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I never asked for your help (Yoai seke or seme needed)
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Name: Marco Elijah Bestford
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay (seke)
Hair: blonde
Eyes: Icy Blue
Height: 5'5
Weight: 145
Distinguishing marks:Scars from cutting , burning and any other form of self harm ;As well as Marks from his mother abuse , very small from neglect
Personality: Marco is kind of shy but he is still outgoing He an be a flirt however he cant stand stuck up kids ,or bullies. He seems happy however really he is broken on the inside hes just good at hiding it.Marco doesn't like any form of conflict and tries hard to avoid it.

History: Marco had a very loving family , His parents met and high school and married in college, not long after their was Marco. Everything was great until Marco was elven and started to question his feelings. The things his friends were feeling for other girls he was feeling for other boys. When he told his parents they said he was going to hell and needed to fix himself before he angered God. A few months later his father said he couldn't have a gay son and left. This is when his mother said God was punishing her for creating a monster, and started to abuse him and neglect him. She said she would beat the gay out of him.Sine then he hasn't had a happy day,being beat was the only time his mother who is now a drunk paid him any attention.

Plot: YC and MC get close somehow YC finds out about his mom and his past and wants to help , however MC isn't ready for help or to leave his mother. This will become a mature rp at some point.
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Jan 27, 2017, 02:17pm

Sebastian rubbed his arm and looked at the other, "Playing isn't what i'm worried about." He mumbled and bit his lip debating in his head. As he saw the other walk upstairs shirtless Sebastian took a deep breath and followed him upstairs. "You know, if you act so tempting i'll simply have to follow you." He smirked and caught up with the other maving in front of Marco and pressing him against the wall. "If this is a test i'm prepared to loose."
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Jan 29, 2017, 09:07am

Marco smriked hearing the footsteps he just gotten in his room when he heard the boys voice he nodded "yeah I figured as much" he said he chuckled at the comment as he was pinned to the wall "teqincally if it was a test you would fail not lose" he said before pressing his lips to the other males his hands wrapping around his waist hebpulled the male to him rather roughly he pulled back to breath and grabbed his hand moving to the bed he made the other boy sit on the bed he walked over and locked his door and then back to Sebastian he ran his hand up and slipped the wig off his head laying it aside he smiled the makeup didn't really bother him it was everything else that made him lose the physical side of the attraction he kneeled in front of him and started to unbutton his too kissing the bare skin with every button he undid
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Jan 30, 2017, 04:41pm

Sebastian rolled his eyes and smirked, "So lucky-" He was cut off by the kiss, kissing the other back hungrily he panted when the pulled apart. Out of breath from such long contact, and the heat of the moment. Sebastian watched as Marco walked away, wisps of the wigs hair was getting in his line of vision. When Marco walked back over and slid the wig off he watched him closely as he slid down to the floor. "Your so sexy you know that." He spoke in a raspy shaking voice, he was trying to stay calmer than he was, he didn't quite know what to do in this situation.
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Jan 30, 2017, 04:49pm

Marc chuckled when he said he was sexy and bit his lip he never thought so because of all the marks on him but hearing it made his heart skip a beat he slid the top off and laid the other back on the bed and kissed and nipped around his waist and hips his hands running over the other boys bare skin
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Feb 01, 2017, 07:43pm

Sebastians brain was buzzing with naughty thoughts, he didn't want to be too loud his mother was still upstairs. What he wanted was to take this boy right then and there. But, he also knew the boy wasn't ready. What a tease he was. Sebastian shook under the others touch. What this boy could do to him.
***** ***** *****
After a few hours of messing around Sebastian stared at the other, "Can i come pick you up tomorrow?" He stared down at the others body, they hadn't gone all the way but sebastian was glad. The boy was just to tantalizing but also to cute to ruin with something as meaningless as sex. Sebastian would wait for the right time. He pulled back on his clothes fixed his make up and readjusted his wig, pulling on his shoes he glanced at the other. "I can come everyday if you'd like, I mean of course if your mother is around i'll be Sarina but i don't think i'd like to be home alone waiting for the next day to come in orer to see your face.
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Feb 04, 2017, 08:49pm

Marco was having fun teasing him they did just about everything other then have sex but he was okay with that the not turned him on so much but he barely knew him so he was ready for something like that yet

Marco thought when. He asked ifhe could pick him up for school and nodded his head "yeah , you can come but I think we'll probably spend more time at your house then at mine for that reason" he said sitting up to get dressed he got up "could me in I'll walk you downstairs,tell the girls I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye" he said figureing they were sleep by now
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Feb 08, 2017, 12:04pm

Sebastian fixed his jeans and girlish shirt, along with his wig. "I'll let them know. But no worries they forgive easily." Sebastian smiled and kissed the others cheek gently. "Marina must've put them to bed by now." He let the other follow him to the door side steping Marcos mother passed out on the floor. "You know, if you do ever need help im only a call away. Be sure to eat okay? James would love to hear what you think. A-And if you ever need an excuse for y-k-w just tell her your "girlfriend" is going to pick you up." Sebastian laughed a bit teasing and sighed, he didn't want to go but he also knew he couldn't stay and would see the other tomorrow.
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