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2X the trouble (MATURE)
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Name: Mellissa Anna Larson
Nicknames: Mel
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pan
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Melissa is a very rough and tough fuck you kind of person. She will not back down from anyone, This being sad she is not as big of a dick as her brother. Melissa is a sweetheart until provoked then watch out she can be the coldest bitch on the block. Fighting and stealing is how she knew to handle things. She was a hustler both of them involved in the Mafia in London before they moved, causing trouble for them both in the states.
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Name: Maddox Karter Larson
Nicknames: Mads, Maddie by his sister only
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Maddox is an Asshole to say the least. He sticks by his sister through anything no matter if she is right or wrong they are all they have. Their mother is abusive and a drug addicted, and their father left after he got caught with his sister and Maddox nearly killed him. Their mother blames them for running her life, she has a good job but they never see the money. Maddox is a very smart young man but he wonâ€t let anyone know it , he is standoff-ish he doesnâ€t give a damn about anyone outside of his sister when it comes to their feelings. He likes to drink and smoke and do some other drinks. Maddox fights very often and uses it as a way to fix most of his problems, he suffers from a black out disorder that keeps him from getting in trouble, or at least to the fullest extent for his actions.

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Jan 27, 2017, 02:14pm

Victor nodded and walked inside first ducking under the man and breaking the man behind him's neck. They continued cutting down the men until they reached the door. Victor took a deep breath, by this time they were both well covered in blood and sweat. None of the blood their own thankfully. When Maddox opened the door Victor stepped from behind him. Victor cracked his knuckles, "Oh i won't." and Ricky smirked. "So nice to see you Vicky. How's your sister? Still broken?" Snickering Victor darted toward him punching him in the gut. "Bastard!" Victor grabbed Ricky by the hair and Ricky and him wrestled while Maddox worked to kill the others. Hearing Melissa's voice had him distracted just enough for Ricky to stirke him down with his fist. "Melissa! Stay calm Maddox will have you out in no time baby I promise!" Vicky kicked Ricky in the stomach getting up and grabbing him by the throat slamming his face into a wall. Victor's eyes were dark with rage, holding onto his control was becoming harder the more RIcky spoke. Coughing Ricky spoke, "Yea Babe, such a shame our fun had to end so soon, and to think you tasted so sweet." Victor gripped his throat harder his control slipping.
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Jan 29, 2017, 09:17am

Madox glared hearing the comment about rain and wanted to go after him but he had to focus on his sister he knew this was exactly why Raine couldn't be here
He got the door open and grabbed Melissa wrapping his arms around here "your okay right" he said she looked so badly beaten and didn't have any clothing on at all. Melissa nodded "with you to by my side I wasn't worried about him" she said coughing a little she looked up to see Victor God did he look hot fighting with Ricky. She walked over and looked at him "stop" she said and looked at Rick on the ground if he wasn't going to hunt her dreams she had to kill him. She grabbed the knife hanging on Victors hip and straddled Ricky who was barely moving "wanna tase something sweet , I got something really sweet for you " she said "babe" she said sarcastically she used her hand to open his mouth and shoved the knife down his thraot twisting it in the back of his thraot she pulled it out "Thier you can die slowly painfully and most of all alone" she said getting up. Once she was up she dropped the kindergarten and wrap her arms around both boys holding them tightly she was sharing from being cold her wrist and ankles were raw and red from being cuffed her body was buried from being beat and her inner thighs and hips had his handprints where he held her down to rape her Maddox let her go and grabbed a blanket wrapping it around her he lwfuted her in his arms and carried her to the car he told Vic to sit in the back with her as he headed to Victors they never did hospital because they would get hits for crimes so unless it was life or death they didn't do hospitals the only thing was they didn't have a doctor in the states paid off yet
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Jan 30, 2017, 10:37pm

Victor felt Maddox's glared even though it wasn't aimed at him. Heairng Melissa Victor's vision was blurred he didn't look himself. He was called a hidden monster for a reason, unlike his sister it takes a lot for him to be pushed over the edge. And this just so happened to be it. When Melissa spoke Victor's hand released Ricky almost immediately out of reflex. He wanted to hug her to hold her but he knew what needed ot be done. Victor stared at Ricky as he died, he onky wished he could have helped his sister. Ricky gargked and bkood pooled in his mouth suffocating him slowly. Victor held her gently, he was afraid she might break and dissapear again. When Maddox lifted her Victor trailed behind making a few calls about the massive crime scene. "Our butler is also certified in nursing care so he can help." Victor held Melissa as her brother drove not saying a word. He was so happy to have her back but had no idea what to say to reassure her things were going to be okay.

Raine had just made her way back from the bar, her head had been pounding to much to get drunk. And to her surprise she didn;t want anything to do with any other males. She found herself comparing them to maddox th eentire time. When the others reached home she was in the game room playing a killing game.
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Feb 04, 2017, 09:17pm

Melissa was sure of what she wanted she wanted her boyfriend she wanted to feel something that wasn't forced plus she understood her brother attraction he was covered in blood and the look on his face when he went after Ricky made her want him he wasn't sure if it was just because like maddox or if it was because of what Ricky did to her . She got out and took vicotrs hand without a word she led him upstairs "make me feel better" she whispered before opening the door to his bedroom and letting the towel around her fall she was covered in buriies that made her feel ugly and she needed him to prove her wrong

Maddox was going to say something but when Melissa pulled Victor away he just let her go his own body was eating and all he wanted was Diane he ran a hand through his hair when he saw her "riane" he said looking up he was still covered in blood his shirt was tire and nearly off him he stood by his car and mtoioned for her he knew she wasad at him but was almost postive she wouldn't pass him up when he looked like this he was painting as he needed someone's touch but if she would even just let him talk to her it would be a plus
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Feb 08, 2017, 12:57pm

Victor followed her out of the car and let her lead him up the stairs, when she dropped her towel her blushed. He was angry they had touched her, but she was still beautiful to her. He pulled her to him carefully by her hand and held her face stroking her cheek. "You are still the most beautiful girl in the entiretiy of the world." Kissing her forehead he kissed down her cheek to her neck then back up to her mouth, "I love you so much, and i will never let anything like this happen again." He looked at her determined before kissing her deeply and picking her up in his arms carefully. He moved her to the bed and stared down at her smiling gently before bending down to kiss her body.

Raine was in the game room in her underwear playing the game violently. When he called her name she looked up irritated with him. "What?" She snapped at him before taking in his apperance, he was covered in blood. She licked her lips and bit her bottom lip before shaking her head and turnign back to the tv. "What do you want asshole." She mumbled and growled a bit, having to fight her own urges was a bottom line suffer. She didn't want to pass him up, but she was still pissed at him and victor.

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Feb 13, 2017, 03:17pm

Melissa bit her lip as he touched her everything he did set her body on fire she led him back to the bed and sat down looking up at him a moment before pulling him by his belt loops towards her she slowly undid his jeans and slipped down the fact that he wasn't stopping of saying anything made her feel like she was still sexy considering beong covered in burises and marks made her feel very unattractive

Maddox saw raine and they way she looked and walked over to her he could smell the alchol on her breath smirking a bit he leaned over her looking her in the eyes he knew she wanted him and he was going to push her into doing so he bit his lip " what do you think I want" he said in a cocky girn on his face of course he was in his own way going to explain why he couldn't have her their but for now this is what he neded and he knew she couldn't say no for long
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Feb 13, 2017, 03:17pm

Melissa bit her lip as he touched her everything he did set her body on fire she led him back to the bed and sat down looking up at him a moment before pulling him by his belt loops towards her she slowly undid his jeans and slipped down the fact that he wasn't stopping of saying anything made her feel like she was still sexy considering beong covered in burises and marks made her feel very unattractive

Maddox saw raine and they way she looked and walked over to her he could smell the alchol on her breath smirking a bit he leaned over her looking her in the eyes he knew she wanted him and he was going to push her into doing so he bit his lip " what do you think I want" he said in a cocky girn on his face of course he was in his own way going to explain why he couldn't have her their but for now this is what he neded and he knew she couldn't say no for long
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Feb 14, 2017, 11:28am

Victor looked down at her and leaned down meeting his lips with hers, he moved over her slowly and ran his hands gently over her body before breaking the kiss. "Let me know if i'm hurting you okay?" He gave her a small smile and his lips flew to her neck as he rubbed her entrance. "You could never be anything but beautiful to me. I'm so happy you're okay." Using his free hand to caress her face he looked down at her, "After this i'm going to treat you to a shower and some seriously delicious food." Chuckling a bit he kissed down her body and his mouth met her clit as he licked and sucked gently but rough enough for it to feel nice.

Raine tried to ignore the thick smell of bood and sweat on him as he moved closer to her. Raine's eyes met his and her breath caught as he stared at her, the look itself bore into her soul. She rolled her eyes and turned her face to stare at the TV. "You must want to get punched?" Smirking she chewed her lip, she wanted him bad. She would surely melt if her touched her she was so hot. Placing the remote on the chair she stretched leaving her body in full view, teasing him. "Like what you see Brit." Raine chided him and leaned close enough so their lips brushed, "Move Maddox, i'm not playing your games." Her voice was deep and breathy, her eyes flicked up to stare into his own. It was clear she didn't want him to move.
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Feb 14, 2017, 01:46pm

Melissa listened and nodded her head letting him know she would let him know if he was hurting her as he teased her she moaned softly she loved the things he was saying to her and her actions proved it when he meantioned that he was gonna shower with her and cook she smiled "mmm that sounds nice" she said smiling

Maddox chuckled watching her face "umm most definitely" he said a devious smrik on his face he watched her try and move and grabbed her arms pulling her to him "stop fighting me sexy lady, I know what you want to do" he said and let his hands drop gripping her ass his lips moving to her neck kissing and nipping roughly he could feel her melt into him and knew since she
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Feb 15, 2017, 07:57am

Victor smiled, "i'm glad you fancy the idea m'lady." He spoke in a mock british accent to make hr laugh and move back up her body positioning himself at her entrance. "I'm so very maddly in love with you Melissa." Kissing her he moved himself gently into her. victor couldnt help the groan that escaped his lips. "I'll make every doubt that you are anything but beautiful and mine dissapear. Because all you ever could be is beautiful and mine." He spoke before moving deeper into her carefully lifting her leg over his hip.

Raine had stood trying to move past him to play the game when he grabbed her. Her head whipped towards him and she growled. She reached to slap him but he grabned her other wrist. "I want to pu-" her words were cut of by his rough kisses on her body. Her body betrayed her mind. Hell her mind betrayed what she planned entirely. She decided she could be mad after sex. Her body relaxed into his and she hitched herself up wrapping her legs around his waist. "You rip my clothes i swear to god brit ill fuck you up even worse after this." Her words were husky and laced with moans.
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Feb 17, 2017, 11:57am

Melissa laughed at his mock accent "that's afwul you daft boy" she said before kissing him again she let his hand roam her body hearing his next statement she froze a moment Everytime she was told she was loved by anyone other then Maddox she was hurt she nodded "I love you to ,you have no idea" she said pushing the thought from her head and praying that Victor wouldn't hurt her she listened to him smiling softly she gasped when he entered her maoninf as he lifted her leg she loved her hips to match him

Maddox chuckled a bit when she caved and took off his shirt tossing it aside he remember Ed the game room locking since it was where they hooked up the frost time in her house heblocked the door and pulled her to the couch he was standing behind it he lifted her to sit on the back of the couch chuckleing at the comment she made "you can try you know you can't take me " he said knowing they fought and she seen how it ended was he a challenge yes but she wasn't stronger then him he wasn't however trying to ripped her clothes off his hands slid around her sides slowly his kisses were still rough as he nipped her skin but some motions and actions were soft something he wasn't use to he unhooked her bra and tossed it aside his lips moving down her collar bone to her chest as he was on his knees between her legs he kissed and nipped her hips leaving his marks his hand rubbing her through the their panties he stood he took them off before slipping from his jeans and boxers he lifted her and pressed her to the door his hands romaing her sides as he pushed himslef itno her
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Victor bit his lip chuckling, "its the thought that counts?" When she froze he pulled back with a smile but it faltered as he saw her face. He knew he shouldve waited it was to soon he had assumed things and now things were to be- "huh?" When she responded his smile came back full force as he smashed his lips into hers. As he moved inside her he koaned loving the feeling kissing down her shoulders trying to erase all her memories of the torture.

Raine sat on the back of the couch, legs spread slightly. It was clear between her thighs that her body craved him. "I can do as I please. Dont think your forgiven. Im still going to kill you and victor." She growled out in a breathy moan as his hands moved up her body. He was being gentler than usual not that she minded, it was torturing but so good. When he unhooked her bra she smirked glad he had taken her warning. Though her smile faltered as her lip was teased between her teeth from the feeling of his mouth against her skin. She shivered and moaned as he teased her. "Just get on with it already maddox." His name came out in a low moan as she watched him remove her underwear and then his own. She felt his member press against her as she was lifted up again and groaned at the contact of the cold door. It intensified everything. Raine cried our when he entered her. "Ahh fuck~ Maddox~~~."
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Apr 03, 2017, 07:10am

Melissa kissed him bavk hapoily the feeling to his hands on her let her temporary forget what happened to her and live in this moment Happy to be with the man she loved she gasped a bit when he moved inside her but it quickly turned to moan as her hands wrapped around. His back

Maddox rolled his eyes at her comments ingore ing them he held her by ingore hios and pushed roughly jnto her no long be in gentle he could manage but only for so long it just wasnt him he moved her to the couh and sat down so she was on top if him
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Victor smirked, he loved the feeling of him inside her. Her loved knowing those moans were from him. He wanted to protect this, he wanted to keep this love even if it never lasted he would treat it like it did. Looking down at her he moved more wanting to make her forget about all the bad things that had happened to her, wanted to wipe away everything they had doen to her.

Raine couldn't handle the slow torture. "More~~~~" She moaned and yelped a bit when he turned her to sit on top of him. She loved it as he moved harder and faster, she was still mad but all the anger washed away in that one moment. There was a strange warm feeling in her chest knowing he was inside her. She decided to conclude it was exctasy and moaned loudly from the pleasure.
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Melissa knew her body should be hurting and after this it very well might however in this moment she couldn't want anything more. The feeling his touch gave her knowing he would always be their to protect her having another person their for her when it had been just her and her brother for so long was reassuring expically when it was someone so sweet and more level headed then her brother. She it her lip her head falling back in pleasure as her body arched up against him. She let her nails dig into his back lightly.

Maddox started to move faster and harder holding her by her hips to him. he bit his lip moaning softly his head falling back onto the back of the couch. He knew their was more to what he was feeling for her then just pure lust however after what happened last time he couldn't bare the thought of attaching himself to someone again in such a way.
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Nov 22, 2017, 12:57pm

Victor groaned in pleasure, he continued pleasing her as most he could. He was feeling so much at once, with a thrust deeply inside her he came and groaned. Looking down at her he smiled a big smile and leaned down kissing her lips softly. "I love you Melissa Larson." He laughed softly brushing the hair from her face and kissing her forehead, moving from her slowly and rolling over pulling him close to her. "I hope i never have to see you hurt again." Holding her close he mumbled in her hair.

Raine opened her eyes a bit, glancing at him from the wisps of her eyelashes. When she closed her eyes again she ran her nails along his body. She could feel the roughness the wanting the climax building in the pit of her stomach. Smirking she ran her tongue along his neck slowly. Raine knew she couldn't afford nor did she want to get too attached to anyone. After they climaxed she got off him and stretched a bit. Grabbing her towel she turned and glanced at him from the corner of her eye before heading to her bathroom. "You can shower when i'm done if you want." SHe closed the door behind her to shower.

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