward her new home. It didn't take too long really. And it was right where Jack had assumed with her directions. Anna smiled looking up at the cute little starter home. It wasn't big at all and had some space before the other houses, and she was pleased with that. Anna didn't want to be antisocial, but truth be told, she had wanted some alone time and didn't want to worry about neighbors peaking in and interrupting her alone-time. She through a bag over her shoulder and grabbed a small box and walked up to the front door where the realtor left the key under the doormat. After unlocking the door, she thought to herself she'd have to get the key changed. Putting the bag and box down, she decided to take a real look around her new home. It was nothing special in the least; just a small (almost compact) home with little furniture around. Anna smiled at the sight, though. She could work with it, and it was in fact the point of moving here -- to make her own life, figuring things out all on her own for herself.
After unpacking the boxes and luggage out of her car, the brunette took her clothes out and hung them up. She was getting thirsty, and the large bottle of water she drove in with was empty. Time to go shopping for basic food and beverages... But where? She couldn't look it up without a computer or hooked up WiFi. She was planning on getting all that stuff set up the next day. 'Huh,' she thought. She'd have to do things the old fashioned way, and wing it. She laughed to herself. Sure, she'd gone shopping and lived kind of on her own; but that was in a city she knew her entire life. This, was just the adventure she kind of was looking for. She grabbed her keys and headed out to a store she thought she passed on the way in. It was a quick trip, some water bottles, tea bags, salad bags, oatmeal, and frozen pizzas. 'Ah, this is the life, huh...' Anna laughed to herself shaking her head with a smile.
She changed her old t-shirt for an off-shoulder t-shirt and brushed her wavy hair down to surround her face. She dressed her make-up with simple eyeliner; no need to get all dressy... This was just a 'thanks for the help' to a possible new friend in this new town, in a biker bar. She was just excited to have proven that this move hadn't been a 'terrible mistake', like she had been told. Shaking her head of the negative thought, Anna once again grabbed her purse and keys and headed into town.
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Jan 15, 2018, 11:26pm

Jack went to work working on a truck that had came in three days ago. The part had arrived just before she had left yesterday. Turning on her raido she tapped her foot along to the beat. After thirty minutes and a lot of swearing she finally got the oil changed and the water pump changed.

After calling the owner she moved the car and drove another one in. Getting out she opened the hood and removed the radiator. The driver had hit a small tree while talking on the phone. After getting the bumper off she installed the new one and put the new radiator on. Around noon she stepped out for a smoke and waved to a few of the people passing by.

Going back in she finished up the repair on the second car when the owner of the first car she was working on came in. After the payment she called the owner of the second car. Going outside all she had to the other car was change the oil and break pads.

Going back inside she chatted with the customer while getting paid. While cleaning up the other owner came in and paid for the car. Going to the back she cleaned up and tried to get all the oil and grease off of her hands. After closing down for the day she got in her truck and drove over to the bar. Taking some pain meds she walked in and sat at a table. Looking at her phone she sent her mom a text. Hearing a noise on the table she looked and saw that one of the bikers had bought her a beer. Nodding her head she took a sip and looked at the TV.
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Jan 16, 2018, 11:31pm

With her background; hell, with her being just her, it was quite something for Anna to be in this new town, let-a-lone walking into a bar. Not knowing anyone here, or for sure that the blonde would be here or even remember, that was another risk Anna wouldn't normally take. But something happened; some internal push happened in her within the past few weeks. Sure, she wasn't completely fearless just yet, but she was indeed making some steps. The young woman opened the bar's door, her dark yet bright blue eyes gazed real quick. The eyes glanced over to a room of a handful of people, her stomach turning a little with nerves. Giving herself a few seconds before deciding to walk to the bar. 'Well, minus well get a drink while I'm here...' she thought to herself. "White zin?" she asked of the man behind the bar. Anna could feel eyes on her, but tried to stay calm; there was nothing scary truly here, so nothing to freak out about.
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Jan 17, 2018, 12:28am

Jack was just starting at the TV when she heard the doors open. Turning to look she saw the woman from earlier today walk in. Watching her go to the bar she watched as the woman ordered a drink. Picking up her beer she took a sip before getting up. Limping over to the bar she sat down next to Anna. Taking another sip she nodded her head and took her cap off. Shaking her hair a bit she put the hat back on and said "see you found the place. You like your new house?" Jack could tell the woman was nervous. Asking the bartender for another beer she said "No need to feel uncomfortable in here. Most of these guys seem like bad guys but they are really teddy bears. Except Chad, he's an ass so stay away from him" grabbing a small menu she looked at it and said "Hey Mick, can I get a burger with everything on it and some fries?" She took another sip of the beer and felt a hand on her shoulder "Hey Jackie I just wanted to say thank you for your service in the army. I know it took one of your brothers from you but I still wanted to come over and say thanks. A pitcher of beer is on me for you and your friend here" jack smiled softly and said "Thanks Allen" watching him walk away she turned and looked at the bar. "so did you get everything unpacked yet?" She asked without turning to Anne
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The brunette looked up when she heard a voice speaking close and toward her. A smile placed on her lips as she saw the woman who had helped her earlier that day. She gave a nod, "I do, its actually pretty perfect. Thanks again." She took a sip of the pink wine placed in front of her as Jack spoke of the customers, giving her pointers of someone to avoid. Her dark blue eyes looked to the blonde as a man walked up to them and thanked her for serving the army. Her eyes got big, hearing that this woman had been in the military. 'Wow!' Anna was impressed; it was an honor to know someone who risked their life for the country. "A little. But I could finish tomorrow." she answered, brushed it off. "You served the army?" she asked, looking to Jack, That's amazing! I'd really like to pay for your dinner.</b>" Of course that wouldn't be thanks enough for someone as brave as the blonde, but it was something right?
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Feb 04, 2018, 03:19am

Jack finished her beer and nodded to Mick for the pitcher. Once the beer and glasses were on the table she slid one over to the brunette. Pouring the drink she nodded a bit and said "Yeah I was. Joined not long after I got out of highschool." Taking a sip she glanced over at the woman and then looked down at the bar. "My oldest brother was the first one to join. When I was a senior in school. He never came back" seeing her food being placed in front of her she took a bite of one of her fries. Turning when the woman said that she would like to pay for dinner she said "I honestly rather you wouldn't. I didn't join to get free meals from people" realizing that her voice held some hate in it she said "Sorry I didn't mean for it to come out that way. I joined to make a living but when I got hurt I had to leave and people have been doing this sort if thing ever since. Paying for a drink is fine. After all you owe me that." She smiled a bit at the last part. Taking a bite of her burger she turned back to the TV
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Feb 12, 2018, 11:05pm

Anna listened to the other woman as she spoke. She didn't have to share this to the brunette; it was her business, and one with sadness and hardship. But, Anna was glad to be an ear. Though they were strangers, the brunette knew that it was nice to get things off your chest, even; especially to someone who isn't close at all to the situation or history. It was an honorable thing to do; to put your life in risk and fighting for your country and its people. And the sadness of that; that it wasn't always thanked the right way.
She smiled with a little laugh to Jack's comment of Anna owing her a beer. "Yeah, I guess I do owe you a drink." she nods with a smile. Brushing a hair behind her ear, Anna looked up to the bartender, "The lady's next drink is on my tab. And can I please have another white zin." She then looked back to Jack, trying to think of something to say... "So, did you grow up here?" she scoffed in her mind to herself a little; 'real clever, huh...' She shook her head of it, stupid or not, it was out anyway so minus well try to conversate.
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Feb 13, 2018, 01:29am

Jack smiled and laughed softly. Hearing her tell Mick that the rest of her drinks were going to be on Anna's tab she took a sip of her drink. Hearing her question she looked over at and saw the look on Anna's face. She let out a soft chuckle and drank some more of her beer. She would hit the harder stuff once she was home. Shaking her head at the woman's question she said "No I grew up in another state. I moved here when I got back to the states. My mom wanted me to move back home because of my PTSD but I didn't want to be coddled. Knowing her she would do it to. Sometimes you just need to take care of yourself by yourself " Taking a few bites of her food she watched some of the bikers play pool. Looking back at Anna she asked "So where are you from? If I had to guess I would peg you for a city girl" she smiled softly and turned to the tv.
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Feb 24, 2018, 03:57pm

Listening to the blonde hair woman speak, Anna nods; understanding what she said on it was sometimes needed to be on your own. Now, of course, the brunette hadn't known what it was like to be in the army and get injured, but she knew something of being on her own for the first time in all her life. New starts could be scary, but here Anna was making a possible new friend; if not a friendly town-neighbor. Though Anna herself was very new here and had never been truly on her own and just upped and left to start a-new, the young woman admired Jack on the way she started her own life here after fighting for their country.
She laughed at the other woman's assumption, a little shake of her head, "Not exactly." she took a quick drink of her wine before extending a little. "I grew up in a town; nothing exciting, though it was kind of busy. I wouldn't call it a city, but not a small town." Real amazing way to explain her home town... Not really, and she knew this. But Anna didn't know what to say. "Everyone knew each other, pretty much... Which is nice, but sometimes it makes you think what life is like where you're free to be who you are, or discover who you could be." She took another sip of her wine, finishing off the glass. She was probably boring Jack, "A little boring, I know... Sorry I'm that the least entertaining person. Maybe I can discover something here that won't make me so... dull." The brunette laughed at herself with a little humor. She was embarrassed she rambled about nothing, but that's what she did when she was a little nervous.

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