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Who am I? {Mature/Fantasy/LF Human Female}
sweet_dreams MykalKhrystian

Caine Devereux

Actual age- 263
Appears- 25-30

Full-blooded Vampire

Sexual Orientation:

Physical Characteristics


Silvery Black




*Sexual Sadist
*Short tempered
*Hot headed

*Causing pain

*The Weak
*Being lied to


*Sunlight (although it will not kill him, it does weaken his powers)
*His constant need for blood

*Heightened speed
*Heightened strength
*all other senses are very sharp (eye sight, hearing, smell, etc.)


Elizabeth Devereux; pure-breed Vampire.

Dimitri Devereux; pure-breed Vampire. (Deceased)

Born among the hierarchy of a French vampire coven, Caine was deemed the prodigal son. His father, Dimitri, was a great leader and Master to all his made children. He was a strong, ruthless and feared creature among those who knew him. His mother, Elizabeth, was a woman of high poise. She treated her only son with great respect and love; raising him to be the strong leader he would need to be once his father could no longer do the task. That time came much sooner than expected, when the coven was attacked by an army of slayers. Caine was only a child; twelve years old to be exact; when both he and his mother were forced by his father to hide while he and many of the other vampires fought the vicious army. The vampires won, but not many survived. When Caine and his mother emerged from their sanctuary, they found most of the coven had been slaughtered; including his father. Elizabeth made the decision to move the coven from France to America, where they were given the name Devereux. Only a small handful of the once large coven was left. It was put on Caine to rebuild and lead the vampires, but he was too young. He would have some growing up to do before he could officially take over as Master. Until then, he led through his mother, taking her advice when needed. The coven started to grow once again as they took new members as often as they could; making sure it was Caine’s blood they drank giving him power over them.

A couple hundred years later and Caine is known to be just as ruthless as his father; if not more so. The coven is once again vast and considered one of the largest and most powerful among vampire kind. Caine rules with little patience, and despises those who fail him. He lives lavishly in a large mansion hidden from the human world, although he loves to mingle with them in their clubs and such. His mother sees this as dangerous, since he could easily be ousted. Her traditional ways cause her to caution him about humans and what could and possibly would happen if they ever found out about him. Caine brushes it off as mere paranoia and is convinced no human would ever have the chance to harm him. To his mother’s disapproval, Caine continues to live his life recklessly, going to clubs, and luring human females to their death.

On one particular night Caine lures out, who he believes to be, a human female only to find she was a witch. As punishment for trying to kill her, she wiped his mind leaving him to roam the streets. When he attacked someone on the street, the police were called and he was arrested. He was placed in a mental institute where he killed several orderlies and patients. Eventually he is taken by the government and studied. It is decided to bring in a specialist to help with his memory problems.


YC is a psychiatrist for the FBI who is called in as a specialist for a classified case. When she arrives, she will find MC being held by the government. She doesn’t believe in vampires ect and at first will believe that MC is simply delusional and treats him as such. Eventually she will come to realize he is what he claims to be. Throughout the story he will start to remember things about his past.


Anywhere from 25-35
History etc. up to you
NO Emo, Scene, Anime, Selfies, or Self drawn.


I never thought I would need to do this, but I have found I do so:

<li> READ EVERYTHING!!! I spend a lot of time writing out the background and such for the rp, please take the time to read it before building your character or making your first post. Certain details are there because I want them there. Pay attention. That is all I ask.

<li>Write more than one paragraph. Use description when writing. For the love of god give me something to respond to. If I wanted a chat room rp I would be in a chat room rp. I’m not saying your response has to be a full book, but please give me at least two or three well written paragraphs. And add to the story. Do not stop where I stopped. Move the story forward.

<li>Do not god mod me. I understand that when engaging in sexual contact some ‘god modding’ is necessary, you can touch me etc. But do not write how I react to something or what I say or do. It’s just rude and frustrates the hell out of me. Don’t do it.

<li>We all have lives, and I have a fairly busy one. I have school, shows, and a wife. I may not be able to respond every day or several times a day. Sometimes I have busy weekends and dates with my wife. DO NOT POKE ME! The first time I get online and have a response and see poke, the rp will end right then. Be patient with me and I will be patient with you.

<li>Grammar. I shouldn’t HAVE to pull out an urban dictionary to figure out what the fuck you just wrote. Use proper grammar. Write out numbers (one, two, three, etc.) Mr., Mrs., Dr. this is okay; I’m not THAT much of a nazi.

<li>I’m a huge fan of inboxing to discuss plot twists and changes etc. So please do. If you have an idea inbox me, run it by me. I will probably LOVE it. Be creative.

<li>HAVE FUN. That’s pretty much it.

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