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Star and the man with a deathwish(Mature)(Female needed)
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Name: Alex Santiago

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Species: Human

Personality: Alex is a man with a deathwish; he's got scant regard for his own safety and can always be found either doing something that could end up with him dying or alternatively planning something that could kill him, theres nothing that can stop him from doing something that could end up with him in hospital or dead. Its the reason he's a stuntman; he's got that insane side to him, the sense of humor a fucked up comedian and mouth of a sailor. He hasn't really learned about looking after his body which he even admits will break him in the long run. But he can't let that stop him; not while theres fun to be had and stupid things to do. The other side to the rather stupid man known as alex is the heart of gold he was, he's the first guy who will be into a fight if someone he knows is about to get the shit kicked out of them, he's the person who can make anyone laugh given the chance and he's probably the guy everyone thinks would be in a relationship; even though he's actually not really been known for relationships.

History: Alex grew up in a fairly normal family; his parents knew he had a bit of a mischievous side when he started playing pranks on his family and freinds; although by the time he was seven years old he started to do a few more stupid things. Be it jumping down huge flights of stairs, climbing trees, even getting onto the roof of his house on more than one occasion which scared the shit out of his family, until he swung back into the house with relative ease. Over the years though he has been in and out of hospital more times than most people could count; be it with fractured fingers, etc. to thing as serious as broken backs, and a cracked open skulls. Some of this came from his so called stunts and some from fights. once he got into work as a stuntman, his family stayed with him and they were happy that he found career that he could keep his stupid mentality and make money with it; although there has been one accident recently that had people worried about him; recently he had an accident while working on the set of a movie that left him with a fractured skull, a few fractured ribs and left him unconscious and on life support for nearly a month. Though he's now out of hospital, he's still a stuntman and still doing stupid stuff, despite nearly dying.


RP idea: The idea I had was that YC could be the main movie starlet on the movie he's been working on where he's had the accident and how they act with each other, going from there and them hitting it off.
Aug 30, 2017, 09:38am

Alex frowned a little when she spoke; sighing a little as she hit him over the back of the ehad, watching her as she told him to take her home; shaking his head as he looked over at her. "Look; you're going to need my help with some of the stunts because if they're wanting you to do all of them perfectly.... You're not going to be able to do that without my help..." He paused as he looked at her, slightly annoyed now. "Okay, if you don't want my help fine.... I have no idea why I'm trying to help you in the first place if you don't want to face your fears, because thats part of the life of doing stunts... you face your fears" He shook his head, getting the bike ready to go, with or without her.
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Lily only looked at him as she just turned the other way to walk home. Of course her home was about 15 miles away so it would take her 5 hours to get there on foot if she was being slow if she was fast maybe four and a half hours. And with it getting dark out it was dangerous. You think she fear more of what was out there on the streets then going with him. She only stopped after half a block before turning around to go back getting on the bike

" fine I will go with you but we go at my pace. " she said to him just waiting for him to take off on the bike now as she really didnt care for half the stunts they wanted her to do but she was the only look alike to the person she was doing the stunts for. One might say they were almost twins which was not too far out the truth was they were related but not many people knew that. Then again her cousin always had the good life while she had to work for all she had
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Alex rolled his neck as he sat there, looking over at Lily when she walked away, shaking his head for a moment as he saw her eventually come back to get on the bike; he didn't say anything for the moment but instead just started to drive heading back towards his place; weaving in and out of traffic without any real care or reason to give a fuck. Even though they were going the speed limit in the city streets, it was obvious that given the chance alex would ramp up the speed and go hell for leather, seeing as that was a mantra he lived by; his eyes watching the cars around them to see if anyone was going to try and do something stupid; or if someone was't paying attention to the road.
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(sorry its taken so long i didnt have power for six days when hurrican irma hit and had to work )

Lily only seemed to bite her lip the whole time that this was going on. when she seen the cars she only held on tighter to him. of course with how big of a man he was and how strong he was there was no way she was going to be able to hurt him with how hard she was holding onto his body. of course at this point he could feel her chest pressed into his back and feel her breath on the back of his neck a little as it seemed to be so soft but yet her heart rate showed she was a bit of a junkie at the moment for what was going on.
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Alex kept driving and not really caring about the cars; watching the world with a lackadasical attitude; he could feel the actress holding onto him as he kept going, trying not to let the feeling of her chest against his back distract him as he kept going at the moment; once they were out of the main city he upped the speed, getting them to his place in record time. He had a smirk on his face as he pulled up, it looked like a fairly decent house from the outside.... But on the inside it was fucking insane with the creatures in tanks all over the place as well as a gym, a diving pool, a parkour studio amongst a tonne of other things. "you got some workout clothes with you?"
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She only let go of him when they got there and seemed to think about the question for a moment. " Yes I have some with me " she said as she seemed to get off his bike and so on the ground for a moment taking it all in on what happened as well as what she was seeing
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