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3 for 1 (pandora)
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Name: Jace Mathews
Age: 17
Jace is a very smart young man he loves his books and romance and really knows what to do to knock a women off her feet. He can be a little outgoing and likes to give complements to a pretty women. He is the kind of guy who belied in true love. He liked poetry and could recite you most form heart. He is a stint a student.

Name: Kayden
Age: 19
Kayden is in college and is very flirty he plays football for his college team has the quarterback and is used to getting his way. He is the partier out of the group he loves to have a god time. Though he is a huge flirt and a pretty sexual guy he isn’t a whore and docent hook up with a much of girls.

Name: Justin
Age: 22
Justin his a chef he works in five stars kitchen he can make almost anything perfectly and he loves to learn new things about food. He is a sweet boy who can be kind of a flirt but at the same time he likes to loll after his younger siblings

Other: All the boys live together not with thier parents
I’m not doing a plot since you know it.
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May 03, 2017, 08:43pm

Justin put the letter in his picket and turned to face her and shrugged "I'm not sure what is playing so I guess we can pick when we get thier if your okay with that " he said and smiled 'what kind of movie do you typically watch" he asked wondering which genre she would chose
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May 03, 2017, 08:48pm

" most times I like horror movies " she said as she thought he might not like that too much. " but if your not into that then romance movies are nice too " she said with a small smile not wanting to lose this one. But she wanted to see how long it go before either he got tired of her or if they work out

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