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Who am I? {Mature/Fantasy/LF Human Female}
sweet_dreams MykalKhrystian

Caine Devereux

Actual age- 263
Appears- 25-30

Full-blooded Vampire

Sexual Orientation:

Physical Characteristics


Silvery Black




*Sexual Sadist
*Short tempered
*Hot headed

*Causing pain

*The Weak
*Being lied to


*Sunlight (although it will not kill him, it does weaken his powers)
*His constant need for blood

*Heightened speed
*Heightened strength
*all other senses are very sharp (eye sight, hearing, smell, etc.)


Elizabeth Devereux; pure-breed Vampire.

Dimitri Devereux; pure-breed Vampire. (Deceased)

Born among the hierarchy of a French vampire coven, Caine was deemed the prodigal son. His father, Dimitri, was a great leader and Master to all his made children. He was a strong, ruthless and feared creature among those who knew him. His mother, Elizabeth, was a woman of high poise. She treated her only son with great respect and love; raising him to be the strong leader he would need to be once his father could no longer do the task. That time came much sooner than expected, when the coven was attacked by an army of slayers. Caine was only a child; twelve years old to be exact; when both he and his mother were forced by his father to hide while he and many of the other vampires fought the vicious army. The vampires won, but not many survived. When Caine and his mother emerged from their sanctuary, they found most of the coven had been slaughtered; including his father. Elizabeth made the decision to move the coven from France to America, where they were given the name Devereux. Only a small handful of the once large coven was left. It was put on Caine to rebuild and lead the vampires, but he was too young. He would have some growing up to do before he could officially take over as Master. Until then, he led through his mother, taking her advice when needed. The coven started to grow once again as they took new members as often as they could; making sure it was Caine’s blood they drank giving him power over them.

A couple hundred years later and Caine is known to be just as ruthless as his father; if not more so. The coven is once again vast and considered one of the largest and most powerful among vampire kind. Caine rules with little patience, and despises those who fail him. He lives lavishly in a large mansion hidden from the human world, although he loves to mingle with them in their clubs and such. His mother sees this as dangerous, since he could easily be ousted. Her traditional ways cause her to caution him about humans and what could and possibly would happen if they ever found out about him. Caine brushes it off as mere paranoia and is convinced no human would ever have the chance to harm him. To his mother’s disapproval, Caine continues to live his life recklessly, going to clubs, and luring human females to their death.

On one particular night Caine lures out, who he believes to be, a human female only to find she was a witch. As punishment for trying to kill her, she wiped his mind leaving him to roam the streets. When he attacked someone on the street, the police were called and he was arrested. He was placed in a mental institute where he killed several orderlies and patients. Eventually he is taken by the government and studied. It is decided to bring in a specialist to help with his memory problems.


YC is a psychiatrist for the FBI who is called in as a specialist for a classified case. When she arrives, she will find MC being held by the government. She doesn’t believe in vampires ect and at first will believe that MC is simply delusional and treats him as such. Eventually she will come to realize he is what he claims to be. Throughout the story he will start to remember things about his past.


Anywhere from 25-35
History etc. up to you
NO Emo, Scene, Anime, Selfies, or Self drawn.


I never thought I would need to do this, but I have found I do so:

<li> READ EVERYTHING!!! I spend a lot of time writing out the background and such for the rp, please take the time to read it before building your character or making your first post. Certain details are there because I want them there. Pay attention. That is all I ask.

<li>Write more than one paragraph. Use description when writing. For the love of god give me something to respond to. If I wanted a chat room rp I would be in a chat room rp. I’m not saying your response has to be a full book, but please give me at least two or three well written paragraphs. And add to the story. Do not stop where I stopped. Move the story forward.

<li>Do not god mod me. I understand that when engaging in sexual contact some ‘god modding’ is necessary, you can touch me etc. But do not write how I react to something or what I say or do. It’s just rude and frustrates the hell out of me. Don’t do it.

<li>We all have lives, and I have a fairly busy one. I have school, shows, and a wife. I may not be able to respond every day or several times a day. Sometimes I have busy weekends and dates with my wife. DO NOT POKE ME! The first time I get online and have a response and see poke, the rp will end right then. Be patient with me and I will be patient with you.

<li>Grammar. I shouldn’t HAVE to pull out an urban dictionary to figure out what the fuck you just wrote. Use proper grammar. Write out numbers (one, two, three, etc.) Mr., Mrs., Dr. this is okay; I’m not THAT much of a nazi.

<li>I’m a huge fan of inboxing to discuss plot twists and changes etc. So please do. If you have an idea inbox me, run it by me. I will probably LOVE it. Be creative.

<li>HAVE FUN. That’s pretty much it.

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Medical Journal of Dr. Kevin Herd
23rd, October
Subject 4A36B: Name unknown. Subject was brought in to be studied and observed. Appears to suffer from an unknown form of amnesia. No physical cause can be found. Only conclusion, must be psychological. Subject also suffers from severe vampirism. His constant need for blood is extreme and has caused the subject to become violent. Blood tests have come back unusual. There appears to be special healing properties, along with other chemical make ups never seen before. Further tests are needed.

13th, November
Subject 4A36B: Name unknown. The staff has gone to calling the subject 36. Subject appears annoyed by the name, but still has no memory of his real name. Special provisions have been put into effect since an incident 3 days ago. All lab assistants have been informed not to make direct eye contact with subject. After initial belief vampirism was mental, it is now believed it is physical. Further tests of the subject’s blood show it has the ability to add strength and speed to the lab rats when injected. Special instructions have come from higher ups asking for more tests.

25th, December
Subject 4A36B: Name Unknown. I would rather be home with my family; however, another incident has occurred. Subject attacked yet another lab assistant during a blood draw. Our attempts to learn more about the subject’s history has failed. It has been suggested we bring in a specialist. I will consider it.

5th, January
Subject 4A36B: Name Unknown. A special request has been sent for a therapist. It is believed she may be able to help break the subject’s silence. Entire program has been classified as top secret. The subject is becoming more agitated by his incarceration. We are having to feed him blood to keep him calm. Some of the assistants are uncomfortable with the practice. I’m not sure how I feel yet.

Dr. Herd placed his glasses on his desk and rubbed his temples. He didn’t like the idea of bringing in an outside therapist, but none of the ones on staff had been able to get their special guest to talk. When he did speak it was spiteful and angry. 36 was becoming quite the handful. His phone rang. With a tired toned he answered. “Sorry to bother you doctor, but a Dr. Lucy Jackson is here to see you.” Dr. Herd thanked the receptionist and hung up. She was here. Taking a deep breath, and a shot of whiskey, Dr. Herd stood and exited his office. The main facility lay several stories underground. Dr. Jackson would be waiting on the ground floor above them. Hopefully the proper steps were taken to give her clearance to the facility.

When the elevator doors finally opened Dr. Herd stepped out and searched the room for his new therapist. Spotting her almost instantly he straightened his glasses and lab coat, approached her and put out his hand. “Dr Lucy Jackson? I’m Dr. Herd. I run this facility.” He gestured to the elevator. “Please, follow me.”
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Lucy had just woken up when she revived the phone call. A man on the other end of the phone introduced himself as a Dr. Herd. Judging from the sound of his voice she judged him to be about forty to forty five years of age. Stumbling to her small kitchen she pressed the start button on her coffee pot and sat down as he started to tell her about the nature of the phone call. Hearing that he ran a facility and that he had been dealing with a male that had vampirism she raised her eyebrows and listened more what the doctor had to say, since she was quite interested now. Looking at the clock on the coffee pot she ran her fingers through her hair and told Dr. Herd that she would be at his facility in about two hours.

Hanging up her phone she grabbed a cup and some cream and sugar and poured herself a cup of coffee. Lucy wasn't a very nice person without her caffeine and neither was her father. Smiling softly she looked out the window and watched as the rain came down. It was going to be a very cold day and from what Dr. Herd had told her it was going to be a long day also. Sighing softly she picked up her cup and walked into her living-room and over to her bookcase. Grabbing a book she flipped through it brushing up on people who suffer form vampirism. After reading for an hour she got up and placed her empty cup in the sink. Waling into her bedroom she stripped and turned on the shower. Letting the hot water run over her body and hair she stared at the wall.

Getting out she dried off and wrapped the towel around her she walked over to the closet and pulled out of black slacks and a blue button up blouse. Getting dressed she put on some socks and her men's dress shoes. She may be a woman but she hated dressing in skirts and dresses, but did when she had to which was not often thank God. Going back down to the living-room she grabbed her satchel and placed her folders and tape recorder in it as well as her ID.

Lucy walked to her car and got in and took off for the facility. After pulling to the gate she stopped and pulled out her ID for the guard to see. "My name is Dr Lucy Jackson, I was called in by a Dr. Herd." She looked around and saw guards with rifles and guns on their hips. What in the hell did she get herself into? Looking up when the guard spoke she smiled and thanked him as she took back her ID. Pulling forward she parked in the visitors parking. Lucy got out and grabbed the black and red jacket she kept in the back of her car and put it on as she walked to her car.

Walking in she smiled at the receptionist and told the woman her name and why she was here. She looked around the place and looked over at the elevators as they opened. Seeing a man in a lab coat step out she smiled softly and held out her hand for him to shake. "Pleasure to meet you Dr Herd." Letting go of her hand she followed him and said " On the phone you said that the person you have, has a case of vampirism. What else can you tell me?"
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Dr. Herd was nervous, and he had every reason to be. He glanced at Dr. Jackson sideways. The elevator jerked starting it’s decent downwards. He didn’t speak at first. He wasn’t entirely sure what to say. Yes, over the phone he had mentioned the vampirism. What he didn’t tell her was that he wasn’t just a human with a psychological disorder. Subject 4A36B was, in fact, a vampire. An old one, from what they could tell. Problem was, the subject suffered from amnesia and had no recollection of where he was from or who he was. The only facts Dr. Herd had come from the tests they had conducted on him.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened with a ding. Dr. Herd stood back allowing Dr. Jackson to exit first. He followed walking along side of her. “Not much, sadly.” He finally stated. “From what we can tell he suffers from some sort of amnesia. He’s violent, manipulative, and very dangerous.” The doctor lead Dr. Jackson down a long corridor. They came to a door with an armed guard. Dr. Herd showed his ID then swiped a key car unlocking the door. “He was initially arrested by the local police. He managed to kill one cop and severely injured three more before they were able to contain him.” They came to another door with yet another armed guard. Dr. Herd repeated the process and continued down the hall turning left once and stopping at a large set of double doors. “Initially they believed he was an escaped mental patient. When that fell through hey stuck him in jail. A mistake.” The doctor entered a code and the doors opened. “He killed his cell mate and three guards. Eventually he ended up here.”

Dr. Herd lead Dr. Jackson into a large open room. Computers and lab tables were scattered about the room. Several monitors lined the room. Some with vital signs others were video cameras all fixed on a large clear cell in the center of the room. Dr. Herd stopped a lab assistant and whispered in his ear. The young man nodded and walked over to a set of switches. A couple moments later lights came on around the cell. Dr. Herd nodded to the cell. “Dr. Jackson. Meet 36.”

“Stop calling me that.” The subject sat up on a bed in the cell and glared at the doctor. With a quick and easy movement, he swung his legs around and stood before he stalked to edge of the cell placing his hand on the clear walls. He held it there for a moment before pulling away seemingly in pain. “ I hate that name.” He said darkly.

“Well, until you can tell us your real name, what are we supposed to call you?” Dr. Herd asked with a hint of sarcasm.
The man in the cell growled a low sound then turned his dark gaze on the female in the room. “Who are you?” he asked cocking his head slightly.
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Stepping into the elevator with Dr Herd she noticed he didn't answer her question right away. Feeling the elevator jerk she looked at doors while they were going down. Hearing him speak she looked over at him and noticed that he was worried. Hearing what he was saying about the subject she jumped slightly at the ding of the elevator. Swearing softly she stepped out ant followed him. "Oh he sounds charming already." She followed him down a hall and stopped when he did. She smiled softly at the guard thinking that he was a little cute. Looking back at the doctor as he opened the door she walked beside him and turned slightly to listen to him as he talked.

Hearing what the subject did she shook her head. This guy must be one sick little puppy. "Good Lord. Any chance he was on some sort of drugs?" Coming to another door she saw him do the same thing and walked in. "Is there any way I can look at the notes or files you have on him?" she looked around and saw people in lab coats, computers with images the video cameras were pointing at. She took off her satchel and jacket and placed them in a empty chair. She should have grabbed some coffee from her house. Looking over at Dr Herd she saw a young man whisper something in his ear and looked back.

Seeing lights come on around a cell she looked at the man that was branded with the name 36. Watching him sit up she crossed her arms over her chest. Somehow in her mind she saw him as a man, and a man at that. A man with a big mental problem. Hearing 36 say he hated the name the Doctor and his team gave him she looked at the doctor then back at him. She could tell he was angry since he growled. For some reason it had a way of making a chill run down her spine. Looking back at 36 when he asked who she was she said "I'm Dr Jackson. I'm a psychiatrist." She knew better then to give patients full details of herself. Looking at Dr Herd she said, "Funny I pictured something along the lines of an Ann Rice novel" Looking at 36 she had to admit he was rather attractive for someone claiming to be a vampire
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36 raised his brow and laughed. “A shrink?” He looked to Dr. Herd. “You got me a shrink?” He snapped his gaze back to the female doctor and sneered at her comment. He stalked closer to her, standing only inches from the cell. He narrowed his eyes at her. “Anne Rice is a hack. “He spat at her.
“Behave.” Dr. Herd warned.
“Or what, doctor? You’ll put me in time out? “36 raised his arms gesturing to the cell. “I’m already IN time out.” He turned his attention back to the pretty female doctor. “Dr. Jackson, is it? I don’t know what they told you. But I’m not crazy.” He focused his eyes on her in an attempt to meet her eyes. “You’re pretty for a doctor.” His voice came out smooth.

“Doctor, don’t.” Dr. Herd quickly moved between Dr. Jackson and 36. The man in the cell growled again hitting the cell wall. “Don’t look at him directly. Don’t ever make eye contact with him.”

“You never let me have any fun.” 36 stated like a child pouting.

“You’ve had enough fun.” Dr. Herd said over his shoulder still facing Dr. Jackson. “Come with me. I have some things to show you.”

Dr. Herd lead Dr. Jackson to his office. Once inside he closed the door and motioned for her to have a seat. He pulled a very thick file from his file cabinet and tossed it on his desk in front of her. In large print, the words TOP SECRET were printed on the front. “That’s his file. It includes everything. His arrest records. Everyone he has ever killed or hurt; that we know of.” He rubbed his forehead. “It also includes all of the tests we have done. And theories we have about him. What we don’t know is anything about his history. His name, where he came from. None of it. His prints don’t show up in any databases. It’s like… he doesn’t exist.” Dr. Herd took a seat and leaned back allowing her to look over everything. “I know you are a bit of a specialist in…unusual cases. I need your help figuring out who he is.”
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Watching as 36 react when she told him she was a psychiatrist told her that he had one hell of an attitude problem. She stepped back from the cage a bit and watched as 36 and Dr Herd went back and forth with each other. She could tell they acted like this ever time they were around each other. Hearing 36 say that he wasn't crazy she looked at him. What happened next she didn't really know. One minute she was looking at him when he called her pretty then she was hearing Dr Herd tell her not to look him in the eyes. Snapping out of what ever she was in she looked Dr Herd.

Gasping softly she nodded when Dr. Herd asked her to follow him. Looking back at 36 she could tell that something was powerful about him but she couldn't figure out how. Walking into a small office she sat down and looked around then looked back at the doctor. Watching him grab a thick file and toss it to her she picked it up as she listened to him speak. She opened the file and read some of what the doctors have done to him as far as test. Looking up at Herd when he said that it was like 36 didn't exist. Raising a n eyebrow she said "As far as his prints go he could have burned them off or had them removed some sort of way" She continued to look at the file and said "Either he is pretending that he does't remember who he is or he really doesn't know who he is. The trick is trying to figure out which one it is" she was about to say something else when her stomach growled.

She could feel her face turning red. "Sorry. I didn't have anything to eat this morning." she ignored what her body was telling her and said "I'll help you figure out who he is." She looked Herd in the eyes and could tell he was keeping something from her but couldn't tell what is was. Hearing her stomach growl even louder she sighed softly. Maybe she had something to eat in her satchel but doubted it.
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The doctor listened intently at Dr. Jackson’s theories about his fingerprints and amnesia. He nodded in agreement. “I thought that too. It seems so convenient to me. And there is no sign of physical damage to him.” He smiled. “Maybe you can get it out of him.” Dr. Herd gave a slight laugh when she apologized. “Don’t be sorry. I can’t tell you how often I have gone without eating. We actually have a café down here to keep us fed. There have been times we aren’t allowed to leave.” His expression went blank for a moment. He was remembering something, but shook it off and forced a smile. “I’ll show you where it is.” He stood again. “In his file is a list of procedures. It’s very important you follow them when dealing with him.” The doctor got very serious. “He may not look like much Miss Jackson. But believe me when I tell you, he is probably the most dangerous predator on the planet.” He looked off. “If he’s the only one.” He said under his breath. It had occurred to him 36 may not be the only vampire out there. Until now, he was under the belief they didn’t exist at all. “Let me show you where the food is.” Dr. Herd opened his office door and waited for Dr. Jackson to exit first so he could escort her to the café.

36 sat on the edge of the bed staring into the room full of doctors, scientists, and lab assistants. His arms were resting on his knees with his fingers touching just in front of him. He focused on what everyone was doing. They were all taking down readings, performing tests, or watching monitors. One particularly young male lab assistant was preparing several syringes. He narrowed his eyes at the boy. He knew what the needles were for, and frankly he was tired of it. After a few moments, the boy walked over pushing a cart with the syringes on it. “I need your arm 36.”
“Fuck you.” The prisoner answered with a snarl. The boy shook his head before he reached over and pushed a button. Several small UV lights built into the cell came on filling the room with light. 36 felt the pain of the light on his skin. He knew it wouldn’t kill him, but in this concentration, it hurt like hell. He grit his teeth and closed his eyes bending over. The light faded after a few moments and 36 felt the pain fade as well. He straightened his body and glared at the boy. “I’m going to kill you.” He growled. The boy smirked and reached over to hit the button again. 36 moved putting up a hand in protest.

The boy stopped and looked at him. “You going to cooperate?”
36 nodded and walked over to a section of the cell with a small cut out just big enough for his arm. He did as the assistant asked and stuck it through the hole. The assistant then took hold of him and started to draw blood. He hated the way it felt having his blood drawn. He kept his dark silvery eyes fixed on the boy hoping he would slip up and look at him. He could tell the boy was nervous being this close to him. This made him smile a dark smile. The boy’s fingers started to tremble and he dropped one of the syringes. “Shit” he swore. That’s when he made his mistake. The boy bent down to retrieve the syringe letting go of 36’s arm. When he stood back up, 36 was ready. His hand gripped around the boy’s throat, nails dug into flesh. The boy struggled in the man’s grip. Both hands wrapped around his wrist as he slowly started to lose consciousness.

It took several seconds before anyone noticed there was something wrong. One of the doctors hit the alarm button. 36 pulled the boy as close to the cell as he could. “I told you, I was going to kill you.” He said with a dark smile. Several doctors and assistants ran over in an attempt to free the boy. His nails dug into the boy’s flesh and crushed his windpipe. Moments later the cell was flooded with UV light. 36 dropped the dying boy and backed away screaming out in pain. He covered himself best he could until the light faded. When he opened his eyes, he found several armed guards had entered the room all aiming guns at him. Normally he wouldn’t care, but these guards were armed with special ammo. Silver tipped. Two males drug the boy away and started CPR. 36 sat back on his bed and laughed. He knew the boy would die. Watching the commotion, he licked the blood form his fingers. A moment later Dr. Herd was running into the room. Clearly, the alarm had gotten his attention.
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Lucy looked at Herd and smiled softly. "Well first off I would need him to trust me, but Dr. Herd I do not wish to lie to him." She smiled when he hold her not to apologize. Hearing that they had a cafe she smiled and said, "Oh please don't be joking. Right now I'm so hungry I could eat a horse." Looking at the file she closed it when he offered to show her the was to the cafe. Standing up she looked him in the eyes when he said that 36 was the most dangerous man on the planet. " That Dr Herd is one thing I believe" Walking out she grabbed her satchel and placed the folder in her bag. Looking at 36 one more time she turned and walked out the door and followed Dr Herd to the cafe.

Her stomach growled louder as she smelled the food that was coming from the small cafe and opened the door. She could feel her mouth watering as she sat down and looked at the menu. Ordering a sweet tea and a coffee to drink she couldn't decide what to eat. Settling down on a roast beef sandwich and a side soup. Pulling out the file she looked over the procedures on how to handle him when being around him. Seeing that never looking him in the eyes was the very first. She quickly closed the folder when the waiter came with her order and smiled and said a small thanks. She smiled and took a bite of her sandwich and nearly choked when she heard the alarms going off.

Dr. Herd burst through the door and asked what happened. Talking to a doctor he got the full detail and looked at 36. Walking over to the cage he saw 36's fingers were covered in blood. Sighing softly he flipped a switch which allowed the UV lights to come on but a half power. Seeing him crawl into a corner he walked over to it and knelt down and said "You know if you behaved I would be inclined to give you a tad bit more freedom , but every time I think that for once you will play nice you don't so this is your punishment."

Lucy finished her meal and paid for it. Putting the coffee in a togo cup she walked back to the lab. Seeing the people running around and the guards she saw the doctor over at the cell with 36 in the corner. Walking over she stood behind Herd she said " I would like a moment alone with him. Don't worry doctor I'll be fine. If I need you I will let you know." She gave the doctor a look that told him she meant what she said. Watching him go she knelt down and looked over the cell. "I'm willing to make you a deal. You behave and let me help you, and I'll see if I can get the guys in the lab coats to back off a bit" She could tell that the UV lights were hurting him even if they were at half
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The vampire glared at Dr. Herd. His hatred for the man ran deep. Over the last several months, the doctor had conducted test after test on him. Blood tests, mental tests, even physical tests which had caused pain and discomfort. He sucked at his fingers, taunting the doctor. His smirk fell however the instant the lights came on. 36 made an animalistic sound as he covered himself and scurried over to a corner, desperately trying to hide from the knawing pain. He heard the doctor speaking to him in that parent speaking to a child kind of way. 36 peered from his crouched position and growled at the doctor. He swung out hitting the clear wall between him and his tormentor. Dr. Herd flinched from the action but didn’t move. 36 kept his palm on the wall for as long as he could stand. It was a battle of wills between the two, which 36 lost every time. His hand burned against the specially made plexi glass. Tiny threads of silver had been infused into the walls. “When I get out of here, doctor, I will kill you.” The vampire spoke between grit teeth and eventually, he pulled back his hand and cradled it.

The doctor swallowed from the threat, but keep his face neutral. He knew the vampire was serious and if he ever did get out there was a good chance the doctor would die. Of course, so would everyone else in the facility. It was only a month ago there had been an attempt to escape. Luckily the vampire had only made it through the first security check before he was met with armed guards. The vampire was brought down, and more security was put in place. Their guest really was a pain in the ass.

Dr. Herd glanced behind himself when he saw Miss Jackson had joined them. Damn. He hadn’t wanted her to see this. 36 peered from the corner when he heard the female doctor’s voice. His eyes darted back and forth between the two as they conversed. He wasn’t sure what was being said, but Dr. Herd walked away leaving her alone with him. The light in the box was blinding and his skin was burning from it. Even at such a low setting the UV was enough to cause him pain. He eyed Dr. Jackson with his dark silvery eyes. She was offering him help. Help? Why would she want to help him? Clearly, he was suspicious of her motives. He curled his lips into a sneer. “You wanna help me? He growled. “Turn off those FUCKING LIGHTS!”
“36!” Dr. Herd hadn’t left the room and was warning the vampire.
Seeing no other way, 36 nodded in a quick motion. “Fine. I’ll behave.” He just wanted the pain to stop. He wanted to go home; where ever home was. The light faded and 36 took in several deep relieving breaths. He turned his crouched body to face Dr. Jackson. He sat back against the edge of the bed. Sliding one leg out, he rested his arm on the knee still bent. A quick glance at his hand showed he had held on a little too long this time. A crisscross pattern permanently marked his palm. “So, Doctor,” He cocked his head. “How do you plan on…helping me.” He said the last two words with a hint of sarcasm.
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Lucy grabbed a chair and say in it. Reaching for her coffee she took a sip and set the cup on the floor. She saw one of the doctors come up to her and whispered something in her ear. Nodding softly she looked at 36 and said " Well for starters I was thinking about naming you something other then 36" she looked at him making sure to avoid his eyes. She stood up and walked over to the cage and knocked on it.

Whatever the cage was made of it was doing its job of keeping him in. Walking over to the corner were his bed was she looked at him. "That is my one of my gifts to you. You hate being called 36 yet you can't remember your real name. So either I can come up with a name for you or you can choose one yourself" she really hoped that 36 would at least trust her a little bit. " The other thing is the boys in the lab need another sample of your blood. I know getting blood drawn is a bitch, and you hate almost everyone here but I'm willing to draw the sample. At least I'll be a bit nicer of you let me"
Sep 20, 2017, 12:59pm

He raised a curious brow at Dr. Jackson. She was offering to give him a new name. He really didn’t like being called 36. It reminded him he was nothing more than a lab rat to these people. The vampire narrowed his eyes and watched the good doctor walk to his cage and tap on it. He smirked at her. Even he was aware of the irony that something so simple could hold him in place. The plexi itself was a good 6 inches thick. It wasn’t the cage itself that held him however, but the small threads of silver that were woven into the walls. As a vampire, he was highly sensitive to it. It was the one thing that could truly kill him.

His ears perked when she called it a gift. It would be nice to have a normal name. He slid his legs under himself and stood with ease, pleased that the UV’s had been turned off. He watched her carefully, suspicious of her actions. Why did she want to help him so badly? He chose not to answer her about the name, but instead glared at the lab techs standing by waiting. They called him a monster when it was they who bled him like a pig. They always took, but never returned. But there was something about this female doctor that had him intrigued. Maybe she could help him. Maybe he could use her as a way to get out of this damned cage. Finally, after several silent moments, 36 stalked over to the small opening in the cell. He looked at Dr. Jackson. “I want you to do it.” He said simply and cold. With that he stuck his arm through the hole and waited.

A lab tech let out a breath he had been holding and took the supplies over to Dr. Jackson. “Remember, don’t make eye contact. But don't look away either. Always be aware of where he is.” He then stepped back showing a sign of relief that he didn’t have to attempt it. After what had happened to the last tech, who could blame him.

36 eyed Dr. Jackson and the tech. He dreaded that feeling of having his blood taken from him. It didn’t hurt per say, but without a supply to feed, he was feeling the drain it took on him. “What would you call me?” He asked watching her carefully.
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Sep 21, 2017, 02:06am

Hearing him so that he wanted her to draw the blood she nodded and walked over to the opening. Rolling her sleeves up on her shirt she put on some gloves and listened to the lab tech as he talked to her. She saw Dr Herd best the switch for the UV lights and shook her head at him.

Taking the syringe she moved the shirt up on his arm and found a vein to draw from. Looking at him for a moment she could tell he was hungry. Hearing his question she smiled softly and said "Well I have a feeling that you wouldn't like the name stubborn asshole." She looked up at him and smiled. "I was thinking about the name Damian. What do you think?" She pressed the needle into his vein and took several samples for the techs.

When she was done she withdrew the needle as gently as she could and handed them to the lab techs and took off her gloves. "There that wasn't that bad was it?" Walking over to one of the lab boys she told them to draw some of her blood. Lucy saw Dr Herd come over to protest but quickly shut him down.

After a good bit of her blood was drawn she walked the cup over to the opening and handed it to him. "Your other gift since you behaved" she sat in the chair and closed her eyes for a moment. She was staying to feel the effect of the blood lots but would be fine. "Now to get to work on trying to figure out who you really are."

Dr Herd was rather impressed. She managed to draw blood from 36 without him doing her throat out.
Sep 21, 2017, 10:04am

The vampire flashed his eyes to Dr. Herd watching him prepare for the worst by placing his hand on the switch to the UV lights. He pulled his lip back slightly and growled. He attention was brought back to Dr. Jackson. However, when she gestured to the doctor no. Maybe he could trust her. 36 watched as she pulled up her own sleeves. His eyes fixed on that vein that runs down through the wrist. He pressed his tongue against his fangs wanting to break that thin skin and taste her. When he felt her hands touch him to move his own sleeve he had a moment of wanting to grab her. He flexed his hand for a moment letting the tips of his fingers touch her skin. Deciding against it, he closed his hand and made a fist allowing her to take the needed blood.

He cocked a brow and smirked at her. “No, I don’t suppose I would.” He gave the name thought. Damian was better than 36. The name wasn’t completely lost on him either. Most of the techs here saw him as a demon. It was only appropriate he be named after the son of the devil. His thought was interrupted by the feel of the needle entering his flesh. He actually cringed from it. Over the last several months they had taken several pints of blood form him. Problem was, his body didn’t replenish it naturally and Dr. Herd refused to feed him properly; at first because he believed he was simply a crazy human, and now because he felt it was immoral. So 36… Damian… was left feeling weak and starved. No wonder he had a bad attitude.

The moment Dr. Jackson released him he pulled his arm back cradling the spot where she had stuck the needle. His head spun more than usual and for a moment he thought he might actually pass out. He watched the interaction between Dr. Herd and Dr. Jackson. He narrowed his eyes confused by what was going on. “Are you insane?” Dr. Herd was saying. “You can’t…” But he was stopped by Dr. Jackson. Damian watched the techs do as she asked and started to take her blood. Did she want them to do tests on her too? What for? It was when they placed the blood in a cup that Damian became truly confused.

He backed away from the cell wall feeling suspicious of her. He eyed the cup in her hand. Hesitantly he reached out to take the cup. He was sure she would pull it back and tease him. To his surprise however, she didn’t. He took the cup and backed away again. His eyes darted from her to Dr. Herd to the techs who all stood watching him. He looked down at the red liquid. Feeling satisfied it wasn’t a trick he quickly downed the blood, feeling the difference almost immediately. He swallowed the last drop then crushed the cup and tossed it aside. His eyes fell on the female doctor who appeared slightly weakened form her own blood loss. He walked over and sat on the floor just on front of her. He cocked his head at her statement. “And how do you plan on doing that?”
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Sep 21, 2017, 10:41am

Lucy took another sip of her coffee and set it down. Looking at him she said "In your file it states that you can get people to do what you want when they look at you in the eyes." She watched him for a moment and reached for a pen and notebook that was on the table next to her.

" I am going to try that on you but you will have your eyes closed. The one thing about memory loss is it happens when something very traumatic happens or when you hit your head to hard. The second one we can rule out."

Lucy looked at him and asked "Is there anything that has came back to you? Like when your sleeping? No flashes of people's face or places you've been?"
Sep 21, 2017, 11:02am

The newly named Damian watched Miss Jackson carefully. He raised a brow at her and smirked. “Does it?” He responded with a hint of sarcasm. He knew damn good and well what he was capable of doing. He wouldn’t mind trying his little mind trick on the pretty doctor. He listened to her plan. “You want to hypnotize me?” He shook his head and stood. “I don’t think so.” He was not comfortable with the idea of losing control. On the other hand, he wanted to remember who he was. Surely there as a different way to do this. “I didn’t hit my head. I don’t remember any traumatic experience.”

He started to pace his cage. She was asking questions about what he might remember. She was asking about dreams. He hadn’t spoken to anyone about his dreams. They were more like nightmares. It was always dark with shadows of people. He could never see their faces or hear what they were saying. He shook his head frustrated from his lack of memory. Then it came to him. A woman. A single woman. He had dreamed of her recently. She was speaking to him but there was no sound. He tried desperately to remember what she looked like. “I think… A woman. She’s standing over me, but not in a sexual way. She’s speaking to me and smiling. I can’t hear her though. But she feels comforting. I feel….” He stopped talking and shook his head again. “I feel nothing.” He said coldly locking his eyes with Miss Jackson’s.
He had a moment where he could have easily taken her mind, but something stopped him. So far, this woman had done nothing to him. She was kind and had fed him. She wanted to help him. He looked away breaking their eye contact. “I can’t see anything else. It’s always black, dark. All I see are shadows.” Damian sat on his bed and put his head in his hands. This whole thing was frustrating to him.
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Sep 21, 2017, 11:26am

Lucy listened to him tell her what he remembered. Hearing him talk about a woman she wrote it down and said "This woman she could be a mother type figure since you said it isn't sexual." She watched him sit on the bed and placed his head in his hands. "I know this is frustrating for your Damian but if you allow me I will help you figure out who you really are"

"I want you to try something for me" she set the pen and notebook down and leaned forward a bit. " Come here and sit in front of me" she got up and say in front of his cage and waited for him to sit down in front of her. When he finally did she said "Now I want you to close your eyes, empty your mind, and focus on my voice." She watched him do what he was told and continued speaking. "Don't force yourself to remember, allow yourself to" she noticed Dr Herd on the other side of the cell but ignored him. " Try to make the dark shadows reveal what they really are. Stay calm, breath in and out evenly" she grabbed the notebook and pen ready to write down some more.

"I want to to try and remember something about your life before the loss of your memory, even if it doesn't make sense at first I want you to tell me what you see"
Sep 21, 2017, 11:48am

It felt right when the doctor said the woman was probably a mother figure. She felt familiar to him. He looked up at Dr. Jackson. She was telling him to come sit closer to her. She either trusted him or was stupid. No one liked being close to him. Reluctantly he slid to the floor and crawled over to the edge of the cell, careful not to touch the wall. He rolled his eyes at her when she spoke of closing his eyes. “this won’t work Doctor.” He said skeptical. Shaking his head, he closed his eyes and sighed heavily. He crossed his legs Indian-style and relaxed his body placing his arms on his knees. He listened to her voice forcing himself to focus on it. He focused on the tone and the words. He did as she said with his breathing. Taking in air then letting it out slowly.

It surprised him when he was in the dark room with the shadows. It like his dream, only he wasn’t asleep. They all had shapes of different sizes. Slowly faces appeared, but he couldn’t recognize any of them. The room also began to show itself a little at a time. The walls were tall and made from stone with arches. The floor was marble. The people were all watching him. He felt scared, self-conscious, and young. He was a child. “I’m a kid.” He said telling the doctor what he saw. “The shadows are people I don’t know. I see…my mother. She’s dressed in fine clothes. A long dress with ruffles. I see… a man. He’s smiling at me. He called me son. It’s a party. I don’t know what for. Everyone is dressed in fancy clothes. Not modern clothes but period clothes. Victorian maybe.” Damian cringed visibly. “Everything changed. Everyone is screaming and running. The man is calling to me. He’s telling me to run. I’m grabbed by someone. I’m reaching out to him. He’s fighting someone.” Damian’s breathing was becoming quick and erratic. “They have weapons.” Damian stops speaking and watches the scene before him. A masked male stabs the man he now knows was his father. “NO!” Damian cries out and reaches for the cell wall. The silver burns his skin bringing him out of the vision.

He looks at the doctor. Fear radiates in his eyes. A single tear rolls down his cheek. “They killed him.” He said trembling. “They killed my father.”
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Sep 21, 2017, 12:09pm

Lucy watched him as he remembered. She wrote it down as he was talking to her. When his breathing became more erratic. She looked at him and said "Damian slow your breathing." She set the pen and notebook a side and moved closer to the cell.

Watching his reaction when he opened his eyes made something inside her feel for him. Seeing the tear roll down his cheek she looked at the ground before looking at him. "I'm so sorry" she sat back and took a deep breath. Looking at him she said " It could have been a past life that you tapped into. It's not possible for someone to still be alive who lived in that time period" looking at the clock she saw that the day was half over with. "I'm going to have to go soon. If you want I'll come back tomorrow and we can try again. Would you like for me to bring you anything? You must be board out of your mind with nothing to do"
Sep 21, 2017, 12:26pm

Damian shook his head. He knew better. It wasn’t a past life. It was his life. This much he knew. He took slow breaths finding his control again. He wiped at the tear and quickly became the cold killer he always was. He stood when she spoke about leaving. “I’d like that.” He said to her coming back the next day. Hell, it was better than dealing with Dr. Herd all day. He then shook his head. “I don’t need anything except to be let out of this damned cell.” He snapped. He was angry again. A common trait of his. For some reason, he had a soft spot for Dr. Jackson. “Thank you.” He said to her. He meant it. Having a thought, he looked at her. “Dr. Jackson. Why don’t you ask them what they are doing with my blood.”
He flashed his eyes to Dr. Herd who was now glaring at him. The only information not included in the vampires file was the secret tests they had been conducting with the blood. He had no intention of telling their new psychiatrist about it. “I think that’s enough for today.” He spoke up. “36…Damian, say goodbye to Dr. Jackson.”

“Au revoir, Miss Jackson. I will see you tomorrow.” Damian smiled at her before turning his smirk back to Dr. Herd. He knew he probably wouldn’t tell her the truth, but he had opened the door. He wondered what she would think if she knew the government’s plans to use his blood as a weapon.
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Sep 22, 2017, 02:13am

Lucy stood up and felt a little faint from the blood loss. Grabbing the chair for balance she looked at Damian and smiled softly when he stated that all he needed was to get out of the cell. "Well how about this...I can see if they can let you out for a little while tomorrow if you A) behave and don't hurt any one and B) you have to promise me that you won't try to escape. If you can promise me those two things I'll see what I can do but I'm the meantime I want you to do something for me. Do what we did today and try to remember more about yourself. " She grabbed some paper and a pencle and handed it to him through the opening. When he reached for it she said " anything that comes to your mind you write it down and we will go over it tomorrow" hearing him say thank you to her she smiled and said "You're welcome Damian"

Hearing him ask her if she could see that the techs were doing to his blood she looked at Dr Herd and saw him glaring at Damian. Those two must have had a very rocky start with each other.

Lucy put on her jacket and grabbed her satchel and turned towards Damian. "Au Revoir Damian. Remember if you behave I'll see what I can do. Try to have a good night and don't hurt anyone ok?" She turned and walked out of the doors and turned to Dr Herd. "So doctor. Just what are you doing with his blood anyways. The thing is if he is human like you state he is you wouldn't need so much of his blood." She put her hand up and said "And I have a feeling I already know what question your going to ask me. If he is human then why did I give him some of my blood to drink? I did it because I wanted him to know he can trust me" she looked at him and started walking towards the other set of doors

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