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This Dosen't Make Any Sense (Degrassi fan-fic)
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Name: Rebecca Baker
Nicknames: Becky, Becks
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Questioning

Personality: Becky is a very sweet girl who tried to make everyone happy. However after the death of her boyfriend and her brotherâ€s incarceration she has been question her beliefs and her sweet and innnconet side. Even more so because her parents blame her from her brother and said when he comes home in a few months she has to be gone. All of this has had a great effect on her and her college life as she tries to start a career as a film writer while in school. She is thinking of going to NYU since for another student it proved to give positive results from that school.

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Plot: YC has to be either Eli or Imogene from Degrassi try to make them as much like the charter as possible. Basically it will go with the flow, but YC finds out that Becky will be kicked out of her home in a few months and wants to help. If itâ€s Eli this when they start to really get along, if Imonge it strengthens their relationship. Eventually this will be a mature romance story.
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Becky nodded "no but i heard a little about it thays wjat i nees to know Damion dosent know wjay is wromg with him at this point , he just knows he lost his hest driend and his world seems to be crashing but i havent named it yet people close to him have noticed little things and the anger and uta veen pointed out but hes uasnt done anything yet since i dont know how to write that moment he figures everyrhing out i sont know what wil lbe the thing that has therpy becaome part of his life" she said hopeung he could help her some with what she didnt understand
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Eli nodded "It feels like everything is falling apart and spiraling and while part you knows that something is wrong you don't care enough to try to reach out and explain what you're feeling. You're just watching everything burn around you and you're waiting for the final crash into rock bottom because you know at least then things will stop. You want the help but don't want others to think you're dangerous and that you're crazy because honestly while you can hurt the people around you when everything is spiraling you're still more of a danger to yourself than anything. It takes a hard hit into reality to finally admit and accept that you can't do it on your own and that you're hurting yourself and others around you too much and it needs to stop before you end up in an early grave. It took the play as the first step to admitting I needed help and a better balance of meds. Then again that I still needed more help and wasn't as okay and I wanted to believe after finding Cam's body and the spiral with MDMA after that."
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Becly liatened to what he had to say and honestly she was captivated by him she couldnt image feeling what he was describing but the way he was talking about it made it seem very real for her all at tue same time. "Wow that sounds absolutely terrifying, i couldny imaogone feeling that way or dealing with it , im not a strong enough person for it " she sighed looking at the computer a moment knew she could never capture the feeling the way he did and wasnt sure what she was going to do now. "Well what do you think would be good ways to have him realize he needs help.

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