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Is this right or wrong? (female/straight needed)(Nikoniko)
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Birth name: Keegan Bryce Griswald
Given name: Bryce Lee Kerrigan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: Straight
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Bright amber, almost gold
Distinguishing Features/Marks: He has a small scar on the left side of his jaw from a skateboarding accident when he was twelve. He also has a small tattoo on his foot of a fairy reaching for a moon

Personality: Bryce is usually pretty happy, he always smiles and looks on the bright side of things. Hes always the one who likes to make people smile and laugh, resulting in him having a great sense of humor. He always seems to be lost in thought though, whenever he isnt involved in any conversations. Bryce sometimes feels like hes being lied to, or that something in his life is missing and when he found out about being adopted, he looked at his "family" differently.

History: Bryce Lee Kerrigan, once named Keegan Bryce Griswald, was given up for adoption when he was barely a week old. His birth parents couldnt afford to take care of him, nor were they ready to raise a child. Keegan was adopted just three weeks after being in foster care by a happy couple who couldnt have children of their own at the time; Emily and Michael Kerrigan. They renamed him Bryce and kept the fact he was adopted a secret for as long as they could. When Bryce was three, Emily found out she was pregnant and the family was overjoyed. Bryce couldnt wait to have a little brother or sister. Just 3 months before he turned four, his little sister, ________, was born. Bryce loved her, maybe more than he should have. He would do anything she wanted him to without questions. He kept the extent of his love for his sister a secret, not wanting it to freak her out.

Bryce was great in school. He made the best grades, was pretty popular and was the star track member throughout middle school and high school. Once he hit freshman year, he decided to start dating; mostly just to keep his feelings for _______ under control. He met a girl named Anika, and they started dating. They were together for a while, freshman to the end of junior year. Anika ended up moving so she broke up with Bryce right before summer vacation because she didnt want a long distance relationship. He was heartbroken, but he acted like he didnt care. He didnt want anyone to know how upset he was, not even ________.

It was a month before Bryce's senior year of high school when he found out he was adopted. He had been cleaning out the attic and found a box of paperwork from the adoption agency and his original birth certificate with his real name. He was nearly hysterical when he confronted Emily and Michael about it. They explained what happened and why they never told him. They didnt think it was necessary for him to know since he was doing so well and was so happy. He was quiet about the entire thing for a long time and now he wondered what he should do about his feelings for ________.

Plot: So YC is Bryce's foster sister obviously. How she feels about Bryce is up to you, she can love him like he loves her or not. I prefer she do but if not thats okay we can work around it. Were going to start this at the first day of school, Bryce's senior year and YC's freshman year. One of the other senior guys notices YC and tries to get friendly with her when Bryce steps in and tells him to back off with a slightly jealous attitude. Bryce starts to act a little different around YC and she eventually confronts him about his weird behavior. Thats when he will come out and admit that he loves her and how she reacts is up to you.

Character Requirements:
-She has to be three years younger than Bryce, just starting out in high school.
-Her name, personality, everything is up to you. But she does have to be human.
-Im not going to be too picky with her history but do not make her relationship with her parents horrible. Emily and Michael raised Bryce with love, they will do the same with YC.
-If you claim this thread, you have one week to post up YC. If you take longer than seven days to post her, i will delete this thread and put it up for someone else. I understand we all have lives outside of this but i work 40+ hours a week and still manage to post up something two or three times a week. (Sometimes more, depending on just how busy i am.)
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Lian looked at her brother and reassured him a happy look on her face, "That's why I told him no. Mr. Dyson thought it was a good idea but I always want to do the competition with you. Especially now that we are together!" Smiling she hugged his arm before they took their seats. Lian was surprised by the teachers enthusiasm but was also very happy for it. Lian sat straight as she called role call until she got to her and her brothers name. Lian smiled confidently at the teacher and then again at her brother, "Yes ma'am I won't let you down miss I promise." Lian was bursting with pride for her big brother and pulled out her notebook filled with notes she had taken over the summer. The entire class time was spent going over review, Lian would gladly raise her hand to answer any questions. There were a few people in the back talking low about how she was a teacher's pet and a brat, of course Lian heard them but she didn't care.

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