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Who has the power??(MAture)(Female needed)
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Name: Charlotte Banks
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Not really too fussy
Species: Human
Career: Bouncer
Personality: Charlotte is pretty much a loudmouth; she'll say what she wants when she wants to say it. And doesn't really give a fuck for the consequences; mainly because she knows if someone starts something with her she can finish the fight they would start with her. She does have very little patience for overly drunk people. Charlotte does come across as overly confident with an air of cockiness; but she can also be chilled out and be the opposite of that cocky air; she doesn't back down from people either and tends to make people back down from her, despite the fact she's normally shorter than them.
History: Charlotte was born in Dublin, Ireland and actually had a somewhat normal life with her family before she moved away with her mother. As she grew up she was pretty much a fighter from the day she started school, her parents consistently having to bail her out of trouble with her teachers and the people she got into fights with. After a while and after she left school she started working in security; and after a while she got into working in security and since then she's had fun in her life and she's able to do what she wants and when she wants to do it, the work she does giving her way too much freedom now.


RP idea: I had two ideas for this dependent on how anyone wants to take it:

1. it goes down an abusive relationship route with MC and her girlfreind
2. WOrking at a bar she gets close to a barmaid
Jul 18, 2017, 06:29pm

Charlotte smirked a little as she looked at Ashley "And thats only the beginning of the fuckin' night" She commented not really taking it too seriously because despite the fact she had them, she wouldn't really use them. The ballgag was good for when the situation got really loud; but the paddle... that hadn't seen alot of use. She smirked a little as she heard the comment from Ashley towards antionette; shaking her head jokingly as ashley got a swat on the nose. Charlotte was going to have to tease them both even more, because it was just that much amusing.

She looked at them both; once she heard the comment about keeping it in their panties; charlotte didn't miss the opportunity to point out a far too obvious loophole in that. "Hey.... you said keep it in panties; if our hands go there... TECHNICALLY we're keeping it in our panties" She teased and shot a cheeky wink at Ashley as well before she looked at the nurse and stuck her tongue out. She leaned in and nipped ashleys ear as they sat there, almost daring ashley to say or do something then. Charlotte wasn't too fussed about the machine; but she knew ashley was.

Charlotte burst out laughing when she heard the comment from the little girl to her mother and the nurse smacked herself with the clipboard. "Well looks like its too late to not corrupt anyone by this point considering ya went ahead an fucked it" She paused. "But the look from the mother.... jesus H christ that was brilliant...." SHe was chuckling away.
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Jul 23, 2017, 01:52pm

Ashley glared lightly with a slightly blush as Charlotte nipped her ear. "Dont make me break out big bertha when we get home" she said with a mock threatening tone. She had a pretty good idea what the blonde thought 'big bertha' was judging by the blush on her face. "Remember how long it took you to stop gaping after I used it on you last time?" she asked like it was an everyday question like asking about the weather.

"I'll go get that portable x-ray now" Antoinette mumbled walking away with a healthy blush on her face.

Once the blonde nurse was gone Ashley couldnt hold her laughter in. Mad giggles escaped her lips as she buried her face in Charlottes neck, her eyes closed as a few tears fell from her eyes from how hard she was laughing. "You're a good sport for playing Char. God knows I needed a good laugh" she said once her giggles died down and she got herself under control. Her eyes glowed with warmth and amusement as she snuggled comfortably into the other redhead and rested her head against the other chewt to listen to her heartbeat. "More than that... I know I already said it but thanks." She kissed the others womans cheek gently. "Though I really have to ask for my own curiosity. I heard what you said about me the first night. Believe I was flattered and still am but what is it about me you find attractive? I mean for all intents and purposes by your words you already staked a claim on me" she said twirling a finger around several strands of hair that framed Charlottes face.
Jul 29, 2017, 03:59pm

Charlotte looked at Ashley with a small smirk on her face as she saw the blush, when the comment was made about big bertha Charlotte cracked up laughing. "Are you kiddin' me.... You better beware" She stopped talking when she heard the comment about gaping and smirked cheekily as she saw the Nurse walk away to get the x-ray. The moment the nurse had left Charlotte made a comment, one she wanted to make in private instead. "When you're outta hospital, you're comin' back to me and we really are gunna break out big bertha" She teased as she looked at the other redhead.

As Ashley laughed, charlotte could't help but laugh as well, feeling the girl burying her face in her neck, listening to the girls comment about playing along and that she needed a laugh. She shot the other redhead a look. "Who said I was playin' about hot stuff" She commented rather bluntly as she watched the girl listen to her heartbeat and the kiss on the cheek; she didn't really say much as the question was posed to her about what she found attractive. "Sense o' Humor, personality, all that shit... Your forward nature, your figure" She paused as she shot the other redhead a rather cheeky look as she managed to move her hand rather awkwardly down. "And yer sweet ass"

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