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Different Worlds (male or female needed)
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sweet_dreams MakaBean

Name: Maya Raine Welsh
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unsure
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Height: 5'5
Weight: 145
Distinguishing marks: 4 leaf clover tattoo on her right hand near her wrist.
Personality: Maya is a very outgoing and happy girl , she can be shy at times and comes off as very Innocent. She finds it quiet hard to stand up for herself and tend to let people walk on her t avoid conflict.

Maya was born o loving parents, who meet in college. Her mother Tina is a Nurse Pactionar and her Father Adam is a successful business man. Needless to say her family had money and she was raised very spoiled but not entitled. She was given most everything she asked for, however they were sure to make sure she knew the value of money by making her earn money, and making sure if she had a fit she didnâ€t get what she wanted. This thought her there were consequences to her actions.
When Maya got into Middle school she started to notice how people fell into different groups, Maya was the good girl. She didnâ€t break rules and over thought just about everything, her homework was always done, and she wasnâ€t boy crazy even though she had crushes. Maya had a good close friends and she was okay with that, she sang on the schools Acapella team, and was on the debate team, she was geek in every way. Except she was outgoing she liked to make friends and accepted all people, unless there is a huge reason why she shouldnâ€t. Now in high school she is still the same little innocent good girl.

Plot: YC is pretty much the exact opposite of Maya, for some reason they find interest in her, rather it be a bet, or just pure interest I really donâ€t care the reason ,they start talking to her, eventually this will become a romance, and at one point it will become mature as well. However please keep in mind YC will have to push at these things since Maya has never even held hands with someone. Other than this I donâ€t really have a set plot on how I want this to go. Have fun and feel free to message me about the plot whenever you need.



sweet_dreams MakaBean

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