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Detained in hell
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Name: Tirilan James
Age: 18
Species: Pure Blood Vampire
Sexuality: straight
Personality: Tirilan is very quiet. She would never intentionally hurt an innocent. She is not violent by nature which contradicts was everyone believes. She is kind and loves to laugh. Unlike a lot of her kind, Tirilan can walk in the sunlight. This is a feat that only the oldest of her kind are capable of. Tirilan would go out of her way to help others and she can be timid sometimes due to her shyness.
History: Tirilan is only 18 years old. She came from a family of hunters. Hunters are humans who were created with vampire blood giving them some abilities of vampires without the blood lust that goes with it. When Tirilan's mother was three months pregnant with her, Her house was attacked. The vampires killed her father and turned her mother. Her mother's family found her and hid her, protecting them. After Tirilan was born, her mother kissed her then walked out in to the mid day sun. Tirilan was raised by her aunt Mara and her uncle Frank with their children. It was clear when Tirilan was born that she was a vampire but as she grew, her family realized that she could walk in the sunlight without coming to harm. Upon learning this, they trained Tirilan to be a hunter like them. On Tirilan's 18th birthday She went out with some friends. When she came home, she walked in to see her family fighting some hunters who had turned against their own. They were working with vampires. Tirilan finished them off but not before they'd killed her family.

The neighbors had called the cops and Tirilan was arrested for murder. At first she had been put in a prison for women but when it became evident that the others weren't safe from her, they had no choice but to move her to one for more hardened criminals and put her in one with men.


The plot is that Tirilan moves into the mens prison where she meets YC who is also supernatural. Whether a vampre or Werewolf, Fae, Demon, it doesn't matter. At first YC doesn't know she is a vampire until you see her fighting with another inmate who tries to rape her. I'm going to leave it there and we can wing it as we go along.

This is a mature role play with 18+ themes. It is going to contain violence, sex you are not comfortable with this please don't take this roleplay.

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