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Umm, This is to werid (degrassi fanfic)
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Name: Jacob Martin
Nickname: Jake
Gender Male
Date of Birth: October 1995
Age: 17
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Light Brown

Unnamed Mother
Glen Martin (Father)
Helen Martin (Stepmother)
Clare Edwards (Stepsister)
Darcy Edwards (Stepsister)

Clare Edwards (Ex-Girlfriend)
Many Unnamed Girlfriends

Personality/ History:
He spends most of his free time outdoors. After his mom died, he and his dad renovated their lake cabin in her honor. A hard worker with a high interest in girls, he enjoys watching sports, hanging with friends, fishing, and camping. A comical joker, yet a guy who doesnâ€t play games and means what he says one hundred percent all the time. He is known for smoking marijuana regularly and is allowed to do so, so long as he remain level headed and responsible. Jake has an interest in environmentalism, doing recycling experiments and even starting Degrassi's Green Space with Katie Matlin. Despite a rough patch when he saw him as a failure, Jake became close with his father, Glen Martin, after working on architecture and renovations with him and earning his respect. He is best friends with Mo Mashkour and good friends with Eli Goldsworthy, Jenna Middleton, Clare Edwards, Katie Matlin, and Marisol Lewis.

After Clare had a meltdown over Eli he and her entered into a relationship despite their parentâ€s relationship however it didnâ€t last too long since she wasnâ€t over Eli and he messed up by kissing her best friend out at his cabin during a party. Since then he had a few flings and short lived relationships but nothing serious he has found himself questioning his own interests and sexuality wondering if that was why his relationships with females didnâ€t work out so well , however he was scared to admit this to anyone.

Plot: So clares and Eli are in a relationship at this point but Jake hasnâ€t really gotten into a relationship with Katie, they are just close , I donâ€t have a set plot just that things kind of start when Jake gets Eli high and then it can just kind of go from their
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Eli shrugged "I've kept it a secret except from people I'm close to since some of the jocks of Degrassi love to harass people. Adam and Clare know, Adam was more accepting, Clare wasn't entirely okay with it at first but I think she decided to just let it go since I didn't bring it up again. I've had attraction to guys before but I've never acted on it and the only relationships I've had were Julia and Clare and they both haven't had the easiest times dealing with me." He shook his head "Impulsive that is harmless and shows part of who you really are and how you really feel is something you should never regret even if you didn't plan on doing it and don't know how the other person is going to take it. What's life without a little risk." Eli gave his trademark crooked smirk "Jake do you think I'd be sitting here rambling out a conversation from my scattered brain with you if I wasn't okay with it? Thinks that I'm not okay with tend to make me the bad destructive impulsive if you haven't realized yet."
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Apr 06, 2017, 09:12pm

Jake smiled listening to him talk "well I haven't told anyone since I'm still figure it out like I said I was never attracted to guys until I met you and even still your the only guy I'm really attracted to ,so yeah" he said " okay i understnad whay your saying but isnt not telling people since ypur scared they might be assholes the same as freaking out over an impluse because of what people might think" he said shurghing a then he listened to his explaiton about how ue proably wouldnt be thier or be clam if he wasnt okay with what happened and nodded "well that's nice to know and as much as I would love to do it again Clare is my sister so I cant, she would probably kill me if she knew any of this" he said running his hands through his hair he met someone ue likes alot ans hes a guy , dateing his step sister, and his best friend it was very confusing and complicated and all he really wanted was to kiss the boy again and have a relationship like anyone else would
Apr 12, 2017, 01:38pm

Eli shrugged "Its not that I'm scared per se, more I've got a lot on my plate without people harassing me for more than what they already have. I don't need to keep getting into fights and causing trouble like what I did with Fitz. After finding out about the bipolar it's been a bit of a roller coaster ride and I like getting the moments of peace where I can. And if keeping it a secret keeps the peace then I'd rather keep the little bit of peace I have while I'm at Degrassi." He laughed "I'm pretty sure she's ready to kill me for getting high and not wanting to talk about Cam and ready to kill you for going around the house in your skates leaving marks all over the floor again. But I understand what you mean. I care about her but at the same time I've been conflicted and she's still a bit put off because of the bipolar and the things it can cause me to do at times."
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Apr 15, 2017, 10:09am

Jake nodded his head 'I understand that I honestly am terrified to say anything I've dated so many girls at school or well was with I should say and being the jock and ads I can imagine the finreds I would lose and the he'll I would have to go through " he said shaking his head a bit not even wanting to think about it "it's easier to skate I don't think it's that big of a deal plus I got you high so yeah I'm sure I'm not on her good side" he said , he nodded "I understand that really I mean it worried everyone sometimes Clare just tends to overreact" he added he sighed "so if neither of us want to hurt her them what exactly do we do , just act like that didn't happen cause I don't know if I can do that " he said "I really like you Eli" he added
Apr 18, 2017, 01:53pm

Eli nodded "You'd have a worse time than I would with it given you're part of the crowd that would make life hell for the people that are out at Degrassi. I'm at least more of an outcast so it wouldn't be as bad so I can see why you'd be terrified about it." He laughed "I can see why you'd think it's easier to skate but apparently you leave tracks all over the place when you do. She also made the comment about you breaking your neck on the stairs so I think she's more upset about the skates than me getting high honestly." Eli nodded "I know it's worrisome for people, it even worries me at times but if she treats me like a bomb that's about to explode any minute it really makes it worse than it really is." He sighed running a hand through his hair "I doon't know honestly because you're with Katie as well and I'm not sure how you feel about that either. I don't know if I can pretend it didn't happen either but at the same time I know I'm not in the best place either."
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Apr 22, 2017, 02:52pm

Jake knew Eli was right and it would be harder for him, since his friend were known to be assholes or close minded at times. However that was something that he didn’t want to think or talk about right now. Honestly he was still trying to wrap his head around what was going on and as much as he didn’t want to hurt Clare he wanted to know what could happen between them if given the proper chance. He chuckled about the Skates and nodded “ yeah I know she tell me that all the time but I don’t try and walk up and down the steps with them on , she told me she gets mad when she has to clean the marks up.” He said. Jake shrugged when Eli mentioned his bipolar being worrisome but he understood that people shouldn’t treat him like he was a taking time bomb then it wasn’t going to be good for anyone. He shook his head “ I’m not really with Katie we talk and hang out but were not dating or anything , so I guess it will must be something you have to figure out I know you really love Carle so if you don’t want anything more to happen then I understand” he added.
May 02, 2017, 12:30pm

Eli laughed "At least you don't try going up and down the stairs, the marks are easier to clean up instead of worrying about if you're upstairs in the skates and might fall down the stairs." He bit his lip hearing Jake say he wasn't dating Katie though most people thought they were. "Well most people thought you were dating it's good to know the truth there." Eli ran a hand through his hair with a sigh "I don't want to hurt her but at the same time I can't say that I'm not curious about where this could go honestly."
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May 03, 2017, 08:35pm

Jake nodded his head "yeah i know akd we never really said we werent since she likes me but she knows that's all I thought mattered" he said shrugging a bit he sighed listening to him he nodded his head "Well what happens next is up to you , your the one in a relationship, but if you need time or whatever to figure it out then I get that" he said moveing at the other male
May 07, 2017, 12:10pm

Eli nodded "As long as you two know where you stand with each other it really is all that matters since it's high school and people will assume things even if they know the truth or not." He nodded "I know its up to me and I need to figure out how to do this right without being a total jerk and doing more harm than good. But it's also the thing of if we do give this a go you know it'll be something that isn't easy to hide at school especially if Clare doesn't take it well. Is that something you want to deal with?"
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May 10, 2017, 01:28pm

Jake nodded his head knowing all to well how rumors spread in high scbool. He listened to him and chewed his lip, he didn't really think about that but he knew it wouldn't stay secret. Clare would tell Alli at the very least and Alli well she would tell everyone or make a scene in the middle of school if Clare didnt. He also knew sometimes Clare would hold things in and then explode as well. "Yes" he said nodding his head. "I know it will be hard and I'll proBably lose some of my friends but I'm willing to deal with that, it's living with Clare that's is scary she can be mean" he said chuckling a bit . It wasn't even that as much as knowing that if she didn't speak to him it would hurt him but he would just have to deal with it. "It might take her time but she would get over it" he added
May 22, 2017, 12:02pm

Eli nodded "I'll have to sit down and talk with her when she's done being mad at me and willing to talk since there's been a lot of strain between the two of us anyway and it's not healthy for her or myself. Us keeping things on the down low at least at first would probably be easiest for all of us in the situation though I'm not sure if Clare will let it be that way. But I'm prepared to deal with either outcome there since it isn't the first time I've had to deal with her making a scene out of something because of me. Not sure if you remember when she yelled at me in the hallway last time after I came back after I crashed morty and got put on my medication before they got the dosage more balanced."
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May 23, 2017, 11:24pm

Jake nodded his head “if that is what you think is best it would give us time to kind of figure it out’ he said. He chuckled when he mentioned her yelling at him over the car and nodded his head knowing Clare wouldn’t make this easy, he knew he only reacted the way she did because she loved him so much so he would try not to let it get to him. “ I remember her using me to piss you off and flipping out in front of everyone because you didn’t get mad, I was so pissed at her because she used me “ he said shaking his head a bit and chuckleing.
May 30, 2017, 08:30pm

Eli nodded "It probably would be best that way you have time to think on how you're going to handle your friends as well since I know most of mine won't really care one way or the other they'll just want to stay out of the drama Clare might try to cause." He shook his head "It wasn't right of her to do that to you and I'm sure it did piss you off. I was so numb because of the medicine they started me on I couldn't feel anything but had I been able to feel I would've been hurt and pissed since she was the one who had ended it and causing a scene and using people isn't fair to the person being used."
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Jun 03, 2017, 10:52pm

Jake bit his lip listening to the other speak and nodded his head ‘ yeah my friends can be assholes but hopefully they’ll be okay with it” he said shrugging a bit. “ yeah I was pissed but I got over it , it wasn’t right but it wasn’t a big deal after a few days” he said shrugging his shioulders.
Jun 08, 2017, 11:40am

Eli nodded "For your sake I hope you're right since I know its not fun to be outcasted by people you thought were you're friends." He chuckled "At least you got over it, when I could finally feel again I was pretty pissed myself and wasn't amused by the childish antics she used. Maybe I'll be lucky and she'll keep it quiet for the sake of not embarrassing herself."
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Jun 08, 2017, 07:11pm

Jake chewed his lip and nodded his head " yeah i know but i'll be okay its harder to not say anything and not know who my real friends are , im pretty sure Mo and Katie wont care , but i dont know about anyone else" he siad. " i dont know i guess she might but im not sure beacuse shes gonna tell Alli and Alli always tell hers to seek revenage" he added " but it could be something or one of the things she wont listen on , im hope she dosent say anything at leat not until you tell who ever you need to tell" she siad.
Jun 19, 2017, 08:39pm

Eli nodded "It is true that its better to know who your real friends are sooner rather than later since it will save you trouble in the long run." He shrugged "Either way I'll do my best to deal with it and do as much damage control as I can since I might be able to keep some kind of headway over Alli telling people and using the shock factor with it. The only one who's opinion I care about is Adam's and I know he's not going to care who I'm with as long as I'm happy and not doing anything too crazy."
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Jun 19, 2017, 09:35pm

Jake nodded his head "that is easier said then done knowing I'm probably goin to lose some friends sucks , I know Dallas will hate me , be used of Adam i don't think drew will but I also don't think he'll want to hang out either" he said. He thought about "Katie ,Mo and hazel probably won't care" he added. He hoped Eli would be able to keep Clare and alli from doing to much but wasn't sure how it would go "awe I wouldn't let you do anything to crazy" he said with a teasing smile
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