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Journey Across the Region (Pokemon Play time!)
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Names: Dana (white shirt) and Lisanna (black shirt) Marina
Ages: 13
Gender: Females
Sexuality: Probably straight but neither are interested in relationships

Dana's Personality: Dana is a happy go lucky girl. She loves to talk and hang out with people and Pokemon. Shes always chattering about something, rarely ever able to shut her mouth. She doesnt believe in violence and doesnt want to use her Pokemon as a means to harm others even in a battle.

Lisanna's Personality: Lisanna isnt exactly the opposite of her twin sister, but shes not the same. She loves Pokemon but not a fan of people. She doesnt like harming others, but she loves to battle. She strives to be the greatest Pokemon Trainer the world has to offer, even better than the great Red or Ash. She trains them hard but she does love them and treats them the way they should be treated. She always spoils them after a hard day of training.

Dana's Pokemon Team: Eevee (shes working on evolving her into a Sylveon), Flareon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon and Glaceon.

Lisanna's Pokemon Team: Braixen, Gyarados, Kirlia, Riolu, Dragonite, and Marowak

Twins History: Dana and Lisanna are the youngest children of famous Pokemon breeders in the Kalos region, Daryl and Christa Marina. The girls were raised around Pokemon their entire lives. They have two olders brothers, Richard and Marcus, both became breeders like their parents; Dana had also wanted to become a breeder but Lisanna had a different plan. She wanted to compete in the Pokemon Gym challenge and participate at the League to become Champion. She always had that dream for as long as she could remember.

Lisanna was always close with her fathers Dratini. She loved it. It was always her favorite in the house and in the breeding home their parents owned. She had seen many Pokemon come in and out but Dratini had always been her favorite. Dana fell in love with Eevee and its many different evolutions. She didnt mind that Eevee could only evolve once into a specific evolution of the trainers desire. She planned on owning once of each Eeveelution one day.

On their 11th birthday, they were finally able to have their very own Pokemon and start their journey as every child in Kalos region did. they were excited and overjoyed. Their father decided to part with his beloved Dratini and gave it to Lisanna as her starter. She could not have been more happy. Dana got to choose from each of the Eeveelutions but decided to start with an Eevee so she could evolve it at its own pace and bond with it. The two set out from Santalune City.

Dana wasnt interested in earning badges or taking the League challenge, she just wanted to train her Pokemon and be a breeder like her parents and brothers. Lisanna however pursued her dreams to the fullest. She challenged Santalune Gym and won with ease. She continued to challenge each gym, winning every time. Dana followed her twin and cheered her on on the sidelines. She was a wonderful cheerleader. They each caught the Pokemon they wanted to make the ultimate team in their own ways. Dana caught all Eevee's and evolved them to each evolution, she was only missing Espeon, Leafeon, and Sylveon. Her first Eevee had evolved into an Umbreon, her favorite eveelution.

At the age of 13, Lisanna had up to 6 badges, and filled most of her Pokedex. Dana was a little further from her dream, but she took courses on breeding in one of the towns they had visited. They currently reside in Laverre City, resting up to continue their journey.

What im looking for: Pokemon spin off time.! Im a huge fan of Pokemon, the games and the show so of course i want to do a rp of it. If you arent familiar with the Kalos region and their Pokedex, everything you need to know can be found on the bulbapedian site or you can just google what you need to know and find it there. All you really need to know is the towns and caves and such, the gyms and their leaders and the types of Pokemon the leaders use, and the Pokemon that roam the region. On to what i want in the RP. You can have one or two characters, even three if youre up for it. Im not really looking for a romance type rp, but im willing to talk about it for further in the future. Since our characters are going to be so young i advise against romance. So you can have male or female characters, both or all of the same gender. So 2-3 males or 2-3 females, or mix it up if you want. Around the same age as my characters, so 12 or 13, BUT your characters can not already be far ahead of my characters in their journey. So no making them the current champion of the league or a master trainer or breeder or anything. They can have the same dreams as my characters or different ones, thats fine. But no already succeeding in it. You can pick whatever Pokemon team you like, but no legendary Pokemon. This is gonna go more along the lines of the game, aside from Team Flare. Were not going to include them because they were super annoying and i hated the missions that involved them. They can still exist in this rp but were not gonna do anything with them. I want to include the legendary Pokemon, but not until much further into the rp. We can discuss plot lines if you would like, but im more of a lets see how it goes kinda player. Im open to options though. I mainly want our characters to meet in Laverre City, talk and maybe battle, and then agree to go to the next town together. If you claim, you have 3 days to post your characters. I understand we all have lives and cant get on every single day, im a mother and i work so i understand not having a lot of time to do things. Depending on the situation, i may give you a week to post your character but no longer than that. I ask that you post at least once every couple of days if you cant do it everyday. Do not claim, post your character and leave me waiting for another reply for weeks on end. I will take it down and repost for someone else. Im also willing to post remakes if more than one person wants to rp with this one.
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