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Who am I? {Mature/Fantasy/LF Human Female}
sweet_dreams MykalKhrystian

Caine Devereux

Actual age- 263
Appears- 25-30

Full-blooded Vampire

Sexual Orientation:

Physical Characteristics


Silvery Black




*Sexual Sadist
*Short tempered
*Hot headed

*Causing pain

*The Weak
*Being lied to


*Sunlight (although it will not kill him, it does weaken his powers)
*His constant need for blood

*Heightened speed
*Heightened strength
*all other senses are very sharp (eye sight, hearing, smell, etc.)


Elizabeth Devereux; pure-breed Vampire.

Dimitri Devereux; pure-breed Vampire. (Deceased)

Born among the hierarchy of a French vampire coven, Caine was deemed the prodigal son. His father, Dimitri, was a great leader and Master to all his made children. He was a strong, ruthless and feared creature among those who knew him. His mother, Elizabeth, was a woman of high poise. She treated her only son with great respect and love; raising him to be the strong leader he would need to be once his father could no longer do the task. That time came much sooner than expected, when the coven was attacked by an army of slayers. Caine was only a child; twelve years old to be exact; when both he and his mother were forced by his father to hide while he and many of the other vampires fought the vicious army. The vampires won, but not many survived. When Caine and his mother emerged from their sanctuary, they found most of the coven had been slaughtered; including his father. Elizabeth made the decision to move the coven from France to America, where they were given the name Devereux. Only a small handful of the once large coven was left. It was put on Caine to rebuild and lead the vampires, but he was too young. He would have some growing up to do before he could officially take over as Master. Until then, he led through his mother, taking her advice when needed. The coven started to grow once again as they took new members as often as they could; making sure it was Caine’s blood they drank giving him power over them.

A couple hundred years later and Caine is known to be just as ruthless as his father; if not more so. The coven is once again vast and considered one of the largest and most powerful among vampire kind. Caine rules with little patience, and despises those who fail him. He lives lavishly in a large mansion hidden from the human world, although he loves to mingle with them in their clubs and such. His mother sees this as dangerous, since he could easily be ousted. Her traditional ways cause her to caution him about humans and what could and possibly would happen if they ever found out about him. Caine brushes it off as mere paranoia and is convinced no human would ever have the chance to harm him. To his mother’s disapproval, Caine continues to live his life recklessly, going to clubs, and luring human females to their death.

On one particular night Caine lures out, who he believes to be, a human female only to find she was a witch. As punishment for trying to kill her, she wiped his mind leaving him to roam the streets. When he attacked someone on the street, the police were called and he was arrested. He was placed in a mental institute where he killed several orderlies and patients. Eventually he is taken by the government and studied. It is decided to bring in a specialist to help with his memory problems.


YC is a psychiatrist for the FBI who is called in as a specialist for a classified case. When she arrives, she will find MC being held by the government. She doesn’t believe in vampires ect and at first will believe that MC is simply delusional and treats him as such. Eventually she will come to realize he is what he claims to be. Throughout the story he will start to remember things about his past.


Anywhere from 25-35
History etc. up to you
NO Emo, Scene, Anime, Selfies, or Self drawn.


I never thought I would need to do this, but I have found I do so:

<li> READ EVERYTHING!!! I spend a lot of time writing out the background and such for the rp, please take the time to read it before building your character or making your first post. Certain details are there because I want them there. Pay attention. That is all I ask.

<li>Write more than one paragraph. Use description when writing. For the love of god give me something to respond to. If I wanted a chat room rp I would be in a chat room rp. I’m not saying your response has to be a full book, but please give me at least two or three well written paragraphs. And add to the story. Do not stop where I stopped. Move the story forward.

<li>Do not god mod me. I understand that when engaging in sexual contact some ‘god modding’ is necessary, you can touch me etc. But do not write how I react to something or what I say or do. It’s just rude and frustrates the hell out of me. Don’t do it.

<li>We all have lives, and I have a fairly busy one. I have school, shows, and a wife. I may not be able to respond every day or several times a day. Sometimes I have busy weekends and dates with my wife. DO NOT POKE ME! The first time I get online and have a response and see poke, the rp will end right then. Be patient with me and I will be patient with you.

<li>Grammar. I shouldn’t HAVE to pull out an urban dictionary to figure out what the fuck you just wrote. Use proper grammar. Write out numbers (one, two, three, etc.) Mr., Mrs., Dr. this is okay; I’m not THAT much of a nazi.

<li>I’m a huge fan of inboxing to discuss plot twists and changes etc. So please do. If you have an idea inbox me, run it by me. I will probably LOVE it. Be creative.

<li>HAVE FUN. That’s pretty much it.

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Lucy looked at Herd while he was in the floor. She watched him stand up and noticed the guards had lowered there guns. Walking over with him to the computers she watched as a lab tech inject some sort of red liquid into a rat. She listened to Herd as she watched the screen.

Watching the rat become hostile she jumped when the rat cracked the glass cage. She looked over at Caine then at Herd. Shaking her head she said "You are the insane one doctor. Using his blood to make super soldiers it's very insane. What is the wrong person gets there hands on this?" She looked at Caine and said "I don't think he would kill me. I'm not the one holding him in a cell and hurting him"
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Oct 03, 2017, 06:38pm

Lucy looked at Herd while he was in the floor. She watched him stand up and noticed the guards had lowered there guns. Walking over with him to the computers she watched as a lab tech inject some sort of red liquid into a rat. She listened to Herd as she watched the screen.

Watching the rat become hostile she jumped when the rat cracked the glass cage. She looked over at Caine then at Herd. Shaking her head she said "You are the insane one doctor. Using his blood to make super soldiers it's very insane. What is the wrong person gets there hands on this?" She looked at Caine and said "I don't think he would kill me. I'm not the one holding him in a cell and hurting him"
Oct 03, 2017, 08:29pm

Dr. Herd gave Dr. Jackson a smirk. “You really think so?” He looked back to Caine. “I think we’re going to move up your surprise.” Caine raised a brow at the doctor. Dr. Herd looked back to Dr. Jackson. “We’ll see what you think once you see your friend in action.” He walked passed Lucy to a tech. He gave them orders to remove Caine and take him to the new test area. He then approached Dr. Jackson again. “come with me.” He said gesturing for her to follow him. He led the doctor down the same hallway they had walked earlier, only this time they went through a different door with a set of stairs going up. At the top was a room with video monitors and a large glass window overlooking the much larger room containing the makeshift forest.

Meanwhile, the techs were doing as they were told and gathering supplies. One tech approached the cell holding the shackles. He gave Caine an apologetic look. Caine sighed but knew there was no other way he was getting out of this cell. He didn’t fight them as they placed the cuffs on him or while they escorted him down the hallway. He was curious to what Dr. Herd had in store. They led him to the same door he and Dr. Jackson had been led to earlier that day. The tech punched in a sequin of numbers and the door opened. Caine walked in. To his surprise, the tech then removed his restraints. A guard was nearby in case Caine tried anything. They then turned and left leaving him alone in the room.

It looked exactly as it had earlier. Tall trees, water, grass, the works. If it hadn’t been for the locked door, or walls, Caine would have believed he was outside in a thick wooded area. He rubbed at his wrists were the silver had left marks and he walked around unsure of what to expect. “Caine.” A voice came over a loud speaker. The vampire looked around for the source. “Up here.” Caine turned and looked up to find a large window several feet above. In the window, he could see both Dr. Herd and Dr. Jackson looking down at him.

“So now what?” Caine called up to them.

Dr. Herd smiled. He picked up a phone and spoke low into it. “Send in our subject.” He hung up the phone and smiled a dark look to Dr. Jackson. “Let’s have a little fun, shall we.” Shortly after a door on the opposite side of the room opened and a man came in; a homeless man who had answered an ad, he was promised food and money. All he had to do was go in this room. “Caine.” Dr. Herd spoke again. “it’s time to hunt.”
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Lucy felt her stomach turn when she saw the dark smile on Herds face. When he told her too follow him she looked at him. Something told her that she wouldn't like what he had planned. She felt herself following him to the place her and Caine were at eariler that day she walked in.

Lucy watched as they brought in Caine. She didn't know what he had planned until she saw a man step out she knew what Herd had planned. When he told Caine to start hunting she ran over to the intercom and pressed the button. "Caine don't do it. Please don't!" She could feel the tears in her eyes. "Caine whatever you do don't give them what they want" she felt someone pull her away and forced her to look down to see what would happen
Oct 04, 2017, 01:37pm

Caine kept his eyes on both doctors. He cocked his head and smiled darkly when Dr. Herd told him he could hunt. It had been months since he’d had a decent meal. His head snapped down and to the side at the sound of a door opening and closing somewhere else in the room. He closed his eyes and inhaled the air in the room. He could smell everything. The trees, the grass, the water, and something else; food. The distinct smell of blood was faint but there. He listened to the sounds and cold hear a heartbeat. It was strong, even, and without fear. Whoever they had put in the room with him, had no idea what was about to happen.

Dr. Jackson’s voice over the P.A. brought his attention back to the large window. She was begging him not to do it. He felt the conflict in his head. On one hand, he respected the doctor and wanted to be able to resist. She was right; this is what they wanted him to do. On the other hand, Caine was starving. His instincts told him to kill his prey and feed despite the reason. He watched Dr. Herd grab Lucy and pull her away from the microphone. He lowered his eyes for a moment, contemplating what he was going to do. Unfortunately, his instincts were too strong and he looked up again. “I’m sorry.” He mouthed at her. He then turned and darted into the trees.

The two doctors were able to watch everything from the video monitors. Several cameras had been hidden through the room. On one monitor, they could see a man seeming confused by the scene. He was walking deeper into the treed area and looking around. The other monitors caught quick glimpses of Caine as he moved through the trees easily. Dr. Herd stood smiling at his work. The higher ups would be pleased. The homeless man stopped walking when he thought he heard something. “Hello?” he said into the dark. “Is someone there?” His heart started to beat just a little faster as he suddenly felt he was in danger.

Caine perched on a tree limb and inhaled. The change in the man could be senses in the air. Caine’s eyes dilated and pulled back his lips making a hissing noise as he bared fangs. He was hungry. He was no longer aware he was being watched. He had forgotten all about Dr. Herd and Dr. Jackson. He forgot about being a prisoner and tests. In that moment, it was only him and his prey. He moved again easily leaping from tree to tree. His prey was unaware of his fate. He man spun around, desperately looking for the source of his fear. Caine dropped out of a tree and landed behind the man. The man spun around ready to fight. Caine tilted his head and grinned with amusement. “oh, uh, hey. Are you getting paid too? Any idea why we’re here? The man stuttered. Caine didn’t speak. He simply nodded.

There was a moment of silence before Caine shot forward. The man didn’t have time to react before the vampire was on him. Caine’s fingers were around his throat and he was lifted in the air several inches. Caine watched the man choking in his grip. His eyes flashed a dark silver. The man pulled at Caine’s fingers but to no avail. Caine pulled the man closer to him and inhaled. He could smell the man’s blood as it pumped quickly through his body. The man trembled and Caine growled a low sound. A strained “please” came from the man. Caine’s lips twitched as he eyed the man in his grip. He felt nothing but hunger. With a quick motion Caine dug his fangs into the man’s throat and began to drink the sweet elixir her had been missing for so long.
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Lucy watched as Caine looked up at the window. She could see that he was a bit conflicted about doing what they wanted him to do. As she watched him mouth 'I'm sorry' to her she beat on the glass while screaming. She knew it was useless since he couldn't hear her. She didn't want to watch, but her feet felt like they were frozen in place.

Seeing the man as he met Caine she could only watch as Caine's animal side took over. When she saw him bite into the man's neck she could feel her knees become weak. Planning a hand over her mouth she turned away and fell to her knees and sobbed. Now she really hated Herd. She stayed on her knees for a few minutes hoping that when she stood up the whole thing would be over. Lucy had never seen someone killed before and now that she had she didn't know what to do.

Standing up she started walking back to the lab. Right now she just wanted to go home and pretend that she didn't see what had just happened. Stopping by the lady's room she stood over a toilet. The food that she had not to long ago was starting to make its way back up. The feeling forced her to her knees as she threw up. When she was done she leaned back against the wall and placed her head on her knees and closed her eyes
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Caine dropped the man to the ground. He felt the blood being absorbed into his body. He felt all the wounds mending. He felt his muscle flex and reposition themselves. For months he had been starved to the point of weakness, tortured, and locked up. He still couldn’t remember what had caused it all, but he was feeling much better now. SO much, he was feeling confident he could get out. They wouldn’t be able to stop him now. This was his game now.

Dr. Herd was long gone. So was Dr. Jackson. They just left him that room of trees and grass. He studied the dead man at his feet for several moments. That is, until he heard the distinct sound of a lock being opened. Caine smiled to himself and dated into the trees. He climbed and moved silently, careful not to move any leaves. Perched he watched the door as two armed guards and a lab tech came in. he tilted his head and grin a dark sinister grin. “36?” The tech called out. He was nervous. Caine could hear the techs heart beating fast. Caine said nothing. He simply watched from his hiding place. “It’s time to go back.” The tech spoke again. When Caine didn’t answer, the tech gestured to the guards who lifted their guns to ready. “36, Caine, we can make this easy or hard. Please don’t make this hard.”

Caine moved from his spot to another, leaping from one tree to the next. The movement caused the branches to shift and the guards turned to the place he had been standing. They didn’t know where he was. Good he two guards started to move forward separating themselves and facing in different directions. Caine waited patiently as they moved further into the trees. The tech stayed behind. The guards were not so smart. Caine moved again, positioning himself behind and above one of the guards. He eyed the second one several feet away and facing the opposite direction. Caine dropped form the tree, landing softly behind the first guard. He turned quickly but Caine was fast; faster thanks to the blood. The vampire’s hands came up and snapped the guards neck in a flash. The second guard heard the commotion and turned but Caine was gone and his partner was dead.

“Did you find him?” the tech called from the door.

No Mr. tech. they had not. The second guard was in a panic now. He turned here and there pointing his gun at nothing. His heart was beating fast and Caine could smell the fear pouring off of him. He never saw the vampire. He only felt the claws and teeth. Moments later the second guard dropped to the ground. His throat torn and blood pooling out over the grass. He then turned his attention to the tech; unarmed and vulnerable. “Shit.” He heard the tech whisper. The tech turned to run, but Caine was there. His hand around the young man’s throat. He struggled to scream but Caine crushed his windpipe. Within seconds the tech choked on his own blood. Caine dropped the tech and snatched the key card from his uniform. He was almost free.
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Lucy didn't move for quite some time. Still in the stall in the bathroom she knew she was going to have to drink a lot tonight in order to get the image of the man being killed out of her mind.

After a while she got up and walked out of the stall. Going to the sink she splashed water on her face. Going back into the lab she glared at Herd as she gathered her stuff. Taking a sip of her coffee she grabbed her satchel and started to walk out. She couldn't face Cain right now

I'm sorry the post is short
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lol poke
I'll work on a reply here in a minute
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