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Encounter (extremely mature)
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Humans had thought that they were the pinnacle of intelligence. That they were the only intelligent life in the universe. The humans were wrong!

The Imperium ( humans)

It was the year 4526 and humanity had evolved farther than they had thought possible. After the cataclysm, the sea swallowed up a lot of the land. However by this time humans had discovered the technology that allowed them to create artificial gravity and such. Some countries rebuilt their cities underwater, some underground as the topside of the planet had become barren and a mass desert. Others built their cities in the sky and just out of the atmosphere of Earth. It was a giant cylinder done structure where mostly the rich resided. They called it the Ark.

Underwater City

photo a8095515-90e6-4f85-b75e-b217ea02dd83_zpsomjynyy3.jpg

Underground City

photo 55c9999fea4123eb98e62e93b5e49c2e_zpsosysmtss.jpg

The Ark

photo b17ce22e2f7db0221292892fe66facd0_zpsnddm8pyv.jpg
photo 148943033226461577_zpsjrc9hucm.jpg

Humans were just getting ready to explore the rest of the universe and they needed people who had special skills to make the journey. The Imperium, the heads in control of the human race sent out tests to all of the colonies all over the globe to determine who would be going. They had received a coded message in a dialect of language they had never come across before, some sort of distress beacon. The Imperium would be sending a team out to investigate.

The Alliance ( confederation of different alien species working for peace)

The Alliance have been secretly watching the evolution of the humans for millenniums. The humans had odd beliefs of a great all powerful god creating them and the Alliance was not going to say otherwise; let them believe what they wanted. But now the Alliance decided that it was time for the Humans to join them and so they had sent out a ship to contact them. However on their way to the planet Earth, the ship carrying the entourage that would introduce the existence of aliens to the humans was attacked by an Ascendance Mercenary ship and so they sent out a seep space distress signal in the hopes that the humans would hear them. in the message they sent instructions on how to build a ship able to travel through deep space.

The Alliance (deep space base)

photo 7c777c622a52f93f54a208b836ab21f6_zpsuu5ogotb.jpg

Alliance convoy attacked

photo 1_zpscrv6aixv.jpg

Main crew

photo d3f8a2f9610343ccf2b9467d5e0d15b2--alien-concept-concept-art_zpsqmqclq3r.jpg

Tausal (Engineer)
photo 013037156c9a635128442bf9a5f4768f--wolf-movie-werewolf_zpshnaxnms6.jpg

Nirass (medical)
photo da83ce407ad27718a207e8c09269c4cf--grey-alien-the-aliens_zpssf6jttkx.jpg

Elsir (pilot)
photo 6e4c2e682a9fb6af1e66ea69d3c7bb2f--mass-effect-cosplay-prosthetic-makeup_zpsvzczzm0s.jpg

J'Sepp (co-pilot)
photo b6a304b311d553e583a7d709eccc5ff9_zpslhx2y6b5.jpg

The humans have cracked the code and have built the ship that will take their team into deep space. They have named the ship the Odyssey.

photo e20bb539-633e-44a1-9d39-b0aee5002978_zpslpn1wfsu.jpg
photo red-haired_sweater_woman_autumn_38714_720x1280_zpsyv349gu3.jpg

Name: Inara Doran
Age: 20
Species: human
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Eyes: blue/green
Hair: Long and wavy to just above her butt and red
Height: 5'6
weight: 120lbs
Personality: Inara is soft spoken and tends to keep to herself. She doesn't mind company but doesn't like crowds. She is kind and timid. She hates confrontation. She doesn't usually defend herself but will defend her friends and/or family.
History: Inara grew up in one of the poorer colonies on earth. Inara is an only child and both of her parents died when she was a child so she spent her whole life alone and on the streets. She never really got close to anyone and only had one sexual experience when she was 16. She was beaten and raped by another street urchin. She used her experiences to further her knowledge by smuggling information tablets on anything she could find. In a sense she put herself through school without actually going. Inara excelled in two fields, medical and ancient civilizations. Inara had the steadiest hands in the whole colony when it came to knives and cutting under pressure. By the time she was 17 almost everyone who couldn't afford proper health care came to her as Inara was very knowledgeable in herbs and their healing properties. One day a wealthy couple sought her out to help with their sick child. In their colony the chief medic told them their daughter was untreatable. Inara saved her life and in return, the couple smuggled her into their habitat so that she could take the test that would eventually take her in to deep space.

The Plot: Basically the plot of this rp is that Inara and a few others go into to deep space to find the source of the distress beacon and when they board the ship, they find the crew of it injured and unconscious. While they are helping the ship gets boarded by the mercenaries and are taken captive. Some are killed and others not. This is a very mature roleplay with a lot of violence, bloodshed and sexual situations. Inara and the others are sold to alien slavers and then auctioned off. YC buys Inara and maybe one other of her crew because of how different and exotic humans are considered to be.

Here is a list of possible characters. You DO NOT have to use any of them if you do not wish to. Please do not use anime pictures. Digitally animated is okay.
Aug 23, 2017, 02:58pm

Lokamander smirked, he loved how badly she seemed to want him inside her. When she said she hurt being empty he chuckled, "Then I guess I should do something about that," he slowly began to ease himself into her, moaning at how tight she was around him. "So tight," he groaned. He went slowly to give her time to adjust to his girth. "How's that?" he asked her as he gradually sank deeper into her, all the while stroking her nipples softly.
Aug 23, 2017, 03:05pm

Inara gasped as he slowly began to enter her. By this time she had ceased being scared he wouldn't fit and just wanted him all the way in. She groaned and opened her legs farther apart enabling him to sink in a little deeper. The tightness burned a little but wasn't painful mainly due to the fact that she was so wet. Lokamander wasn't moving fast enough for her though and she wrapped her legs around his hips and tried to pull him closer using her legs. "Mmmm" She moaned, her eyes half lidded. She was moving her hips trying to get him in to the hilt. By this time she was running on her baser instincts." Faster" she whispered breathlessly.
Aug 23, 2017, 03:10pm

Lokamander chuckled, "I see, no need to be gentle eh?" he continued to tease her nipples as he sank in all the way, moaning loudly as he then began to thrust against her, setting a deep, rough rhythm. He moved quickly inside her, using deep snaps of his hips and causing the bed to rock violently. "Mine," he said deeply as he thrust in her, loving how she felt against him. He kissed her deep and passionately, sweeping his tongue against hers in her mouth as their bodies moved against one another.
Aug 23, 2017, 03:35pm

Inara gasped and her hips lifted off the bed as he thrust all the way inside of her. Nothing could have prepared her for how good it would feel to have him inside of her claiming her. His thrusts were hard and long and moved her with each. She eagerly met him,thrust for thrust, gyrating her hips as she did so. Soon tension coiled deep in her womb and goosebumps broke out all over her skin. When he called her his, Inara shuddered in pleasure." Yes, Yours" she panted against his mouth as her hands reached his hair, her fingers running through it and then down his back. She could feel herself getting closer to orgasm." Harder" she gasped scoring his back lightly with her fingernails.
Aug 23, 2017, 04:28pm

Lokamander moaned with her as he thrust faster in her, loving how she reacted to him. "So perfect," he whispered as he felt her hips gyrating against him. He heard her agree that she was his and smiled softly. He heard her say harder and smirked, more than happy to comply as he thrust harder inside her, hearing a spring or two in his bed break from the strain. He moaned from her nails on his back, she was drawing blood and it excited him. He felt himself getting close and wondered briefly if they were compatible enough to produce a child.
Aug 31, 2017, 09:09am

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As Lokamander thrust harder inside of her, he reached her g-spot and she cried out from the pleasure." Ooh, I- I'm" she moaned not able to put her feelings into words anymore. She was so close to orgasm that her motor skills seemed to fail her it felt so good. She squeezed his hips with her thighs and her inner muscles squeezed his member as she got closer and closer to that moment of orgasmic bliss. Inara lifted her head and licked Lokamander's flat male nipple before biting it softly. She then sucked it between her lips and licked the slight sting away with her tongue." Mmm" she moaned and arched her hips meeting him thrust for thrust. He was continuously hitting that spot inside of her and soon the tension that had been coiling and building tipped her over the edge and she orgasmed screaming his name.
Aug 31, 2017, 10:08am

(It's cool, I understand)

Lokamander moaned as he felt her biting and sucking his nipple, he had never had someone do that before but it was strangely pleasant. He gasped as she became tighter around him and began thrusting more roughly inside her leaning down and capturing a nipple between his lips and suckling for a moment before looking into her eyes, wanting to see the look on her face when she orgasmed. When she came he smiled, loving how she had screamed his name, he moaned as he thrust deeply one last time and held himself inside her as he came, moaning her name as he filled her with his warm seed.
Aug 31, 2017, 12:00pm

Inara held on to him tightly. She could feel him filling her with his warm release. Her heart pounded as she realized they didn't use any protection. Could he even get her pregnant? she thought to herself. She was only twenty but somehow the longer she thought about it, the less it bothered her. She lay panting under him trying to catch the breath that had left her when she'd climaxed. She gazed up at Lokamander wondering what a child between them would look like. " Do you think your people will accept me?" she asked him shyly.
Aug 31, 2017, 12:10pm

Lokamander smirked, "They'll have no choice," he slowly pulled out of her as he finished inside her and pulled her to him. "I'll kill any who dare to so much as be rude to you," he stroked her hair as they laid there. It was then that he heard the sound of the ship slowing down. "It sounds like we're nearing the outer atmosphere of Qalzar," he kissed her softly, loving the flavor of her and fully looking forward to eliciting more moans from her later. He'd have sex with her every day until she was pregnant or he discovered they were unable to produce a child, and he might not even stop then. "We still have at least ten minutes before our landing is finished, no rush to do anything," he winked as he held her close.
Sep 01, 2017, 06:49am

Inara chuckled and snuggled closer into his warmth. She had no idea how she became so lucky to have ended up with Lokamander but she really grateful. Inar a yawned. It had been quite a long few weeks with little to no sleep and it was catching up with her. ' I could fall for this man' she thought to herself as she dozed off against his chest." I am so lucky" she mumbled, her arms wrapped around his middle. She really hoped she could fit in on his world and make some friends.
Sep 05, 2017, 02:13pm

Lokamander smirked as he heard her mumble about being lucky. "So am I," he whispered. Once she was asleep he carefully moved away from her, pulling his pants back on and throwing a blanket over her. He carefully wrapped her in the blanket and picked her up, carrying her out to the ships exit. He already had the perfect outfit to have her wear, though he did hope she would like it. He nodded to one of his guards. "Have we finished landing?" the guard nodded and Lokamander smirked, "Good," he left the ship then, heading into his personal shuttle to be taken to his palace.
Sep 08, 2017, 07:29am

Birds were chirping outside her window, their song was beautiful. Inara sat up with a start. She had been in space, she shouldn't have heard birds. She gazed around her in wonder. She was on a massive bed in a huge room surrounded by pillows. Inara looked out onto the balcony and sure enough there were birdlike creatures singing. They must have landed on Qalzar. Inara got up, wrapped a sheet around her naked body and then walked out onto the balcony. Trees of different color greeted her eyes down below. The grass was a pale shade of green so it was quite a beautiful sight to behold. She gasped at the beauty around her." It's so beautiful!" she whispered. The two suns of this planet shone down on her warming her pale skin making Inara sigh and lift her face up, her eyes closed.
Sep 08, 2017, 08:31am

Lokamander had chosen to give her some space as he had gone to spar with his personal trainer. "You seem off today Lokamander, is everything alright?" Lokamander chuckled. "I am superb my old friend," after a few moments, Lokamander left his confused friend and went to his room to see how Inara was. He arrived just in time to hear her saying it was beautiful. "It's alright, but I see something far better," said quietly as he eyed her form. He smiled widely as he stood there and watched her.
Sep 11, 2017, 03:12pm

Inara jumped a little hearing him talking behind her. He had moved so silently she hadn't heard him come into the room. She turned and smiled up at him. " Oh I don't know about that" she said as she walked towards him." Where were you?" she asked. She didn't mind waking up alone but she would have been even better if he had been there with her. When she reached him she noticed that he was sweating and figured he'd been working out." I couldn't find my clothes when I woke up, so I used the sheet like a toga" she said with a smile and a shrug. It was then that her belly decided to make its need known and rumbled loudly in hunger.
Sep 11, 2017, 11:42pm

Lokamander smiled as she asked him where he had been. "I was with my personal trainer, giving you some space to take in your new surroundings," he pulled her towards him gently and gave her a soft kiss. When he heard her comment about the toga he laughed. "I wanted to let you sleep, otherwise I'd have dressed you myself." he winked. He heard her stomach and chuckled, "It would seem you are in need of food, I am in the best mood I've been in a long time, so why don't we celebrate with a feast?" he slowly undid her make-shift toga and couldn't help eyeing her naked body. "But first..." he clapped his hands twice and two strange looking women entered the bedroom. "See to it that she is in the proper garb, she must look every bit as royal as is possible, after all nothing else will do for my bride," he chuckled as he heard the two women begin to exclaim excitedly in accented english as they began taking her measurements.
Sep 12, 2017, 05:56am

Inara stared in wonder at the two women. They weren't human like her, they didn't look like Lokamander either; they were another species of alien but they were beautiful none the less. When Lokamander had taken the sheet from her and had looked at her like his next meal, Inara had been almost sure that he would making love to her but this was fun to. She was in awe of this man in front of her and the tender way he treated her cracked open her heart and he was seeping inside." Food sounds wonderful" she told him with a small chuckle." She smiled at the two women taking her measurement." Hello, I'm Inara" she said introducing herself. She really hoped she could become friends with these woman.
Sep 12, 2017, 09:43am

Lokamander smiled as he stood back, watching as the two women took Inara's measurements. They were very happy right now, meeting an exotic alien and getting to give her their fashion treatment all in one day was making them very excited. "I am Kai," said one woman as she finished taking Inara's measurements. "And I am Mai," said the other woman as she went to fetch a dress. "And together we're KaiMai," the two of them said in unison. Lokamander rolled his eyes. He should have known better than to hire women whose names rhymed. Mai returned with a dress and smiled widely "She'll look divine in this." she exclaimed. "She already looks divine, but yes I'm inclined to agree," Lokamander said with a smile.

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Inara stared open mouthed at the dress Kai and Mai had brought to her. She had never worn or even seen anything so fancy in her entire life. They slipped the dress on her with expertise and she ran her hands down the satiny smoothness of the dress. The dress fit Inara to perfection, hugging her body in all the right places and enhancing her womanly curves and tiny waist. " It is absolutely gorgeous. I love it" she whispered looking up at Lokamander. Her long red hair waved down her back and she swept it to the side, over her shoulder. Inara sauntered over to him and stood on her tip toes and kissed him softly on the lips." Thank you" she said softly.
Sep 14, 2017, 01:41pm

Lokamander smiled as they helped her into the dress and chuckled at her running her hands down the material. He was a bit taken aback at how perfectly it fit her figure. He barely heard her comment about loving the dress as he stared at her in awe. "Perfection," he whispered before he felt her lips on his, snapping him out of his daze. He wrapped his arms around her and smirked. "Seeing you like this just makes me want to make love to you again," he kissed her deeply again before pulling back softly. "But for now, we need to get some food in you," he stepped back and turned offering his arm to her with a smile.
Sep 14, 2017, 01:50pm

With a dazzling smile, Inara took his arm and followed him out of the room. She had thought going into space was going to be the pinnacle of her life but now she wasn't so sure. She had the feeling that with Lokamander, her adventures would never end. They entered a room that she assumed to be the dining room and she sat in one of the chairs, eager to fill her stomach with food and learn more about the man who had in only a matter of hours, stolen her heart." So what kind of food do you have here? " she asked wondering if any of it resembled the food they used to grow on earth.

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