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2X the trouble (MATURE)
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Name: Mellissa Anna Larson
Nicknames: Mel
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pan
Hair: Brown dyed red
Eyes: Hazel
Melissa is a very rough and tough fuck you kind of person. She will not back down from anyone, This being sad she is not as big of a dick as her brother. Melissa is a sweetheart until provoked then watch out she can be the coldest bitch on the block. Fighting and stealing is how she knew to handle things. She was a hustler both of them involved in the Mafia in London before they moved, causing trouble for them both in the states.

Name: Maddox Karter Larson
Nicknames: Mads, Maddie by his sister only
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Maddox is an Asshole to say the least. He sticks by his sister through anything no matter if she is right or wrong they are all they have. Their mother is abusive and a drug addicted, and their father left after he got caught with his sister and Maddox nearly killed him. Their mother blames them for running her life, she has a good job but they never see the money. Maddox is a very smart young man but he wonâ€t let anyone know it , he is standoff-ish he doesnâ€t give a damn about anyone outside of his sister when it comes to their feelings. He likes to drink and smoke and do some other drinks. Maddox fights very often and uses it as a way to fix most of his problems, he suffers from a black out disorder that keeps him from getting in trouble, or at least to the fullest extent for his actions.

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Melissa moaned loudly cumming as she pushed against him biting her lip, She smiled when he spoke “I love you to Victor” she said giggling a bit. She cuddled against him when he grabbed her happy to be in his arms again. Melissa smiled’ it’s a nice wish but look what we do babe, I’m gonna get hurt but I’m a big girl I can handle it “she said rolling so she was facing him she kissed his cheek.

Maddox knew she was getting close and wrapped his fingers around her hips pulling her roughly against him. Once they were done he watched her move as she got up their was something different about this girl, something he was trying to avoid and ignore. When she spoke he nodded his head. “okay” was all he said he laid in her bed her blanket covering the lower half of his body and smirked taking a pic of himself and posted it on Instagram with the caption “smashing and passing, found a flossy little play thing in the states” he posted it and then switched to see what he and his sisters viewers were wanting. Even though he said she was just a play thing he knew it was more he would never get so worked up or show is inner geek for anyone he didn’t care about, he hated the fact that he knew he cared about her. He knew he didn’t want to if he cared about her she would die , something bad would happen to her and he couldn’t afford that so he had to try and treat her like every other little girl who ran in and out of his bed.
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Victor shivered as he pushed against her smiling at her words, her brushed her red hair from her face and kissed her cheeks gently. He wrapped his arms around her body loving the feel or her breathing against his chest. He frowned a bit but the look dissapeared when she looked at him, replaced with a small smile. "One can hope. I wish the same for my sister too. Her and maddox are to similar i doubt she'd ever listen to my requests..." He sighed as she kissed his cheek, "want to go for a walk? Theres a stray cat near the park if you want to stare at the sky. Or we could stay in and watch a movie. You don't have to leave any time soon right? I don't want to keep you." He bit his lip trying to hide the hope that she would stay.

Raine stepped into the room and changed clothes before walking over to him, "Hellooo Sir Cunt did you hear me? I said the showers open punk." Clicking her teeth she was staring straight into his eyes. rolling them she stood up straight tying her hair up before walking to grab her phone. "I'm going out. If my brother asks i've gone clubbing or something. Don't even think about following me either." She turned to glare at him, "I'm still pissed off at the both of you for leaving me behind." Sucking her teeth she pulled on her shoes and gloves walking to the garage to grab a bike and head out.
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Mel smiled at his comment the two wwre truly one in the same she really belived this girl could be Maddox sould mate. She wasnt scared of him they got along about as well as he could get along with anyone since everything happend. Mel moved so she was laying on the pillow faceing him " promise me that if were fighting your not gonna worry about me and stay focused on what your doing ... I wpuld much rather me he hurt then you" she said happily as She could remeber haveing the same conversation with Maddox so many years ago.

Madsox didnt hear Rain until she meantioned going out ,don't follow it sounded like an order so naturally he was going to. He got up as she walked out of the room and smriked throughout on his clothes and grabbing his phone he headed out he knew he didnt want to be seen and was good at trailing people ,however she knew his car so instead he waljed a few blocks and stole and old beat up car no one would expect him to be in and stared following the bike wondering what she was up to he wasnt sure why he cared but he knew he did
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