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Encounter (extremely mature)
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Humans had thought that they were the pinnacle of intelligence. That they were the only intelligent life in the universe. The humans were wrong!

The Imperium ( humans)

It was the year 4526 and humanity had evolved farther than they had thought possible. After the cataclysm, the sea swallowed up a lot of the land. However by this time humans had discovered the technology that allowed them to create artificial gravity and such. Some countries rebuilt their cities underwater, some underground as the topside of the planet had become barren and a mass desert. Others built their cities in the sky and just out of the atmosphere of Earth. It was a giant cylinder done structure where mostly the rich resided. They called it the Ark.

Underwater City

photo a8095515-90e6-4f85-b75e-b217ea02dd83_zpsomjynyy3.jpg

Underground City

photo 55c9999fea4123eb98e62e93b5e49c2e_zpsosysmtss.jpg

The Ark

photo b17ce22e2f7db0221292892fe66facd0_zpsnddm8pyv.jpg
photo 148943033226461577_zpsjrc9hucm.jpg

Humans were just getting ready to explore the rest of the universe and they needed people who had special skills to make the journey. The Imperium, the heads in control of the human race sent out tests to all of the colonies all over the globe to determine who would be going. They had received a coded message in a dialect of language they had never come across before, some sort of distress beacon. The Imperium would be sending a team out to investigate.

The Alliance ( confederation of different alien species working for peace)

The Alliance have been secretly watching the evolution of the humans for millenniums. The humans had odd beliefs of a great all powerful god creating them and the Alliance was not going to say otherwise; let them believe what they wanted. But now the Alliance decided that it was time for the Humans to join them and so they had sent out a ship to contact them. However on their way to the planet Earth, the ship carrying the entourage that would introduce the existence of aliens to the humans was attacked by an Ascendance Mercenary ship and so they sent out a seep space distress signal in the hopes that the humans would hear them. in the message they sent instructions on how to build a ship able to travel through deep space.

The Alliance (deep space base)

photo 7c777c622a52f93f54a208b836ab21f6_zpsuu5ogotb.jpg

Alliance convoy attacked

photo 1_zpscrv6aixv.jpg

Main crew

photo d3f8a2f9610343ccf2b9467d5e0d15b2--alien-concept-concept-art_zpsqmqclq3r.jpg

Tausal (Engineer)
photo 013037156c9a635128442bf9a5f4768f--wolf-movie-werewolf_zpshnaxnms6.jpg

Nirass (medical)
photo da83ce407ad27718a207e8c09269c4cf--grey-alien-the-aliens_zpssf6jttkx.jpg

Elsir (pilot)
photo 6e4c2e682a9fb6af1e66ea69d3c7bb2f--mass-effect-cosplay-prosthetic-makeup_zpsvzczzm0s.jpg

J'Sepp (co-pilot)
photo b6a304b311d553e583a7d709eccc5ff9_zpslhx2y6b5.jpg

The humans have cracked the code and have built the ship that will take their team into deep space. They have named the ship the Odyssey.

photo e20bb539-633e-44a1-9d39-b0aee5002978_zpslpn1wfsu.jpg
photo red-haired_sweater_woman_autumn_38714_720x1280_zpsyv349gu3.jpg

Name: Inara Doran
Age: 20
Species: human
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Eyes: blue/green
Hair: Long and wavy to just above her butt and red
Height: 5'6
weight: 120lbs
Personality: Inara is soft spoken and tends to keep to herself. She doesn't mind company but doesn't like crowds. She is kind and timid. She hates confrontation. She doesn't usually defend herself but will defend her friends and/or family.
History: Inara grew up in one of the poorer colonies on earth. Inara is an only child and both of her parents died when she was a child so she spent her whole life alone and on the streets. She never really got close to anyone and only had one sexual experience when she was 16. She was beaten and raped by another street urchin. She used her experiences to further her knowledge by smuggling information tablets on anything she could find. In a sense she put herself through school without actually going. Inara excelled in two fields, medical and ancient civilizations. Inara had the steadiest hands in the whole colony when it came to knives and cutting under pressure. By the time she was 17 almost everyone who couldn't afford proper health care came to her as Inara was very knowledgeable in herbs and their healing properties. One day a wealthy couple sought her out to help with their sick child. In their colony the chief medic told them their daughter was untreatable. Inara saved her life and in return, the couple smuggled her into their habitat so that she could take the test that would eventually take her in to deep space.

The Plot: Basically the plot of this rp is that Inara and a few others go into to deep space to find the source of the distress beacon and when they board the ship, they find the crew of it injured and unconscious. While they are helping the ship gets boarded by the mercenaries and are taken captive. Some are killed and others not. This is a very mature roleplay with a lot of violence, bloodshed and sexual situations. Inara and the others are sold to alien slavers and then auctioned off. YC buys Inara and maybe one other of her crew because of how different and exotic humans are considered to be.

Here is a list of possible characters. You DO NOT have to use any of them if you do not wish to. Please do not use anime pictures. Digitally animated is okay.
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I'm interested, but I apparently can't look at your journal to see the list.
Aug 21, 2017, 12:58pm

oh that is probably because it is friends only, hold on I will add you
Aug 21, 2017, 01:00pm

Okay, think I'd want to play as number 2

may I?
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okay it's all yours
Aug 21, 2017, 01:15pm

so what species is the man in the picture?
Aug 21, 2017, 01:16pm

that is entirely up to you. I didn't have one in mind when I picked it. I added it because of the markings and thought he could be like maybe warrior species of some kind.
Aug 21, 2017, 01:39pm

Name: Lokamander (Pronounced Loke-ah-mahn-der)
Age: 113.
Species: Qalzarian (Pronounced Kal-zahr-ee-an)
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Straight.
Eyes: dark blue.
Hair: short, dark brown.
Height: 6' 1"
weight: 150 lbs.
Personality: Impatient, Sexual, Cruel, Calculating.
History: Born of noble blood, Lokamander decided from a young age that he'd rather have a sword in his hand than a scepter and joined his planets military force as soon as he was old enough(60). He also studied art and literature, paying special close attention to other planets such as Earth. He retired from the military around 100 years of age and accepted his role as head of his clan, he now collects artifacts from distant planets and is especially fond of items he acquires from Earth as he believes them to be of greater interest than what he finds on Qalzar. He occasionally goes to the slave auctions in the hopes of finding an Earthling to add to his collection.
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Inara looked around at the other members of her crew. They'd found the ship sending the beacon and nothing could have prepared them for what they saw. It was surreal for Inara to see an alien and finally know that they did actually exist. She and her crew had gathered them up and brought them to the sick bay of the ship where Inara would be working to keep them alive. She had no knowledge of their physiology so she was going by ear, trying things first to see if they worked. Two of her patients resembled humans more than others so she treated them first. Inara was in there for hours and finally some of the crew woke up. Inara officially met Elsir and Nirass and was about to bring them to the rest of her team when an alarm started blaring.

"What is that?" Inara asked as they rushed through the ship." We are being boarded" Elsir said in stilted english. Everything after that was a blur as fighting ensued. A fight ensued and she along with others were captured while most of the ships crew was killed. Inara, Elsir, Nirass, Tausal and two others from her own crew were left alive. They spent what seemed like weeks in cells on the mercenary ship along with other prisoners. Inara and her people were stared at in curiosity. No one had ever come across humans before and they were the main attraction." Where are we going?" one of her new friends asked in a whisper." Slavers Moon" came a reply from the darkness which caused more then a few prisoners to weep. When the ship docked and the prisoners were being led off, most were crying and begging to be let go but not Inara. She had grown up on the streets by herself sine she was five. She's had to fight to survive and this situation was no different. These people would get no tears from her. She was led into some form of market filled with stalls selling goods and she knew, they were going to be sold. Sighing, Inara kept her head high and her face blank; she would get through this. All of the prisoners were washed, dried and dressed in some sort of gauzy partially see through clothing and made to stand in tube like structure so they could be looked at. Inara gazed around in wonder at just how many species of beings there were. Some were human in appearance while others resembled sea creatures, insects, animals and some were nothing more than balls of tentacles with eyes.
Aug 22, 2017, 10:43am

Lokamander walked proudly through the streets, his swords at his hips as they always were. He had a personal guard at all times but he usually preferred to fight attackers himself, his way of reliving his glory days in the military. He passed several vendors, glancing at them with little interest, nothing he didn't already have a few dozen of on Qalzar. Lokamander had heard a rumor that today there were exotic slaves to be purchased, and he would be damned if some other noble or spoiled brat got to them before he could even consider buying them. He stood still as he saw them, "Earthlings," he whispered to himself. Okay so he wasn't 100% sure that these were Earthlings, but they certainly looked like it. He saw the woman and smirked, she was quite attractive. An idea occurred to him, the greatest part of his collection could very well end up being an Earthling trophy wife. He walked over to Inara and looked up at her. "Tell me your name girl," he spoke in flawless english, thanks to his obsession with Earth he had studied every Earthling language known to aliens.
Aug 22, 2017, 11:03am

Inara had been standing there with her eyes closed trying to block out everyone looking at her as though she was a piece of art or a piece of meat. She kept her breathing deep and even even though she wanted to freak out. Then she heard a deep baritone voice talking in perfect english with a slight accent. He demanded that she tell him her name. Inara opened her blue green eyes and looked up at him. He was really tall, heavily muscled compared to most men from earth and he had blue markings all over his body that seemed to glow. She tilted her head as her gaze swept over him." Inara" she told him after a moments hesitation. Just then the alien that was running the pen stomped over. " No talking to my slaves!" he said angrily in a language Inara didn't understand.
Aug 22, 2017, 11:26am

Lokamander smiled as he heard her name, "A lovely name," he looked her over again, as the alien stomped over his eyes flashed with anger. "Your poor attitude annoys me," he said as he rested a hand on the hilt of one of his swords. He wasn't the type to tolerate disrespect. "I want this one," he pointed at Inara as he looked at the alien. He turned back to Inara, "You're coming home with me Inara," he smirked, he would have to break her in tonight, show her how he liked things. "How much?" he asked the alien.
Aug 22, 2017, 11:42am

The vendor huffed over the way Lokamander spoke to him but said nothing more to him. All the other prisoners could see and hear what was going on and the two other humans, both male stared at Inara as the confrontation turned into a sale. They banged on the glass of their tubes yelling." No you can't take her" they yelled before being gassed to sleep. Other prisoners were crying and begging to be released. The vendor looked taken aback and then the men went into a bartering conversation on how much would be paid for her. Inara wasn't sure if she was scared or relieved that she would be going with him. She guessed that going with him had to be better than going with a ball of tentacles or a giant insect. In what seemed like hours her tube was finally opened and she stumbled out bumping into someone who was cruising the tubes and looking a beautiful green skinned elven looking woman. Snarling something at her in a bizarre language, he backhanded her across the face causing her to fall to the hard ground.
Aug 22, 2017, 11:50am

Lokamander smiled as he saw the other two humans fall unconscious. He honestly would have liked to have a human male as well, just so his collection was complete. However he knew that a human male would have merely been competition, and he wanted Inara as a trophy wife. He was glad to haggle with the alien over prices, he was after all very wealthy and could pay. When the tube opened he watched as the person backhanded Inara and snarled as he drew his sword, running it through their back, impaling them. "Manners are essential you vermin." as he sheathed his sword, he pulled Inara back on her feet and against him. He rather liked the feeling of her skin touching his. "How old are you Inara?" he asked her as he walked away with her, ignoring the crowd around the alien he had killed. While they walked he directed one of his guards to prepare the ship to depart. He was eager to go back to Qalzar.
Aug 22, 2017, 12:01pm

Inara was disoriented from being hit but she felt his large warm hands pick her up and bring her against his large hard body. He was warmer than a human but his skin was soft and she could hear his steady heartbeat in her ear. She walked as fast she was able to keep up with Lokamander but didn't complain, she was just happy to be out of the tube. Having been in the open her whole life living on the streets, closed in spaces scared her. When he asked Inara her age, his voice vibrated through his chest.The vibration and the way he said her name made her shiver. " I am twenty" she told him softly. He was more intimidating when she was in the open with him as opposed to her being in the tube where he couldn't touch her. She found herself wondering why he had bought her as they stepped onto a rather large space ship." Where are you taking me?" she asked as her eyes darted around.
Aug 22, 2017, 12:31pm

Lokamander slowed his pace slightly when he realized she was having trouble keeping up. "Twenty, that's rather young even for a human," he looked down at her. She would make a good bride, though he was sure she'd need some convincing. "To my home, I live on the planet Qalzar, you'll be staying with me in my mansion," he led her to his personal quarters on the ship. "You are dismissed, we are not to be disturbed," he led her inside and stepped over to the bed.
Aug 22, 2017, 12:42pm

Inara's heart sped up double time." We are not to be disturbed" he'd said and walked towards his bed. Inara stood by the wall adjacent to him and watched him warily. She wasn't a virgin but she had no experience with men either and wasn't sure what was going to happen so she eyed on the air of caution and put distance between them. Inara was confused and in a strange place. She kept looking around, her head moving from one direction to the other, studying her surroundings. Her long red hair was sticking to her neck as the vendor had taken it out of the braid it had been in." What is it like? Your planet?" she asked to distract herself from having a panic attack. The room they were in was large but it was still closed in with no windows that she could see.
Aug 22, 2017, 12:51pm

Lokamander smiled as he could tell she was slightly panicked. "There is no need to be nervous," he gently pulled her to him as he sat down on the bed, pulling her into his lap. "Qalzar is lush and green for the most part, though there are whole fields where the green is destroyed and the ground is stained with blood from war." his hands explored her body gently. "Lie down on the bed," he ordered her, his eyes showing he would not take no for an answer. He trailed a nail down her spine lightly as he waited for her to comply.
Aug 22, 2017, 01:06pm

Inara felt like a deer in headlights. He had moved so fast and soon had her in his arms, on his lap on the bed. Her heart beat was hammering so hard she thought for sure it would burst from her chest. She listened as he described the world he lived on and it sounded absolutely beautiful to her as she had grown up on a basically dead planet. Feeling his hands roam her body made her shiver against him and she broke out in goosebumps. Then he ordered her to lie on the bed. Her head whipped towards him and she stared at him as she did what he bade her. When he trailed his nail down her spine, she gasped and arched. " I've never seen trees before" she whispered not sure what else to do. His bed was huge and comfortable, like laying on a cloud must feel like.
Aug 22, 2017, 01:15pm

Lokamander nodded, "From what I understand, Qalzar is much like Earth used to be," he moved to her on the bed and smiled. "Just relax," he told her softly as he began to undress her. Once he had her nude he looked over her with awe. "Books on Earthlings don't do it justice," he commented as he trailed his tongue down from her neck, stopping at her breasts and making sure each nipple received special attention. "As long as you obey, I can be very reasonable, and I will keep you comfortable." he continued trailing his tongue down, dipping it into her belly button teasingly before heading lower. "Have you ever been with a man before?"
Aug 22, 2017, 01:33pm

Inara's breath sped up as he stripped the gauzy dress from her body. Her whole body flushed with embarrassment of him seeing her nude. When he began to lick her neck and then moved down, Inara gasped and moaned arching into him. She reached out automatically and grabbed his shoulders with her small hands. She tried to envision Qalzar but was unable with what Lokamander was doing to her body. She jumped when he dipped his tongue in her belly button." Have you ever been with a man" he'd asked her and she turned her head, her face turning red." Not by choice" she almost whispered. She couldn't look at him. He had gazed upon her in such awe a moment ago and now he knew that she was damaged. Tears gathered behind her eyes, making them glisten. She didn't even know this man but she couldn't bare to see him look at her differently now that he knew her secret shame.

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