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Umm, This is to werid (degrassi fanfic)
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Name: Jacob Martin
Nickname: Jake
Gender Male
Date of Birth: October 1995
Age: 17
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Light Brown

Unnamed Mother
Glen Martin (Father)
Helen Martin (Stepmother)
Clare Edwards (Stepsister)
Darcy Edwards (Stepsister)

Clare Edwards (Ex-Girlfriend)
Many Unnamed Girlfriends

Personality/ History:
He spends most of his free time outdoors. After his mom died, he and his dad renovated their lake cabin in her honor. A hard worker with a high interest in girls, he enjoys watching sports, hanging with friends, fishing, and camping. A comical joker, yet a guy who doesnâ€t play games and means what he says one hundred percent all the time. He is known for smoking marijuana regularly and is allowed to do so, so long as he remain level headed and responsible. Jake has an interest in environmentalism, doing recycling experiments and even starting Degrassi's Green Space with Katie Matlin. Despite a rough patch when he saw him as a failure, Jake became close with his father, Glen Martin, after working on architecture and renovations with him and earning his respect. He is best friends with Mo Mashkour and good friends with Eli Goldsworthy, Jenna Middleton, Clare Edwards, Katie Matlin, and Marisol Lewis.

After Clare had a meltdown over Eli he and her entered into a relationship despite their parentâ€s relationship however it didnâ€t last too long since she wasnâ€t over Eli and he messed up by kissing her best friend out at his cabin during a party. Since then he had a few flings and short lived relationships but nothing serious he has found himself questioning his own interests and sexuality wondering if that was why his relationships with females didnâ€t work out so well , however he was scared to admit this to anyone.

Plot: So clares and Eli are in a relationship at this point but Jake hasnâ€t really gotten into a relationship with Katie, they are just close , I donâ€t have a set plot just that things kind of start when Jake gets Eli high and then it can just kind of go from their
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Jake woke the mext morning confused and kind of realvied even if he didnt tell friends yet he wasnt hideing something so big from everyone anymore the most important person knew that's what mattered to him now. He got dressed and got ready for school wondering if clare knew anything yet he knew once she found out his life could become very hard for awhile. He sighed and left walking to school wondering if he should tell his friends , family about him hw was terrfied to lose eveeything he had.

(Trying to find someone to do a yuri deg. One as well)

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