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Living after the attack(Mature)(Female needed)
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Name: Nancy Adams
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Undecided
Species: Human
Personality: Nancy was once a bit of a busybody, and someone who didn't really spend much time around family or even really giving a damn about other peple for the most part, usually being the person who is happier working and forging ahead with her career and not really trying to let anything get in the way of that and she didn't even look at love or trying to settle down in life outside of work, especially after the death of her mother. But that changed in her life after the events of the unknown beach; the shark attack changed her quite alot. Now that she's essentially realised how finite life is, she's worked hard to get her doctorate and to be able to work in the medical field and has also dedicated alot of her time to surfing still and trying to live her life to the fullest. The biggest problem in her life now is that she doesn't really know what to do and she's trying to experience life and new things. She has become obsessed with water and with the thing that has left her with the rather large scar on her leg.
History: Nancys life from when she was little definitely did have an influence on her life, with her father being the kind of serious and straight laced person who believed that work came first and that to make the best out of life you had to work hard and had to earn your way to whatever it was that you wanted. Whereas her mother as definitely free spirited and that is the only real way to describe the difference between her parents as it was that way until Nancys sister was born and a few short years later their mother died and the father had to try and become both of those parents in one, giving them that free spirited ability in life as well as the straight laced parentage as well.

The father did give both daughts everything they wanted and Nancy was always pushed to do the best she could; which is what let her to getting a doctorate and working with health and with life; and what led her to succeed. The situation that Nancy is now left with a permanent reminder of happened when she was 22; and having worked for years and taking a much needed vacation before she went into her final year with a freind; where she went surfing and the events of the shark attack and her fight for survival. From the moment she managed to get back to the beach and went through her final year; she was a changed person and tried to live her life that much more and to be that much happier in life. Hell, the events had made her love the water even more and spend alot more time out on it; after managing to get her own boat.

Plot idea: So the idea I had was with Nancys life after the shark attack from the movie the shallows, and her coming to grips with it more and trying to live life and trying to not be the same non stop worker she was before.
Oct 03, 2017, 08:12pm

Nancy was powerless as she felt the brunettes hands over her body, shewas writing a little as she was holding back a release; returning the kiss back to faye as she felt the suckling on her neck and let out a half moan half scream as she got closer to a release, watching faye as she whimpered to the tongue running down her body. "Fuck... Please" She got the words out as she hoped faye knew what she was trying to say; she wanted her to go just that much faster against her to let her get off.... Hoping that faye wouldn't mind if they slept in her bed because nancy was about ready to make a mess.

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