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Who am I? {Mature/Fantasy/LF Human Female}
sweet_dreams MykalKhrystian

Caine Devereux

Actual age- 263
Appears- 25-30

Full-blooded Vampire

Sexual Orientation:

Physical Characteristics


Silvery Black




*Sexual Sadist
*Short tempered
*Hot headed

*Causing pain

*The Weak
*Being lied to


*Sunlight (although it will not kill him, it does weaken his powers)
*His constant need for blood

*Heightened speed
*Heightened strength
*all other senses are very sharp (eye sight, hearing, smell, etc.)


Elizabeth Devereux; pure-breed Vampire.

Dimitri Devereux; pure-breed Vampire. (Deceased)

Born among the hierarchy of a French vampire coven, Caine was deemed the prodigal son. His father, Dimitri, was a great leader and Master to all his made children. He was a strong, ruthless and feared creature among those who knew him. His mother, Elizabeth, was a woman of high poise. She treated her only son with great respect and love; raising him to be the strong leader he would need to be once his father could no longer do the task. That time came much sooner than expected, when the coven was attacked by an army of slayers. Caine was only a child; twelve years old to be exact; when both he and his mother were forced by his father to hide while he and many of the other vampires fought the vicious army. The vampires won, but not many survived. When Caine and his mother emerged from their sanctuary, they found most of the coven had been slaughtered; including his father. Elizabeth made the decision to move the coven from France to America, where they were given the name Devereux. Only a small handful of the once large coven was left. It was put on Caine to rebuild and lead the vampires, but he was too young. He would have some growing up to do before he could officially take over as Master. Until then, he led through his mother, taking her advice when needed. The coven started to grow once again as they took new members as often as they could; making sure it was Caine’s blood they drank giving him power over them.

A couple hundred years later and Caine is known to be just as ruthless as his father; if not more so. The coven is once again vast and considered one of the largest and most powerful among vampire kind. Caine rules with little patience, and despises those who fail him. He lives lavishly in a large mansion hidden from the human world, although he loves to mingle with them in their clubs and such. His mother sees this as dangerous, since he could easily be ousted. Her traditional ways cause her to caution him about humans and what could and possibly would happen if they ever found out about him. Caine brushes it off as mere paranoia and is convinced no human would ever have the chance to harm him. To his mother’s disapproval, Caine continues to live his life recklessly, going to clubs, and luring human females to their death.

On one particular night Caine lures out, who he believes to be, a human female only to find she was a witch. As punishment for trying to kill her, she wiped his mind leaving him to roam the streets. When he attacked someone on the street, the police were called and he was arrested. He was placed in a mental institute where he killed several orderlies and patients. Eventually he is taken by the government and studied. It is decided to bring in a specialist to help with his memory problems.


YC is a psychiatrist for the FBI who is called in as a specialist for a classified case. When she arrives, she will find MC being held by the government. She doesn’t believe in vampires ect and at first will believe that MC is simply delusional and treats him as such. Eventually she will come to realize he is what he claims to be. Throughout the story he will start to remember things about his past.


Anywhere from 25-35
History etc. up to you
NO Emo, Scene, Anime, Selfies, or Self drawn.


I never thought I would need to do this, but I have found I do so:

<li> READ EVERYTHING!!! I spend a lot of time writing out the background and such for the rp, please take the time to read it before building your character or making your first post. Certain details are there because I want them there. Pay attention. That is all I ask.

<li>Write more than one paragraph. Use description when writing. For the love of god give me something to respond to. If I wanted a chat room rp I would be in a chat room rp. I’m not saying your response has to be a full book, but please give me at least two or three well written paragraphs. And add to the story. Do not stop where I stopped. Move the story forward.

<li>Do not god mod me. I understand that when engaging in sexual contact some ‘god modding’ is necessary, you can touch me etc. But do not write how I react to something or what I say or do. It’s just rude and frustrates the hell out of me. Don’t do it.

<li>We all have lives, and I have a fairly busy one. I have school, shows, and a wife. I may not be able to respond every day or several times a day. Sometimes I have busy weekends and dates with my wife. DO NOT POKE ME! The first time I get online and have a response and see poke, the rp will end right then. Be patient with me and I will be patient with you.

<li>Grammar. I shouldn’t HAVE to pull out an urban dictionary to figure out what the fuck you just wrote. Use proper grammar. Write out numbers (one, two, three, etc.) Mr., Mrs., Dr. this is okay; I’m not THAT much of a nazi.

<li>I’m a huge fan of inboxing to discuss plot twists and changes etc. So please do. If you have an idea inbox me, run it by me. I will probably LOVE it. Be creative.

<li>HAVE FUN. That’s pretty much it.

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Lucy stood up and felt a little faint from the blood loss. Grabbing the chair for balance she looked at Damian and smiled softly when he stated that all he needed was to get out of the cell. "Well how about this...I can see if they can let you out for a little while tomorrow if you A) behave and don't hurt any one and B) you have to promise me that you won't try to escape. If you can promise me those two things I'll see what I can do but I'm the meantime I want you to do something for me. Do what we did today and try to remember more about yourself. " She grabbed some paper and a pencle and handed it to him through the opening. When he reached for it she said " anything that comes to your mind you write it down and we will go over it tomorrow" hearing him say thank you to her she smiled and said "You're welcome Damian"

Hearing him ask her if she could see that the techs were doing to his blood she looked at Dr Herd and saw him glaring at Damian. Those two must have had a very rocky start with each other.

Lucy put on her jacket and grabbed her satchel and turned towards Damian. "Au Revoir Damian. Remember if you behave I'll see what I can do. Try to have a good night and don't hurt anyone ok?" She turned and walked out of the doors and turned to Dr Herd. "So doctor. Just what are you doing with his blood anyways. The thing is if he is human like you state he is you wouldn't need so much of his blood." She put her hand up and said "And I have a feeling I already know what question your going to ask me. If he is human then why did I give him some of my blood to drink? I did it because I wanted him to know he can trust me" she looked at him and started walking towards the other set of doors
Sep 22, 2017, 10:48am

The look shared between Damian and Dr. Herd was dark and dangerous. The doctor turned on his heel and followed Lucy out into the hall. He stiffened when she asked about the vampire’s blood. He started to speak but she put her hand up and continued. He was very careful with his words. “We do basic tests. Chemical make-up, blood count, you know. The usual. “He was lying of course. But he couldn’t tell her the truth. “We need more because when the test is finished it contaminates the sample. So, we take more.” He smiled at her in an attempt to hide his true thoughts. “He is a very sick individual. He’s also very manipulative. I would be careful, if I were you.” He turned to leave but stopped and turned back. “Don’t concern yourself with the science. Focus on getting the information we need.” He turned again and left.

Damian was asleep. It was late. The only people left in the lab were Dr. Herd and a couple guards. The angry doctor stalked into the large room and stood just outside the cell. The vampire had almost given away too much information to Dr. Jackson. Their intentions were none of her concern. He glared into the cell watching the calm vampire sleep. He had plans for him. He had received a memo from the higher ups. They wanted to move to the next test. He smiled a dark smile at the thought. They would conduct the first test in two days. He had already put out an ad looking for volunteers. They would be paid, of course. Until then, this vampire needed to learn his place.

Dr. Herd walked over to the switch that controlled the UV lights. He turned the dial up to level 5. He was angry with the vamp and he had tried to defy them. He deserved to be punished. He pushed the switch illuminating the cell. Damian woke up and screamed out in pain. Dr. Herd pulled a chair over and sat watching the vampire’s torture. Damian tried to cover himself, but the light was too much. The level was high and it burned him. He moved to a corner and balled himself up, screaming. His eyes met the sadistic doctor’s. If he ever got out of the cell, he would wipe that smirk off his face. The pain continued for a good half hour before the Doctor turned he lights off. Damian lay on the floor panting. “Now. We are going to behave. Aren’t we?” Dr. Herd turned and left the room, leaving the vampire on the floor of the cell.
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Lucy wasn't satisfied with his answer. She gave a short nod and started walking to the other set of doors and opened them. Walking to the elevator she pushed the button and watched as the doors closed. She had a nagging feeling that the doctor was hiding something from her.

Walking to her car she placed her satchel in the passenger seat and got in. She sat there for a moment before starting her car. Pulling out of the parking lot she passed the guards and headed home.

Once she arrived she set her bag on the table and went into the kitchen and made some more coffee. Going to her bag she pulled out Damian's file and started to look through it. Even though he was a stubborn asshole at least she got through to him. Kind of anyways
Sep 22, 2017, 11:17am

Damian stirred out of sleep. His dreams had been nothing more than flashes of images and faces. There was a new face however. A younger woman. He was in a bar. Things felt fine at first. By the end of the dream the woman was angry with him. She spoke some words at him then everything went black. He groaned finding he was still on the floor of the cell. Although the lights were long off his skin was still sensitive from the long exposure. He pushed himself up and blinked into the room. He wasn’t sure of the time but the lab was already full of people. Dr. Herd was standing off to one side speaking to a tech. Damian stood feeling wobbly on his feet. He absently reached out to catch himself placing his palm flat on the wall. The silver instantly burned him and he jerked back with a growl. “Good morning, 36.” Dr. Herd used the name despite his distaste for it. “I have a surprise for you.” The Doctor turned and picked up a cup sitting on a table. Damian watched with suspicious eyes as the doctor placed the cup into the small opening of his cell. The vampire walked over and took the cup finding it was full of blood. He glared at Dr. Herd.

“Why?” He asked suspiciously.

“I need you strong, 36. I have plans for you.” The doctor smiled and walked away. Damian eyed the cup for a moment before he downed it. There was nothing wrong with it. No drugs, no poison, just fresh and still warm. He didn’t ask where it came from. He didn’t care. He was still very suspicious of the Doctor’s motives, but for now he was just glad to have some sustenance.
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It was late when Lucy fell asleep. She had almost read the entire file but her eyes were protesting by eleven thirty. She gave in and changed and went to bed. She didn't even have the energy to shower. The combination of the day plus the blood loss and reading his file had done her in. She didn't even toss and turn in her sleep

Waking up to get alarm going off she opened her eyes and turned it off. She could hear her coffee pot making coffee. She yawned and ran her fingers through her hair and got out of bed. Stripping of her clothes she jumped in the shower and relaxed for a bit. Getting out she got dressed in a grey pinstripe slacks and silver color shirt. Going to the living room she placed Damians file in her bag and fixed herself a cup of coffee to take with her. Going to her car she got in and started to drive
Sep 22, 2017, 01:23pm

“I want you to find my SON!” The older female vampire was on a rampage. Her servants were all cowering, afraid of what she might do. Elizabeth Devereux glared at the two scouts standing in front of her. “He has been missing for months and all you can tell me is you don’t KNOW where he is!?”

“We are sorry mistress. We looked everywhere. The only information we found out was a bar on 5th street. They said he was there with some girl, but they left together.” The young male was trembling. He knew she didn’t care for bad news, even if it wasn’t his fault.

The tall graceful woman strode closer to the two men. She took the one who spoke in her hand squeezing his chin and forcing him to meet her eyes. “That’s not acceptable.” She squeezed a little harder. “If you do not find my son, I will rip your heart out.”

“Mistress!” Elizabeth stood looking at the third male that had suddenly entered the room. “I have news.”

“It better be good news.” She dropped the male in her grip and stalked over to the third. “Well?”

The third male hesitated a moment before he spoke. He was terrified of his mistress. “I was hunting. I followed a woman home. When she went to sleep I snuck in. My intent was to feed on her but…” He stopped and looked around the room.

“But, what?” Elizabeth demanded.

“I saw a file on her table. Like one of those spy movies or something. It said top secret on the cover. I was just curious, you know. So, I opened it. And that’s when I saw him. His picture anyways. They call him subject 36 or something weird but I know it’s him.” He looked up at Elizabeth. “Its Caine…your son.”

Elizabeth stood straight. She eyed the boy for a moment. “Take me to this house.”


Damian paced his cell. He was waiting for Miss Jackson to return like she promised. He didn’t have much to tell her but he wanted to share his dream with her. Truth was, he just wanted to see her again. She was the only person on this damned facility who treated him decently. He glanced down at his bare arm, relieved the torture from the night before hadn’t left any marks. He was wearing nothing more than a pair of jeans and a black tank top. Although the marks were not there, he was still very sensitive. He fabric from his shirt was uncomfortable. He didn’t want Lucy to know about his punishment. He didn’t want to be punished again. And he knew, if Dr. Jackson found out, Dr. Herd would punish him again. The blood he had been given earlier that morning had helped. In fact he felt better than he had in months. With both Dr Jackson and Dr Herd giving him what he needed, his body was starting to replenish itself and he was feeling, and looking, more healthy.
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Sep 23, 2017, 02:06am

Pulling into the parking lot she saw that she was being waved through. She waved back and parked her car. Grabbing her things she got out and walked in. Smiling at the young lady at the desk she took the elevator to the floor that she needed and walked out. She saw Dr Herd walking towards her. She wasn't happy about what he told her last night and she was planning on giving him a piece of her mind about it.

"How did Damian do last night? Was he good? I want to take him out of his cell and I know you don't think it's a good idea but he is human after all and he needs to at least be able to get out of that thing once in a while." She walked with him through the doors and saw Damian and gave him a soft smile. "Oh by the way doctor, if you ever talk to me like you did last night before I left I will give you a right hook that will knock you into next week. Am I clear?"

Walking over beat the cell she set her satchel down but still kept the coffee cup in her hand. Walking over to the cell she could see how built this guy was. No wonder he took out so many people. "Good morning Damian. I first that you not only slept well but you at least tried to behave" she took a sip of coffee and set the cup on a table. Looking back at him she asked "Did you remember anything about your past or who you are?
Sep 26, 2017, 11:59pm

Dr. Herd protested the idea of letting 36 out of his cell. He knew just how dangerous that could be and he scowled when she stopped him. "Fine. but it'll be under MY terms. He is to be fully shackled." he turned to have a tech retrieve their specially made shackle set. Made of silver, of course.

Damian cocked his head curiously. Dr. Jackson wanted to let him out? He gave her a smile, that always came out dark and mischievous on his face. He cringed slightly when asked if he behaved. "of course I did." He said before taking a seat on his bed. She asked about his memory and he tried his best to explain what he saw. He described a dark haired woman but couldn't remember why he saw her. He explained how she was angry with him and suddenly everything went dark. He shrugged "I dunno who she was. I think we were in a bar."

Damian watched the female doctor while she took her notes. She really was quite pretty. He smiled to himself when the thought of how she tasted the day before. A few moments later the techs were approaching the cell with a set of cuffs and chains. Dr Herd was standing by a keypad. Behind him stood a guard aiming a gun at the cell. "You try anything, 36, and he will shoot you. understood?" Damian smiled in response. He would be good. For now.
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Sep 27, 2017, 12:22am

Lucy had a feeling Damian wasn't quite telling the truth when he said that he'd behaved, but she wasn't going to press the issue. Sitting down she took her notes on what he said about a girl in a bar being angry with him. "Do you have any idea why she wasn't happy with you?" She wanted to say something smart but decided against it. While writing she could feel his eyes on her. Looking up she saw him looking at her and she took a breath ignoring the small shiver going down he spine. She knew why the shiver was there. Lucy barely knew the guy and he was looking at her like she was done sort of meal. "Damian please don't look at me like I'm your next meal."

Seeing the techs walk over with the cuffs she set her notebook on the table and got up. Walking over to them she took them and walked over to the opening of the cell. Looking at him she said "I went through a lot of trouble seeing if you can get out of your cell for a bit. Please don't do anything to me or anyone here" she watched him place his arms out of the cell and placed the cuffs on his wrist. Standing back she watched as Herd typed in a set of numbers and watched as the cell opened. "I can't take you outside but there is a nice view of a garden if you would like to see that. I know it may not sound ideal to you but at least you're not looking at the techs. What do you say?" She took a step towards him and gently placed her hand on his arm to lead him out
Sep 29, 2017, 02:25pm

Damian shook his head at Lucy. He had no idea why the girl was mad at him. The dream was in flashes. One minute everything was fine. The next she was pissed. He shrugged at her. He waited patiently while she wrote down her notes. He studied her features and lines. Her hair was a beautiful light brown and hung below her shoulders. He wondered what she would look like with it pulled back, exposing that tender place on her neck where her pulse was. The thought made his lips twitch upwards. He already knew what she tasted like, but as they say; it’s always better straight for the cow.

Damian chuckled lightly when she caught his hungry stare. “Sorry Doctor.” For the first time, he noticed her eyes. They were a bright green. He very much wanted to capture those eyes in his gaze. He may have tried, except there was movement and his attention was pulled to the techs who were bring over the specially made shackles. He hissed at them. He knew the cuffs would burn him, and he was not looking forward to that. His darkened eyes watched as Lucy took the shackles from the techs. As she approached the cell, he stepped back. His eyes were fixed on the silver chains. He looked up to meet her eyes when she spoke to him about behaving. He bit his lip and looked back down at the restraints. In the corner of his eye he caught Dr. Herd glaring at him. Reluctantly, the vampire stepped forward and put out his arms.

He gritted his teeth when the cool metal locked around his wrists. Despite the coolness of the cuffs hey started to burn his skin. His lips twitched as he fought to show the pain he was in. He heard Dr. Herd enter the code and the large Mag-lock slide over. Shortly after the cell door opened. Damian eyed everyone in the room suspiciously. He tilted his head at Lucy. They were several stories underground. What garden was she speaking of.

“No.” Herd spoke up. “You are not taking him above ground. You’re lucky I’m letting him out at all. Which reminds me.” Dr. Herd strode over to the open cell. His eyes dropped down. “Procedures, Dr. Jackson.” Bending down he locked the remaining cuffs around each of Damian’s ankles. He stood, giving Damian one last dark look. He turned to look at Dr. Jackson. “I have a place I can take you. It’s a test area, but it’s a little less, industrial. You can take him there, with an armed guard.” Dr. Herd walked away stopping at the doors. “Follow me.” He hissed.

Damian raised his brows in surprise. He knew nothing about any other rooms in the facility. Since he’d been brought here, he’d seen the inside of his cell and a couple examining rooms. That’s it. He was curious about the room Dr. Herd spoke of. Grey eyes turned to look at Dr. Jackson’s hand on his skin. He blinked before raising his head to look at her. She was kind and he wasn’t sure what to do with that. Hesitantly, he allowed her to lead him out of the cell. He was forced to take small steps due to the shackles around his legs. The silver burned into his skin, but he kept a straight face.

Before long the three of them were walking down a long corridor. Just behind them was a heavily armed guard who never put his gun down. They were in an area Damian didn’t recognize. “Here.” Dr. Herd said. Stopping in front of a heavy metal door. Just like before, the doctor entered a code and the door unlocked. With a push Dr. Herd entered the room and stopped. It was unlike anything Damian had seen before in the place. There were trees, and grass. He could smell dirt and hear water. The ceilings were tall and stretched to, what he believed to be, the surface. It was a forest indoors. “You have an hour.” Dr. Herd snapped. “That’s all.” With that he left making sure the door locked behind him, leaving Damian, Dr. Jackson, and one armed guard behind.
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Sep 30, 2017, 02:12am

Lucy watched as Dr Herd placed shackles around Damian's ankles. In a way she felt bad for the guy being locked up like some sort of animal. He was still human and needed to be treated like one.

She walked with her hand still on his arm and kept his pace as they walked. When Herd stopped at a door she looked at Damian and raised her eyebrow slightly. She hoped that Herd wasn't up to something but when he opened the door her jaw dropped slightly. She never imagined a place like this being in a government building. She had to admit she was impressed.

Hearing want Dr Herd said she gave a sight nod and said "Thank you doctor" she watched him go and let go of Damian's arm and walked over to a stream. Chuckling to herself she bent down and picked up a small stone and tossed it into the water. Turning back to him she walked over to him and said in a low voice "So I asked the doctor why he needed your blood and so much of it and he told me it was for science stuff." She turned away for a moment and said "I don't know about him I honestly think he is up to, and hiding something from me" she made sure to keep her voice low so the guard wouldn't hear her. She looked back at Damian then turned away.

She honestly thought that she was a good judge of a person's character but after what happened with both of her ex's maybe not
Sep 30, 2017, 01:03pm

Damian sneered at Dr. Herd as the door closed and locked. He had to admit, he was surprised to be left alone with the good doctor and one guard. He made him question whether this, in itself, wasn’t a test. Would he hurt Dr. Jackson, or let her be? He watched curiously as Lucy tossed a rock into the makeshift stream. The whole thing seemed odd to him. What would they need a small forest for in a government test facility? It as clear to him, he was not the only one who had suspicions about Dr. Herd and their program when she explained she had confronted Dr. Herd. Of course he lied. It was what he was best at.

The vampire looked around for a place he could sit. The shackles were pulling at his flesh as the silver burned him, and he wanted to take the extra stress off. Spying a fallen tree, Damian slide his form down and settled. He glanced up at Dr. Jackson. “Be careful around him.” He said with a one of caution. “He enjoys his position a little too much.” He looked away then. The night before, the doctor had subjected him to a half hour of concentrated UV light. He knew all too well the pleasure the doctor got from watching him being tortured and used as a lab rat. He wondered again what this room was for.

Damian glanced back at the guard. He was standing tall with his rifle in both hands. The man’s eyes were fixed on the vampire; ready to strike if it became necessary. Damian turned to face forward again. He turned his head to look at the doctor. He shifted his wrists in the cuffs cringing slightly when the silver stung. “I don’t know what they’re doing exactly.” He stated. “I’ve tried to watch them in the lab, but they move quickly and to be honest I don’t understand most of what they do.” He blinked and turned to look at the water feature just in front of him. “I have seen them inject something into rats.” He shrugged. “I think it might be my blood.” His brow furrowed a moment. He tried to imagine a bunch of little vampire rats running around the lab. Although, he didn’t think it would work quite like that. “What has he told you about me?” Damian asked abruptly giving Lucy his full attention. He had a feeling, she didn’t know the entire truth; or was in denial about it. He may have lost his memory, but the one thing he knew for sure; he was a vampire. Not a myth or a legend; but an honest to god vampire that needed blood to live, was allergic to UV light and silver, and had already lived a couple hundred years. Outside of that, his memory was a blur. Who am I?
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Oct 01, 2017, 02:31am

Lucy smiled and laughed softly when Damian talked about Dr. Herd. " Most men are like that" she watched him sit down and leaned back against a fallen tree. Looking back at the pond she threw a stick in it and watched as the water rippled. She could see the guard from the corner of her eye.

Finding a place in front of Damian she say down and crossed her legs. Hearing him speak she looked at him and shrugged. "I honestly wouldn't know. All he told me is that it was scientific research of some kind. When he said that my gut told me he was lying. " Hearing Damian say that they might be injecting his blood into rats she raised her eyebrows. She sighed softly and looked away when he asked her what Dr. Herd had told her about him. "not much really. He told me that he had someone who was suffering not only memory loss but with a severe case of vampirism." She looked at him and said "he gave me a pretty big file on the research he did on you. I haven't gotten to read all of it yet"

Since they were in a nice spot she figured that this would be a good place for him to try to remember more about himself. " Let's try what we did yesterday with you trying to remember who you are. Remember I want you to focus and not to force the memories. I want to to try to remember smells also those could help unlock something. That and being here instead of there" she watched him relax and close his eyes.
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Damian smirked. Of course, the good doctor lied about his condition. He raised a curious brow when she mentioned the file. He couldn’t help but wonder what was in that file. “I suffer from vampirism?” He made the question sound slightly sarcastic. He shook his head. “So, you believe I am a person who simply suffers from vampirism, yet you willingly gave me some of your blood.” He watched her carefully. He was intrigued by this woman who wanted to help him. Granted, it was her job to do so. He wondered how much of her curtsey was simply her doing her job. Did she really care about him? Or did she see a crazy man who could kill her at any moment so he was extra nice? “Dr. Jackson, I may have memory loss, but I do not suffer from anything.” He said very seriously. He debating showing her what the cuffs, he was forced to wear, were doing to his skin. He decided against it. He was enjoying their visits and he feared if she knew the entire truth, she would stop coming to see him.

He adjusted the shackles slightly. His eyes closed for a moment allowing the new pain to pass before he looked at her again. She wanted to try the hypnosis on him again. He still found it ironic. As easily as he could capture someone’s mind by simply making eye contact, and this doctor wanted to use hypnosis to help him. He stretched his body upward, straightening his form. He took in a slow deep breath and let it out. He then closed his eyes and relaxed just as he had before. He knew she was trying to help him, and he wanted to remember. He felt, if he could remember who he was, maybe he could find a way out of this prison.

The world around him started to melt away to a dark room. At first, he saw the woman he believed was his mother. He was older now, teenage years. He was sitting in a large chair… no… a throne. It was massive and covered in carvings made of gold. He was small compared to the chair. It was clearly made for a much larger man. His father’s chair. He felt scared and nervous as he looked out over a sea of people. They were watching him silently as they waited. Waited for what? His mother moved about the room. Her arms were sweeping about as she spoke to the crowd. He couldn’t make out what she was saying. It felt muffled. The crowed shifted on their feet and mumbled to each other. The tall woman then turned to him and smiled. “Caine,” she stated. “Address your people.”

The vampire snapped his eyes open. The look of recognition and surprise filled his eyes and shown on his expression. Slowly he turned his head to look at Dr. Jackson. He had just had a very detailed memory, and this time he understood. That one vision opened a wave of memories. His mother, his father; they were leaders. He was left to lead when his father was killed in the last vision. And he knew his name. He smiled wide at Lucy. It was probably the first time he had truly smiled since his capture. “Caine.” He stated with enthusiasm and a flash of fangs. “My name is Caine.” Caine found his memory still had a wall however. He remembered his family and the coven, but still had no memory of how he ended up on the street. His smile fell and he wrinkled his brow. There were so many holes still. He struggled to remember but sighed and shook his head. “Things get blurry again.” He stated frustrated.
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Oct 01, 2017, 07:00pm

Lucy watched him closely. She saw that he was starting to remember something. She watched him open his eyes and when he said his real name she smiled softly. "well it's nice to meet you Caine." She leaned back a bit and yawned softly. "sorry. I had a bit of a late night and I'm missing my coffee." She looked at the guard and turned back to Caine. "The reason I gave you some of my blood is so that you can trust me. I do not mean you any harm."

She turned her head when the door opened. She saw Dr. Herd and looked back at Caine. "I'm guessing that our time in here is up." She stood up and walked over to him. Lucy helped him to his feet and saw the burns on his wrist. She felt her heart stop for a moment. Meeting his eyes she could tell that they gave what she saw away.

Once he was on his feet she walked with him back to his cell. She was glad she hasn't thrown out the pack of cigarettes she had bought a few months before. When she got home she was going to pour herself a big glass of wine.

Once they were back in the lab she walked him over to his cell and looked down at the ground then at Dr. Herd. She could beat his face in at that moment but kept her cool
Oct 01, 2017, 08:26pm

Caine nodded at Lucy. “Nice to meet you too.” It felt good remembering his name. Although, he was getting used to the name Dr. Jackson had given him, knowing his name gave him some power and restored his confidence. Caine turned his head to glare at the guard. He could see how uncomfortable he was. Caine allowed a dark smirk to cross his lips. He was pleased when the guard swallowed and shifted on his feet. He brought his attention back to the doctor when she explained why she had given him blood. He almost chuckled when she said she meant no harm. The idea that blood would bring him harm was amusing to him. On the contrary, blood was the one thing that would always help him.

The sound of the door opening brought a low growl from Caine. He knew who would come in. His lip twitched but he behaved. He allowed Lucy to help him stand. He had to shift his weight to keep from tumbling over. He watched Lucy look at his wrists then bring her eyes to meet his. The cuff had shifted when he stood exposing the red burn underneath. Caine tightened his lips and pulled back his hands. He attempted to cover the marks the best he could. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to talk about it.

The walk back to the cell was a quiet one. He was feeling especially powerful at the moment. So much of his past had come back to him. He was more than just a vampire. He was a master. So how the hell did he end up in this situation? He frowned at the thought. Gain he tried to remember what had happened the night he lost his memory and again there was nothing. His mind also turned to Dr. Jackson. She didn’t know, or believe, what he was. He could tell she was still seeing him as a human male with a mental disability. Caine turned in his cell and held out his arms so the cuffs could be removed. He was getting tired of the burning. Once they were removed, Caine took one step back and waited for the cell door to close. Once again, he was a prisoner. But now, he knew who he was.
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Oct 01, 2017, 09:13pm

Lucy helped him back into his cell. She took off the cuffs and saw the burns better. She looked at him for a brief moment then walked over to the table and took a long sip of her coffee.

She watched as the lab techs moved around. She watched Dr. Herd go over to a computer and look at some stuff. She turned and looked at Caine and stared at him for a good bit. Could he really be a real vampire? Could they really exist? No! She knew that he couldn't be one cause they didn't truly exist. The monsters were inside people's minds. Not something real. She pulled out her cell phone and looked at the time. Sitting down she lightly tapped her foot while looking around
Oct 02, 2017, 02:10pm

Caine watched Dr. Jackson remove his cuffs. He knew his burns were more visible now and there was no sense in him trying to hide it. He kept his emotion even as he spoke. “They’ll heal.” He said simply. Once the cell door was closed again he stalked over to his bed and sat on the edge facing the lab. His eyes scanned the room. He watched the many techs doing their tests as usual. His eyes followed Dr. Herd around the room. He wondered what the good doctor was up to. Caine had overheard some techs talking about the next phase in testing, although he had no idea what that meant.

Caine turned his attention back to Dr. Jackson. She appeared bored, or possibly impatient about something. Perhaps she was just as curious about the tests as he was. One of the techs came to the cell and placed a cup in the small opening. Caine stood and walked over to take the cup. He was pleased to find they were feeding him again. He wondered, where were they getting the blood from? Taking a sip, he stalked over to the edge of the cell closest to Lucy. His silvery eyes watched her. “What’s on your mind Doctor?” He asked with a slightly tilted head.
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Oct 02, 2017, 03:00pm

Lucy looked back at him and shook her head when he asked what was on her mind. "Nothing" she tried to smile and make it seem like she didn't just figure out what he really was. "I'm going to go to the restroom and grab me a bite to eat." She took one last sip of her coffee and stood up. "I promise I'll be back"

She smiled softly at him and took her empty coffee cup with her. When she turned away from him she felt her smile disappear. Her mind felt like it was spinning. Before she left she asked a tech if he had a cigarette on him. She smiled when he pulled out one. Going to the cafe she ordered something to eat and filled up her coffee cup. Sitting down Lucy placed her head in her hands. Caine couldn't be a vampire. They didn't exist
Oct 02, 2017, 03:17pm

“I have a surprise for you, 36.” Dr. Herd had approached the cell after Dr. Jackson left. The vampire glared at his least favorite person. But was intrigued by his surprise.

“Caine.” He corrected the doctor.

“Excuse me?” Dr. Herd raised a curious brow at his subject.

“My name is Caine. And I am the Master of a very large coven, so I would appreciate if you stop disrespecting me.” Caine tone was cold and even. His eyes were dark and fixed on Dr. Herd.

“I see. So, you’ve started remembering things. Good. Master or not, you’re my prisoner.” His hand hovered over the button for the UV lights. “And I still expect you to behave, Caine.” Caine didn’t respond. He glanced over to the button then back to the doctor. “That’s better.” Dr. Herd walked over to a table and came back holding a clip board. “As I was saying, I have a surprise for you. This evening I am taking you out of your cell.” He lifted up the top page then let it fall again. “Remember that room I took you too? That will be your playground.” He actually smiled.

Caine was intrigued. He took a step closer to the cell wall and cocked his head. “Playground for what?” He asked.

Dr. Herd smiled. “I have your attention.” He grabbed a chair and slid it closer taking a seat. “The higher ups want to see you in action. So, we will be filming you… hunting.” The doctor sat back and crossed his left leg over his right.

“You’re going to let me kill someone?” Caine was suspicious now. What kind of a person willing allowed someone else to be killed in the name of science? “Who?”

“No one important. Someone off the streets. All you have to do is what your instincts tell you. Do this, and you’ll be rewarded.”

Caine pushed his tongue to the back of his teeth. He hadn’t been hunting since the night he lost his memory. So far, his stay in this place had been hell, but this… this sounded like fun. “When do we start?” he asked with a wide smile.

“Good.” Dr. Herd stood. “It’ll be tonight, after that shrink leaves. I don’t need her snooping around.” He frowned and walked away. Caine didn’t care for the way Dr. Herd spoke about Lucy. He was actually starting to like her. He also didn’t like that Dr. Herd was hiding things from her. However, he knew if he said anything Dr. Herd would punish him, and for now anyways, he was going to get to do what he loved to do most… kill.

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