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2x the trouble (two people needed)
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Name: Mellissa Anna Larson
Nicknames: Mel
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pan
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Melissa is a very rough and tough fuck you kind of person. She will not back down from anyone, this being sad she is not as big of a dick as her brother. Melissa is a sweetheart until provoked then watch out she can be the coldest bitch on the block. Fighting and stealing is how she knew to handle things. She was a hustler both of them involved in the Mafia in London before they moved, causing trouble for them both in the states.
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Name: Maddox Karter Larson
Nicknames: Mads, Maddie by his sister only
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Maddox is an Asshole to say the least. He sticks by his sister through anything no matter if she is right or wrong they are all they have. Their mother is abusive and a drug addicted, and their father left after he got caught with his sister and Maddox nearly killed him. Their mother blames them for running her life, she has a good job but they never see the money. Maddox is a very smart young man but he won’t let anyone know it, he is standoff-is he doesn’t give a damn about anyone outside of his sister when it comes to their feelings. He likes to drink and smoke and do some other drinks. Maddox fights very often and uses it as a way to fix most of his problems, he suffers from a black out disorder called Disssotive disorder that keeps him from getting in trouble, or at least to the fullest extent for his actions. Maddox is a rapper known in Englad through youtube , its yet to know if hes known in the united states

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Plot: YCs live in the Detroit where the twins are moving for their mom’s job. They meet at a party and Melisa being the nicer of the two starts talking to them and wants to hang out eventually this will be a mature relationship. With Yes and Mine. FO Melissa the partner should not be a total asshole and actually want a relationship maybe not as soon as Melissa but they will. For Maddox Lyc should be rough and tough, Maddox is a rough person due to his disorder he can be accentually abusive, sometimes it’s not an accident. SO they would have to stand up to that.
Melissa can be with a girl or guy
Maddox has to be a girl
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Still wanna do this one?
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Yes we can still do this as well
Aug 16, 2017, 02:03pm

Terra looked back and forth between the siblings." Whats going to happen again?" she asked. She was actually very curious, and wanted to know when she and her sister were getting into.
Hayley got up off of the couch, she needed to walk and clear her head. She didnt know what she was so afraid of. Who cared, Maddox was the way he was and that didnt scare her. It just wasnt something she was used to.
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Sorry ive been MIA do you still want this , we can restart it if need be , ill add new pics to it as well

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