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Colyfo (dragonball crossover character because I freaking can lol)
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Age: 20 at least in appearance
Gender: mono-feminine
Sexuality: reproduces with either gender
Species: Aeirifawn Mirage class MK 2 bred with a Saiyan

Personality: Like any saiyan she has an over developed fighter's instinct coupled by pride and a strong sense of ambition to be the best and get stronger

Abilities and capabilities: Super human strength and speed further enhanced by her saiyan blood, healing and senses, high IQ, near perfect memory and claws that can rip into even steel and complete with teeth and fangs that than not only be shed and replaced but can pierce solid bone.

From her Saiyan side she's gained Ki use, the ability to turn super Saiyan from 1 to 3, With a heightened level of intuition she is able to learn new techniques and fighting styles at a very fast rate and becomes stronger after being defeated in battle.

skills: using a combination of both sides of her respective heritage she is able to sync her mind to others and read the flow of one's Ki through the body and anticipate what they might do next.... Colyfo is more adapted to fighting hand to hand employing rapid heavy strikes to deal damage at close range then knock them away to finish with a devistating long range Ki blast.

Bio: Colyfo was born on the outer reaches of the galaxy where not far from what remained of the demon realm on an isolated planet where Towa secretly harbored different races for her experiments among them were aeirifawns who had colonized the planet as their home and outpost. A hand full of good hearted Saiyans wishing to escape the ways of their warmongering counterparts attempted to scatter to the unknown where they couldn't be found. The mistress of the demon world intercepted their ship's flight path and took special care to hide the existence of her planet and the saiyan's power levels from Freiza so her experiments could go uninterrupted.

Towa's goal was to collect different but compatible species and let them intermingle however it produced few promising results until saiyans and aeirifawns met, both being natural fighters in their respective ways Towa took a special interest when Colyfo was born deciding on making her a pet project along with several other's like her. When she was still young Towa kept a close eye on Colyfo acting as a guardian angel of sorts making sure nothing dangerous came her way while patiently waiting until she was old enough to start training.

From time to time Colyfo would be brought to visit the remains of the demon realm to test her limits, resulting in awakening her super saiyan transformation at a young age and progressively worked her away up until she reached the 3rd transformation. By then Towa realized the potential of her prized creations possessing the growth and fighting spirit of a saiyan with the cunning and intuition of the aeirifawn, but fearing they'd be too powerful to control Towa erased the memories of the events of her chosen specimens while allowing them to retain the abilities they learned thus avoiding setting herself back in the study.

Having watched them grow since birth Towa found she was getting too attached and contemplated on her future course of action concerning the experiment even considering destroying the planet. However she eventually decided to leave them be and just observe from a distance while risking a secret visitation or two from time to time. Though Colyfo doesn't fully remember her time with Towa at present though she does recall her from time to time but can't ever seem to place a name to her memory as it fades from her mind like the dream one forgets upon awakening.
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Apr 03, 2017, 05:16am

"I just did a total memory purge now we can program this think and those metals however we want...." she got up again "Look I'm not looking for trouble but there are other Saiyans along with their families on a planet that need this kind of technology.... we've live on the outer rim of the Galaxy where our power levels couldn't be picked up, and yea I do know about Towa but i only met her once and that was very recently...turned out she was the one who brought my parent's together and she looked after me when i was little and i never even knew it"
Hearing the story some things about her started to make sense like where she got her clothing it did resemble what Towa wore with some differences.

"The Saiyans from my home Planet fled Planet Vegita because they couldn't stand their war mongering ways, after meeting the Arcosians and the planet pirate partnership was formed, I trust you know of the story of the super Saiyan God? One of my parent's is descended from one of those Five super Sayains that created him or her it was so long ago"
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Apr 03, 2017, 08:02pm

"we don't actually live in the demon realm more near it and we are aware of Goku's statues now to, I myself have seen these events through Towa's thoughts including her being absorbed into Mira's form, she doesn't quite seem the same person that she once was perhaps the experience has left an impression on her"
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Apr 04, 2017, 07:07pm

" no need to worry I don't resent you for your actions against her, even I was cautious about accepting her help when I learned what she done but she did right by me so she can't be all bad.... anyway I have to move this thing to the next wormhole to bring it home" Colyfo did indeed have a very long way to go considering the demon realm was at the other side of the universe and her home being close there meant it had to be in the same vicinity
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Apr 05, 2017, 05:28pm

" I'm Colyfo... the Comms might just be jammed from all steel and Energy, I might have given this thing a little too much than i originally planned but better to be safe than sorry right" She started looking at the various consoles to locate a warmhole energy signature and home in on it "Once we get to low orbit and planet side you should be able to reestablish contact"
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Apr 07, 2017, 08:37pm

"we're saiyans hostility would be considered good mannors between two pure bloods.... besides i didn't give you much reason to trust me at first anyway due to the rush in trying to secure this monster...still it is still one massive machine and a machine can be re-purposed"
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Apr 12, 2017, 05:31pm

"that is if we can find a planet capable of surviving such a feat....I've seen many of your capabilities including you're ability to take on a super saiyan in it's god form, Though I have similar encounters during training it's no small accomplishment even at max power....still being have Saiyan provides me with an advantage... the other part of me allows me to be more energy or rather Ki efficient while in super saiyan 3 form"
Colyfo directed the big Getti star to it's intended course guiding it to a worm hole

"I assume you're wondering why i didn't use the 3rd form to fight my way here.... The truth was i didn't need to go that far and too much power could have destroyed this vessel...sometimes i wonder how such powerful being can be considered the protectors of worlds when they have such destructive abilities"
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Apr 13, 2017, 06:05pm

"We protect by killing it's that simple...." she thought about Conton City for a moment "I'm not so sure about that....the supreme Kai of time might be suspicious of my loyalties and I'd had to be placed under that scope...I use my power to help my people and family...I'm not crazy about patrolling history not after experiencing the horror's of Towa's memories of being absorbed by Mira"
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Apr 14, 2017, 11:55am

"maybe once i am allowed to confirm what I'm saying is true, I'll consider it but we both have our priorities and clearly you were sent to investigate me so you're still doing your job right?"

elder Kai spoke up "Hmmm that would be an interesting arrangement....on the one hand we can't ignore the big getti star being taken but we can't turn away those in need."

Supreme Kai of time added "that's a good point, stay with her for now we have a new time patroler that can cover for you in the mean time....I think you remember her from your advanced classes... Marshella ?"

(Marshella is a Majin character I made and really my first character, we'll say they have a history and she was trained using the experiences in the original plot.)
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Apr 14, 2017, 09:12pm

the supreme Kai of time was starting to take some offense to Aura's tone "If you must know Aura, Trunks is on assignment for me this dark Goku isn't the only issue were facing in history at the moment and this arise in Multiverse activity also has me I'd appreciate if you'd watch your a time patroler you are required to maintain a level of conduct"

Elder Kai got on the comes "this is a rare opportunity to, if what i suspect of this young lady is true then a race we believed to be extinct may still exist somewhere out there, I'd hate to say it but Towa's actions may have actually brought some good for once"

Colyfo just sighed "you know my ears can pick up the chatter on your head sets right? I'm no where advanced as a super Namekian but at this range my sense are more than effective enough to make me feel like i should be including in this conversation."
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Apr 14, 2017, 10:10pm

"The time Patrol isn't exactly what I expected.... then again neither are the Kai's or Towa....." Colyfo didn't bother using the head set as it made her uncomfortable being assisted by the person that was their enemy before and the big Getti star was coming upon the wormhole and being drawn in...watching Aura walk away the way she did she just looked the other way "Pride is a damning quality, but then who am I to talk considering I also have Saiyan blood"

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