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Back stabbed
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Name: Alora Shannon
Age: 20
Sexuality: straight
Species: human
Height: 5'6
weight: 120lbs
Appearance: She is petite, slim with curves in all the right places. She has long red hair and light blue eyes that she inherited from her grandmother.
Personality: Alora is quiet and soft spoken. She loves to have fun. She doesn't usually engage people she has never met before and when friends of her parents visit she hides out in er room or goes swimming. She is kind and loves deeply. She does have a backbone of steel when she needs one but she tries to avoid confrontation.
brief family background: Alora is the only daughter of rich doting parents. She has gotten used to bodyguards following her everywhere she goes. Being one of the rare rich families in Ireland has made Alora wary of people so she stays to herself most times. Alora went to a private school her whole life and has had a very sheltered life. Her father Connor was a very wealthy man but he kept his business dealing from his daughter because he couldn't bare it if she was disappointed in him. They have Property all over the world and Alora is currently visiting the estate in England. Her parents are not there, they are away on business and she is spending her summer there before she heads to university in Greece.

Connor Shannon ( her father)
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Eloise Shannon (her mother)
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Estate she is staying at
photo pump-planet-luxury-house-035_zpsoleefleg.jpg

The plot is that Connor ripped off YC and now YC wants the money back that you paid him. Since you can't get to him directly you come after Alora, the elusive daughter that Connor has tried to hide from you.
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Alora's face blushed at his crudeness but she smiled and took the money he handed her tucking it in her g-string. Alora lead the guy to the private room close enough to Oliver that he could get there in time but far enough away that it wouldn't be noticeable that she was baiting him. When they entered the room, Alora closed the door behind them and turned to face this guy that was stealing from Oliver." Why don't you go ahead and make yourself comfortable while I start the music" she said turning away from him to turn the music on.
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Feb 08, 2018, 04:00pm

The man watched when she closed the door and started to relax. When she said for him to get comfortable, he nodded, to which where he started to take his jacket off. He kept his eyes glued onto her as he started to unzip his pants and began to pull out his member before taking a seat. "You don't mind if another one watches" he teased as he took his seat and saw that her pussy was nearly eating the crotch of her G-string. "I like how you're good and shaved. Most of the girls that work here, have hair down there, it's like looking at Chewbacca" he said. Oliver walked down the hall and heard the man talking and making comments towards his woman. He was ready to kill this man.
Feb 08, 2018, 04:56pm

Alora smiled at him and shook her head at his little attempt at a joke." I have been waxing since I was a teen but everyone has different preferences" she said mock chastising him. Alora noticed that the guy already had his cock out and it was already half hard. He was a little on the small side, not even close to as impressive as Oliver but she was biased. Alora turned the music on and began to sway her hips. The whole time she was dancing, she was picturing Oliver instead of this guy. " So what's your name?" she asked pretending to flirt with him. She was going to get as much information for Oliver as she could. She was really close to him now, their legs were touching.
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Feb 08, 2018, 06:22pm

The man watched her sway her hips, relaxing at the enjoyment of this stripper. As she got close to him, he smiled as he took in her heavenly scent. He felt their legs touching, and soon he was growing hard by the second from her grinding on him. When asked his name, his hands went onto her waist and helped her grind a bit faster. "Lucky is my name. And the reason why is because I get lucky every time" he said and started to move her away from him and started to remove her thong off until she was completely naked. "I sure know how to pick women, and you my dear are perfect" he said as his hand went in between her legs and started to rub her. "So am I getting that blow job or do I have to beg" he teased.
Feb 08, 2018, 06:32pm

Alora nearly puked when this guy, Lucky, he called himself touched her. She hated this part of the job but she couldn't rebuke him and have him get suspicious so she just kept with the charade and went with it. When he mentioned his blowjob, Alora bent over so she was face to face with him and he could no longer touch her." I want to jerk off your cock first. I need to feel you in my hands" she said and glanced away towards where the hidden camera was. She wanted Oliver now. She hadn't gotten wet at all when Lucky had touched her and she felt sick and dirty and needed Oliver.
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Feb 08, 2018, 06:56pm

Oliver pulled his gun out from the back of his pants and quickly cocked it. When he heard Alora say her line, he opened the door and looked at the two. "Alora you keep doing this and I'm going to get suspicious of you cheating on me" he said and aimed at the man and shot off his cock. The man screamed in pain and was on the floor bleeding in his hands. He walked over and grabbed the man by his hair. "Now who sent you to steal from me" he asked and pointed the gun to his head. "You tell me now, I'll let you live, and I'll pay for your surgery" he offered. The man flinched. "H...he calls himself El Boro! He works for some rival gang and is trying to make a name for himself by trying to steal from the top gangs" he moaned from the pain. "El Boro huh! Alright you're free to go" he said and shot the man in the head. He looked over at Alora, who was naked, and clearly scared. "I was about to come in sooner, but I didn't want to give away the plan" he said.
Feb 08, 2018, 08:23pm

Alora rolled her eyes when he mentioned the cheating comment but when Oliver shot the guys dick off she squeaked and coward in the corner of the room. She had put her clothes back on by then and was watching Lucky writhe on the floor holding his groin which was gushing blood. After Oliver got the information he wanted he shot the guy in the head, probably for two reasons. One he touched her and the second, so the guy couldn't go squeal to his boss that they'd been found out. Alora nodded at Oliver and when he beckoned to her she went into his arms willingly." What was with the cheating comment, I haven't left your side since you took me. You were my first everything Oliver, I wanted to puke when that ass wipe touched me" she said shivering in revulsion.
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Feb 08, 2018, 09:25pm

Oliver felt Alora run over to him after the ordeal and sighed. "It was a joke. Besides, he didn't know that we're together" he said and pulled her tighter to him and started to kiss her like there was no tomorrow. His hands went down and gave her ass a firm squeeze as they kissed before managing to pull away. "Why don't you offer me blowjobs Alora? You're my girlfriend so that's what couples should do for each other" he joked with her more. He moved away and started to rustle through the body's pockets and found an envelope that contained Oliver's money, plus a little calling card of El Boro's clan. "I'll have someone clean this up. In the meantime, let's get out of here before someone suspects something" he said.
Feb 08, 2018, 09:55pm

Alora couldn't agree more. She was glad she could help Oliver get his money back and find out who was trying to screw him over but now that it was done she just wanted him to hold her." So how was my first night dancing?" she asked and handed him the two grand that dickhead had given her." here I don't want this, taking this money makes me feel dirty and not in the good way that you do" she said winking at Oliver.
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Oliver took the money Alora earned from dancing, even though it came from the man that stole from his club. "You did really good. I haven't got that hard since that day I saw your mom bend over in that really short skirt and her butt nearly popped out" he said and squirmed a bit he felt an erection come along. After someone came in and picked up the body and cleaned up the mess, Oliver took Alora and started to take her out to the car. "I need to go to this address first. After that, we'll head home, I'll fuck you into oblivion, and we'll check out who this El Boro is" he said as he reached into the glove compartment and pulled a cigarette out.
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Alora made a face and scrunched her nose." Eww Oliver too much info" she said laughing but squeezed his butt as he walked ahead of her. She nodded and jumped into the car after giving him a quick kiss and rubbing his erection." I can't wait" she said huskily and got in the car. Even Alora was wondering who this El Boro was and why the hell he thought it was a good idea to rip Oliver off.
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Oliver chuckled at her response to what he said about Eloise. He sighed as he got in the car and started to crank up the car before taking off. The whole El Boro got to him. He wondered how to find this person at all. He needed to lay out some traps, and carefully examine who all comes into the club. "I just hope that it doesn't effect my plans for tomorrow. I have a big shipment coming in tomorrow. El Boro will probably show up and stop it and steal the shipment for himself and try to kill a lot of my men. We'll need to up the security" he said as they arrived back home.
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