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A New Life (female/straight needed)
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Name: Gavin Fiore (Fee-or)
Age: Looks 17 but actual is unknown
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Immortal
Occupation: Assassin

Personality: Gavin was trained to show no emotions. He doesnt care much for other people, considering he is an assassin. Although he portrays the hard, cold-blooded killer, Gavin truly hates his job. He doesnt like people, but he doesnt like killing them either. He follows the orders he is given by The Boss, like all the other assassin's, and completes the missions perfectly.

History: For as long as Gavin can remember, he has been serving The Boss as his own personal pet. Gavin basically grew up in a school for those who were specially enhanced and trained to be the heartless assassin everyone knew him to be. He excelled greatly, quickly surpassing his peers which caused The Boss to take an even greater liking to him. Gavin "graduated" from the school at the age of 17, two years earlier than what he should have. As a part of the graduation, Gavin was injected with a serum to make him stay the same age, immortal. He wanted to refuse, to reject this "gift" as The Boss called it, but he knew better. He accepted the serum and became one of the best assassins The Boss ever produced from the school.

Gavin was given a tattoo on his face after graduating, a line with the number 85 in the middle of it, started from his right cheek going across to stop on the left side of his nose. It represented the number of people he killed by the time he graduated the school. None of his classmates had that high of a number. He ended up being the best in the business even though he hated it. He was an obedient little puppet for hundreds of years until he was sent to kill a small child, one who would one day put an end to The Boss and his evil reign. Gavin was going to do it, but when he seen the little girl, so small and frail, he broke. He couldnt do it. He left the girl alive and disappeared. Well, from The Boss and his line of work. He stayed nearby the girl, keeping an eye on her and making sure no other assassins came after her, and when they did he easily disposed of them. Gavin wanted the girl to grow up and put a stop to The Boss and his reign of terror.

What im looking for: - YC must be female
- She is the little girl that Gavin has watched over most of her life
- Id rather her be human but she can be anything except for immortal.
- I dont have a set plot for this, other than YC has to put a stop to The Boss and the evil things he does, with the help of Gavin of course.
- Name, history, etc is all up to you. But she doesnt know that Gavin has been protecting her throughout her life, she has sensed that she has been watched but doesnt know by what or by who.

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Riza let him take her hand and ran with him, Riza glanced around at the crumpling memories. As they reached the gate she stopped looking at Norainder, "I don't know what will happen from here on out. But Norainder it's not going to be good. He is going to come after me, and if I can't fight him everyone will die." She hung her head feeling a bit defeated, "I need your help, I-I know I am just a keeper for her soul. b-but I want my own body. I want to be myself." She looked at him helplessly and let his hand go as the floor began to crumble. She turned and pushed him through the door tumbling along with him as she bolted up in the real world her eyes a dark red color.
Ken was unconscious as his glasses fell off, his features were still that of a girl but he was more recognizable. "Riza...sorry." He groaned and wanted to get up though his body burned all over. Meanwhile riza was sitting up as her vision focused on Violet. She heard quiet noises and sensed many precences outside. "What's going on?"
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Violet watched her brother and Gavin fight outside, it was as if every supernatural creature in the city had come there to fight. She looked over as Riza sat up, relief washing over her. "Oh thank god. For a minute there i thought you werent coming back." she said, sitting down next to her. Norainder groaned as he sat up, holding his head. He had a major headache from the soul traveling. He looked over, seeing Riza was okay and he sighed, glad the travel back went smoothly. "Marcus and Gavin are out there fighting. Since your power surge, its attracted a lot of supers trying to take the power they felt." she said. Norainder rose to his feet and looked out the window, watching Gavin and the wolf fight side by side. It was strange seeing how well the two of them fought together. He turned to Riza. "Once this is all over, you will get to be your own person. I promise." he said softly. Violet looked between them curiously. Outside, Gavin stopped fighting and looked into the darkness. He could feel it...the Boss was coming. He grew nervous, even slightly afraid. Last time he had encountered the Boss, he had taken control of him again and he had tried to kill Riza. Marcus growled and barked at Gavin, snapping him back to reality. It seemed things had calmed down a little. There were still others out there but they were hiding. "Guard the door. Im going to make sure Riza is okay." Gavin said as he jogged back to the house. He quickly entered the house, seeing Riza and Norainder had both come too again. "Riza." he said as he stepped over to her. He knelt down in front of her, hugging her tightly. Norainder watched Gavin with Riza, thinking of the memories he saw of him with Daedra. He wondered if Gavin loved her, Riza, for herself, or if he loved her because of Daedra.
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Riza looked at Violet and rushed to her arms hugging her, "I was afraid i couldn't come back." Riza smiled and looked around hearing Violet explain Riza looked at her seriously holding her by the shoulders. "I want to help, let me fight!" Riza attempted to stand only to stumble back down to the floor with a groan, it seemed her body and spirit had yet to catch up with each other. Riza frowned and sighed, she was unsure how to process all that had just happened and now this as well. When Norainder's eyes met her she smiled softly and nodded in response to his words. "Thank you." She could never tell him what the cost of bringing back Daedra truly was. She's not sure if he would let her if he knew. If any of them knew. She saw something, something great she couldn't tell the others. But, truly this was the only way she could help them. A chill fell over Riza in that moment, it was familiar and its aura was overbearing and dark. She knew that feeling all to well from the last tiem the boss had shown his face. Riza was searching Norainder's face for some sign of hope that maybe what she saw was wrong. But how could she tell her dearest friends that she may be fated to die. When Gavin called her she looked up just as he embraced her. Riza carefully hugged him, she wasn't sure how to respond. She held hima bit tighter before moving from him. "We have to leave. Now. We don't have the numbers or the strength to fight him. We will loose. and everything i love will die. So please let's leave all of us. I know a place we can go." Riza's eyes were begging him, pleading that he listen.

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