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Journey Across the Region (Pokemon Play time!)
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Names: Dana (white shirt) and Lisanna (black shirt) Marina
Ages: 13
Gender: Females
Sexuality: Probably straight but neither are interested in relationships

Dana's Personality: Dana is a happy go lucky girl. She loves to talk and hang out with people and Pokemon. Shes always chattering about something, rarely ever able to shut her mouth. She doesnt believe in violence and doesnt want to use her Pokemon as a means to harm others even in a battle.

Lisanna's Personality: Lisanna isnt exactly the opposite of her twin sister, but shes not the same. She loves Pokemon but not a fan of people. She doesnt like harming others, but she loves to battle. She strives to be the greatest Pokemon Trainer the world has to offer, even better than the great Red or Ash. She trains them hard but she does love them and treats them the way they should be treated. She always spoils them after a hard day of training.

Dana's Pokemon Team: Eevee (shes working on evolving her into a Sylveon), Flareon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon and Glaceon.

Lisanna's Pokemon Team: Braixen, Gyarados, Kirlia, Riolu, Dragonite, and Marowak

Twins History: Dana and Lisanna are the youngest children of famous Pokemon breeders in the Kalos region, Daryl and Christa Marina. The girls were raised around Pokemon their entire lives. They have two olders brothers, Richard and Marcus, both became breeders like their parents; Dana had also wanted to become a breeder but Lisanna had a different plan. She wanted to compete in the Pokemon Gym challenge and participate at the League to become Champion. She always had that dream for as long as she could remember.

Lisanna was always close with her fathers Dratini. She loved it. It was always her favorite in the house and in the breeding home their parents owned. She had seen many Pokemon come in and out but Dratini had always been her favorite. Dana fell in love with Eevee and its many different evolutions. She didnt mind that Eevee could only evolve once into a specific evolution of the trainers desire. She planned on owning once of each Eeveelution one day.

On their 11th birthday, they were finally able to have their very own Pokemon and start their journey as every child in Kalos region did. they were excited and overjoyed. Their father decided to part with his beloved Dratini and gave it to Lisanna as her starter. She could not have been more happy. Dana got to choose from each of the Eeveelutions but decided to start with an Eevee so she could evolve it at its own pace and bond with it. The two set out from Santalune City.

Dana wasnt interested in earning badges or taking the League challenge, she just wanted to train her Pokemon and be a breeder like her parents and brothers. Lisanna however pursued her dreams to the fullest. She challenged Santalune Gym and won with ease. She continued to challenge each gym, winning every time. Dana followed her twin and cheered her on on the sidelines. She was a wonderful cheerleader. They each caught the Pokemon they wanted to make the ultimate team in their own ways. Dana caught all Eevee's and evolved them to each evolution, she was only missing Espeon, Leafeon, and Sylveon. Her first Eevee had evolved into an Umbreon, her favorite eveelution.

At the age of 13, Lisanna had up to 6 badges, and filled most of her Pokedex. Dana was a little further from her dream, but she took courses on breeding in one of the towns they had visited. They currently reside in Laverre City, resting up to continue their journey.

What im looking for: Pokemon spin off time.! Im a huge fan of Pokemon, the games and the show so of course i want to do a rp of it. If you arent familiar with the Kalos region and their Pokedex, everything you need to know can be found on the bulbapedian site or you can just google what you need to know and find it there. All you really need to know is the towns and caves and such, the gyms and their leaders and the types of Pokemon the leaders use, and the Pokemon that roam the region. On to what i want in the RP. You can have one or two characters, even three if youre up for it. Im not really looking for a romance type rp, but im willing to talk about it for further in the future. Since our characters are going to be so young i advise against romance. So you can have male or female characters, both or all of the same gender. So 2-3 males or 2-3 females, or mix it up if you want. Around the same age as my characters, so 12 or 13, BUT your characters can not already be far ahead of my characters in their journey. So no making them the current champion of the league or a master trainer or breeder or anything. They can have the same dreams as my characters or different ones, thats fine. But no already succeeding in it. You can pick whatever Pokemon team you like, but no legendary Pokemon. This is gonna go more along the lines of the game, aside from Team Flare. Were not going to include them because they were super annoying and i hated the missions that involved them. They can still exist in this rp but were not gonna do anything with them. I want to include the legendary Pokemon, but not until much further into the rp. We can discuss plot lines if you would like, but im more of a lets see how it goes kinda player. Im open to options though. I mainly want our characters to meet in Laverre City, talk and maybe battle, and then agree to go to the next town together. If you claim, you have 3 days to post your characters. I understand we all have lives and cant get on every single day, im a mother and i work so i understand not having a lot of time to do things. Depending on the situation, i may give you a week to post your character but no longer than that. I ask that you post at least once every couple of days if you cant do it everyday. Do not claim, post your character and leave me waiting for another reply for weeks on end. I will take it down and repost for someone else. Im also willing to post remakes if more than one person wants to rp with this one.
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Jun 10, 2017, 09:21pm

Chris watched his Noibat as she interacted with Vaporeon, wondering just how this would go. His Noibat didn't get much in the way of interaction with her fellow Pokemon, the lazy little bat more content with sleeping on his head all day. He was still listening to Lisanna as she explained Kirlia's evolutions and what the requirements were for that male-only evolution, Gallade, yet his eyes were on the pair of Pokemon in front of him. Yet it seemed Chris didn't have to worry about much, as Noibat engaged in a small bit of chase, hiding behind Chris' legs before shimmying her small body back up and onto her own appointed nest, his head. Chris looked up at his partner, stating "You didn't want to play very long. You antisocial little bat." Noibat letting out a small, sharp screech in protest, causing Chris to sigh.

"Thanks for the information Lisanna, I'll have to make a note of that in Kirlia's entry in my journal." Chris spoke sincerely, smiling at her before noticing her fishing pole twitch. Before he could warn her however she was caught up in reeling in whatever water Pokemon had decided to take the bait. He watched a Poliwag, a rather common water-type land on the ground, yet in mere moments it was taken out by Lisanna's Riolu. His lips thinned for a moment watching the short-lived battle, having to remind himself that trainers not only battled each other, but wild Pokemon, and they didn't always seek to capture them. Deciding to look elsewhere Chris began to scan the different areas they were near, and noticed a tree that held a Combee hive, and his eyes lit up. Combe honey was very delicious, and Chris just happened to have an empty mason jar, the only trick was going to be getting it. His perceptive gaze caught sight of several Combee buzzing about, clearly on guard, and not wanting to cause unnecessary trouble he decided to let the idea go. "So I imagine we'll be making many stops like this?" Chris asked out loud, knowing they hadn't gotten very far before stopping so Lisanna could train her Pokemon.
Jun 14, 2017, 08:12pm

Dana watched as the Pokemon played together, then giggled as Noibat climbed up to Chris' head. "She doesnt get much interaction with others does she?" she asked. Dana remembered when Lisanna had caught Marowak, a Cubone at the time. He had been the same way, nervous and shy around other Pokemon. It took a long time for him to loosen up and get used to being around the other Pokemon but he did and he was always happy to be around them. Lisanna sighed a little as Riolu jumped into her arms, patting his head. "This is getting too easy. We need trainers to battle." she stated. Riolu nodded in agreement. At this rate, it would take weeks to get Riolu to the level he needed to evolve into a Lucario. Dana could see the distress on his face and she tried to smile a little. "She already has a Poliwag, so she usually just battles the ones she already has to gain more experience." she explained. She didnt like it much either but she never kept Lisanna from doing it.

Lisanna noticed Chris looking at the hive and she tilted her head a little. She had loved Combee honey, but never really being able to get any herself in the wild. She wondered if she could cause a distraction so he could climb up and get some but she kept the idea to herself. When he asked if they would be making frequent stops, she shrugged a little. "Sometimes we do. I like to stop as much as i can to train and catch Pokemon but sometimes we usually just head straight to the next city." she said. Since meeting Levi, she had decided that she would train even more to be able to beat him. She was determined to win her champion title at whatever cost. Dana rose to her feet and stretched. "Well i think we should keep going. We still have the cavern to get to. If we reach the next city before nightfall we can probably reach the cavern in time too." she said. Dana didnt like traveling at night, certain wild Pokemon came out to cause trouble and mischief.
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Jun 14, 2017, 09:12pm

At her question a bit of a sad smile came to Chris' face, that was indeed the case. "Yeah, she likes to be by herself, don't know why, must just be her personality." Chris speculated, looking up at his furry little friend who just seemed content to watch all the Pokemon around. He looked over at Lisanna as she spoke about how easy it was to fight wild Pokemon, and that she needed trainers to battle. For a moment Chris' thoughts drifted back to that trainer they'd met earlier, Levi, wondering if perhaps a battle with him would have been what her Riolu needed. He listened to Dana as she explained Lisanna's methods, an understandable thing to do, as much as he detested it he even had to train Noibat off other Pokemon, the little bat possessing a strength of her own, not that she liked to showcase it.

He listened as the two explained their rather inconsistent travel times, though it sounded like they would be stopping quite frequently on this journey. Chris was a bit unsure of how to feel, preferring to keep it moving and only stopping to rest once he was tired. His parents were unsure of how Chris had such energy, he had even hiked all night into the next morning once before finally settling down, not even putting up his tent and just collapsing on the ground. Hearing Lisanna talk about the distance to not only the next city but the ice cavern Chris pulled out his PokeNav, gauging where they were before tracing his finger along the route. It seemed she was correct, even if they went at a slow pace and stopped several times they could make it by nightfall. "Well that's certainly possible, we could even take a few more stops along the way to train. Though I don't think we'll be able to reach the cavern until tomorrow." he pointed out, showing them his PokeNav and tracing the exact same route to them as he did for himself.
Jun 14, 2017, 09:47pm

Dana wondered if being around other Pokemon could help little Noibat like it did for Marowak but she wasnt sure. The twins never had a set travel schedule, they just went with whatever seemed best. When Chris explained their route, the twins looked over his shoulder at the PokeNav. "It is pretty late in the day already, so we can just save the cavern for tomorrow." Lisanna said. Dana nodded in agreement. "Sounds good to me. Hey it looks like they have a clothes shop! I need a new outfit anyways." she said, her golden eyes shining brightly. Lisanna sighed a little and shook her head. "You keep spending your money you wont be able to buy enough supplies." she said. Dana just shrugged her sisters words away, day dreaming about getting a cute new dress and shoes to match. Maybe a handbag or a cute new hat too.

Lisanna stretched a little and put her hands on her hips. "Well lets get moving. Heres your pole back, Dana." she said, handing her sister her fishing pole. Dana nodded, folding it up and sticking it in her bag again. Lisanna took off walking, while Dana hung back with Chris. "I think meeting that guy has really lit a fire under Lisanna. She seems even more determined than before." she said, following her sister at a slower pace. She was never one for fast pace. She enjoyed hanging back and taking in the view around her. Vaporeon trotted happily behind her trainer, looking up at Noibat every now and then. It seemed like she wanted to catch the Pokemons attention. She was rather playful most of the time.
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Jun 14, 2017, 11:17pm

Chris was happy that they took what he said in consideration, knowing it wouldn't do any of them good to push themselves or their Pokemon too far. When Lisanna pointed out a clothing shop, and spoke of getting outfits he thought back to those hiking boots he could have used. He wanted to agree with Lisanna about how unwise it was for her to spend her money frivolously like that, but kept it to himself. Honestly Chris planned on sleeping outside even if they did make it to the next city, as he often did. When Lisanna urged them to continue on Chris looked up at Noibat, asking the little Pokemon "Ready to go?" Noibat chirping quietly and adjusting the straps on his backpack a bit Chris followed after Lisanna.

Chris could have easily kept up with the faster-paced twin, but it seemed Dana had no desires to move as quickly, and Chris chose to hang back with her. When she spoke of Lisanna seeming more determined after meeting Levi, a small smile formed on Chris' face. "You think so huh?" he inquired, unable to really make a call like that, after all, he didn't know her that well at all. Chris could tell that Vaporeon wanted to play with Noibat, but he knew his little companion would be hard-pressed to do the same. The trip was going well, until Chris watched an injured Foongus come falling out of some brush onto the road, and Chris could see a purple and gold-spotted coat stalking through. It seemed a rather aggressive Liepard felt the need to attack the small Pokemon, and Chris was going to resolve this quickly, determined to not watch these Pokemon get hurt.

"I got this, don't worry!" Chris spoke quickly, letting his bag drop to the ground as he reached to his belt. "Noibat, take flight and use Screech to stop it in its tracks." Chris commanded, Noibat taking off towards where she last saw the Liepard and let loose a loud screech. Noibat's attack had been right on the money, the Liepard, now slightly dazed by the attack stumbled its own way partially out of its hiding spot, and Chris had his capture styler ready to go. Chris pressed the capture button, and after a brief glow a disc shot out from the tip of the styler, and began to spin around the dazed Liepard, controlled by Chris' own movements. Several passes were made around the Pokemon until the beams closed in, and suddenly, the Liepard stopped what it was doing. Quickly jogging over to the Foongus Chris knelt down, not wanting to frighten the Pokemon any further, carrying a potion in his hand he sprayed the contents, watching its wounds disappear. "Go on little guy, get outta here." Chris spoke, watching Foongus bound away before looking at the captured Liepard, "Don't pick on Pokemon that are clearly weaker than you. I'm sure he did nothing wrong, now go on." Chris commanded, the Liepard's ears folding back as it hissed before running off.
Jun 14, 2017, 11:32pm

Dana nodded at Chris about her twin. Lisanna had always been a very determined girl, but having a rival to compete with seemed to make her determination even more so. She couldnt blame her sister though. Levi's promise of making his goal before she did, and not allowing her to reach her goal, was like threatening to take her life from her. Her dedication to being a Pokemon Champion was unbelievable. Dana envied her sister for it in a way. She was determined to he a breeder, but she didnt have anyone to compete with really. Lisanna kept up her pace until she heard Chris in the back. She turned to see him in an encounter with a Liepard. She looked at the capture styler in his hand curiously, wondering what it could do until she saw it herself. She was impressed.

Lisanna walked back to join Chris and Dana. "That was pretty cool, Chris. So thats the item Rangers use with Pokemon?" she asked. Dana waved at the little Foongus as he shuffled away and into hiding again. She had only seen one of those once before, thinking they were kind of cute. Lisanna thought differently. She thought they were kind of creepy. Vaporeon yawned and nudged at Dana's leg, wanting back in its ball to sleep. "Return, Vaporeon." she said, holding up the pokeball. She returned obediently. "I wonder what was up with that Liepard. Ive never seen one so aggressive before." she said, looking in the direction that the Liepard ran off to. Lisanna shrugged. "Liepard's have wild personalities. Some are worse than others. Must have just been in a bad mood." she said, shrugging again. Dana wanted to believe that, but she wasnt so sure.
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Jun 15, 2017, 02:30pm

Hearing Lisanna compliment what he did caused his face to redden in embarrassment, chuckling nervously as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Sure is, this is what's known as a Capture Styler. It allows me to control a Pokemon if I can encircle them with a capture disc and transmit my friendship to them. Unfortunately it's only a student model so that's all it can do. But once I'm a true ranger I get something like your Pokedex called a Glossary, and I'll be able to add upgrades and stuff too!" he spoke excitedly, pointing out the different features as he explained how the styler worked. To a ranger, his or her capture styler was life itself, it was what allowed them to utilize a Pokemon's inherent abilities for the good of others, even if it was only temporary. Chris watched as Noibat flapped about a little longer, before returning to her partner and perching herself on his shoulder. "Good girl Noibat, I'm proud of you." Chris praised, petting the small Pokemon's head as he placed his capture styler back on his belt.

Before Chris could explain to Dana what had been up with the Liepard's behavior, Lisanna beat him to it, and instead he nodded in affirmation. "That's right, they're also fiercely territorial, there's a number of reasons why it attacked that little Foongus, but it doesn't matter now." Chris spoke with a shrug of his shoulders. He had resolved the issue without either Pokemon needing to be hurt any further, and that was good enough for him. When they returned to traveling it had gotten quiet on the route once again, and every so often Chris would move on ahead to collect berries from assorted bushes he'd find. For the time being they hadn't ran into any Pokemon that Chris hadn't seen yet, which was a bit disheartening for the young ranger in training, but he pushed onward. "So Lisanna, why did you decide to be a Pokemon trainer? Dana said your parents are top breeders right? Surprised you didn't want to follow their footsteps." Chris asked, genuinely curious and decided now would be as good a time as any to try and get to know them.
Jun 16, 2017, 10:28pm

The twins listened intently as Chris explained the capture stylist. Dana was more intrigued with it than Lisanna was, but she still showed her interest in it. It seemed important to him, so Lisanna wouldnt be rude about it. "Thats pretty cool! Too bad us breeders dont have any nifty items like that. I mean we can have a pokedex but thats it." Dana said, scooping Vaporeon up into her arms. She sighed a little, hoping the Foongus was okay but still worried about Liepard's reaction to it. She decided to not push the subject any longer. They kept walking, Dana enjoying the view and Lisanna thinking about a new strategy to try out whenever they reached the cavern. Chris asking about her choice to become a trainer brought her back to reality again.

She thought about why she decided to be a trainer. She shrugged a little. "Well as a kid, we used to watch the league challenge on TV. Sometimes certain journalists will follow trainers around the catch the battles on video and it just looked cool to me. Plus, i never had the skill or the patience to be a breeder. Dana gained that attribute." she said, looking back at him. She smiled a little, knowing he just wanted to get to know them. She usually never spoke about it but she decided to be nice this time since it seemed he would be with them for a while. Dana nodded. "She did try to breed for a little bit. It just didnt take. Our parents are still proud of her though. She will be the first in our family since our great great grandfather to be a Pokemon trainer!" she stated. Lisanna nodded, her smile widening a little.
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Jun 18, 2017, 09:53am

Chris had a feeling that Lisanna didn't have much interest in his capture styler, but he appreciated her giving him her attention all the same. He knew that being a Ranger would sound pretty boring compared to wanting to be League champion, but it was his dream and desire, and he was determined to stick with it. He looked over at Dana as she said breeders don't get any neat tools like that, only Pokedex's, but in Chris' opinion, that was all the special tools they needed. After all, a good breeder was determined by their knowledge of Pokemon and undying love to the little creatures. He looked over at Lisanna when she explained why she wanted to be a trainer, part of it being because of what she saw on TV, the other part because she wasn't a good breeder.

He wanted to argue the point to a degree, thinking anybody could do anything if they really put their minds to it. A lot of people had said Chris wouldn't make it through Ranger training with his smaller physique, yet here he was as a student, doing what he could to earn his spot as a true, blue, Pokemon Ranger. He looked over at Dana when she said Lisanna had tried to breed but it didn't fail, and hearing she was the first trainer in her family since their great grandfather was an achievement to be proud of. "Wow, sounds like you definitely have a worthy goal then. I'm sure you'll be great, and I'm sure you'll be the League Champion. How many badges do you have left?" he asked curiously, wondering just how far along Lisanna was in this dream of hers.
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