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Back stabbed
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Name: Alora Shannon
Age: 20
Sexuality: straight
Species: human
Height: 5'6
weight: 120lbs
Appearance: She is petite, slim with curves in all the right places. She has long red hair and light blue eyes that she inherited from her grandmother.
Personality: Alora is quiet and soft spoken. She loves to have fun. She doesn't usually engage people she has never met before and when friends of her parents visit she hides out in er room or goes swimming. She is kind and loves deeply. She does have a backbone of steel when she needs one but she tries to avoid confrontation.
brief family background: Alora is the only daughter of rich doting parents. She has gotten used to bodyguards following her everywhere she goes. Being one of the rare rich families in Ireland has made Alora wary of people so she stays to herself most times. Alora went to a private school her whole life and has had a very sheltered life. Her father Connor was a very wealthy man but he kept his business dealing from his daughter because he couldn't bare it if she was disappointed in him. They have Property all over the world and Alora is currently visiting the estate in England. Her parents are not there, they are away on business and she is spending her summer there before she heads to university in Greece.

Connor Shannon ( her father)
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Eloise Shannon (her mother)
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Estate she is staying at
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The plot is that Connor ripped off YC and now YC wants the money back that you paid him. Since you can't get to him directly you come after Alora, the elusive daughter that Connor has tried to hide from you.
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Oliver's dirty talk and his thrusting caused her to orgasm again and she her inner walls clamped down on his shaft. "own me Oliver, I want you out of control. Fuck me as hard and as deep as you want to. I want you to dominate me" she moaned as she met his thrusts. She loved it when he dominated her. It made her so wet and excited, like a different person. She wanted to be everything Oliver needed and wanted.
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The screams Alora made could be heard almost throughout the house. Oliver had her in so many positions, until he had her bent back over the counter, fucking the ever loving shit out of her. He soon grew close and gave her a few more pumps until he quickly pulled out and stroke himself and started to release all over her back. He nearly got her back drenched with his warm jizz, with a mixture of sweat. As soon as he finished, his eyes came back from being rolled back and he looked over at the doorway and saw Alora's mom. "Eloise! What a nice surprise" he said, taking a few breaths before helping Alora up and gave her a quick kiss. "Get cleaned up and come back down" he said and gave her a playful slap on the ass before walking around to stand in front of Alora's mom, completely naked. "We were uh, about to fix lunch and she started to choke and I was giving her the hemic maneuver" he lied with a big smirk on his face. "How are you" he asked.
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Eloise blushed and turned her head to look at anything other than Oliver nailing her daughter from behind. She didn't buy his bullshit lie about Alora choking and just waved him off. When both left the room she hid her chuckle behind her hand and shook her head. Alora came out of the room red faced. " I wish you would have called or buzzed in at the gate mother. This is so embarrassing" she said softly not sure how her mother would react to what she'd seen. Eloise pulled Alora into her arms and rocked back and forth. " Honey I am so glad you are okay. Are you okay? Is Oliver treating you right?" she demanded. Eloise knew how Alora had met Oliver but she appeared okay. Alora smiled and turned to watch Oliver walk back into the kitchen fully clothed. " yeah mom. I'm good. It was a bit rocky in the beginning but Oliver is great" she said and ushered her mother over to the table.
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Oliver chuckled and left Eloise alone for a moment and followed Alora upstairs and got dressed at the same moment as she did. He had to think about something else to get his remaining erection to go down so that he wouldn't cause anymore embarrassing moments between the two girls after Alora's mom walked in on them. When they went back down, he watched Eloise pull her daughter into a tight hug as if being worried. "Yeah things were 'rocky' but I think we managed to get things straightened out" he said and sat over beside the two women. "I see where Alora gets her good looks from. I hope she wasn't as mean at home with y'all like she was here with me" he teased, having his eyes glued on the girl's mom for a moment before turning his attention back onto Alora. "So how have you been Eloise" he asked.

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