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I thought you were dead _female needed
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sweet_dreams MakaBean

Name: Hayden
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality; Straight

Hayden is an outgoing person he loves people and doing things, rather it’s walking in the park or out at a club he just prefers to not sit in the house. He is a very romantic guy and usually up for anything. He loves adventure and can be an adriline junkie at times.

+ His motorcycle and charger
+ flirting
+ Relationships
+spoiling people with romance
+ Sweets

+ Bullies
+suck up people
+ Players
+seeing people cry
+being cold

Plot: YC and MC were dating for over a year when they were in high school around 16 was a wreck Mc was driving and Yc was riding with him. Another car hit them head on Mc had a broken leg and arm but he was fine, however Yc wasn’t so good. YC heart stopped Mc lost it and left he moved in with his mother in another city, He believes YC is dead, however Yc recovered and woke from the coma, Yc moved to the town where much is he has a new girlfriend who he has been with for two years he loves his new gf who saved him from a deep depression, however when he sees YC feelings rush back for both of them, leaving Mc with a descion he feels obligated to his gf, but still loves YC
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Jan 22, 2017, 10:58am

Hayden smiled and looked at her eating the little cake pop hearing her he groaned "doesn't depend on me if Thier good work is easy if someone is a dick then it gets a little more intense but new images are coming from a lower level place to here so I'm not sure how tonight will be love" he said once they got Thier you saw a grey house trimmed in red with a fence around the whole front and back year he got in and let boomer off his leash he loved running around the yard and had a doggie door to come and go out as he pleases. The house was all one floor so they didn't have to worry about carrying the baby up and down stores "here is where I was going to do the bursary it was a little bigger then your average room" he said opening the door he let her look around then pointed across the hall "Thier is a empty room that could be used as play room when he gets older and right Thier beside the play room is the bathroom and beside the nursary is our room that other door will need child locked since it's where the hot water tanks and things are , that little closer had towles annd through the kitchen are basement stores it's all carpeted and finished and the laundry room is down Thier" he said smiling softly s he showed her the place "what do you think " he said
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Jan 22, 2017, 11:13am

Crysta saw the house and couldn't believe her eyes. As he showed her around she was already imagining their little boy growing up here. In the nursery she imagined it fully furnished with her cradling the baby as she went to the changing table. In the bathroom she could see Hayden drying up their boy before he dashed down the hallway laughing. Tears were filling her eyes and she looked around the kitchen then smiled to him. "It's perfect. Just perfect." She smiled, wrapping her arms around his neck kissing him. Thumper barked as he explored the house he would soon move in. After planning out the layout for the furniture Crysta gave Hayden one more kiss. "I'll see you later. I'll take Boomer home with me and he can spend the night. You can too once your shift is over." She winked then kissed his cheek. "Love you." With that she began walking home with the two dogs.
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Jan 22, 2017, 11:31am

Hayden was so glad she liked the place and smiled "okay then maybe I can get some sleep before work" he said and smiled "I'll talk to a few people I work with about helping move the big stuff, " he said seeing that wink he smriked "I feel like you have plans when I come over tonight " he said chuckling and kissing her back he leaned down and smiled "boomer be good and keep her safe" he said chuckling as the dog barked like he understood "call or text when your home so I know your safe" he said kissing her once more before she left
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Jan 22, 2017, 11:42am

Crysta did as he asked. As soon went she got home she texted him saying she got there. Thumper and Boomer wasted no time playing around. Crysta yawned, deciding it was time for a nap. She closed her bedroom door then lied down in bed, instantly falling asleep with dreams of being a family with Hayden.
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Jan 22, 2017, 02:26pm

Hayden got the text and replied okay love you before laying down he needed sleep before work so that's what he did at nine he got up and got ready for work since he had to be Thier at ten. Once he was ready he left and went to work for the night
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Jan 22, 2017, 03:03pm

Crysta napped only for a hour. The rest of the day she bored but the dogs kept her company. She pigged out on a tub of mint ice cream which she finished then watched some tv. By ten she was tired, showered and headed for bed. She allowed the dogs to sleep on the couch. Thumper was happy to have a sleeping buddy even though he sank inside of Boomers legs.
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Jan 22, 2017, 03:59pm

Hayden was off at 6am when he was done he went to crystals she gave him a key hebused Incase she was sleeping he came in and saw her and smiled softly hebgotnin bed beside her andboissed her softly "good morning beautiful" he said softly
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Jan 22, 2017, 04:10pm

Crysta subconsciously felt the bed shift and smiled but groaned. "Too early..." she mumbled, yanking the blankets over her head. But after a moment her arm peeked out from under it. "Cuddle with me and sleep. I'm sure you're tired still." She mumbled under the blankets.
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Jan 22, 2017, 04:42pm

Hayden saw her peak out and chuckled he moved over and wrapped her in his arm he wasn't sleepy and wouldn't he for awhile it always took time for him to o wind down after work but he had no problem cuddling her and paying Thier until she was up
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Jan 22, 2017, 04:46pm

Once he had his arm around her she pulled the covers down a bit, nuzzling into his side. "Tell me about your shift. I'm listening..." she mumbled with her eyes still closed. She took his hand, placing it over her growing belly as they laid there.
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Jan 22, 2017, 05:14pm

Hayden rubbed her belly and smiled "it wasn't bad we did have to use our SWAT gear a new image was testing the waters and blocked his window so we couldn't see him and was fighting us on our way I'm so he's segregated for a while but other then that it was fine ,and before you ask yes I perfectly fine and nothing happened not even a search" he said ileing a hit
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Jan 22, 2017, 05:21pm

Crysta cracked an eye open when he said that then sighed. "You're lying. Your heart rate just quickened..." she mumbled into his chest as she listened to his heart. She laced her fingers with his on her stomach as her eyes fell closed once more. "No secrets between us okay?... or I'll start to worry... then stress... not good... for... the... bab..." she drifted back to sleep breathing gently.
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Jan 23, 2017, 11:49am

Hayden sighed when she said he was lying he was going to respond when heard her going to sleep "I shouldn't worry you with work" he said he want lying Thier was a riot but he wasbwuen he said he didn't get hurt he got gashed open but it was stitched up the inmate tried to stab him but he moved quick enough it was just a gash under his collar bone he was going to tell her but not until later when she wasn't sleeping
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Jan 23, 2017, 12:45pm

Crysta mumbled and moaned in her sleep as she continued to cuddle him. Around nine in the morning she began to wake. She yawned softly, smiling when she saw Hayden then began giggling when something tickled her feet. Something was moving under the sheets. She lifted the sheets and found Thumper had snuck in, licking her toes. She giggled as she got up to go make breakfast.
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Jan 25, 2017, 03:28pm

At some point Boomer came in and laid behind him he Ile loveimg that they had a little family he forgot to tell her that in his house Thier was a small room that was used for storage he set up for boomer it had a dog bed and bowls the floor in Thier was the only one carpeted so the dogs don't get cold he could easily add thumpers things as well. When thumper licked her feet henchuckled at her giggle
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Jan 25, 2017, 04:28pm

Crysta finished up breakfast then carried the two plates back into the room. "A good was to start off a Friday morning is breakfast in bed. But don't get too use to it." She chuckled as she handed him his plate then sat. She gave eat dog a piece of bacon then watched as they scurried away. "What should we do today?"
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Jan 26, 2017, 04:26pm

Hayden looked up and saw food and smiled "mm" he said when she said don't get used to dealing the playfully outed and took his plate "thank you baby" he said and smiled taking his plate he shurgged "not sure do you want to go get little man's stuff for the house I want to paint his walls and get letters to put up his name ,but what are we gonna name him we only have a few moreonths to figure it out" he said and thought about it he wanted to do something cool for his son's room and play area he was thinking of makeing the play area look like the forest with trees and things that way when he's older he can build things for him to climb on and slid and things but he wasn't sure about the nursery yet
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Feb 19, 2017, 05:31pm

"Hmm, I've always liked the names Trent or Talon. What do you think?" she asked as she ate her own food. Thumper came back and tried begging for more food but Crysta didn't give in to his cute pouty dog eyes. He was such a baby himself. "Any plans for the baby room too? We gotta get started on painting it."
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Feb 23, 2017, 09:57am

He smiled "I like Talon but not Trent , how about Bentley or Nile " he said with a smile he shook his head "no I need your help with that " he said referring to the baby room
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Feb 23, 2017, 10:20am

"Hmm... how about Talon Nile or Talon Bentley? Or Bently Talon or Nile Talon?" She chuckled then giggled when he said he needed help with the room. "We'll brainstorm something together." She smiled then kissed his cheek and rest her head on his shoulder. "I can't wait to meet our baby boy."

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