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Yo Ho! A Pirates Life For Me! (BlackWidow93)
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Name: Elizabeth Shanks
Nickname(s): Ellie, Lizzy, Liz
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Human
Orientation: Bar waitress
-Usually has her nose in a book
-Kind and loving
-Loves to sing
-Brave in most situations
-Free Spirited
Physical description:
*Long brown hair
*Mostly grown but sometimes look a dark green
*Pale, smooth skin
Brief history: Elizabeth grew up not knowing who her parents were or why they left her at the front door steps of some strange family. The family that took her in had two children of their own. Little monsters actually. Elizabeth would clean day and night while everyone lounged around. She was basically a slave to this spoiled family. The day she turned sixteen, her family ordered her to get a job to help pay the taxes. But whenever she was alone or didn't have any work to do, she would sneak from the house and go to the pier to watch dozens of ships from all over the world come to port to restock. Some of the kind sailors would even tell Liz their many adventures they've been on or what they've seen. Liz always dreamed about one day to set sail to the sea and leave this god forsaken island she was trapped on. But still, she couldn't seem to find the courage to leave on her own.

Plot/Requirements: YC must be a pirate, captain preferably please, for this salty adventure. YC and his crew will make port at MCs island to restock or just to relax. Our two characters will have a run in with each other by either 1.) Mc is about to be robbed but is tossed off the port town peircing and YC saves her from drowning. .2) they meet in her bar where she works and mc notices something YC is wearing and is very knowledgeable on the item which catches his attention. 3.) YC is just flirting with mc. But at some point YC will either take mc willingly or forcibly on to his ship as his new cook or whatever. They sail the seas, escaping other dangerous pirates and the navy trying to capture YC. Over time the two will fall for each other. I would like him to be at least a few years older than Liz. Not ten years older please. Any questions, please inbox me as well as ideas. BE ACTIVE OR I WILL MAKE YE WALK THE PLANK! Have fun!
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Alexander smiled thinking to himself," This is it." The pirates from the other ship managed to come onto his ship, and everything was a huge blur after that. Cannons were being fired from his ship but not from the other ship. Men were shouting all around him, and the sound of swords clashing against each other could be heard all over. He sprang into action helping his crew by stealthily making killing blows by cutting his sword through the enemy anywhere he could. The enemy was dropping like flies, but they would not surrender. their captain was going to lose his whole crew if he or she doesn't tell them to retreat or surrender. Alexander came into a sword fight with a brawny sized man with an eye patch over one eye. He blocked a low blow then rushed back from another attack. Alexander then swung his sword only to be blocked.
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The battle had already begun by the time she made it back above deck. There were swords clashing, guns firing, even bodies dropping everywhere she looked. "This is insane!" She backed up against the wall but gasped when a few pirates from the other ship noticed her. "Oh dear." They cried out as they charged for her. Liz swung her sword to block their attacks but one managed to graze her forearm with his sword. Thankfully the crew noticed her distress and came to her rescue. "Thank you." She smiled in relief then heard Alexanders yell. He looked like a totally different person as he cut down men left and right. His eyes held a deep blood lust in them. This is what a pirate looks like. She was pulled from her thoughts when she saw him block another sword from piercing him but she noticed another pirate going in to attack him from behind. "Captain!" She yelled as she ran forward without think. Her sword was raised up high above her head before she swung it down. The pirate cried out in pain as his body fell to the floor. It wasn't a fatal blow but still seeing so much blood startled the lass. "Wretched bitch!" A crew mate of the fallen pirate barked as he raised his hand, swating her away with his large hands. Liz yelled as she fell to the floor with her nose slightly bleeding from the strike and sword slipping from her hands. The man raised his sword to finish her off. Liz sat there frozen as she watched the blade come down towards her.
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Alexander could only blink as he finished off his attacker and saw Liz in distress. He ran towards her attacker and made it with only seconds to spare," First of all mate it's not polite to hit a lady and call her names. Second of all I will not have you killing this woman. Sorry." He threw the man's sword out of his hand and slashed him pretty deep across his chest causing the enemy to cry out and fall to the ground spitting up blood. Alexander knew he had at least punctured a lung and turned to Liz with a gentle, concerned look on his face," Are you all right, my lady?" He touched her face looking for any lashes then saw her forearm. He quickly bandaged it up with a piece of cloth from his cloak," That's going to have to do for now, my dear girl," he looked around and saw the enemy retreating back to their ship and fleeing from them," It's over now, Elizabeth. Thank you for saving my life," he stretched out a hand for her to take, so he could help her up.
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Elizabeth shut her eyes, shielding her face with her arms until she heard her attacker cry in agony. When she looked up her attacker was lying at her feet choking on his own blood. Alexander stood over him then hurried to tend to her arm. "Th-thank you..." she muttered as she placed her hand in his then stood. After the other pirate ship retreated the crew went to work tending to the wounded and tossing the enemy bodies overboard. Thank was frightening.

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