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( Gay) Bodyguard ( need male)
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My character Sebastian Gilbert
Is a 19 year old musician he was in a boy band when he was 11 staying with them until he was 16 then striking out making his way in a solo career. He made it big he was now going on the last part of his world tour and then he would be him for a few moths the back to the music writing and all.

But he also had a secret that his manager has made him hide for his hole life he was gay. He may be a star but he was still a shy kid when he was not on stage and most people didn't know that he had two close friends Izzy and Jazz and they both knew that he was gay and had never been able to act on it because he would lose everything.

When they got to the half way point of the wold tour he started go get letters fan letters from the same person then gifts not thinking of pishing it to the side like he did each and every time. He was wrong and so was his security team. He had gotten a package sent to his dressing room a place that should not have been able to be reached was and in the package was a box of red roses not so bad right wrong in that box with them was a dead rat with blood everywhere along with a note ( YOU CANT IGNORE ME. I WILL HAVE YOU IN LIFE OR IN DEATH.)

After that Sebastian was so scared he could barely function doing the one thing he could think of he called Jazz knowing that he owned his own security company and had him find him a bodyguard. He get better knowing that his best friend was the one making the choice and that the person he chose would keep him safe no matter what.

I am looking for someone to play the male bodyguard. Your character will be your own I just ask that he be male, older and mostly a top but willing to switch every once in a while.

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Sebastian (Seb) had spent two weeks freaking out and not leaving his house for anything. He even canceled one of his showed. Seb had received three more letters after the one that made him and his manager agree that it was time for a fulltime personal bodyguard.

The last one he got scared him more then the others. It had been a letter with a ticked for the show he had canceled. It was threatening and hostile but also loving.
The writer had went on and on about why he had stood them up and how could he not love them and that they belonged together.

Seb was so scared that he was threatening to cancel his tour of they did not fine someone soon. Two days after that meeting he got a call from Alex that he had found someone for him that would be perfect and he would be arriving that night. Seb tried to ask him information on this person but Alex was busy and had hung up leaving Seb with nothing but a time for his new bodyguard to arriver.
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Okay sounds good to me. :-)

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( Gay) Bodyguard ( need male)  
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