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Journey Across the Region (Pokemon Play time!)
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Names: Dana (white shirt) and Lisanna (black shirt) Marina
Ages: 13
Gender: Females
Sexuality: Probably straight but neither are interested in relationships

Dana's Personality: Dana is a happy go lucky girl. She loves to talk and hang out with people and Pokemon. Shes always chattering about something, rarely ever able to shut her mouth. She doesnt believe in violence and doesnt want to use her Pokemon as a means to harm others even in a battle.

Lisanna's Personality: Lisanna isnt exactly the opposite of her twin sister, but shes not the same. She loves Pokemon but not a fan of people. She doesnt like harming others, but she loves to battle. She strives to be the greatest Pokemon Trainer the world has to offer, even better than the great Red or Ash. She trains them hard but she does love them and treats them the way they should be treated. She always spoils them after a hard day of training.

Dana's Pokemon Team: Eevee (shes working on evolving her into a Sylveon), Flareon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon and Glaceon.

Lisanna's Pokemon Team: Braixen, Gyarados, Kirlia, Riolu, Dragonite, and Marowak

Twins History: Dana and Lisanna are the youngest children of famous Pokemon breeders in the Kalos region, Daryl and Christa Marina. The girls were raised around Pokemon their entire lives. They have two olders brothers, Richard and Marcus, both became breeders like their parents; Dana had also wanted to become a breeder but Lisanna had a different plan. She wanted to compete in the Pokemon Gym challenge and participate at the League to become Champion. She always had that dream for as long as she could remember.

Lisanna was always close with her fathers Dratini. She loved it. It was always her favorite in the house and in the breeding home their parents owned. She had seen many Pokemon come in and out but Dratini had always been her favorite. Dana fell in love with Eevee and its many different evolutions. She didnt mind that Eevee could only evolve once into a specific evolution of the trainers desire. She planned on owning once of each Eeveelution one day.

On their 11th birthday, they were finally able to have their very own Pokemon and start their journey as every child in Kalos region did. they were excited and overjoyed. Their father decided to part with his beloved Dratini and gave it to Lisanna as her starter. She could not have been more happy. Dana got to choose from each of the Eeveelutions but decided to start with an Eevee so she could evolve it at its own pace and bond with it. The two set out from Santalune City.

Dana wasnt interested in earning badges or taking the League challenge, she just wanted to train her Pokemon and be a breeder like her parents and brothers. Lisanna however pursued her dreams to the fullest. She challenged Santalune Gym and won with ease. She continued to challenge each gym, winning every time. Dana followed her twin and cheered her on on the sidelines. She was a wonderful cheerleader. They each caught the Pokemon they wanted to make the ultimate team in their own ways. Dana caught all Eevee's and evolved them to each evolution, she was only missing Espeon, Leafeon, and Sylveon. Her first Eevee had evolved into an Umbreon, her favorite eveelution.

At the age of 13, Lisanna had up to 6 badges, and filled most of her Pokedex. Dana was a little further from her dream, but she took courses on breeding in one of the towns they had visited. They currently reside in Laverre City, resting up to continue their journey.

What im looking for: Pokemon spin off time.! Im a huge fan of Pokemon, the games and the show so of course i want to do a rp of it. If you arent familiar with the Kalos region and their Pokedex, everything you need to know can be found on the bulbapedian site or you can just google what you need to know and find it there. All you really need to know is the towns and caves and such, the gyms and their leaders and the types of Pokemon the leaders use, and the Pokemon that roam the region. On to what i want in the RP. You can have one or two characters, even three if youre up for it. Im not really looking for a romance type rp, but im willing to talk about it for further in the future. Since our characters are going to be so young i advise against romance. So you can have male or female characters, both or all of the same gender. So 2-3 males or 2-3 females, or mix it up if you want. Around the same age as my characters, so 12 or 13, BUT your characters can not already be far ahead of my characters in their journey. So no making them the current champion of the league or a master trainer or breeder or anything. They can have the same dreams as my characters or different ones, thats fine. But no already succeeding in it. You can pick whatever Pokemon team you like, but no legendary Pokemon. This is gonna go more along the lines of the game, aside from Team Flare. Were not going to include them because they were super annoying and i hated the missions that involved them. They can still exist in this rp but were not gonna do anything with them. I want to include the legendary Pokemon, but not until much further into the rp. We can discuss plot lines if you would like, but im more of a lets see how it goes kinda player. Im open to options though. I mainly want our characters to meet in Laverre City, talk and maybe battle, and then agree to go to the next town together. If you claim, you have 3 days to post your characters. I understand we all have lives and cant get on every single day, im a mother and i work so i understand not having a lot of time to do things. Depending on the situation, i may give you a week to post your character but no longer than that. I ask that you post at least once every couple of days if you cant do it everyday. Do not claim, post your character and leave me waiting for another reply for weeks on end. I will take it down and repost for someone else. Im also willing to post remakes if more than one person wants to rp with this one.
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I would like to claim, but I wouldn't be able to post characters until Friday. Is that okay?
May 31, 2017, 06:59pm

Sure, thats totally okay.
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Name: Christopher "Chris" Parks
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Christopher is a vibrant, kind, and energetic young man who always has a winning smile on his face. Even in the face of adversity Chris doesn't give up, in fact a challenge is the only thing that will make him work even harder to achieve his goals. A bit shy at first, especially when he's first getting to know somebody, it doesn't take Chris very long for him to warm up to people. Always wanting and willing to see the best in people, Chris finds it very hard to dislike somebody, and is usually very forgiving.
Pokemon Partner: Noibat
History: Chris is a boy that has always known he wanted to help out Pokemon, but not only Pokemon, the environment they lived in. His parents were of no particular claim to fame, and neither used Pokemon for anything other than house pets. Yet somehow, someway, Chris came up with the idea that he wanted to become the world's best Pokemon Ranger. The path to becoming a ranger is by no means an easy one however, and currently Chris is in training as a Student Ranger. Chris has big dreams, and even bigger plans, wanting to see the position of Top Ranger for the Kalos region become his.

Name: Levi Robinson
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Levi is somebody who is at times aggressive and confrontational, with a lot of personal pride in himself. Believing that strength of mind, and strong Pokemon hold the key to victory and so far, he hasn't been proven wrong. Levi is not without a heart however, though his heart and the kindness that comes with it is normally only seen by his Pokemon team, the ones he truly cares about. Tactically brilliant and naturally talented, Levi has a fine eye for Pokemon battling, and can win the day even when the odds are stacked against him.
Pokemon Team: Aggron, Zweilous, Tyranitar, Aerodactyl, Tyrantrum, Pangoro
History: Levi was always told growing up that he was special, talented, with a knack for training Pokemon the likes of which nobody had ever seen. His father and mother are both scientists, his mother studying fossils while his father studied at the Tower of Mastery, seeking to solve the mysteries of Mega Evolution. Thanks to his parent's scientific background, when it came time for Levi to begin his Pokemon journey, he got a bit of a boost. Rather than traveling to receive a starter from Professor Sycamore, Levi convinced his parents to revive some of their old fossils for him. Thus, Levi began his journey with a Tyrunt and an Aerodactyl, and began to travel across the Kalos region. Levi has several goals, though his most pressing one is to become the next leader of the Elite Four.
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(Love them.! Chris is absolutely adorable.! He matches Dana's personality quite a bit.)

Dana sat on the bridge near Laverre City's Pokemon Gym, Eevee sitting next to her. She had her legs kicked over the edge and swung them back and forth, smiling brightly. She waited for her twin, Lisanna, who was buying them supplies at the mart. Eevee curled into a ball next to her trainer and made a purring sound while Dana pet her head lightly. She was thinking about how far along they have come together in their journey. She wondered if she should call their parents to tell them about it but she decided to wait until they reached the next city. She was proud of how far Lisanna was coming, getting closer and closer to becoming the next Pokemon League Champion. She only needed two more badges to compete. Lisanna was a powerful trainer, she beat Dana in practice battles all the time. Dana wasnt much of a trainer. Her team of eeveelutions was strong, but not strong enough to beat her sister. She preferred just taking care of them, wanting to breed them to help the Eevee population grow. She sighed and hummed quietly to herself and her Eevee while she waited for her sister. Lisanna stood at the mart counter and made their supply order. It was mainly just potions and other healing potions like antidotes, awakening potions, and paralyze heals. She decided to get a few ice heals too since they would be going into snowy territory soon and she wanted to check out the Frost Cavern before they reached Snowbelle City. She chewed on her lip, growing a little impatient. She knew their order was large, due to both of them having six Pokemon each she needed to get double what she normally did. She was glad Dana had given her some money otherwise she may not have been able to afford this order. She had already paid for it so she just stood there and waited. She felt one of her Pokeballs tremble and little Riolu busted out of his ball. She smiled and sighed. He hated his pokeball and was always popping out on his own. "Little trouble maker." she said as she scooped him up into her arms. "Riii riii!" he squealed. She just giggled a little and waited for their order. The mart attendant returned with a bag full of potions. "Thank you for your business!" he said cheerfully. Lisanna nodded and took the bag, leaving the mart and she walked towards the bridge where Dana was waiting. "Alright, i got everything we need. Lets split this stuff up evenly." she said, setting Riolu down on the ground. The little fighter Pokemon skipped over to Eevee, the two beginning to play with each other on the bridge. "Be careful you two. Dont fall off the edge of the bridge." Dana said, warning them. They didnt need another accident. Luckily they were near water so Lisanna's Gyarados could save them if need be. Lisanna sat next to Dana and the two started splitting up all the items they received.
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Chris stood in front of the clothing outlet in Laverre City, nose pressed up against the glass as he stared longingly at a pair of hiking boots that had caught his eye. Being a Student Ranger was a tough job, and the constant hiking about through rough terrain had caused his feet quite a bit of ache lately, with his shoes starting to feel their wear. Unfortunately Chris didn't have much in the way of money, he wasn't a Pokemon trainer so battling anybody was a very rare venture indeed, he had enough to get buy, but nowhere near enough to splurge. A small sigh of defeat came from the young prospective ranger, his breath fogging the glass momentarily before he shook his head, he wouldn't let something like this get him down. Due to his student status he was being given a small monetary allowance, as he was still technically working a full-time job, if he really wanted those boots he would have to save for it.

"Well Noibat, should we continue on? We have a lot more Pokemon to record." Chris spoke to his partner Pokemon, who was busy snoozing on top of his head. Chris' only response from the small Pokemon was a small yawn, a small snot bubble popping which caused Chris to laugh quietly, his little companion was always like this during the day. Chris had a very big project on his plate, one that he was certain was going to help him graduate out of this student status, he was out to record every Pokemon in the Kalos region. While he didn't have a Pokedex like most trainers to record Pokemon he saw, Chris was quite the talented artist, making detailed drawings of each Pokemon he'd seen in a thick notebook he carried in his backpack. It wasn't anything special, and all one could expect to gleam from it was what the Pokemon looked like, its habitat, and some key features to look out for.

Stepping away from the boutique Chris adjusted the straps on his backpack, which was filled to the brim with essential items and camping equipment, in fact most would assume the pack would be too heavy for the young man to carry. But that was far from the case, though smaller than most preteen boys his age, Chris had strength and endurance, having done a lot of physical training before even setting out on this journey. As he came towards a bridge he would need to cross to head on to the next city, he noticed two girls were posted up on the edges, but what really caught his eye were the two Pokemon that were seeming to be playing next to them. He recognized one as a Riolu, having caught glimpses of the little Pokemon but had never been able to get one to hold still long enough to get an accurate drawing. The other one was unfamiliar to him however, and not wanting to miss an opportunity, especially seeing as he had to go by them anyways, he took a deep breath before walking up to them. "Hi! My name's Chris, I was wondering...if maybe...I could...draw your Pokemon?" he asked, his bright and confident greeting slowly dissolving as his shyness took over, raising his notebook up to where it was covering all but his heterochromatic eyes.
Jun 03, 2017, 09:43pm

The twins had just finished dividing the supplies when a boy about the same age as them approached. Dana smiled brightly he introduced himself, but Lisanna just raised an eyebrow. She wasnt much of a people person but she wouldn't be rude to him as he seemed rather shy. Dana smiled more when he asked if he could draw their Pokemon. "Sure! Eevee loves attention so im sure she would be more than willing to sit still long enough for it." Dana said. Lisanna nodded in agreement. Riolu didnt like to sit still but if Lisanna asked him to, he would. "Riolu, sit still for the nice boy okay?" she said, patting his head. Riolu nodded and sat with his little legs crossed.

Dana smiled as Eevee sat next to Riolu, her ears perked up high, tilting her head a little to the side. "Im Dana, and this is my sister Lisanna." she said. Lisanna nodded her hello, fiddling with her map. She was looking over the next route they needed to take to get to the next city. Dana nudged her a little. "Lisa, say something." she whispered. Lisanna looked up and tried to smile. "Nice to meet you." she said, then looking back down at the map. Dana rolled her eyes and turned back to Chris. She saw the Pokemon on his head and her eyes lit up. "Is that a Noibat? I havent seen one in person yet!" she said, her amber eyes glowing. Lisanna looked up at the Pokemon and she smiled a little. "Would you mind if i record him in my Pokedex?" she asked, pulling her dex out of her bag.
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Chris was thankful for his notebook, as his cheeks were slowly turning red as his shyness only got worse. The two girls in front of him seemed nice enough, one was smiling at him and the other just seemed disinterested in him. When they both agreed to let him draw them he let out a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding, a relieved and happy smile creeping across his face as he lowered his notebook. He let the two Pokemon get comfortable before flipping open to a partially filled page and began to sketch out Riolu with a wooden pencil. He had already recorded quite a bit of data on Riolu from his own sightings, but he lacked a visual representation, and now, he had one.

"I've never seen an Eevee before, she's very cute." Chris commented as he continued to scratch and scribble away in his notebook, he decided he would only draw out the basic anatomies of the two Pokemon to save the girls some time, he would remember the finer details and add shading later. When the two introduced themselves, the friendlier one as Dana and the slightly standoffish one as Lisanna, he quickly responded with a "Pleasure to meet you both." and with his drawing of Riolu as completed as he was going to allow he flipped over to a new page and began to draw the little fox Pokemon. When the two suddenly became interested in his Noibat, and Lisanna asked if she could record him in her Pokedex, Chris blinked for a moment, his rhythm gone. "Sure, it'd be awfully rude of me to ask to draw your Pokemon and not let you record my Noibat." Chris said with a nervous laugh, before looking up and reaching up he lightly tapped Noibat on the nose with his pencil. "Wake up lazy butt, c'mon." Chris urged gently, the small bat-like Pokemon blinking its bright yellow eyes before yawning, a little sound escaping her throat as she looked at the two girls.

"So, Dana, if you wouldn't mind could you tell me a bit about your Eevee? Where her species typically lives, any particular habits or evolutions you know of? I'm trying to record all the Pokemon in the Kalos region here in this notebook and I want as much information as possible, if you're not in a rush or anything." Chris explained while at the same time asking for just a little more of her time. He only had a few more lines to draw on the Eevee before he was done, and with a nod he stepped back a bit to give both the Pokemon and their trainers some space. "I'm done drawing them now, thank you, all of you." Chris told them, addressing the Pokemon as well, before looking over at Dana once again. He hoped she would have enough time to answer his questions, this Pokemon interested him and he wanted to know as much as possible before the two bid him farewell.
Jun 04, 2017, 01:29am

Dana smiled as she watched him focus on drawing their Pokemon. When he said her Eevee was cute, her smile grew. "Isnt she? I love Eevee and all of her evolutions. They are all equally adorable." she said. Lisanna smiled when he said she could record Noibat in her dex. She got up and walked over to it, opening it up and it tweeted to life. A picture of Noibat popped up on the screen and it started talking about Noibat's usual habitats and personalities. She smiled when it finished its update. "Thank you." she said as she clicked buttons to finish the entry. She was getting closer to finishing her Pokedex. From the looks of it, only about 60 left. She was giddy wit excitement.

Dana smiled more at her sisters excitement, then looked over at Chris when he asked about Eevee. "Of course! Eevee's usually live in grassy areas but so far we've only been able to find them on Route 10. We think thats the only place to find them. Theres actually eight evolutions of Eevee, but you can only evolve Eevee once into one of the others with either stones for the main ones and then levels of love and friendship for others. I actually have five of the evolutions with me, if you would like to see them?" she said. Eevee did her little pitter patter in a circle and trotted over to Chris, sniffing him. "Vee!" she squealed, nudging his leg. Lisanna couldnt help but smile at the Eevee. That Pokemon fit her twin sisters personality the best. When Chris said he was recording the Pokemon in his notebook, she tilted her head a little. "How come youre using a notebook? Did you not get a pokedex when you started your journey?" she asked. Dana was a little surprised that she was talking to him but didnt complain about it.

Dana looked down at her belt as she felt one of her balls twitching, it was Glaceon's ball. "Looks like little Glaceon wants to come out anyways. Come on little girl." she said as she pressed the button and it opened, Glaceon appearing on the ground. "Thats Glaceon. Shes the ice evolution of Eevee. Theres also fire, electric, water, dark, psychic, grass, and fairy type Eeveelutions. Im actually working on evolving little Eevee into the fairy type, Sylveon, but its taking a little time. It takes a high level of love to get a Sylveon. We've made it a long ways but shes still not ready for it yet." she said, smiling down at her Eevee. Glaceon walked over to Chris, sniffing at him like Eevee did. Lisanna smiled. Glaceon was her favorite evolution of Eevee. She had always wanted an ice type Pokemon but she hadnt had a good shot at catching one yet. Riolu climbed up Lisanna's leg and perched on her shoulder. She chewed on her lip a little. "Would it be okay if i looked at your notebook? You can take a look at my Pokedex if you'd like." she said. Dana grinned. "Lisanna loves Pokemon. She always likes to take a look at others Pokedex's to see what they have seen so far in the wild. Shes working on being the best Pokemon trainer in the Kalos region. Shes only two badges away from being able to take the Pokemon League challenge!" she gushed. Lisanna gave her sister an odd look. She didnt mind but she didnt want her sister to make her sound full of herself.
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When Dana began to fill him in on Eevee, where they seemed to be found and that there were eight evolutions, Chris was stunned. He had never heard of a Pokemon that could evolve eight different times, it didn't matter if they were limited to just the one. He had been on Route 10 before, but had never been able to see one of these little guys, Chris was tempted to go back some day and look even harder. When asked if he wanted to see the five out of eight evolutions she had, Chris' eyes lit up like the Olivine City lighthouse. "Can I? Please?" he asked excitedly, before looking down as Eevee came over to him. Slowly squatting down he reached out his hand, scratching the soft-furred Pokemon behind her ears. "Wow, her fur is really fluffy." Chris couldn't help but to comment, before looking up and blinking when he was asked why he didn't have a Pokedex.

"Oh! That's because I'm not a Pokemon trainer." Chris stated, getting to his feet before popping to attention like a police officer would. "That's because I'm a Pokemon Ranger! Well, I'm at least training to be one." he spoke, starting out with high enthusiasm and energy as he reached onto his belt and unhooked his capture styler, then the energy dissipated into a sheepish smile as he told on himself. Chris knew that one day when he spoke of being a Pokemon Ranger, that excitement and pride in his profession could remain in his introduction, but for now, he would have to resign himself to admitting he was nothing more than a student at this point in time. His capture styler wasn't anything special either, it was a simple green and white student styler that held no upgrades to it, it was simply there to help him learn the basics. Noibat, chirping out a small sound, scratching her little claws through Chris' hair, causing the young ranger to look up at her.

"What's the matter girl? Finally hungry?" Chris teased, before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a Pokeblock case. "This is all I have for now until we set up camp okay?" Chris said as he shook out a small little energy block, handing it up to Noibat who took it in her little claws, nibbling on it before looking over at Dana as she released her Glaceon. A look of awe came over Chris' face at the sight of the Pokemon, looking over at Dana as she explained what types of evolutions there were, and which one she was currently working on. Without even thinking, Chris swiftly opened a page right next to the Eevee he just drew, and began to scribble away. "She is one of the most beautiful Pokemon I've ever seen." Chris breathed out, capturing what details he could in a limited amount of time. When asked by Lisanna if she could look through his notebook he ceased his drawing, looking at her before looking down at his notebook.

"Sure, though I won't ask you for your Pokedex, I've only seen 200 Pokemon so far. I know there's a lot more than that out here." Chris told her, before closing his notebook and holding it out for her to take. He wanted to see her Pokedex, if only so he could take the data gleamed from it to add to his notebook, but to do that would take hours of both of their time. Chris felt he was already eating into their time as it was, even though so far they had been entertaining him with little to no problems. When Dana explained that Lisanna was taking the Pokemon League challenge and was only two badges away, Chris looked at her before a smile broke out on his face. "Sounds like you'll get there, I know we just met and all but you have my support." Chris spoke genuinely, before looking over at Dana and asking "So what do you plan to do?" wanting to know just why Dana had this full team of Eeveelution Pokemon that she wasn't using for battle.
Jun 04, 2017, 06:37pm

Dana smiled when Chris said he wanted to see the other evolutions. "Of course! Come on out my Eeveelutions." she said as her other four balls bursted open to reveal Umbreon, Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon. "Chris, these are my Pokemon." she said with a bigger smile. Lisanna couldnt help but smile too, even more so when Umbreon walked over to her. "Hey fella. Umbreon here was Dana's first Eevee. He evolved into Umbreon about six months ago." she said, kneeling down to pet the little Umbreon on the head. Umbreon had been with them since the beginning, like her Dragonite had been. The two were cherished above the others, but the others were still very much loved. Dana giggled when he said Eevee's fur was really soft. She nodded vigorously. "Thats because i use only the best shampoos Lumos City had to offer!" she said with a big smile.

When Chris explained he was going to be a ranger, Lisanna smiled a little. "A Pokemon Ranger huh? Thats pretty cool. Our brother wanted to be a ranger when he was a kid, but he didnt have the skill for it." Lisanna said as she scooped Umbreon into her arms. The other Eeveelutions all crowded around Chris, sniffing and rubbing on him. Dana thought it was cute. Her pokemon were just as loving as she was. When he offered Lisanna his notebook, she sat Umbreon on the ground and took it, flipping through it. She was more fascinated at the sight of how spot on his drawings were. "These are really good. You have quite a gift for drawing." she said, looking over each of the pictures. There were a few in there that she was missing, she was a little disappointed in herself but she pushed the feeling to the side. She would just have to look harder. Even though he said he wouldnt ask for her pokedex, she held it out for him to take anyways. "Go ahead. I dont mind. Exchanging Pokemon knowledge is part of the journey and all." she said. Dana smiled more, happy to see that her twin was being nice. When he gave her his support, Lisanna seemed a little surprised, but also offered a kind smile. "Thank you. The League is no joke. It has four of the most powerful trainers in Kalos you have to face, not including the current Champion. Ive done a lot of research on it but i still have no idea what type of Pokemon the champ uses." she said, a little irritated. Dana crossed her legs as Umbreon walked over and curled up on her lap. "You'll be able to beat the champ no matter what, Lisa!" she said. Umbreon squealed his agreement. Lisanna smiled, glad that she had such a supportive sister. Dana looked over at Chris when he asked what she wanted to do. "I want to be a Pokemon breeder! It runs in the family. Our parents are the greatest breeders in the Kalos region. Both of our brothers are breeders too. Lisanna is the only one in the family who has branched out from the family business. I want to start my breeding business by breeding all of the Eeveelutions. I just need Sylveon, Espeon, and Leafeon." she said. Lisanna nodded, still looking through the notebook.

"These are really impressive, Chris. I think you will make a fine ranger one day." she said, looking up from the pages. Dana rose to her feet to look with her sister. "Oh wow! The detail is remarkable." she said, her amber eyes shinning brightly. Lisanna nodded in agreement. Dana looked up at Chris and though she was hesitant, she decided to ask anyways. "Hey, are you on your way to the next city?" she figured he was but she didnt want to just assume he was. Lisanna looked at her sister, wondering what she was plotting. Dana looked down at her Pokemon, seeing how they seemed to take to Chris very quickly, she knew he wasnt a bad guy at all. "I was wondering, would you like to travel with us? My Pokemon seem to really like you. They've never really taken to someone like that besides myself and Lisanna. If were all headed in the same direction anyways, why not just go together?" she asked. Lisanna was a little skeptical at first but she thought about it, maybe traveling with another person wouldnt be so bad. She nodded. "It would be nice to have another person with us." she said, closing the notebook and handing it back to Chris. Riolu cooed his agreement too. Dana looked patted the little fighter on his head. "Even Riolu here would like you to join." she said with a smile. She looked at Dana. "Do you think Dragonite would agree?" she asked. Lisanna nodded a little. "If your Pokemon like him, im sure he would too." she said. Dana squealed a little, clapping her hands together in excitement.
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Jun 04, 2017, 08:47pm

Chris looked on in amazement as Dana introduced the rest of her Pokemon team. They all resembled each other in facial structure, but were clearly different all at the same time. To Chris, this was a marvel to behold, he had never witnessed something like this, and he was happy he took that blind leap of faith by talking to these two. Hearing them talk about their brother and how he had wanted to be a ranger had Chris reflecting on how lucky he had been. Just the entrance exam alone had been difficult, along with the intense physical training that had came after.

Chris watched as the rest of Dana's team began to crowd around him, rubbing against his legs and he took turns petting each one of them. Each of them had different textures to their fur, the water-Pokemon Vaporeon having a rubbery feel beneath his fingers. When Lisanna complimented his drawings a pink tint spread from the bridge of his nose to his cheeks, laughing nervously and rubbing the back of his neck. "Thanks." He said, blinking when she offered her Pokedex anyways, and seeing it couldn't be helped he gave another 'thank you' before taking the device from her and looking through it. Seeing the amount of data compiled on each Pokemon had Chris jealous, and wondering why the Ranger Association didn't feel the need to equip their rangers with one.

He listened to Lisanna speak of the Pokemon League, nodding when she spoke of it being difficult. He gave his attention to Dana when she spoke of being a breeder, eyes widening when she said her parents were the best breeders in Kalos. He had no doubts she would accomplish her goals, though at hers and Lisa's compliments on his drawings caused his pink tint to return and even darken. What came next was a surprise as a question towards his next destination became a request to travel with them. Chris wasn't against the idea, he just wasn't used to travelling with other people, though the twins and their Pokemon were making a very strong case.

"Well I don't mind, what do you think Noibat?" He asked his partner, who up until now had been busy watching Dana's Pokemon from her perch atop Chris' head. The bat-like Pokemon seemed to consider it before chirping out her own agreement, and with that it was settled. "So when do you wanna-" he began to ask but was cut off as a roar, along with the sounds of a heated battle reached his ears. Looking behind him he could see a crowd was starting to form, and over their heads was a large Pangoro locked in a grappling match with a Machoke. "What's going on?" Chris asked aloud before making his own way to the crowd to see a dark-haired boy with sharp gray eyes on the side of the Pangoro against a man in biker clothing.

Levi had been enjoying his little break, when this clown in front of him demanded he hand over his money. It seemed this miscreant often extorted money from people, believing his Machoke to be the strongest in Kalos. He was about to learn the hard way however, that Levi was not to be taken lightly. "Disrupt his balance Pangoro, then go for a Vital Throw." He calmly commanded, Pangoro growling out his acknowledgement before shoving his massive girth into the muscular Pokemon, shifting its center of gravity before it found itself being thrown over Pangoro's shoulder into the ground. The thug growled, demanding his Machoke get up and launch into a double-kick, both kicks landing but Machoke found his leg trapped in the crook of Pangoro's arm. A smirk coming to Levi's lips before commanding "Comet Punch." His Pangoro winding back before cold clocking the Machoke right on the button, sending the Pokemon flying backwards before fainting on the ground.

A cry of despair left the thug's mouth as he sunk to his knees, stricken with denial over his loss. "Hmph, pathetic. Pangoro, return." Levi spoke harshly, moving past the thug as his Pokemon obediently returned to its pokeball, straight for a nearby vending machine. A sigh of irritation left the boy as he popped in the correct change, selecting a carbonated citrus drink and popping the tab he took a long drink from the contents. "Hey, pond scum. I don't want to see you around here harassing anybody else again. If I do, you'll face something far more terrifying than my Pangoro." He warned, a cold look in his eyes that sent chills down the biker's spine, the man screaming and running off.
Jun 05, 2017, 12:53am

Dana cheered more when Chris and Noibat agreed to join them. "Itll be like a whole new adventure!" she said, clapping more. Lisanna smiled and chuckled at her twin, Dana's joy and enthusiasm never ceased to amaze her. Dana went off chirping and talking about the things they may see on their way to the next city when they heard the noise. "Come on you guys, back into your balls." Dana said, her eeveelutions all going back into their balls. Lisanna left Riolu out, he was still perched on her shoulder. They joined Chris in the crowd, watching the boy with the Pangoro fight the biker and Machoke. Lisanna watched the boy more than the fight. He seemed harsh, but a well put together trainer. She crossed her arms across her chest, eyebrow lifted. Dana pulled out her own Pokedex and opened it, pointing it at Pangoro. "Thats a pretty strong fighting type Pokemon, Lisanna." she said softly, leaning over show her twin. Lisanna nodded. "It is. Pangoro's massive size makes it hard to take down, like Snorlax, but its size can also be a disadvantage if not properly used." she said. Dana looked at her curiously. "How so?" "Their size determines their speed, so like Snorlax his speed is low so he cant dodge as easily or move as quickly unless the attack they use has a high speed rating. But since Pangoro is a fighter, if hes trained properly his speed wont matter if he has the right attacks." Lisanna explained. Dana nodded, looking back at the fight.

It was over nearly as quickly as it started. "That was pretty impressive." Dana said quietly. Lisanna shrugged. "It was." she mumbled. Riolu cooed quietly, looking nervously at the boy as he walked by. "Its okay buddy. Riolu, return." Lisanna said as she held up his ball, he returned obediently. She usually left him out to roam, but the boy seemed to scare Riolu so she put him back in his ball to calm him down. Dana saw the look on her sisters face and it worried her. "Lisa, i wouldnt challenge him. Your Pokemon are strong but who knows what others he has. That Pangoro is kinda scary." she said, touching her sisters arm. Lisanna knew she was right, but she didnt like the boys hostility even towards his own Pokemon. She wanted to say something, to challenge him but she decided to listen to her sister. The only Pokemon she had that could take Pangoro was Dragonite, and maybe Kirlia if she was stronger, if Braixen knew a psychic move then she would stand a chance but she was still two levels away from learning a psychic move.

Dana chewed on her lip nervously, hoping her sister wouldnt let her ego get the best of her. Lisanna fought with herself over it, but she decided to at least talk to him about the battle and his Pokemon. "Hey!" she shouted as she walked over to him by the vending machine. Dana sighed in frustration. "Her ego is going to be the death of her." she told Chris as she followed her twin. "Lisa! Dont do anything stupid please." she said quietly. Lisanna brushed her sisters words off as she approached the boy. "That was some impressive battling." she said, crossing her arms over her chest again. Dana groaned a little, offering a small smile to the boy. "I-im Dana, this is my sister Lisanna. And this is Chris." she said, pointing to the boy with them. She wanted to compliment his battling too, but the vibe he put off made her a little nervous.
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Jun 08, 2017, 05:59pm

Chris had been engrossed in the short-lived battle against the two trainers and their Pokemon. The boy, who looked about his age seemed cold, yet there was a gleam in his eye that told the ranger in training there was more to it. The leather-clad fellow however screamed bad news, a self-absorbed smirk off his face right until the moment his Machoke collapsed. It was strange, almost surreal how quiet it had become, and how the defeated trainer acted as if his whole world had crashed around him. Chris hadn't observed many Pokemon battles, disinterested in the idea of battling both Pokemon and their trainers, and it was quite an eye-opening experience.

Chris made a mental note to ask Lisanna about it later, but for now it seemed they were about to get involved. He too, wanted to just leave it be and get on with their journey, though he kept his opinion to himself. He watched the two twins interact, and initially it seemed like Dana would win the day, but that wasn't the case. A concerned frown crossed his face but he followed after, standing off to the side as the two interacted with the boy, waving and smiling as he was introduced.

Levi had just finished his drink when a feminine voice broke the crowd, getting his attention. He glanced over to see a trio of people approaching him, two girls, twins by the looks of it and a guy. The twin with gold eyes and the guy seemed wary of him, but the twin with blue eyes approached him confidently, a sign of strength in his book. Not many approached Levi openly, he believed it was because his strength was palpable, but it was because he looked unsociable. 'Blue Eyes', who he learned was named Lisanna complimented his battling skills, while 'Gold Eyes', who provided introductions of herself and those around seemed to want to temain quiet. Levi assessed Dana and Chris weren't trainers, or if they were, they were pathetically underwhelming, and what little interest he had in them dissolved quickly as he shrugged.

"Wasn't much of a challenge. The fool believed I was an easy target because I'm only fourteen, maybe next time he'll learn to pick his targets." Levi said as he adjusted his beanie. Levi could have used any other Pokemon in his party and came away victorious, but using Pangoro had provided a challenge for both trainer and Pokemon. "My name's Levi, Levi Robinson. I suggest you remember that name because one day it'll be known all over the world when I lead the Elite Four." He spoke boldly, a confident smirk on his face. Levi didn't usually bother introducing himself to people, thinking that most were unworthy of such information, but this felt different. "Lead the Elite Four? You have some big goals." Chris spoke, trying to contribute to the conversation, causing Levi to glance his way. "Yeah, what about you shorty? Wait let me guess, contest performer?" He spoke, the criticism causing Chris to blink in surprise and look down at the floor. "No, I plan on being Kalos' Top Ranger." he responded confidently, Levi rolling his eyes before looking at Dana. "And what about you? Just along for the ride with your sister and boyfriend?" He asked as he put his hands in his pockets.
Jun 08, 2017, 07:14pm

Lisanna lifted an eyebrow at the boy's overwhelming cockiness. In a way, it reminded her of her brother Richard. He had been quite cocky about becoming a ranger before his dreams crashed around him. When he said he wanted to be the leader of the Elite Four, Dana surpressed a gasp while Lisanna scowled. "Im going to be the next champ of the League." she stated firmly. Dana sighed a little, knowing his announcement of wanting to be champ would trigger Lisanna. "You sound quite confident in being the leader of the Elite Four. Thats a hard task, isnt it?" Dana said. Lisanna nodded tightly, her blue eyes never leaving Levi.

He struck a nerve in Dana when he called Chris her boyfriend, having just met the boy a few moments earlier. "Hes not my boyfriend! I am accompanying my sister on her journey to be the champion but i have my own goals in mind. I want to be Kalos' best breeder, like our parents." she said, scowling like her sister. They would be exactly identical if it wasnt for their eyes, and the fact Lisanna was about three inches taller than Dana. She realized how harsh her words about Chris not being her boyfriend was and she turned to him. "I didnt mean that so harshly. Sorry." she said, smiling a little. Lisanna finally stopped scowling and smirked a little. "Shes doing a good job of breeding. She already has six of the eeveelutions with her. She has quite the bright future ahead of her. As does Chris." she said. Dana smiled at her twin, glad she came to their defense so quickly.

Lisanna wondered what other Pokemon he had with him, but she didnt want to ask. Not yet anyways. Dana touched her sisters arm. "Lisa, maybe we should go. We have a long journey ahead of us to the next city." she said quietly. Lisanna shrugged her off. "Dont worry, we will get there when we get there." she said. Dana grumbled a little and crossed her arms over her chest, moving to stand back next to Chris. "Be lucky you dont have a cocky twin. They can be quite frustrating." she stated. Lisanna just rolled her eyes. She wondered if being leader of the Elite Four was the same as being the champion, she thought it was but she wasnt entirely positive. "Is Pangoro your strongest Pokemon?" she asked, genuinely curious. She wondered if her Dragonite could take Pangoro on and win. She wasnt sure about that either, considering how easily it beat the Machoke.
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Jun 08, 2017, 08:03pm

Levi's eyes looked to each of them in turn, gaze narrowing when Lisanna claimed she would be the next champion. It seemed their goals were similar, yet different all the same. He was certain they wouldn't know the difference between the two roles, and there were several reasons Levi was shooting for just under the position of champion. Hearing himself being called Dana's boyfriend caused a bright red blush to coat Chris' face, looking at Dana as she popped off over the comment. When she turned and apologized Chris laughed sheepishly and waved his hand, showing no offense was taken.

They each had big goals it seemed, and while Levi acknowledged them all, only Lisanna had his interest. "Best hope I don't reach my goal before you, you won't make it to the champion." He spoke confidently, determination burning within his steely gray orbs as he locked eyes with his fellow trainer. Shrugging when Lisanna came to the defense of her compatriots, Levi's only response was "Good on them. After all, breeders and rangers ensure we never run out of strong Pokemon to train." Looking at them as Dana asked her sister for them to leave, yet it seemed Lisanna wasn't done yet. Hearing Dana speak of her twin brought a small laugh out of Chris as he looked from Dana to Lisanna, responding with "I would say more so interesting." Looking at the two trainers as they continued to size each other up, wondering if perhaps he would witness yet another battle.

Her question was innocent enough, but Levi wouldn't spill his guts so easily. "No." Was all he gave her, it was all he was willing to give. Whether she was aware of it or not, Lisanna had identified herself as a target for Levi to take out, but not yet. In terms of strength and power he ranked his Pangoro as fifth strongest, though when his Zweilous evolved for the final time may drop to last. Levi craved power, and with it powerful Pokemon, but he wasn't a fool. "I assume this won't be the last we see of each other, so I will clue you in now. Stay out of my way, or you'll learn who my strongest Pokemon is." Levi warned, moving past the trio to head off in a different direction, determining he would fly on Aerodactyl once certain he wouldn't be spotted. Chris stood there, blinking several times, trying to work out what had just happened. "I think we just found Lisanna's rival." Chris commented aloud, having not meant to say it but only think it.
Jun 08, 2017, 08:42pm

Lisanna's eyes narrowed when he said she wouldnt make it to champ if he made his goal before she did. "Nobody will keep me from my goal." she said. Dana sighed a little. She loved her sisters determination but she felt it would get her into trouble one day. She was a little relieved that Levi didnt insult their choice of goals but felt his reasoning for liking it was a bit off. "Breeding Pokemon isnt about producing strong pokemon for trainers. We breed to help keep the population up. Rangers make sure people arent mistreating or harming them." she said. Lisanna nodded in agreement. Dana giggled a little when Chris said it seemed more interesting and she nodded. "It can be quite interesting at times. Shes too headstrong for her own good though." she said, looking back at her twin.

Lisanna was a little peeved when he wouldnt go into further detail about his pokemon, but she kept it to herself. Her annoyance grew to anger when he told them to stay out of her way. "As future champ, i never back down to a challenge. Im not afraid of what Pokemon you may have on your side. If it comes to it, my Pokemon and i will do our very best." she stated. Dana smiled and clapped at her twins words. She was proud of Lisanna for how far she had come. "They wont go down easy! Especially our sweet Dragonite." she said, her smile growing. Dragonite always outdid himself, making sure to never disappoint.

Dana nodded in agreement when Chris said they found Lisanna's rival. "I believe we have, Chris. What do you think, Lisa?" she said. Lisanna watched Levi walk away and she grumbled, but nodded. "I will defeat him one day." she stated. Dana giggled. "Well now that thats out of the way, lets get on to the next town!" she said. Lisanna nodded. "Yeah, lets go. Maybe we will cross paths with more trainers." she said. Dana grinned and looked over at Chris. "Hopefully you can see her team in action soon. They are pretty impressive." she said. Lisanna kept her eyes on the direction Levi went and wondered what exactly his story was.
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Jun 09, 2017, 06:38pm

As Levi left the city and got closer to the outskirts he thought back to that girl, Lisanna. Levi didn't talk to people outside of his family, nobody held the strength comparable to himself, even believing he could crush any gym leader. Levi was on six badges currently, he would have had them all a year ago had he not spent it on Victory Road. Everyone had called Levi insane for going there prematurely with Aerodactyl's help but the intense training had paid off in many ways. Feeling like he was far enough Levi tossed a pokeball, releasing the large ancient Pokemon Aerodactyl from it's holdings. "Ready to stretch your wings?" Levi asked, relaxing and smiling as the Pokemon roared happily. Yet before he hopped on his PokeNav beeped, and after reading the message climbed on Aerodactyl's back. "Seems mom has something for us, a new teammate from Hoenn. To Shalour City Aerodactyl." Levi instructed, the Pokemon taking flight.

Chris could hear and feel Lisanna's determination as she challenged Levi in turn. He didn't think she was too headstrong though, in fact he wished he had that level of confidence to exhume. He could tell Levi hadn't thought much of him, or Dana, but that didn't bother him all that much. Chris wasn't even offended at Levi's twisted perspective on his job of choice, taking it instead as a new way to help not only Pokemon but people. He had at first been embarrassed to just speak his mind, but genuinely smiled when Lisanna agreed with the statement. Chris was almost jealous, he had many rivals for Top Ranger, each of his classmates were working towards the same thing, but now Lisanna had not just the gyms and League to overcome, but now Levi as well.

At the mention of them finally moving on, Chris nodded in agreement, pointing behind him at his pack while stating "Noibat and I are ready to go anytime." Noibat chirping to voice her affirmation. Hearing them talk about seeing more trainers and battles Chris was a little apprehensive but excited all at once. "I haven't seen too many battles, never saw the point in them. But I definitely wouldn't mind learning and seeing more of them." Chris said, getting over his own anxieties over the subject. When Chris was smaller he would cry if he saw Pokemon battles, now thankfully that didn't happen but he certainly didn't like it. "Hope you two enjoy my cooking, I don't know what you eat on the road but I have cooking utensils and food stuffs." He offered, hoping they wouldn't mind if he cooked for them.
Jun 09, 2017, 09:39pm

Dana giggled at the sound of Noibat chirping, finding it rather adorable. "Im not big on battles either. Seeing Pokemon fight and hurt each other is kind of sad." she said. Lisanna just shook her head and headed towards the bridge, crossing it. When he mentioned food, Dana lit up. "We usually just have snacks, sometimes we will buy those premade rations if we can find them. So far we havent really been able to outside of Lumoise City. They have everything though. I think it would be sweet of you to cook for us." she said with a bright smile. Lisanna pulled out her map again and chewed on her lip. She was ignoring the talk of food for the time being. "Hey it looks like the Frost Cavern is near Dandemille Town. Dad used to tell us about that place. Its supposed to be full of ice type Pokemon." she said, her eyes glowing. Dana smiled and peeked over the map. "Looks like we have to actually go through the town to get there. Sounds pretty fun. What do you think, Chris?" she asked, looking back at him.

Lisanna lead the group through the building that linked Laverre City to Route 15. She looked through her Pokedex, seeing if there were any Pokemon on this route that she hadnt seen yet. So far it was just water Pokemon that she needed to look for. "Dana, do you have your fishing pole?" she asked. Dana thought for a moment, then dug through her bag. She pulled out her folded up pole and handed it to Lisanna. "Looking for pokemon?" she asked. Lisanna nodded and walked over to a small body of water nearby, tossing the line out into the water. Dana sat on a patch of moss near the water and looked around. "Kalos has some of the prettiest views, even here. I wonder what the other regions are like." she said, to no one in particular. Lisanna just nodded again, not wanting to make too much noise. She felt one of her Pokeballs twitch and she looked down, it was Kirlia's ball. She pressed the button and Kirlia popped out, twirling around. "Hey Kirlia! Chris, have you seen one of these yet?" Dana asked. She decided to let one of her Pokemon out while they were there. "Come on Vaporeon!" she said, tossing her ball up in the air and Vaporeon appeared next to Kirlia. Vaporeon took an interest in Noibat sitting on Chris' head and she walked over, tilting her head at the little Pokemon. Dana giggled. "Vaporeon hasnt seen a Noibat before. Looks like shes curious." she said. Lisanna watched the Pokemon and smiled. Pokemon always brought out the happiness in Lisanna.
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Jun 10, 2017, 01:25pm

Chris was relieved to hear that he wasn't the only one that felt the way he did about Pokemon battling. Then again, he supposed it made sense that Dana wouldn't like battling, otherwise wouldn't she be a trainer like her sister? Watching Lisanna begin to make her way out of the city Chris followed behind her, adjusting his backpack slightly on his shoulders. Hearing the two girls say they would enjoy if he cooked for them, especially given that they didn't really cook for themselves had Chris feeling more like a member of the team and less of a tag along. In truth he was still a bit skeptical about all this, traveling with two girls he had only met a few minutes ago, but random events such as this were what defined an adventure. He would definitely have to give his folks a call about this later, he was certain they'd be dying to hear about his progress anyway.

Chris primarily listened as the twins spoke of going through Frost Cavern, the ranger in training able to guess just why Lisanna wanted to go through there. He too wouldn't mind exploring the cavern, if only to broaden his scope of Pokemon knowledge. When it seemed to be his turn to give his opinion on where they went, he blinked momentarily before a smile came to his face. "I certainly wouldn't mind it. After all, it'll help me fill out my log." not only that, but going through Dandemille Town would give them a chance to resupply and recover. With everything seemingly in place, the trio set off, and within a few minutes of walking found themselves on Route 15. Already Chris could see some wild Pokemon in the trees and brush, most of them skittering away at the sight of the trainers though there were a few more that looked cautiously at the trio. Chris didn't spot any Pokemon he hadn't seen before, and he found himself drifting away as he got lost within the beauty of nature around him.

Chris would have almost missed the fact he was drifting away from the two, were it not for Noibat chirping in his ear and poking him in the head with her claws. Looking back Chris realized he had walked a few good feet away from them, and quickly turned around to rejoin them just as Lisanna released a Kirlia, an apologetic look on his face. "Sorry about that, I tend to space out during nature walks." he explained, remembering how during a field training exercise in school he had wound up at the summit of a steep rock outcropping with no idea how he got there, and even less of an idea how to get back down. Looking at the Pokemon when he was asked if he'd seen a Kirlia before he nodded, responding "I've seen their preevolved forms as well. Though I heard Kirlia has two final evolutions." Chris explained, wondering if those two were aware of that as well. From what Chris had read, one evolution was restricted purely to male Kirlia, and required a special evolutionary stone. Looking over he could see that Lisanna was busy fishing away for water-type Pokemon, and thinking they may be there awhile he went ahead and removed his backpack. Looking over as Dana released Vaporeon he watched the Pokemon as she became curious of his partner Noibat, the little bat looking down at her in return, chirping before flying down and landing on the grass, nose twitching as she took in the Pokemon's scent.
Jun 10, 2017, 08:47pm

Dana just giggled when Chris wondered off a little. "Im the same way sometimes. Plus Lisa here is so quiet when she walks i hardly notice when she stops unless she says something." she said. Kirlia relaxed on the ground next to Lisanna while she fished, but watching Chris and Noibat. Lisanna nodded when he spoke of the evolved forms of Kirlia. "Yeah theres Gardevoir and Gallade. You can only get a Gallade from a male Kirlia with a sun stone i believe. So unless i find a male Kirlia or Ralts, ill have a Gardevoir on my team." she said. The water was getting calm, so she wondered if the water Pokemon were just hiding or not around. Dana watched her Vaporeon interact with Noibat, finding it kind of cute. She was glad her Pokemon was able to get along with other pokemon and people. "Lisanna knows everything about her pokemon. She always does intense research when she gets a new one." Dana said. She loved that her sister was so knowledgeable about Pokemon. It made her feel like there was some breeder in her twin.

Lisanna started to grow frustrated when her line started tugging. Her eyes lit up and she slowly started to reel it in, then quickening the pace when she knew the bite was secure. Soon a Polywag jumped out of the water and onto the ground beside them. Lisanna rose to her feet and smiled, having Kirlia return to her ball and sending out Riolu. He was only a few levels away from evolving so she was pushing him hard. She was excited that she could have a battle. "Riolu, close combat!" she ordered. Riolu obeyed and shot acrosd the field, sending a barrage of punched to the Polywag. That was all it took for the wild pokemon to faint. Lisanna huffed and crossed her arms across her chest. Hardly a challenge, she thought. Dana cheered, "Way to go Riolu!" with a smile on her face.

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