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Through Fire and Flames (Mature/Male needed) [Repost]
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Name: Otah

Age: 293 years

Race: Pure Blooded Vampire

Behind closed doors Otah is very out spoken and bubbly, but once she must before her people she is stone faced, cold, and calculating. She can be very sadistic but is kind at heart.

Back story:
Otah is the only child to the Ruling Vampire House. She grew up with loving but brutal parents, and after she turned 100 they raised her to be the next great leader of their people. Now the time has come and she must pick a ruling partner before she can complete her training and take the thrown. So her parents sent out Letters of Invitation to the most predominant vamperic families, asking if they would send a son to try to woo the hand of their daughter.

Plot idea:
YC will be one of the lucky chosen to receive an invitation and is going to win Otah over.

He does not need to be a high class vampire if you do not want him to be. Maybe he is a demon who caught wind of the matrimony and killed one of the invitation holders to try to get an alliance between demons and vampires to breed a super race to wipe out humanity. Perhaps one of the human slaves found a lost one and broke free to try and earn his and his peoples freedom. Or maybe you are just a vampire noble that believes he is what is best for his people, or just doing what he feels he has to do. Have fun with it! I’m open to ideas. Trans gender octopus searching the cosmos for love? We can work something out. ;-)

The world:
Vampires and werewolves share a realm together named Midworld. The demon realm, Deathguard, is beneath them and the human realm, the Mortalworld, is above them with the land of the gods, Immortala, above that. Vampires and werewolves had a long standing alliance between them, they set aside their fighting so long as the doors to the demon realm were open and the demons spilling forth threatened the Mortalworld – their only reasonable food source. Humans remain largely unknown about the other three realms, though there has always been people to breath from the norms of society. Humans are also taken from their realm and used as slaves for various things. The ruling families (both vamperic and lychan), however, are not allowed to keep slaves. Ghosts and spirits exist only as messengers from the gods, sometimes acting as their eyes and ears. The gods play no part in this world, only as passive overseers. They are the only ones who could close the doors to Deathguard.

Each of these races have their own unique abilities: Humans are naturally adept at spiritual detection, but most are taught at a young age to push these abilities aside; they have heightened resistances to magic, but are more susceptible to physical harm. Vampires have high resistances to magic, and have great ability for wielding it. Werewolves have thick skin and fast healing as well as incredible strength, making them tough in combat. Lastly, demons are the middle ground, they are even in magic and strength, though they are more susceptible to magic, but have a slightly heightened healing factor.

Midworld description:
The entrance to Midworld from the Mortalworld is through a cave deep set into the mountains, and always guarded by both vampires and werewolves. The portal is a rough cut hole at the end of the cave of swirling blue and purple. Once going through the portal, you are deposited at the center of a dark forest, the dividing line between the vamperic and lycan territories. Several days travel in one direction leads you to a well kept forest city. Lights are carefully hung from lifted platforms and walkways that went from one mighty tree to the next. Underneath the homes that nestled themselves into the treetops, shops and stalls shadowed them on the ground. A huge tree towered over the rest from behind that was darker than the rest. That was the royal fort, where the royal lychans lived. There werewolf city of Barren Moon. If from the portal depository you were to go in the opposite direction, then several days travel you would be at the foot of a tall, jagged mountain with a small winding pathway, leading up to an ornate set of double doors. Inside is a vast cavern with ornately carved shops that wound around crevices and fields of stalagmites that were lit with brazers. The housing district lay between the castle and the shopping district. Barron’s Cave is the town name.

Before each royal house there is a portal to the Mortalworld. A blue and white portal encased in vine and tree in Barren Moon and a blue and white portal suspended between two great and colorful stalactite. Underneath each of the portals to the Mortalworld, deep within the belly of a large maze of caverns and tunnels, is a black and purple swirling portal floating mid air. These were the portals to Deathguard, and they are always heavily guarded.

It is a place of infinite void with huge landmasses of rock floating in it. Lightning and fire batter and break the land while winds and torrents of water crumble it. As the broken pieces fall to the void, they conjoin together to create new lands that are then beaten down and the cycle continues. The inhabitants of this realm live in holes created in the larger landmasses, waging their own war amongst themselves within the tunnels. Only two portals exist in this realm, both were on small rocks that were tethered by a chain to the entrance of the Kings’ hovel. They are the two portals to Midworld.

Not much is known about the King of Demons, for all who go near – even other demons – are slaughtered on sight by a dark spirit, and their bodies are left as play things for the raging elements of the realm.

Posting desires, but not requirements:
-Personally I really appreciate longer posts that have more descriptions and dialog than action, I don’t really care for a lot of definitive actions that involve my character (directly or indirectly). Example: “he enters her room, rummages through her dresser, and then leaves” when it was stated before that she was sitting in that room and personality would not let him just go through their clothing without repercussions – but he has already left the room which leaves no room for reactions.
-I like to have a story driven by characters than following a plot or trying to reach a specific goal.
-We do not live online. I post as often as I can, and if something comes up then I will let you know that it will be a while before I can post again. I ask the same of you, I am reasonable with it. If you need to take some time off, or don’t want to do the story any more than just tell me, please.


Starting post:
The brazers scattered between the stalagmites were dim with fire for the effect of night, and the streets were empty. Everyone was at home, or cleaver enough to use magic to conceal themselves. Being out after hours was not a crime, but it was not looked well upon. This was one of Otah’s favorite times of day, she would glide out of her window and gently bounce off of stalactites. Her silky black hair would twirl around her body as she twisted in the air, and her nightgown skirt would play teasingly with the tops of her slender thighs. She would listen to the sound of the dripping from the formations and the gentile running of water down in the crevices below. As the fire in the brazers would grow, signaling the start of the next day Otah would fly straight back into her window and close the black curtains tightly. Today was different than most, today was the day the invitations her mother had prepared would go out and she would and she would would man after man displayed in front of her until she found one suitable enough in her eyes to lead beside her.
Her golden eyes fell upon one of the invitations her mother gave her to review to get her approval. ‘Not that my approval meant much of anything in this matter...’ She thought as she reached for the royal blue envelope and took out the letter. Scrawled in golden calligraphy was the name of the family it was destined to and beneath it was the letter: “Your family line has been selected for its predominance in our society and the care it takes to its community. It has come time for the daughter of the Royal Family to pick a ruling partner for the next generation of leadership, and would like to request that a male from your line be sent. If your family line is chosen, then there will be much to be gained by the rest of the family and the chosen son will be moved to live with the Royal Family. If you do not choose to send someone then please send the invitation back to the Royal Family. If you do so choose to send someone, then make sure to have the invitation in hand or they will not be allowed past the gate. They may come at the leisure, but do not come after dark.” It was signed in blood by all three members of her family, including herself. Otah had insisted that they not be paraded in front of her like some human game show, and said that the perspective mates should be allowed to come on their own time, giving her time to think and consider.
A knock came to her door making her snap out of her thoughts. “Yes?” She asked, placing the invitation back on her desk.
“Madam, there is a gentleman here to see you.” Came the voice of one of the castle servants.
“Already? It’s just past light up.” She grumbled to herself for a moment, walking over to her closet. “I will great him in a moment, let me find the proper attire.”
“Yes, Madam. He will be waiting for you in the West Wing.”
“Never mind that.” Otah said quickly, slipping off her nightgown and reaching for the dress that her mother had her made for this occasion. “Leave him in the Parlor, I do not wish for him to see more of the manor than is necessary.”
“Yes, Madam.” She head his soft footsteps away from the door.
“If I had known they would show up first thing in the morning I would have put hour restrictions on the invitation.” There was only a slight grumble in her voice as she finished dressing. Her front was fully covered, the skirt going down to her ankles, however her sides and back were fully exposed. The metal belt that sat on her hips went back and held the second half of the skirt to cover her well shaped bum. “It is to highlight all of your beautiful features.” Her mother told her when she tried it on for the first time. “You mean it makes me look like someone who wants to mate?” Otah replied back, but did appreciate her mothers laughter.
Grabbing the brush out of the lavatory, she quickly drug it through her hair. “I wonder what he will be like.” Her voice was almost nervous as she thought about the possibilities of how terrible her perspective partners could be. A shiver went down her spine, but she brought herself to attention and took a deep breath. No matter how horrible a man might be, if he is what is best for her people then he is to be her partner. “That’s how grandma and grandpa were. Mom and dad just happened to fall in love after they were bound together.” She breathed slowly, looking down at her feet. “They are the exception, not the rule. Love is not on the agenda, though it is a bonus.” Her voice perked up a bit at the end, trying to cheer herself up for the meetings. “Oh! I have kept him longer than I wanted!” Otah quickly left her room, gliding down the hall and stairs to the parlor near the entrance to the castle where her first appointment of the day was waiting.


“Well… That could have gone better...” She said to herself, closing the door to her room behind her. The noble had turned out to be… on the simpler side of things as far as the mind goes. He was not impolite, but he had no class and didn’t seem to bathe as often as he should. She did not spend long with him, sending him back home with an: “I will announce my decision at a later time. Until then, thank you for you time.” She had just enough time to catch her breath when another knock came to her door.
“Madam, another gentleman has come to see you. Shall I lead him to the parlor as well?”
Otah groan and hung her head slightly. “It’s going to be a long day...”
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Name Jason
Age 28
Race demon
History Jason was born into a Nobal household. And yet his father seemed to be far from that. He had watched for years his father playing with slaves and using them for his own pleasure. When Jason gone to his father he had asked for a baby brother or sister to play with. He had no idea this would be granted to him. However it would not be a full demon it would just be some half breed that he come to mistreat at times.
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Name alex
Age 23
Race demon/ human
History Alex was nothing more then a product of a demon with a human. When he was brought into this world he was ripped away from his mother. Of course he was trained to play with his half brother Jason and to do as he was told. He never liked this life and always thought some day he was going to change It but sadly he spent years and years doing as he was told knowing his brother would never free him.
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First post

It was a stormy night when someone had delivered to them a letter. Of course Jason was the first to read it as he smiled looking a his brother and pulling on his chain to bring him close to him. "Seems there is a lady that needs to be married off. You better be on your best behavior when we go other wise I will beat you until you bleed. " he said as he may look nice but he could be quite cruel. Jason only seemed to dog out clothes for them to wear as he had gotten his brother into the stage couch and told the driver where to go.

Once they arrived Jason pulled his brother out and walks him to the door keeping him behind. " my lady " he said my name is Jason and this is my travel companion Alex. " he said only seeming to elbow axle a little to give a bow. Alex looked her over for a moment thinking she looked very nice a woman of her standereds would never go for someone like him or his brother. But he now to her. "It is a pleasure to meet you ."he said in a calm voice but seeing how Jason looked at him only made him back up to be in his place once more.

Please excuse him. He is still being trained on how to listen. " he told her only looking into her eyes. "It would be an honor to get to know you. May we come in from this cold rain. I am afraid it might cause this half breed to fall ill he is only part human after all and they tend to fall ill rather fast. " he said. Using his brother as a key to get in.
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Through Fire and Flames (Mature/Male needed) [Repost]  
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