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The Alley
NoWealthNoRuin HK's Territory
Much less intricate than the Rabbit Hole's labyrinth, just a small series of back roads behind the Shooting Star and the other businesses on the block.
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With a laugh, he stepped inside, setting her on her feet. "I brought a guest, she'll be staying with us for a while." He called through the house, slpping off his shoes and into a pair of slippers before looking back at her. "Come on..they're eating."
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Mar 22, 2018, 10:19pm

Nodding with a weak smile, she glanced around at the details that told her of a warm, loving home. Pictures of an older woman, a girl, and the man before her littered the walls, detailing a life that was...comfortable. A life that was happy.
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Mar 22, 2018, 10:21pm

He looked down at the woman, flushing softly. She seemed...pleased with what she saw. 'It's not much...but it's home." His voice was soft as he watched her closely. DId she judge him...?
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"It's...really nice." She smiled softly as she looked from the walls back to him. "It's comforting. Feels like a home." He seemed worried. Was he really so concerned over a stranger's opinion of his home?
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Witha smile, a relaxed smile, he led her further into the house, bringing her to a table where and older woamn already sat, eating. "This is eomma...my girlfrind." he gestured to the woman. "She'll look after you when I"m not here." as he sat at the table, he gave the woman a pointed, meaningful look before smiling brightly.
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"Thank you for your kindness." She bowed before taking a hesitant seat, offering the woman a nervous smile. "Officer Han...speaks very highly of you, ma'am."
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The woman looked the girl over for a long moment, silent. When her eyes met the man she called her son, she couldn't hold back a samll smile. He was still trying so hard to right the wrongs from fourteen years ago. With a wide smile, she looked at the girl. "Welcome home. Im glad to hear he isn't insulting, at least."
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"No, ma'am." She shook her head, allowing herself a small smile. "I promise I won't be any trouble. I'll help with whatever you want." She added, hoping that dropping in unannounced wasn't as much of an annoyance as she feared.

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